Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, August 30, 1917, Image 7

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Of General Interest
About Oregon
Oregon Has Overlooked Many
Valuable Permanent Resources
Unlvoritlty of Oregon, Kugene.
Among III" coining nrwi I Indinitrlen of
Oregon, II. II. Mlllor chinsi'H (lux grow
liiKi milk condensing, mtiniifarturo of
fertilizer, ruining of broccoli, and
iimiiiifiicturuH from lumber. Mr. Mlllor
In director of thu Hluto uulvernlty
hcIiouI of eommeroo, which mnkon In
vchIIkiUIdiin of inurkotrt anil pomilblll
lien for Indunlrlen.
llriicooll he iuoiioiiiicimI well adapted
t() lllll Wllllllllllllll I'llllliv I'll in 11 1 11 mi
xeitlliit nhlppur, ami tumble whin nil 1
other green veitetnblen nro gone.
Tim MOiirnn of fertilizer may he1
two; from the nitrogen of the utr mid 1
from tlio beds of certain Mouth central 1
Orogon lalKw, notably Hummer mid
Abort luliim.
For tho manufacture of fertilizer
from tho air, Mr. Mlllor wild groat
development of Oregon'H 3,250,000 Idle
hornepowor would ho neeeHtmry; and
this hontepower, ho mild, would jilay
tho greatest part In futu.ru economic
"OroK'ni tiiiulo a r.rcat mistake when
ll went extensively Into tho npplo html
noitn," mild Mr. Miller. "Oregon's h po
stal adaptation to tipples wan Hklllod
labor. Skilled labor Ih transferable,
and no today other sections nearer tho
lilK inarketH aru producing hh good
fruit tin Oregon, with Oregon nimble
to meet thu compotltloii becaimo of
Movable Schools.
Ono of nix day moviiblo nchoolH will
bo conducted by thu extension survlco
of tho Oregon Agricultural coIIcko
throuKhout tho year, tho typo of hcIioo!
work being changud during tho various
Any local organization, nuch nn
farmers' union, grange or other or
giiulzntlou In which furmorH of tho
community nro Interested, may pro
moto n movable nchool. In counties
having county agents, It Ih nccosHnry
to arraugo for tho school through
them. Such organizations or pornonn
IntereHted In necurlng a movable
school, nhould tiiko up tho matter with
tho oxtonmnu Hcrvlcu. Oregon Agrlctil
turnl college, Corvnllls.
Owing to tho heavy demand made
for thlH typo of work thu past tow
yearn and to the falluro of some points
to meet tho cxnectntlotiH of tho or
gaulzerH and tho extuitHlon norvlco, a
fow npoclnl rofiulrenientB nro being
ntado of nil communities requesting
thin sorvlco.
1. Organize a claim of not fewer
than twenty pooplo for a ono day
hcIiooI and of not lens than forty per
hour for a longer nchool, these pcoplo
agreeing to attend nil sessions re
2. Provide n room In which tn hold
tho nchool or n plnco for domonntra
Hon, tnko enro of heat, light nnd Jani
tor Hervlco, nml furnish conveyance, to
nnd from tho railroad ntntlou lor In
ntructorn In charge of tho work.
3. Furnlnh tho demonstration inn'
torlnl ncceasnry for tho typo of nchool
4. Agree to Ihhuo 1000 coplcu of
program for thu movnblo school mid
distribute those as Instructed.
5. To ndvcrtlHO tho nchool ns wldo
ly an possible throughout tho cum
Tho following linen of work will bo
tnken up In movnblo school work dur
lug thin year: Horticulture, ngron
oiny, poultry, dairy, animal husbandry,
homo economics, and special nubjects
nn mny seem desirable.
For further Information wrlto tho
oxteuslon service, Oregon Agricultural
college, Corvnllls, Oregon, or seo tho
secretary In tho Information booth nt
iitato fair.
Ochoco Project is Passed.
Snlom. Residents on tho Ochoco
Irrigation project In Crook county will
vote on tho question of bonding tho
projoct for $1,000,000 to securo funds
to carry out contompiateu improve
nionts. It became assured when tho
office of Stato Engineer Lewis ap
proved In Ub genornl features the re
port of It. W. Hon, project ongtneor.
Notice of tho report's npprovnl wns
nont to tho directors of tho project.
Tho projoct ns npprovod by Engineer
Lewis ombrncoH 20,000 ncros of land
In Crook county. It Is proposod to
Issue bonds on tho basis of $50 an
acre valuation for tho project.
Girl Wins Trip to Fair.
Pendleton. For tho second succos
nlvo year, Curmlno Joiicb, dnughtor of
n MoKny crook farmor, Inst wuok won
first honors In tho stnto-wldo turkoy
raising contest, In connection with tho
Industrial club work of schools. She
Is 14 years of ngo. With throo othor
Umatilla county pupils sho attondod
tho fair last week ns guostB of tho
stato. Arthur Crono, of Uplno, was
awarded socond prize In plB-rnlalng.
Drys Qnln Four Towns.
Now Haven. Conn. Tho so-called
"llttlo town oloctlons" In Connecticut
woro featurod by lively contests over
tho oxclso quostlons, nnd tho "dry"
forcos mndo a gain of four towns. Of
tho 108 towns In tho stnto 01 nro now
London Crowd Hunting Relics of Zeppelin
ThouHiiudH on thoimnndB of London -
cm have Journeyed to tho npot wltoro
Lieutenant William Leefo Robinson
Operations Believed to Have Extended
Throughout United Slates.
Chicago Believed to Be Center for
Big Syndicate Expose Result
of Blackmail Case Trial.
Chicago. "More than $1,000,000
changes hands every day ns a result
of racing handbook operations In Chi
cngo," said United States District At
tornoy Charles F.fMyno Thursday, who
declared ho had positive Information
of this.
Thcro Ih not that nmount of money
Involved In Chicago, ho said, but gam
biers of tho city control betting to
that extent throughout tho country.
Whllo District Attorney Clyno wns
preparing federal action, Mayor
Thompson Indicated, after u confer
once with Chief Healoy, that n nunv
her of police officers will bo transfer
red as a result of Judgo Lnndls' ex.
"I understand," said tho mayor
"that Chief Ilealoy will shift certain
policemen to clean up tho gambling
l'ostofflcu authorities In cities fur
nlslied with racing news from Chicago
were ordered to seize tho records of
tho gnmblcni.
This action wns tnken ns n result of
n conrerenco uetweon District Attor
uuy Clyno nnd Clonornl J. P. Stuart,
chief postal Inspector.
General Stuart Immediately sent or
dors to the postofflco authorities of
Cleveland, St. Louis, Denver, Houston,
Now York nnd Snn Francisco to ferret
out tho records of tho gamblers and
hold them.
"Chicago is tho hub of nil this ra co-
track betting," said District Attoruoy
"There is llttlo doubt that wo enn
obtain tho Indictments of tho gnmblors
now for using tho malls to defraud.
Tho only thing left to do Is to prosont
our ovldonco beforo tho federal grand
Judgo Lnndls discovered n poker
nnd bridge gamo in tho Hotel Astor,
184 North Clnrk strcot, when tho first
witness tostlflod nfter tho inquiry into
gambling conditions wns opened.
Tho Judgo Intimated Intor In tho day
that ho would Investigate tho baseball
pools also.
Officials in Washington nro aiding
In tho Investigation, nnd announce
ment wns mndo that tho government
might sook Indlctmonta against certain
Chicago gamblers ns violators of tho
lottery nnd postal Inws.
Richard Flower Is Dead.
Now York. Ulchard Flower, known
throughout tho country for stock-soiling
operations, from which ho was
credited with having nottod moro than
$1,000,000, dropped doad in n Ilobokon
thentor Sunday, Relatives Identified
tho body. Flower, who opdrated undor
many nlinsos, wns In turn lawyor,
preacher, "healor," and "nlchomlst,"
with n socrot for tho mnuufacturo of
rubles, nnd a Wall-street mine opera
tor. Ho wns 73 yenrs old.
1 brought down tho flrnt Zeppelin to bo
successfully nttacked In England. Most
of tho ruin had been swept off, but
Binder Trust Has Absolute Control
of World's Supply, Says Steenerson
Fergus Falls, Minn. Representative
Malvor Steenerson, nfter completing
nn investigation begun in Washington
relative to tho big advance in the
price of binder twine this year and tho
further advanco that is expected next
year, has returned to Fergus Falls.
"Thu hinder twine situation is in the
control of the Commission del Mcrca
do do Hennequln Reguladorc of Yuca
tan," tho representative said. "This Is
thu most Iron-clad trust in tho world
nnd controls absolutely tho world's
supply of sisal, out of which binder
twine Is mado. This trust was organ
ized by tho military governor of Yuca
tan, who controls It. Tho organiza
tion was approved by Carranza nnd
the trust wns financed In tho United
States with tho approval of the stato
department. '
"Norman Llnd, whoso father, John
Llnd, wns sent as President Wilson's
personal representative to Mexico, is
its American representative. This
trust already has doubled tho prlco of
sisal to tho stato of Minnesota, which
means nn extra tnx of nt least 10 cents
nn aero in Minnesota. This money
goes to tho military government and
Christian Science Wins Right to Practice
Albany, N. Y. Christian Scientists
In New York stato may treat persons
afflicted with disease without obtain
licenses to practice medlclno, provided
thoy conform to tho tenets of tho
Christian Sclonco Church. It wns clear
ly ruled in a decision handed down by
tho court of nppcals. Tho test caso
which brought tho decision was insti
tuted In 1911 against Willis Vomon
Colo, a Christian Sclenco practltlonor,
convicted In 1912 of practicing mcdl
clue Illegally and fined $100. Tho
Judgment was reversed, tho flno order
ed remitted nnd n new trial ordered
by tho higher court.
Deputies Drink Evidence.
Seattlo, Wash. Tho suit of tho Chi
cago, Mllwaukco & St. Paul railroad
against Sheriff Itobort T. Hodgo, to
rccovor $2600 worth of liquor seized
by tho shorlfX at Maplo Valloy Sop
t ember 13 because shipped tp n ficti
tious address, was continued In n Jus
tico court. Tho railroad had n Hon on
tho liquor for $158 freight charges.
Sheriff Hodgo testified that ho order
ed tho Honor destroyed becnuso his
doputics woro "nibbling at It."
Million for Two Milk Plants.
Senttlo. Ono million dollars cash
wns pnld Thursdny by Charles 13. Pea
body, formor president of tho AlnBka
Steamship company, to tho John 11.
Agnow company of Seattlo for tho con
densed milk plants of tho company nt
mouik vornon, SKngu county, nnd nt
Forndnlo. Whatcom county. Tho Mount
Vornon plant has n capacity of 3000
ensos n day.
Drewer Offers Solution,
lluffalo, N. Y. A reduction In tho
nmount of nlcohol In beor wns advo
cated by sponkors nt tho 20th nnnunl
convention of tho Master DreworB' as
sociation. Hugh S. Fox, socrotary of
tho Unltod States llrowors' associa
tion, doolarod that tho Bolutlon of tho
wholo liquor problom would bo prohi
bition of tho snlo of spirituous liquors
nnd llconso for tho salo of beor and
light winoB.
Vote by Mall Proposed.
Mndlson, Wis. Governor Phllipp
has called a special sosslon of tho log
Islnturo for Ootobor to pass nn net per
mitting soldlors on tho Moxican border
to voto by mail.
Wrecked in Suburbs.
tho relic hunters dug Into the ground
to find small pieces.
Washington, D. C. Generally pros
porous conditions arc reported
throughout tho Pacific Coast In the
federal reserve monthly bulletin. Of
conditions on tho north coast, tbe bul
letln says:
"Grain crops, though of less than
tho usual volume, are commanding
such prices that tho money returns
aro above tho normal. Although there
havo been largo shipments of wheat
by rail from tho Pacific Northwest to
tho cast, many farmers havo not yet
sold, holding In tho expectation of
higher prices. Tho barley crop fell
considerably short of tho earlier esti
mates, but with the carry-over there
were approximately 350,000 tons (near
ly 15,000,000 bushels) beyond domes
tic requirements and available for ex
port Prices aro $8 and $10 a ton
higher than last year.
"Tho applo crop of California, Ore
gon and Washington is estimated at
5,800,000 barrels, which is a little
above normal. Tho quality is excep
tional and high prices aro ruling.
"Hops will yield ab.out 280,000 bales,
or 20,000 bales moro than last year.
This is far In excess of domestic re
quirements. Tho British embargo on
exports has affected prices most un
favorably, bids of 10 to 12 cents com
paring, for example, with 43 cents
In 1911.
"Tho salmon' pack of
Coast, including Alaska,
per cent below normal,
packer says that from
tho Pacific
is about 20
A leading
tho sellers'
point of view tho salmon markets of
tho world are in better condition than
at any tlrao slnco 1900.
"Mining continues its great activity,
with expanding output.
"Thcro has been no material change
In tho unsatisfactory condition of the
lumber Industry, lack or transports
tion facilities being tho greatest hand!
cap. Ships for tho lumber trade, with
an aggregate carrying capacity of 30,-
000,000 feet, aro now building on this
Many Mexicans Starving.
Laredo, Tex. Deplorable conditions
exist in Lampazos, 80 miles south of
tho border in Nuovo Leon, whoro 20
doaths from starvation occurred in two
days, according to reports received
hero. At least half of tho crops havo
been confiscated by tho government
for military purposes. Tho poorer
woman in Lampazos aro unnuto to
clotho themselves properly, nnd chil
dren of both sexes nro virtunlly nnkod,
Wheat Hits High Mark.
Chicago. Highest prices this sea
son woro scored in tho wheat markot
Thursday ns n result of Increasing
drouth dnmngo In Argentlnn. Tho
close was firm, 2026o to 2io not
hlghor, with December nt $1.58 nnd
May nt J1.57-J10T&. corn suowea a
not ndvnnco of to c, nnd oats
of Y to i3c. Provisions finished
nt n rango varying from 35 cents do
clino to a rlso of 2c.
Czar Gives Jews Schools.
Potrograd. via London. Jowb will
enjoy greater educational advantages
in Russia in tho future A Bories of
high schools and technical schools ex
clusively for Jowlsh students Is to bo
established by tho government and
groator froodom will bo accorded with
ropoct to tholr ontry Into tho universities.
Whent Blticstcm, $1.36; fortyfold,
$1.30; club, $1.28; red fife, $1.30; red
Russian, $1.27.
Oats No. 1 White, feed, $28.
Uarley No. 1 feed, $33.
Flour Patents, $0.80; Btralghtn,
$6.2000.60; export, $0.20; valloy,
$0.40; whole wheat, $7; graham, $0.80.
Mlilfeod Spot prices: Bran, $23 per
ton; shorts, $25 per ton; rolled barley,
Corn Whole, $42 per ton; cracked,
Hay Producers' prices: Timothy,
eastern Oregon, $16.50018 per ton;
timothy, valley, $15 0 16; alfalfa,
$14,500)15.50; wheat hay, $13,500
14.50; oat and vetch, $13013.50; cheat,
$12; clover, $10.
IJuttor Cubes, extras, 31c. Jobbing
prlcos: Prints, extras, 33035c; butter
fat, No. 1, 32c; No. 2, 30c, Portland.
Kggs Oregon ranch, current ro
cclpts, 36037c per dozen; Oregon
ranch, candled, 40c.
Poultry Hens, 14015c; springs, 15
017c per pound; turkeys, live, 200
Veal Fancy, 1201214c per pound.
Pork-Mancy, 12013c per pound.
Vegetables Artichokes, 7Sc0$l per
dozen; tomatoes, 50060c per crate;
cabbage, $1.35 per hundred; peppers,
405c per pound; eggplant, 506c per
pound; lettuce, 20 0 25c per dozen;
cucumbers, 25 050c per box; celery,
60 075c per dozen; corn, 10020c per
Potatoes Oregon buying price, 90c
0$1 per hundred, country points;
sweets, 2021&C per pound.
Onions Oregon buying price, $1.60
per sack, country points.
Green Fruits Apples, new, 5Oc0
$1.50 per box; cantaloupes, 6Oc0$1.25
per crate; peaches, 40 065c per box;
watermelons, lc per pound; pears, 75c
0$1.5O; grapes, 75c0$1.4O; casabas,
l$c; Turkish melons, 3c per pound.
Cattle Steers, prime, $6.50 07.10;
steers, good, $606.50; steers, common
to fair, $505.50; cows, choice, $50
5.60; cows, medium to good, $4 04.50;
cows, ordinary to fair, $404.60; heif
ers, $4 05.75; bulls, $304.25; calves,
Hogs Prime, $9.50010; good to
prime mixed, $9.5009.65; rough heavy,
$8.75 09.25; plga and skips, $8,250
Sheep Lambs, $5.5008.76; yearling
wethers, $5.7507.25; old wethers, $5.50
07.25; ewes, $3.5005.50.
Hops 1916 crop, 10012c per pound.
Hides Salted hides, 25 pounds and
up, 17c; salted hides, 60 pounds and
up, 12c; salted kip, 15 pounds to 25
pounds, 17c; salted calf, up to 15
pounds, 23c; green hides. 60 pounds
and up, 15c; green stags, 60 pounds
and up, 11c; green kip, 15 pounds, 17c;
dry flint hides, 28c; dry flint calf, up
to 7 pounds, 30c; dry salt hides, 24c.
Wool Eastern Oregon, fine, 23
26c; coarse, 30 032c; valley, 30 032c.
Cascara Bark Old and new, 6o per
Pelts Dry long-wooled pelts, 21c;
dry short-wooled pelts, 17c; dry shear
lings. 10 025c each; salted lamb pelts,
75c0$i.25; salted short-wooled pelts,
Tailow No. 1, 6&c; No. 2, 5c;
grease, 4c.
Sugar Recovers From Drop.
Sugar advanced 15 cents again yes
terday, making a total increase of 65
cents within tho past 30 days. This
nearly wipes out the sensational drop
of 75 cents made about two months
ago, and all signs point to a continued
advance to higher prices than early
this summer, when all records were
broken. Granulated cano sugar Is now
$7.75 a sack.
Potatoes aro advancing In price. The
middle western crop this year is said
to bo from 40 to 60 per cent short and
already tho Yakima crap is being
drawn upon for eastern shipments.
The local crop is not all dug yet, but
Is said to be normal. Tho price now
ranges around $21 a ton for locals
and $25 for Yakimas.
Frosty nights havo caused some of
tho fresh local field products to he
como scarce. Tomatoes aro being
picked green by growers who want to
save what they can before a killing
frost destroys tho remainder of the
crop. Blackberries In the valley were
said to be badly damaged by Monday
night's frost, but tho local demand is
light and prices failed to advanco.
Tokay grapes aro still Jobbing nt
$1.35 a crato but an advanco is ex
pected soon. Hlbcrta and Crawford
peaches are still running strong at
60 cents a box. Peaches are rapidly
nearlng tho end of their season. Can
taloupes aro getting senrco. Apples
nro arriving In largo quantities.
Steel Company Buys Site.
Portland Fifteen acres of. land sit
uated north of tho plant of the Shell
Oil company at Willbridgo havo been
purchased as tho Blto for tho new
Portland plant of the Pacific Coast
Steel company and an allied industry,
according to A. C. Callan, whoso orig
inal announcement 'at a recent pros
perity dinuor that theso two industries
wero coming to Portland was made in
Tho Oregonlan.
Approximately 10 acrcB of the pur
chased tract will bo utilized for tho
plant of tho steel company, construc
tion of which will prohably bo com
menced within tho next year. Until
tho final details of tho entire plant
nro worked out, tho identity of tho
nuxlllnry industry will not bo announc
ed, Mr, callan Baiu. Tno property
purchased does not front on tho Wil
lamette- rlvor, but 1b not far removed
from tho waterfront nnd has adoquato
railroad facilities.