Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, September 24, 1914, Image 5

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jfeida wanted by School Diutrlctf
y o. 57, for 10 rick of wood, Cot
tonwood proforrcd, 20 Inches If
possible, if not 10, Wood to b.?
dolivorcd at school house, Right
if reserved to reject aiiy or nil
bids. Iflcjs open for threq wcoftp
xrom Sop6,, ft.
Mrs. Thco. Hoigol
' Location of prjnclpnl placo
UiisineflH. icichlnnd, Oregon.
NOTICE: There uro delinquent
upon tho following described
utoek, on account of nsscBsmont
cviod on tho 7th day of February
1914, tho several amounts sot op
posite the names of tho respec
Mivo share holders, as follows:
J. AV. Unrncs, Certificate nuir
her 57. 25 shares, $25.00
pnd in accordance with law and
the articles of incqrperat on and
by-la .V8 of said corporation, mi
inany shares of each parcel of
such stock us may be neccessnry,
will be so' ' ;it It. Guyer's resi
dence on h 8th day of October,
1011. at bt r.our of 2 o'clock,
P. M. to y linquenl nsseH3,
ments II. rto . together with
the cost ol ftiv rtising and ex
penses of t l le.
II. cUYlOR, Secretory
42-47-adv. Kichland, Oregon
Opportunity For A Younger
To b'uy or oxchnngo ut leo3
man .wkw ol tvs- rval value a
business established 18-Ycars,
doing a profitable and rapidly in
creasing trade, the average daily
...'.I... V T i - . t t I
muuj irom uan. isr, to iduiy, ist ;
1914 tnii.g better than .$15.00 dni-'fl
iy, mostly CASH. Business suit
able for man and wife, or j'umily
having children. Reason for
selling old ago. Would take part
in exchange in clear improved
Eagle Valley farm or orchard
lands, price ot business stock ev
ery thing included $7,500 or
would includo other clear improv
ed an I unimproved Baker prop
erty to ,the amount of $10, 000;
$15,009 20,000: or $25,000.
Addrcsss, BUSINESS this office.
Sunday School 10:00 a. m., E. E.
noiman superintended
Preaching by the pastor at 11:00
Proachin-by the pastor at 7:30
Prayer cting7;30 p. m. Wed-
nes lay evening
Choir Uehersal Thursday at 8:C0
p. m.. I'Vcd CuntlilL leader.
Frank Hopkins, pastor.
The best equipped Hotel in the
& AT I?!
r r i7i oixjlw
Mrs. S. D. JONES
UMilmwl wiwm liwnrwmrr
3jqxi6o93i W )xoj 6i3jo poofi
PoH tW 3H1 Y1T TyCy
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they can,
not reach tho diseased portion of
tho ear. There is only one way
to cure deafness, and that is by
constitutional remedy. Deaf
ness is cauby an inflamed con
dition of thomueoualimnffcf tho
Eustachain Tube, W.hen this
tubeisinflamad yqi. hnVq a rumr
Ming sound or pitftfaW
and when 'it is nt. closed
deafness is the res unless
and this tube restored to its nor
mal condition hearing will be.de-.
stroyed forever;-' nino casosout
of iqn are caused by Cafurrli,
which is nothing: but an inflanied
condition of the mucou3 surfaces.
We will give One Hui)(Vrqd Dol
lars for any case of , Deafness
(caused by Catarrh) that fcannofc
be cured by Hall's (qtgv'b Curo.
Send for circulars ftjeoj
F. J. Cheney & Ce., Toledo,. O..
Sold by Drugging, .75p. . . -
Tako Hall's Family Pills for
It has been brought to nty attc-.or. that the. Anti-Saloon League, fol
lowing tlicatnc tactics jt, has o1jt.v.l iy vsxy caiiipai;n heretofore, is
tryinfj tp besniircit this prganizatio. and r entry on a vicious campaign of
Jintrutlii. No name ccns to he ito good to fcc draped into the mud by
them. I have reliabIe--infprmaJion.thata statement Uan been made to die
Anti-Saloon League and to th Qnmitteco& Unc lllundrcd by Mrs. Cora
C. Talhott, former sccrctr.'y of (he Taxpayjjcs' and Vfygt-Eamers' League,
that she was broi glu into ihis work by n)c. undar the. impression that it
was a Women's Suffrage movement, and her jjjitisr? AVOnld.bc those of a
physician while I made specchca throughout tile sutc. I ralso understand
that Mrs. Talbott makes the statement that funds have been collected with
out authority, and in some way the Brewers' Association has been collect
ing these funds. These two statements arc absoluttOy untrue. yTic collec
tion of funds was authorized by mc as president, aifd the ,secrtary. w3
ordered to have a letter sent out in connection wijh this work. I under
stand that Mrs. Talbott, in this purported letter, in the hands of the Anti
Sal con League and the Committee of One Hund.cd, states that she ob
jected to the raising of funds under her signature as secretary. How did
the good lady think the work of this league was to be carried on? Why did
she think Mr. Bortzmcycr, cashier of the Scanditrxvian-Amcrican Hank; was
appointed treasurer of this league? Did she thin': we would ask the brew
ers to put up the money surreptitiously? If so, flic reckoned without her
host. I have always fought in the open, and n ?w, in my 80th year, and
probably in my last campaign, I do not intend ' x change the principles I
have always fought for, nor depart from my lu ncsty of purpose in advo
cacy of c(jual rights for all the people by no n cans excluding women, for
whose interests I have spent my life to obtain the ballot. My chief con
cern in their behalf has always been to secure for them their economic in
dependence, as married mothers within the ho 31c, which alone will enable
any woman to quit the business of marrying in? Jiriatcs or raising drunkards.
The moneys collected arc in the bands of Treasurer Bortzmcycr, and
all those who have donated have received, a letter acknowledging receipt
thereof. Any one so desiring may inquire frc en our treasurer as to whether
the money has been put in his hands, nnd I am quite sure he will advise
them of receipt of their donation. 11 ilicrc is any one who has paid their
money into this organizatipn under ma t?" hensien as donation for carry-
. . ....... . '.
tnC on tins work tins league w,JI.l w, AUhmi ..
11 is inoccu sirange u;at airs, laibo t ttw aftntnnts waTsuUrane move
ment when she went tQ, the Portland Hotel, Engaged' the dining-room for
ur lirst luncheon,. for, organization aai rjyngcd. for. the payment. ofMhis
luncheon, and w.cnt.sofar astq.Ertlfcrr to,&iirsr'thw2SeOTEsifi
The real break between ' Mrs Talb tt : x iryelf was caused whf-n T
found out that yhc had gene to the lire crs" As.-or iation and told them
couM be of good service to tlic:n in epe :e t'.on with t J" lc.n:c, and asked
and received a salary from the Brewers Association on the ground that she
was putting in her tiijie and needed the money. Qn (lie 26th of August a
meeting was held, between". Mess. Talbott v il myse;? ff purpose of get
ting matters straightened, Out bcfofo'rai tl ? gcreral organization. At
this meeting a statement was signed by t-elt president and Mrs. Tal
bott as secretary that the'two letters sent . tit by myself, as well as the let
ter sent out by- the. publicity dcprimcn vert approved. This statement
ended with the' sentence: "Aftcr discs i. g generally the affairs of,thft
league, the officers' ratified all-v. -k t'xt b Id been done up to date by the
publicity bureau and officers of ilie aFaoia. jion."
I hive lived in this.i'-' e for CO years, during all of which time I have
tolled and worked for tile j.c;-'c of my stat je, and I am willing to leave it to
the public to decide as to whether J; woul lend mylcl.f in any way to any
orcanfzatio.n or any act thSt could be con -trued as anything but honorable.
Every one in. "this state knows Mrs.,Duniw ny and her family, I wish further
to say tfiat, if the occasion arisestajid Idc.m it necessary tq go. further into
this matter, I will bc glaif lo pablish some additional facjs. in these same
papers not necessary to puU h now, ard will meet the fpnditions as they
arise. ,If the Anti-Saloon: League, by ,ts paid foreign agitators or Commit
tee, of One Hundred tjynk jhey can- be;., oad, this issue Jjiyi trj'ing to drag into
tb mud my name or others, they aire very much ' mistaken. I expect to
enrry this work oil to the conclusion ( f this campaign, and then allow tfte
people to judge as to whether we will -control our own affairs in the Statfci
of Qxe.fi.on or allow tlic paid agitatcirs of the East to show us what to do.
( Abgail ScQtt Duniwag
'(Tald Advertisement by TaxpayrrV md "Wage Earnem League of OsmoA
1'oi tUr, tl, Oregon) '
mm dytf'iitiii'ii r
for the Nevv&-
Only $1.50 a Year
t ,
t i
1 9
1 1
i s