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CHAPTER Xtll Continued.
"Has ho given up?" asked Abbott,
bis voice strangely unfamiliar in his
own cars.
"A man can struggle Just bo long
against odds, then he wins or becomes
broken. Women are not logical; gen
erally they permit themselves to bo
guided by Impulse rather than by rea
son. This man I am telling you about
was proud; perhaps too proud. It Is
a shameful fact, but ho ran away.
True, ho wrote letter after letter, but
all these were returned unopened.
Then he stopped."
"A woman would a good deal rather
believe circumstantial evidonce than
not Humph!" -Tho colonel primed
his pipe and relighted it "She couldn't
have been worth much." ,
"Worth much!" cried Abbott. "What
do you imply by that?"
"No man will really give up a
woman who is really worth while, that
Is, of course, admitting that your man,
Courtlandt, is a man. Perhaps, though,
It was his fault Ho was not persistent
enough, maybe a bit spineless. Tho
,fact that he gave up so quickly pos
sibly convinced her that her Imprcs-
slons were correct Why, I'd have
followed her day In and day out, year
after year; never would I have let up
until I had proved to her that she had
been wrong."
"The colonel Is right" Abbott ap
proved, never taking his eyes off Court
landt who was apparently absorbed In
the contemplation of the bread crumbs
under his Angers.
"And more, by hook or crook. I'i
have dragged In the other woman by
the hair and made her confess."
IV ..... . ...
i uo not aouDt it, colonel," re
sponded Courtlandt, with a dry laugh,
"And that would really have been tho
end of the story. The heroine of this
rambling tale would then have been
absolutely certain of collusion be
tween tha two."
"That is like a woman," the Barone
agreed, and ho knew something about
them. "And where Is this man now?
"Here," said Courtlandt, pushing
Dack his chair and rising. "I am he'
He turned his back upon them and
sought the garden.
V'Dash me!" cried the colonel, who.
being the least interested personally,
was nrst to recover Bis speech.
ine tfarono drew in his breath
sharply. Then he looked at Abbott
"I suspected It," replied Abbott to
the mute question. Since the episode
or last night his philosophical outlook
had broadened. Ho had. lost Nora
but had come out of the agony of love
refused to fuller manhood. As long
as he lived he was certain that the
petty affairs of the day were never
again going to disturb him.
"Let him bo," was tho colonel's sug
gestion, adding a gesture In the direc.
tion of the casement door through
which Courtlandt had gone. "He's as
big a man as Nora Is a woman. If he
has returned with the determination of
winning her, ho will."
They did pot seo Courtlandt aeain.
After a few minutes of restless to-and-
frolng, he proceeded down to the land
c lng, helped himself to the colonel's
motor-boat, and returned to Bellaeelo
At the hotel be asked for the duke.
oniy to do told that the duke and
inauame naa lert mat morning for
Farts. Courtlandt saw that ho had
permitted ono great opportunity to Blip
past Ho gave up the battle. One
more good look at her, and ho would
go away. Tho odds had been too
strong for him, and he knew that he
jL was broken.
When the motor-boat came back, Ab
bott and the baron made use of It also.
nTbey crossed in silence, heavy-hearted.
On landing Abbott said: "It is
probable that I shall not.aee you again
.'thlsvoar. I am leaving- tomorrow for
Vans. It's a great world, isn't it, where
X tneyto8 us around. like dice? Some
notes to Celeste. "Here's Donald
going to Paris tomorrow and the Bar
one to Homo. They will bid us good
by at tea. I don't understand. Don
ald was to romaln until wo loft for
America, and tho Darone's leave doua
not end until Octobor."
"Tomorrow?" dlm-oycd, Colosto re
turned tho notes.
"Yea. You piny tho fourth ballndo
and I'll sing from Madame. It will bo
vory loncsomo without thom." Nora
gazed Into the wall mirror and gave a
pat or two to her hair.
When tho men arrivod, it was lm-
prcsHod on Nora's mind that never had
(8ho scon them so nmlablo toward each
'othor. Thoy wore poBltlvoly friendly.
And why not? Tho toBt of tho morn
ing had proved each of thom to his
own Individual satisfaction, and had
done away with thoso stilted manner
isms that generally inako rivals ridicu
lous in all eyes savo their own. Tho
rovolatlon nt lunchoon had convinced
thom of tho futility of things in gen
eral and of woman In particular. Thoy
wero, without bolng aware of tho fact,
each a consolation to tho other. Tho
old adago that misery Iovob company
was nover moro nicely typified.
If Celesto expected Nora to exhibit
any signs of dlstross over tho ap
proaching departure, sho was disap
pointed. In truth, Nora was Bocrotly
ploased to bo rid of these two suitors,
much as aho liked them. Tho Barone
had not yet proposed, and his sudden
determination to return to Rome elimi
nated this disagreeable possibility.
Sho was glad Abbott was going be
cause she had hurt him without Inten
tion, and the sight of him was. In spite
of her Innocence, a constant reproach.
Courtlan (ft flung off tho hand and an
swered: "I rofUBol"
"Ahl" Harrlgan stood off a few steps
and ran hla glance critically up and
down this man of whom he had
thought to mako a frlond. "You're a
husky lad.
Whafa tho oddB? I lost mine. Yoa Rnnn MKF ON VtflFFY
win," Harrlgan was a true sportsman. I VlUUU JUIXC Ull VVirCl
He had no excuses to offer, He had
dug the pit of humiliation with hla
own hands, Ho recognized this na one
of two facto. The other was. that had
There's one way out of courtlandt extended himself, tho battle
would have lasted about one minute.
"tjjrgjiflllxe and others deuces. And In
.HnSibgame you and I have lost two out
of three."'
flfhull return to Rome," replied the
Perone, "My Jong leave of absence la
r IttUMd."
"What the world can have hap.
petted 7" -itsmwM Norn, shewing the
this for you,"
"So long na It docs not nocossltate
any explanations," Indifferently.
"In the bottom of ono of Nora'e
trunks is a set of my old gloves. There
will not be anyone up at tho tennis
court this time of day. If you aro not
a moan. cubs, If you aro not an ordinary
low-down imitation of n man, you'll
moot mo up there lusldo of live mln
utos. If you can Btnnd up in front of
mo for ton mlnutos, you neod not
make any explanations. On the othor
hand, you'll hike out of horo ns fast
as boats and trains can tako you. And
never come back."
"I am nearly twenty years youngor
than you, Mr. Harrlgan."
"Oh, don't lot that worry you any,'
with a truculont laugh.
"Vory woll. You will find mo thoro.
Aftor all, you aro hor father.'
"You bot I ami"
Harrlgan Btolo Into his daughter's
room and soundlossly bored Into the
bottom of tho trunk that contnlnod the
rollcs of past glory. Ab ho pullod them
forth, n folded oblong strip of parch
mont enmo out with thom and Out
torcd to tho floor; but ho was too
busily engaged to notice it, nor would
he havo bothered If ho had. Tho bot
torn of tho trunk was littered with old
letters and programs and operatic
scores. Ho wrapped tho glovcB In a
nowspapor and got away without be
ing Boon. Ho was as happy as a boy
who had dlscovored an oponlng In tho
fenco betweon him and tho applo or
chard. Ho was rathor astonished to
seo Courtlandt knoellng In tho clovor
patch, hunting for a four-loaf clovor.
It was patent thnt tho young man was
not troubled with nerves.
"Horo!" ho cried, brusquoly, tossing
over a pair of glovos. "If this mothod
of settling tho dltiputo Isn't satisfac
tory, I'll accept your explanations."
For roply Gourtlnndt stood up and
stripped to his undershirt Ho drow
on tho gloves and laced thom with
tho aid of his teeth. Then ho kneaded
them carefully. Tho two mon eyed
each othor a llttlo moro respectfully
than thoy had over dono boforo.
"This slnglo court Is about as near
as wo can mako It. Tho man who
stepB outaldo Is whipped."
"I agrco," said Courtlandt
"No rounds with rests; until one or
tho othor Is outsldo. Clean breaks.
That's about all. Now, put up your
dukes and tako a man's licking. I
thought you were your father's son,
but I guess you are llko tho rest of
'em, hunters of women."
Courtlandt laughed and stepped to
tho middle of tho court Harrlgan did
not wasto any time. Ho sent In a
straight Jab to tho Jaw. but Court
landt blocked It neatly and countered
with a hard one on Harrlgan's oar,
which began to swell.
It was gall and wormwood, but thore
you wero.
"And now, you ask for explanations.
Ask your daughter to mako them."
Courtlandt pulled off the gloves and
got Into hla clothes. "You may &dd,
air, that I shall novcr trouble hor
again with my unwelcome attentions.
I loave for Milan In the morning."
Courtlandt loft the Hold of victory
without further comment,
"Well, what do you think of that?"
mused Harrlgan, an ho stooped ovor
to gathor up tho glovos. "Any one
would say that ho was tho Injured
party, rm In wrong on this deal
Bomowhoro. I'll ask Mlas Nora a quo
uon or two."
it waa not so easy returning. He
ran Into his wife. Ho trldd to dodgo
nor, but without success.
"Jamca, whoro did you got that
black eyo?" tragically.
"It'll a dolsy, ain't It Molly?" push-
lng past hor Into Nora's room and clos
ing the door after htm.
"Thnt you, Nora?" blinking.
"Fathor, If you have boon flKhtlntr
with him, I'll novor forgive you."
"Forgot It Nora. I wasn't fighting,
I only thought I was."
Ho raised tho lid of tho trunk and
cast In tho glovoa haphazard. And
thon ho aaw tho paper which had
fallen out Ho picked up and squint
ed nt It, for ho could not seo very
well. Nora was leaving the room In
a temper.
"Going, Norn?"
"I am. And I advlso you to havo
your dinner In your room."
Aiono, no turnod on tho light It
novcr occurred to him that ho might
She Really Thought She Had Never
Before Seen the Young Man Who
Taught Her to Swim, but It
Turned Out Sho Had,
"You novor novor do the one
thing I havo askod you to do until I'm
tlrod of nHUIngl" anld protty Mro.Truo-
boy to hor husband.
"0, yon monn"--and ho flourlnhod
ono hand nbout his fnco, w(th a grin.
"Ycb. JuBt thnt. I want you to
Bhnvo. You'ro tha only man In the
neighborhood with n board."
"Uut when wo woro sparking, doar,
you thought my board no nlco no
olllcy, you anld, and ho becoming."
"But 1'vo changed my mind. Othor
men of your ago don't wear a board.
Nobody but old codgors. Besides, tho
othor women talk nbout It. 'Ho must
havo n woak fnco,' I honrd ono of tho
neighbors any. Sho didn't think I waa
Hutching, tho cat!"
"Well, dear, If you Insist upon U, 111
Blmvo the moment I got baok from this
flBhlng trip,"
"Whntt Aro you going flnhlng
"Yen, Up in Canada. Want to coino
"I should think notl And if you go
fishing ngnln, I shall go down to the
shore for a couplo of weeks. I sup
poao you'll bo gono that long."
'All right, my denr. Qo and enjoy
yourself. Hut don't flirt too much."
John True boy started on hla fishing
trip, and Mm. Trucboy lost no tlmo In
making for tho itonshoro.
Mm Truoboy had no notion of flirt
bo prying into some of Nora's prlvnto ,nK wnon 8,10 wont to tuo "horo, nl-
correspondence. tin .mf-i.t-,. m,- though nho felt n llttlo resentment at
parchment and hold It undar tho light. Trucboy for sclllHhly going fishing auTl
For a long tlmo ho starod at the writ.
lng, which waa In English, nt tho date.
at tho names. Thon ho quietly refold
cd It and put it away for futuro uso,
Immediate futuro uso.
TIjIb Is a great world." ho mur
mured, rubbing his car tenderly.
leaving hor to her own devices,
But tho first day sho did flirt with
a young man ono of tho vory fow In
tho water to tho nngor of every othor
woman on tho bench. Sho oat with
him nnd swam with him, and In tho
evening nho danced with him. And ho
appreciated hor klndnean. Tho noxt
day, as aho was floating nnd Hwlmmlng
HUNGRY CROWS KILLED CAT nbout and wondering whether aho had
dono JuBt right In tha matter, aho
Pussy Had No Chance Against tho
Numbers and Ferocity of Hor
caught a glimpse of a handsomer
young man floating near hor. Sho had
noted him at brenkfant, for ho was a
frnah nrrlvul nnrt had twinn lAinntnit tn
Fuzzy-Wu, a Bmall parti colored Jbjk indulgo In a alight flirtation thero and
Fine!" growled Harrlean. "You
"If You Can Stand Up In Front of Me know something nbout tho game. It
tor Ten Minutes You Need Make won't bo as If I was wallonlntr a hnhv.
Ho sent a loft to tho body, but tho
right failed to reach his man.
For some time Harrlgun Jabbed and
swung and uppereut; often ho roachod
his opponents body, but nover his
fnco. It worried him a llttlo to find
that ho could not stir Courtlandt moro
than two or thrco feet Courtlandt
nover followed up any advantage thus
No Explanations."
Presently sho would have hor work,
and there would be no time for loneli
ness. The person who suffered keenest
was Celeste. She was awake; the ten
der little dream was gone; and bravely
she accepted tho fact Never her agile
fingers stumbled, and Bho played re- making Harrlean forco tho nPht.nr
markably well, from Beethoven, which was rathor to his liking. But
And Nora, perversely enough, sang
from old light opera.
When tho two men departed. Celeste
went to her room and Nora out upon
the terrace. It was after five. No one
was about, so far as sho could see.
presently it began to enter his mind
convincingly that apart from tho In
Itlal blow, tho younger man was work
ing wholly on tho defensive. As If he
wero afraid ho might hurt him I This
served to mako tho old follow furious
Ho bored in right and loft, loft and
Sho Btood enchanted over tho trans- rlKht and Conrtin mlt VflV1 Il'nu atnn
-----m-- -... i,- : . "' -
w..wUU iui was uuecung me moun- oy stop until bo was so closo to tbo
tains and tho lakes. -How sho loved
tho spot! How she would havo liked
to spend the rest of her days hero!
And how beautiful all tho world was
She gave a frightened little scream.
A strong pair of arms had encircled
lino that ho could see it from tho cor
ner of bis eyo. This glance, swift
as it was, came near to being his undo
ing. Harrlgan caught him with a ter-
nolo right on the Jaw. It waB a glanc
lng blow, otherwise the fight would
havo ended then and there. Instantly
her own. Sho struggled violently, and
suddenly was fread.
If I were a man," she said, "vou
should die for that!"
her. She started to cry out again, but ho lurched forward and clinched be
the Bound was muffled and blotted out fore the other could add the finishing
ujr mo yruBBure oi a roan's lips upon toucn.
The two pushed about Harrlean
fiercely striving to break tho younger
mans hold. He wae beginning to
breathe hard lionMnu a iiMo inn.
"It was an opportunity not to be and hla hinwn
Icrnnrorf " rAtnonn n-..xt a. .... I w' w
7. , u,uou uuriisnau it is i steam. Finally Courtlandt broko away
Tl1tO Trior T Atma n i
t t I . w Iaa awa' aB 01 n,fl own accord. Hla head buzzod
I did, but my return haa convinced me a llttlo. but nnliin from ti... ha
1 1, -. . T -1. .1.1 1 . I ' " - MU
luai, i ouuuiu uavo Deen as mnnh a fool rnrnvornfl H7---( . ....
hA T . . "6u imiouuu uib lC-
- --uinujuu LU iok you about. h. IICB onI rtiaUaA TJ.. .tile I ,1
" 't I luwijftu, UU. 1.4iUU itiUrU
b"b " interview. I wrote vou wan nn nttrnavn rn.-n n....... .-...it
IT-.. . .. ' I . .-. UUUUl
1UU ruiurnea mem unopened, uecamo the aggrossor. Thero wae no
You have condemned mo without a withstanding him. And Harrlgan
hearing. So bo it You may consider fairly saw tho end; but with that in-
, 7. luo ,arcw," appearance so aomitnblo pluck which had mado him
dear to tho operatic heart." bitterly. famous in the annals of tho ring, ho
no addressed most of this to tin. kont ha
back of her head, for sho was already Jabs horo and thero upon bis body
walking toward the villa into whleh botran to .n n. tn mi....
!. A I . . . . . I " "w Vflij W UllUUVQ B ItSBk
ene aiBappeareu wllli tbo proud air of and a niece of 1 nmon on hla nirnlim.
some queen of tragedy. She waa aLtongue! Suddenly Courtlandt rni.0rt
capital actress. him tlirori Rhlv tan1lnr a .at. Mtt.lt.
A heavy hand fell unon Court, I closed unrrVZZ'a -ii.f --....
landt's shoulder. He was irrealatlhlv landt nronrui1 hla lianti onf -,...-..
drawn right about face back. Hla elanea travl,i .iiV0i.
"Now. then, Mr. Courtlandt." said ivelv to iiarrii.Q ri'a taat ITa urn u
Harrlgan, his oyes bluo and cold as aide the "ropee."
'"n-v- win vxvimni - i uoir your nariinH. ur. iiarrivan
With rage and dospalr In hla heart, j for Joeing my temper," '
anoflo cat, which hnd boon prcaontod
recently by a friend returning from
tho Orient to Ralph Marlon, owner of
a farm In tho Christian Hook section
of Ocoansldo, L. I., wandored a short
dlatanco from tho farmhouso nnd was
stalking sparrows when a (lock of
hungry crowa descended on It
Tho leader of tho crown swooped
llko a hawk on tho cat, attacking with
ciawB, wings and beak. Fuzzy-Wu
tried to run away, but crows swarmed
In from all directions. From his
houso Marlon saw tho hui.o black
birds flapping their wings a fow foot
abovo the ground and thon darting
awkwardly downward. When ho no
pronched thom tho flock took flight.
cawing angrily and leaving on tho
ground tho romnlns of a Japanese cat
Hunger, Incronsod by tho present
cold spell, Is believed to havo boon
thon, for ho hnd encouraged It Uut
all at once aho thought of John Truo
boy, away up In Canada, and aho really
bognn to bellevo ho couldn't flirt on a
fishing trip.
Hut aho changed her mind. Sho wan
floating In shallow water, aa aho found
by touching bottom, and tho tempta
tion waa too great Sho protended sho
couldn't swim, nnd nhrlekod nnd mado
a show of helplcsnncRB. This experi
mental deceit la sometimes affected by
young women who ronlly could glvo a
mermaid a rnco.
Tho hnndsorno follow, of course,
camo to hor rescue, and their acquain
tance began. Ho set about teaching
her. Young women who can't swim or
who protend they can't nnd young men
who teach young women how to nwlm
know something of tho peculiar Intl-
tho motlvo of tho crows, which nor- mncy of thla Joyous task. It waa not
mally aro content with worms, Insects
ana grains.
long boforo Mra. Truoboy forgot all
about John In Canada, and alio oven
looked nt tho young man she had flirt
ed with but yesterday as though sho
never beforo had seen him. At mo-
Women to Build Chinef.
Tho National Shrlno of tho Immnrii
lato Conception Is to bo tho namo of raonts her conscience troubled hor a
urn cnapei wmcn catholic women of bit, but sho got ovor thnt This was
mo uimou mates will erect at thn too much fun to bo worrv ntr.
n.tf.Ai( .. i ... . ... . . I
v-oii.uuu uuivorsiiy in WaShlncton. "You imnm to 1 lin mo." uotA M,-
"i.. .... .. .... . . -
i uiuu.y wjii uo collected, not In young man unblushlngly, as thoy
If - nlflM 1(11 fi t I . . I -
10.J.0 Bum, uui. 111 biiiuii Bums rrorn all waacd out
mo uamono women of tho country, Mrs. Truoboy looked nbout In alarm.
miv-Ku mu national urgan zntlon of Th n wnn not thn volro ,. !.,.
Catholic Women, of which Mrs. Henry teaching hor to awlm. But It was tho
W. Taft, slstor-ln-law of former Prosi
aont Tart, is tho president About
$50,000 of the ?C00,000 required has al
ready been recoived.
volco of John
Bhaved. Judgo.
Truoboy, who bad
-The Gentleman. (
As A finished product, tho gentleman
seems to do everything vory easily:
but that caflo llko the case of the habit,
The Humility Fallacy.
"Humility, ae a virtue. Is fast dls
appearing, ana that a a very good can only como by efTort. He Is socially
ku.uu, bu iiuipu m oan iran. securo: nut wiintnvnr hla iiotu h
-I ' . v.w.,,
waa not horn no fnr tin mnn ... i-
"Our fathors used to preach humility socially accurn hv hirth .n tt h'
to ua respect for our superiors, eon. waa horn tn h trine- Tua ,. ,
, 4 . 1 ..... ... .. ' . I . " " lo' - t
vciiLiiiuub nnu uui UUIUU1U BlRllnn anrl nnt aman la .l, nimi.ii.. -.1 . .
j ... 1 .-- " v,. iiiuaaui o uiuurS 1&KQ
BO Wtn. n his society, ami not In hlu ,li i.i
" 'He who Is down nood foar no fall. vlrtuo of his loarnlntr. hut in hi-
t. . 1 1 I A - -... A I . A. . I W w
nuiminypuHUHi, huiu 10 mo, sol- dlnnry social rolatlons with him.
vmmy, unu uuy.
" 'Quito right said I, 'but ho's sure
to get sat on and walked over.' "
Facta In the Case.
Miss Laura Drake QUI, president of
the Collcgo for Women at Suwanoo
Tenn., aaya that while statistics ehow
that college women marry a JUtle late
In life, thoy Anally marry In (he same
proportion as their female blood rela
tions who are not college bred,
Feult-Flndlng an Easy Matter.
Tho fault-finder It la his naturn'a
plague to aplnto nhuHiia and oft hla
Joalouay Mhapo faults that urn haL
this plonnuro ho cannot glvo merely
by uoing on good tonne with hlmaolf.
They Don't Know.
Men tnlk about what thoy would do
If they had $1,000,000, but nlno out of
ton He about It. If thoy hpd ll.ppo..
000 tho first thing thoy would do'
would be to lay plans and concoct
BchomcB for gottlng two, Tolodo
Hla Chance,
He "OlrJa aro quoor creatures;
thoy marry tho first fool who akar
them, hu a rulo, I Huppoae you'ilTdo
the HHr-no, wouldn't yauf-' (JliiT"Bup
po9 you HHk mu ii ml find out"