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Resume of World's Important
Events Told in Brief.
Premier Asquith praises tho Belgian
heroism in the house of commons.
Tho Germans havo imposed a fino of
$300,000 on the Belgian town of Char
Namur, a principal city in Belgium,
has fallen into the hands of the Ger
Tho German
Rex, at Tokio,
ambassador, Count von
will sail for Seattle,
Wheat in Chicago pits is reported
may rise in a day or two to 1.23 per
A small German cruiser which ran
ashore in a fog, was blown up by the
The burgomaster of the city of Brus
sels, has surrendered the city to the
The Russian army is reported crush
ing the Prussians and making headway
toward Berlin.
The French war office admits Ger
man victory and the recovery of Lor
raine and Alsace.
The French fear an attack on the
Louvre and have placed all valuable
pictures in vaults.
A persistent report is to the effect
that the Crown Prince of Germany
was killed in battle.
The French government is permit-1
ting 3000 Americans to leave France
via Paris, to the United States.
Boston will have no grand opera this
winter, owing to the enlistment of
many members in the European war.
The Japanese liner Shinyo Maru
sailed from San Fancisco to Japan es
corted by a Japanese armored cruiser.
Armies of the allies are battling to
save Paris from the Germans. A con
flict between millions is believed to be
in progress.
It is officially announced that the
Russians have occupied Tilsit, a town
60 miles northeast of Koenigsberg,
East Prussia.
One of the largest liners in the
world, the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse,
was sunk by a British cruiser off the
coast of Africa.
It is said that British marines have
occupied Ostend to prevent the Ger
mans from getting a foothold on the
English Channel.
"Bob" Burdette, the famous humor
ist, is reported dangerously ill at his
summer home in Pasadena, Cal. He is
70 years of age.
Xavier de Castelnau, the 12-year-old
son of General Castelnau, chief of staff
of the French army, was among the
killed in a recent action.
The Montenegrin troops, with a bay
onet charge, repulsed a fresh Austrain
attack at Rahovo, taking 150 prisoners
and killing 300 Austrians.
Red Cross Bociety of the United
States is urging mayors of large cities
to aid the campaign to secure funds to
care for the wounded in the European
Washington administration officials
are preparing a new proclamation set
ting forth the neutrality of the United
States during hostilities between Japan
and Germany.
Speaker Clark issued warrants for
the arrest of absentee members of the
house of representatives. Many mem'
bers were found at the baseball park,
cool cares and other resorts.
An official statement from the Brit
ish consulate in Galveston, Tex., says
three British warships have been sent
at full speed to protect cotton and oil
traffic in the Gulf of Mexico.
The correspondent of the London
Daily Telegraph at Amsterdam says it
is estimated that the total loss of the
Belgians, up to date, has been 10,000
in Killed, wounded and prisoners.
Home Secretary McKenna, of Lon
don, said that no spies had been shot
in England. There havo been rumors
that many persons in the secret em
ploy of Germany-had been executed.
Tho federal inquiry into the higher
coat of food since the war began in
Europe has not developed that the in
creases were unawarranted, according
to itoger is. wood, United States
assistant district attorney in charge of
the investigations at Mew York.
The Servian government In a pro
test to France declares that the Aus-
trlan army during Its retreat along
the Drlna river committed cruelties
upon old men, women and children In
violation of Out rule of warare, The
Prlna form the greater narl of the
boundary between JJosna and flervla,
Batilc Line of Allies
Is Moved Backward
ParisAn official statement isaucti
by tho war department says: "In tho
North tho Franco-British lines hnvo
been moved back a short distance In
a ccnernl way our offensive botwocn
Nancy and Vosecs makes headway.
Our rieht. however. haB been obliged
to fall back slichtlv in tho region of
St. Die.
"In tho North rcsistanco continues.
The enemy appears to havo Buffered
considerable loss, more than 1G00
bodies having been ibund in n very
small spaco in a trench. Some had
been stricken as they stood, in the nt-
titudo of firing thoir rifles.
"A series of fiercely contested com
bats has been going on during tho past
three days in the region, which wero
generally to our advantage.
"A decree will bo published author
izinir special promotions of officers for
the period of tho war, regardless of
London A closer veil than ever
seems to bo drawn over tho progress
of the war. Little news has come to
hand concerning the operations on
either frontier. The Russians, how-
ever, appear to bo continuing their ad
vance in East Prussia towards Poaen,
with the Germans in retreat.
The only news from tho French side
is that tho French troops wero attack
ed along the Alsace-Lorraine line, but
repulsed all the attacks successfully.
There is no indication that the German
attack was in any great force, but if it
was, the French success shows that
they aro now in a stronger position
along this frontier, from which they
will be driven only by great sacrifices
on the part of the Germans.
A more hopeful feeling prevails in
England as to the strength of the
French defensive position. Tho re
pulse the French sustained at Charle
roi has been partly due to the desire of
the French army to accomplish a bril
liant incursion into Alsace and Lor
raine, which led them to weaken their
forces on tho Belgian frontier. Hav
ing recognized the danger of this
course, they havo now reverted to
what appears to experts to be a more
logical strategy, abandoning their in
vasion of the provinces and concen
trating their strength in the defense
of the northern frontier.
Clash of Butte, Mont,
Miners Is Renewed
uutte, fiiont More man iuuu in
surgent miners marched to the mines
Thursday night with the announced
purpose of preventing any Western
Federation of Miners members from
descending to work.
Arriving at the Anaconda mine, the
insurgents, who are now known as the
Butte Mine Workers' union, massed
their forces around the collar of the
shaft and notified the shifts going off
work that unless they joined the new
union before they went on shift again
and were wearing the new union's but
ton, they would be prevented from go
ing to work by a force of tho members
of the new union.
Following their ultimatum to
the members of the Western Federa
tion oi Miners, tne insurgents again
paraded the streets, ending at the Au
ditorium, where a meeting was held,
no one being admitted except those
wearing the buttons of the new union
Washington, D. C. Prospects of
losing a day's pay for each day's ab
sence brought Representatives troop
ing oacK to the house and the rollcal
showed 2G7 of the 435 in their seats
in the house the greatest number in
t mi i a a
- xnis is tne second line of reserves
arriving," announced the leader of one
returning party, "the third line is on
the way."
Who is that man?" demanded
Speaker Clark, pointing with his gave
at a strange face. A clerk explained
that it was a returned member.
A deluge of applications for leave
'on account of illness" came down on
the clerk. Majority Leader Under
wood announecd that the sergeant-at-
arms would have to be satisfied of the
validity of every Buch application.
" All-Water" Voyage Made.
New York The first all-water voy
age from San Francisco to New York
by way of the Panama canal was com
pleted here Thursday on the arrival of
the Pleiades, of the Luckenbach
Steamship company. The PJeiadPS,
which flies the American flaer. sailed
from San FranciBco on July 24 and
passed through tho canal August 10.
Prince, Surrounded, Dies.
Rome How Prince Frederick Wil
liam of Lippe died in the fighting be-
fore Liege In described tersely In a
dispatch received hero from the head
quartern of the German army. The
JVJnce'a regiment was surrounded by
the Belgians under the walls of Liege
and he wa struck by two bullets while
wtandfng among Ulu men, He died In
Residences in Way of Forts to
Be Destroyed.
Invading German Army Hopeful
of Penetrating Lines Before
Russians Reach Rcrlin.
Paris It is officially announced that
tho military governor has ordered nil
residents of tho zono within action of
tho city's defending forta to ovneuato
and destroy their houses within four
days from August 31.
As far as can bo learned, the r ronch
troops appear to bo intact, oxcopt for
thoso losses which were inevitable in
a wcok'a heavy fighting over n vast
If the British and French retiro on
tho western flank it ta explained that
they do so in order to chooso their
ground for fiercer resistance. Every
now day has seen reinforcements mov
ing up to aid tho French troops engag
ed on tho Belgian frontier.
Tho French operating along tho in
terior lines arc nblo to shift an army
corps from ono part of tho frontier to
another swiftly, and it ia said that tho
allies probably aro in Btronger position
than last Sunday.
The Germans, apparently owing to
tho increasing pressure of Russia,
seem to be throwing themselves
against intrenched positions nnd are
suffering severely. They aro gaining
ground and seemingly aro hopeful of
being ablo to break through before
Berlin is invested.
French wounded are arriving at tho
provincial towns.
London Only by exceptionally good
fortune was the life of Richard Hard
ing Davis, 'special war correspondent,
spared by the Germans, who Buspcctcd
him of being a spy, according to the
story told by James R. Evans, an
American engineer, who arrived from
Brussels which place ho left Thursday
For hours the Germans debated
whether to shoot Mr. Davis, who had
followed in the wake of tho German
advance. He was some distance south
of the Belgian capital when taken into
custody by the German officers.
Germany's Naval Loss
Off Heligoland Is
London Twenty-nine killed and 38
wounded was the price in men paid by
the British for the naval action against
the Germans in Heligoland waters
An official statement issued here
sayB that of 1000 men composing the
crews of the warships aunk off Heligo
land, only 330 were saved.
The British losses ard described as
"The light cruiser Arethusa lost
Lieutenant Eric Westmncott and nine
men killed, lour seriously wounded,
and Lieutenant Robinson and 11 men
wounded, but not seriously.
"The torpedo-boat destroyer Libertv
lost commander Bertellot and six men
killed, one man has since died from
wounds, one dangerously wounded, five
seriously wounded and five slightly
'The destroyer Laurel suffered ten
men killed, one has since died of 'his
wounds, two men dangerously wound
ed, seven seriously wounded and two
slightly wounded."
London Paper Holds Up
America as Good Example
London Tho Daily News, in an ed
itorial denouncing sccrot diplomacy
'Can Europe ever again tolerate tho
appalling peril of secret diplomacy?
Lan we ever again play about on the
deck with Bails and compasses, making
our little laws and imagining that we
are self-governing, while down in tho
hold of our ship of state there is a
powder magazine, the existence of
which we are not permitted to know?.
"Secret diplomacy belongs to the
traditions of autocratic and personal
government. It has no place in
democratic world, and tho example of
the united States must become tho
model of the civilized world on this
vital matter, if Europo is to bo free
from menace In the future."
King Mingles With Iroops.
London According to tho Antwerp
correspondent of tho Daily News, King
Albert constantly mingles with his
troops, and was In the trenches In the
fighting around Mallnes, Ho was al
ways at tho points or the greatest
danger, assisting the encouraging tho
men. lie went mnonu them attired
simply as a soldier, and his aympatnu'
tie conduct nan a remarKanje meat,
German Army Sweeps
Into France Unchecked
London A dispatch from Mens to
tho Dally Telegraph Wednesday do
scribes tho operations of tho Gorman
lliu uuiiiutii ml y (lilt v, it- oiijrp,
"was llko a great rivor bursting lt
banks. A soon as tho Dolginnn rot I rod
to tho entrenched enmp at Antwerp
tho Gorman horde swept over tho coun
try without check, west toward Ghent
and south toward Momh. Tho Gor-
maim aro committed to n great turning
movement. They nro striving to hold
tho French along tho Moubo between
Namur and Dlnnnt, whilo tho armies
to tho west of that river aro marchlntr
southward along a front many miles
"Ono nrmy threatens Monfl. with
tho object of ponotratlng tho French
frontier and doscondlnir on Mnubomru
and Valenciennes : and an nrmv is nd-
vnnclng toward tho linu extending
from Touroai, capital of tho depart-
ment of Hninut, to Courtrai, which
covors tho City of Llllo.
I camo south in tho hope of seeing
fighting at Chnrlorol. At Lesaine the
local authorities wore disarming all
civilians, ho that the approaching Ger
mans would havo no oxcuho for vio
lence All around wero refugees hur
rying to escape tno Uermans; all wore
thoir best clothes n suru sign of
French Abandon Captured
lemtory; Battle Rages
Paris The war offico has Issued tho
following official announcement: "Tho
commnnder in chlof, requiring all
available forces on tho Mouse, lias
ordered tho progrcsBlvo abandonment
of occupied territory. Mulhausen has
again been evacuated.
"A now battlo is in progress be
tween Maubeugo (department of tho
Nord) and Donon (department of
Doubs). On it hangs tho fato of tho
French. Operations In Alsace along
tho Rhino would tako away troops
upon which might depend victory. It
ia necessary that thoy nil withdraw
from Alsaco temporarily in order to
nssuro its final deliverance It is a
matter of hard necessity.
"West of tho Mouse, as a result of
orders issued on Sunday by tho com
mander in enter, the troops which are
to remain on me covering lino, to iuko
up tho defensive, aro massed as fol
"ino kronen and uritish troops oc
cupy a front passing near Givet, which
they gained by hard fighting. They
aro holding their adversaries and
Bharply checking their attacks.
"East of tho Meuso our troops havo
regained their original positions com
manding tho roads out of tho great
forest of Ardennes.
"To the right we assumed the offen
sive, driving back the enemy by a vig
orous onslaught, but General Joffre
stopped pursuit bo as to Te-catablinh
his front along tho line decided unon
on Sunday.
undav "
"In this attack our troops phowed
admirable dash. Tho Sixth corps no
tably inflicted punishment on tho enemy
close to Virion.
"In Lorraine tho two armies have
begun a combined attack, one starting
from Grand Couronno De Nancy, and
the other from south of Lunev o."
Ranks Leveled by War.
London From all parts of Belirlum
refugees aro arriving at Ostend, Bays
a correspondent of tho Routers Tele
gram company. Some como from dis
tant Charleroi and other points alonir
the Sambro, where, they saw thov
wero being deafened by tho roar of
artillery. These people, of all classen,
are now on a level, tho rich, or thoso
who wero rich, finding it just as
difficult to get the necessaries of lifo
as tho poorest.
Diamonds to Re Dearer.
Chicago Diamonds and gold and
platinum jewelry will bo increaned 25
per cent in price as a result of tho Eu
ropean war, delegates wore told at the
ninth annual convention of tho Ameri
can National Retail Jewelers' asso
ciation here. No diamonds wero being
cut, it was Bald, as tho workers in
gems and precious metals in Belgium,
Franco and Germany havo boon called
to their colors.
Yankees in Italy Warned.
Rome Tho American embassy
tnrougn tho consuls has advised all
Americans In Italy to return homo
now while communications between
Europo and the United StateB are free.
Later complications may arise render
ing communication difficult. "Amerl
cans doing othorwiso rem an at thoir
own rlBk."
Germany to Train Roys.
Jxmdon 'Jho officla news bureau
ways tho German papers of August 22
ami js-j pumisn oniers that bovs from
10 to 111 years of ago bo nut through a
course of musketry and military train-
wk. nvurm omcers urn tii n im.
gaged as Instructors,
Dill 1 lOfl i'LILM
Two Gorman Cruisers and Two
Destroyers Sunk,
AU Orttlsh Ships Reported Afloat
When Rattle Ends,
Louses Light.
LondonIt wan announced hero Sat
urday thnt tho British licet has mink
two Gorman cruisers and two Gorman
torpedo boat destroyers. A third
cruinor wuh sot nfiro nnd was loft sink
ing. No British ships were lost in tho
buttle, it was added, and tho Uritish
loss of lifo wan not heavy.
In addition to thu two torpedo boat
destroyers and three cruisers, many of
tho Gorman torpedo boat dcHtroyera
wero damaged.
Rear Admiral Sir David Boatty com
mniulcd the British forces, nnd with a
strong army of torpedo boat destroyers,
battlo cruisers and light cruisers nnd
submarines attacked tho Germans in
Heligoland Bight. It is presumed thu
Germans attempted a sortie which
Thu protected cruiser Mainz wan
nent to tho bottom in an engagement
with tho light cruiser squadron, whilo
tho battle squadron sank another
cruiser of tho Koeln class.
Tho cruiser Amethyst and the tor
pedo boat destroyer Laertes wore dam
aged, but all thu ships in thu British
fleet wero afloat at thu end of thu
A wireless mcssago from one of tho
cruisers said shu was making for port
with men wounded In tho battlo.
Thu Mainz and tho vessel of thu
Koeln class were protected cruisers,
102 feet long and displacing 4280 tons.
Thoy had a speed of slightly more than
25 knots nn hour.
Tho story as told In tho official re
port of tho Admiralty Is as follows:
Larly Saturday morning a concert
ed operation of some consequence was
attempted against Germans in Heligo
land Bight. A strong force of destroy
ers, supported by light cruisers and
battlo cruisers and working In conjunc
tion with submarines, intercepted and
attacked German destroyers and cruis
ers guarding npproachea-to tho German
"Two German destroyers were sunk
and many damaged.
"Lnemy'a cruisers engaged by Brit
ish cruisers wero battlo cruisers. Tho
first light cruiser squadron sank tho
Mninz, receiving only slight damage.
"Tho first battlo cruiser squadron
sank ono cruiser of tho Koeln class.
"Another dinappcracd In mist heav
ily on fire nnd in sinking condition.
All tho German cruisurs engaged wero
thus disposd of."
I r. n r.-jr.
JMMHuui isuuuiry itupiuiy
Advancing on Austria
London "Tho Russians are advanc
ing rupidly on Lemborg, Austria, their
cavalry overcoming ail Austrian op
position," says a dispatch from the
St. Petersburg correspondent of the
Exchange Telegraph company. Tho
mcssago continues:
"Tho RuBBlan troops nro mnrchinir
on Koenigsburg nnd already have re
pulsed the advance guard of the garri
"Tho Russians now occupy Impor
tant portions on tho River Alio.
"Between tho rivers Vistula and
Dneistcr, tho Russians aro in cIobo
touch with tho Austrians. whom thov
havo already defeated decisively at
TemaBchoff and MonaBtcrzyskn."
Dual Alliance Contends
for lour Peace Conditions
Washington, D. C Germany nnd
Austria-Hungary nro prepared to mako
peace at any time on these conditions:
1 That Great Britain shall respect
German commorco and Germany's
right to colonics abroad.
2 That Franco shall nay an Indem
nity to meet tho expenses incurred bv
Germany and Austria In connection
with tho war.
3 That a buffer stato. formed
through tho rcconatitutlon of tho old
Polish kingdom, bo created between
Germany, Russia nnd Austria.
4 That Servia shall civo iruaran-
tces to Austrinl-IIuncarv under whlrh
Bho will ceaBO her propaganda designed
to acquire Austro-Hungarlan territory.
uermany and AUBtr a-IIuncrnrv. on
thoir part, will agrco to rccognlzo tho
naval supremacy of Great Britain,
Italy Is Eyeing Austria.
London Tho Paris corrcHnonfleni i,r
tho Express sends his paper tho follow
ing dispatch: "I am Informed Italy
will present an ultimatum to Austria
requesting an explanation of Austrian
mobilization on tho Italian frontier.
Only a brief period will bo given for
an answer, and within a short Uim.
Italian troops are expected to hu In
't'l.,i.l It '