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Resumo of World's Important
Events Told in Briefl
Turkey has mobilized.
Martial law has been declared in
A 97-day dry period in Missorui
been broken by a drenching rain.
A timber fire is threatening Maclcay
park, a Portland pleasure ground.
Twenty-two thousand Canadians
have enlisted in tho English army.
Temperature at Walla Walla reached
101 degrees, the highest of the year.
Prisoners in Folsom, Cal., peniten
tiary have been reieived from wearing
Theodore Roosevelt desires an early
trial in tho damage suit against him
for 150,000.
A small English cruiser chased a big
German warship for many hours off
the coast of Bermuda.
Austrians and Servians in Globe,
Ariz., met in a pitched battle but no
one was seriously hurt.
An aeroplane rammed a Zeppelin
balloon, destroying the dirigible, in
the attack before Liege.
Two battered cruisers Whose- nation
ality could not be discovered, limped
into harbor at Shanghai.
Secretary Houston thinks United
States will be able to continue exporta
tion of foodstuffs during the war.
On account of the European war
American children will go without
many toys for Christmas this year,
The United States government has
chartered six steamers to bring Amer
ican refugees home from European
Italy has mobilized between 200,000
and 250,000 troops on the Swiss and
Austrian frontiers, as a precautionary
Scandinavian waters are reported
clear of warships and foodstuffs are
said to be going freely from Denmark
to England.
American vessels plying out of San
Francisco have been warned not to
communicate with German warships
lying outside the harbor.
Dr. Aked, the erstwhile pastor of
the Rockefeller church in New York,
wonders why the Socialists of Europe
permitted the war to begin.
Denmark has notified France that
the waters about Copenhagen have
been mined to guard against a possible
surprise attack by the Germans.
The British are reported to have
captured the liner Kron Prinz Wil
helm, of Germany, containing 6000
tons of coal and $5,000,000 in gold.
The captain of a Danish steamer re
ports seeing the masts of seven sunken
vessels off the German coast, and he
believes they were German warships.
The Mexican cabinet has discussed
the change of government and it has
been decided to permit the constitu
tionalists a peaceful entrance into the
The State department is informed
that Japan is about to declare war on
Germany and join England in an at
tack on the German possessions m the
Far East.-
The steamer Advance made a round
trip successfully through the canal
from Colon to Miraflores Lakes. The
steamer Cristobal made the same trip
last week.
The British cruiser buifolk was
coaled in ten hours in Halifax, citizens
of all classes, crews of trans-Atlantic
liners and local militia volunteering
for the job.
Provisional President Carbajal and
his cabinet have abandoned Mexico
City, and preparations are made for
the triumphal entrance of the Consti
Belgians appeal to America for
wheat, but the U. S. exporters are in
clined to wait until the supremacy of
the seas is settled before attempting
to ship grain.
Stern measures are being resorted
to in Germany to compel military
serivce, according to a dispatch via
London. It is reported that Dr. Karl
Liebknecht, the famous German Social
ist leader, has been shot for refusing
to join the army.
Making no demands, but striking in
sympathy with those at Newell, W.
Va., 500 boys employed as mold run
ners and batters up, walked out on a
dtriku and as a result 30 potteries
probably will have to suspend opera
tions, and 5000 men bo thrown out of
work, The boys are regarded as
assistants to the foremen and are hired
by them directly.
Extend New Alsea Road
From Waldport to Coast
Eugene. Final approval of the Al
sea highway project, In which tho
government forestry sorvlco oxpeets
to opou n road connecting Waldport
nud tho const of Lano niul Linn coun
ties to tho Wlllnmotto vulloy, wna
given by government officials from
Washington, D. C, who mado nn in
spection of tho project Friday niul
Saturday. Tho work will bo stnrted
noxt week and rushed to completion,
according to II. D. nankin, supervisor
ot tho Sluslaw national forest, who
returned with tho cngtnoors today.
Tho government men woro O. G.
Morrill, chief engineer of tho United
States forostry service, and A. T,
Schuyler, of tho federal offlco ot pub
lic roadB. They accompanied Mr.
Rnnkln Into tho forest on Friday. Dur
ing Uio trip they woro Impressed with
tho bench resort possibilities of the
Oregon coast south of Nowport, which
will bo oponcd to motor traffic by
tno now highway. Motor cars may
reach Waldport and with tho coniplo
tion or tho Capo Porpotun road, may
reach Floronco and return by way of
tho Sluslaw without having to ho fer
ried. Tho road to AIboii Is reached by
way of Monroo. Tho now road will
provldo an outlet for cream ami dairy
resources of that coast region, now
almost Inaccessible
Tho road project Involves tho con
structlon of n mllo and n third of now
road through honvy tlmbor nnd ro
quiring tho romoval of honvy grndoB
ana much rock work. To build thlB
dlBtnnco will cost $3000.
Work on tho completion of tho Per-
potua road, connecting tho highway
between Tillamook and Coos Bay, will
bo commenced as soon ns Lincoln
county completes Its part of tho work,
according to Supervisor Rankin. Near
ly $10,000 has been Bpent by tho gov
eminent on this project.
St. Helens School Board
Adopts Entirely New Plan
St. Helens To keep the boys of St,
Helens out of the saloons and pool
rooms after their hours of work arc
done, the school board hns arranged
special courses and classes that may be
attended day or night.
These courses are designed to meet
tho needs of a large number of boys of
school age, who are now working in
the industrial plants of tho town and
whose education has not been completed.
In addition, the board proposes to
outline a system of out-door play on
well protected grounds, where many
teams will be given daily practico and
ovory Btudent nn opportunity for sys
tcmatic exercise.
Boys now at work may have llioir
hours shortened that thoy may attend
classes, while those who propose soon
to leave school will bo given vocational
The normal pupil will be given his
full four-years' course. Classes in
business and in industrial arts and sci
ences will be furnished to the student
at work. The library will bo hold
open at night.
Tho board consists of Dr. Edwin
Ross, Judge R. S. Hatton, and Charles
Graham, and Miss Alice Quick, clerk.
Wallowa County Wheat !
Yield Largest in History
Enterprise While no threshing re- j
turns have been made yet, it is the i
belief of farmers that Wallowa
county's wheat yield will be the larg-
est in its history. Several thousand
acres of land are producing their first
crop, Ihe straw is not as long as last j
ear, but the heads seem better filled t
with grain. Last year summer rains
produced rank, heavy straw that made
fine appearing fields, but tho season is
short here and in many instances the
heads did not fill and the grain . ripen.
Dry farm wheat is good on land
properly summer fallowed last year,
and seeded in the fall. Where the
seed was drilled in on stubble, there is
practically no crop. Last year this
makeshift method produced good re
sults, on account of the unusually
abundant rains.
Many homesteaders are raising their
first crop this year, and the results are
directly proportionate to their labors
last fall and this spring. Where they
worked the soil thoroughly they have
splendid crops, but where they just
srr.itphed thr Rurfnca nnd trusted tn ,
luck, they have had no luck. Tho most made the same engineers last year,
successful of the new settlers as a rule following which a largo sum of govern
nro tw from tha PnlmiRfi rnnntrv nf ment money became available for tho
Week-Old Fire Is Halted
On Upper Smith River
Albany. After burning for sovon
days, tho forest fire on tho head
waters of Smith river northenst of
Belknap Springs now Is under con
trol. Tho fire is burning yet, but It Is be
lieved thero Is no further danger and
almost all tho firefighters will bo sent
out tomorrow.
Supervisor Brundage of tho Santlam
national forest, who has been In per
sonal charge of tho fight on this fire,
telephoned to forest sorvlco headquar
ters here Irom Fish Lako saying that
tho fire Is under control. No roport
was made on tho territory covered by
tho nro or ita damage, but It was
learned definitely that Us progress
has been stopped,
Choose New State Road Route
Eugene With the development in
vjew of a trans-state highway from
the Willamette valley to Eastern Ore
gon, seven government officials left
Eugene Tuesday for Eastern Oregon
by way of the McKenzie highway and
the McKenzie pass.
The trip is a sequel to a similar trip
Washington and Idaho, who have
learned the secret of raising good dry
farm wheat, with summer fallow and
much working of the soil.
The snowstorm and frost that visit
ed all Eastern Oregon and neighboring
states early in June reduced the alfal
fa yield, but did little or no damage to
Grasshopper War Is On,
Salem Grasshoppers are playing
havoc with crops at the farm of the
State Insane asylum. Dr. R. E. Lee
Steiner, superintendent, has reported
to the State Board of Control that the
pests have virtually destroyed the po
tato crop and that they are damaging
other crops. He says the insects are
of the Kansas variety. "Regiments,
battalions and armies of the pests
have swept down upon the farm,"
said Dr. Steiner. "We are fighting
them as best we can, and believe we
have the better of the situation." Dr.
Steiner said that so far as ho had
learned the asylum farm had been the
Safety Meeting Is Held.
Roseburg The Southern Pacific
company this week held its initial
"Safety First" meeting in this city.
Employes were present from all sec
tions. Superintendent Burkhalter pre
sided. George Wilde, assistant super
intendent of the mechanical depart
ment, with headquarters at Portland,
delivered the chief address. Ihe em
ployes were asked to offer suggestions
and a general discussion followed.
Fire Damages Hospital.
Roseburg. Fire which Is bolloved
to have ignited from a defective elec
tric light wiring, damaged tho hospital
section of tho Oregon soldiers' homo
hero to tho extent of $800, When tho
flro was discovered there woro about
40 patients in tho hospital wurd, They
woro quickly roinoved from the mini
ng building by volunteers. All avail-
ttblo fireflghting apparatus lu the city
was niBJicu to mo sceno,
development of the McKenzie highway
over the Cascades, which was consider
ed the first step in the creation of a
great trans-state highway through
Sisters and Redmond. The route from
there East is not announced definitely,
The trip is also considered prelim
inary to further road work on the Mc
Kenzie highway, which according to
the plans of the highway engineers, is
to be one of the principal intermoun
tain highways between the Willamette
valley and Central Oregon.
Warehouse Considered.
Orenco. At a meeting of tho direct
ors of tho Orenco Co-operatlvo Mar
keting association it was decided that
steps Bhould bo taken nt once to se
cure a warehouse. A committee was
appointed to confer with tho officials
of tho Oregon Electric railway looking
to the erection of tho building on the
railroad lands at Orenco.
A committco was also appointed to
investigate tho feasibility of erecting
a cannery for uso next season.
The experiment this year with the
public market in Portland has proved
a success. Next year tho members
will bo prepared to send a much larger
supply than this,
Oregon la Free of Debt.
Salem. Secretary of State Olcott
took exception to an article under a
Washington date lino recontly pub
Ilshed in Portland newspapers
Pennsylvania was tho only state
of debt.
no declared that Oregon, niso, wos
out of debt and had not hnd a bonded
Indebtedness slnco tho statohouso was
completed 40 years ngo. Investiga
tion also showed that Kentucky nnd
several other states woro frco of bond
ed indebtedness.
Union High School Planned.
'St. Helens. Representatives from
10 school districts surrounding St,
Helens mot to form plans and investi
gate tho necessary legal stops to form
union high school horo. A commit-
too was appointed to confer with tho
hoard In enuli district and roport at
later mooting.
Russians Repulse Austrian
Foes Along Fronticrl
London. Apparently rollablo nnd
nuthontlo Information coniuti from St.
1'otorBburg that Russian arms have
boon nuccosRful both along tho border
within RtiBsInu territory and lu East
Prussia, at a point occupied nt tho
very boglnnlng of hostilities by n
forco of tho Czar's troops.
Tho Austrians havo suffered a chock
on tho Dnlostoi River. Four ruglmontH
of Austrian Infantry and olght rogl
moms of Uhlans woro routed.
Thu approaching big battlo probably
will bo u dcclslvo one.
An attempt by tho Ciornmnn to oc
cupy Eydtkuhncn, East PniHHla, quo
of tho points to which Russian troops
woro dispatched early in tho war, has
failed. Tho Gonna tm. consisting of a
detachment of Infantry, with nrtlllory,
woro ropulsod with loss,
It Is announced officially at St.
Petersburg that German aeroplanes
havo boon carrying out oxtonslvo
mauouvors along tho Russian frontier,
but havo done no damage.
A Berlin dispatch to tho Dally Tolo
graph says tho Gorman staff admits
heavy Iohbos on tho Russian frontier.
Tho Gorman troops near MuIiioubcu
captured 10 Fronch officers, GOO men,
four guns, 10 wagons and many rlflos.
According to tho roport, Gorman
territory has boon cleared of French
It Is said that at Lagardo tho Ger
man troops took mora than 1000 prin
oners, about one-sixth or thu two do
featcd Fronch regiments.
Tho Austrian troops on the Russian
frontier havo boon placed under tho
command of a Gorman general.
Tho nowK is confirmed that certain
divisions of Austrian forces comprls
lug Tyrolean Czechs regiments havo
boon transported to French territory.
England Severs All Dipto
matic lies With Austria
London. Groat Britain has sovored
diplomatic relations with Austria, an
did her ally, France, without n declar
ation of war, It has boon expected
that n declaration of war would ho
proclaimed, but thero wan none.
Count A. Menzdorff-Poullly-Dlotrlch
stoln rccolvod his passports nnd has
left. Ho Is nn Intimate poruonnl friend
of tho British royal family and feels
his dismissal keenly. Ho has been in
London for 18 years first ns first
secretary to tho embassy nnd then an
uno or tno first results or the nrnc
Ileal state of war which tho soveranco
ot diplomatic negotiations brings is
likely to bo seen In tho Mcdltorrnn
can. An Austrian fleet has been bom
bnruing tno Montenegrin coast nud n
larger ricet lias boon reported nonr
tho Straits of Otrnnto. It may bo pre
sumed that tho British Mediterranean
fleet, co-oporntlng with tho Fronch
fleet, will put n stop to the attack on
Montenegro from tho sea and that n
bombardment of Austrian porta may
Tho break In tho diplomatic nogotlu
tlons between tho two countries camo
as a result of Austria's sending troops
to tho French border to assist hor
ally, Germany, against Great Britain's
nlly, Franco.
Germans Warned to Withdraw
Forces From Kiau Chau.
lokio Government Sends Notice by
Six Different Channels, In
chiding United States.
Belgians Whip Germans
in Open Field. Action
Brussels, via London. Tho first
battlo in open country is reported in
the following official communloatlon:
"After having passed, thp night
(Tuesdny) In tho position thoy had
reached after their retreat, tho Gor
mans nuvnnccu in rorco toward a
point in our position, which thoy
thought was not held.
'Our stuff, however, wos alert, and.
Informed by cavnlry rcconnaisnnccs.
was ublo to glvo tho necessary orders,
with tho result that tho onoiny found
Its ndvanco checked. A battlo took
place, In which our troops woro vlcto
nous. Ten thousand men took part
in tno right.
Tiiis was tno first action of our
troops In open country and their con
duct is a good augury for tho future
Apart from this, tho situation to nil
nppenranco has undergono no change.
as regards our allies, tho plan ar
ranged beforehand Is bolng followed
out exnetly according to nroeram."
Bolglnn nnd Fronch troons havo of-
fected a junction south of Brussels.
Tho aormnn ndvanco In tho Bolclnn
provinces of Llmburg and Brabant has
been checked, Tho aormans nro
bringing up heavy artillery againBt
Captured Germans Are Sulky.
Paris. Several hundred aormnn
prisoners passed through tho Cham
plgny station, near Paris, on their
way to Polctlors, whoro thoy will bo
nterned. Tho soldiers seemed nulto
unconcerned as to thoir fato. Tho
German officers In tho party, how-
over, were sulky.
Tho untiring activity of Gonoral
Joseph Joffro, commander-in-chief of
tho l-ronch army, hns won tho admir
ation of his troops, Slnco tho first
day or mobilization ho hns traveled
wiuumwiuu oi mues in Ills motor car
and appears to ho overywhoro at ono
timo. His chauffeur is tho famous
racing motorist, George BoIIlot, who
three times won tho French urnnd
Tokio Japan sunt nn ultimatum to
Germany Saturday, night nt 8 o'clock,
demanding tho withdrawal of Gorman
warships from tho Orient and tho evac
uation of Kiuu'Chau and giving Ger
many until Sunday, August 23, to com
ply with tho demand. Otherwise, thu
ultimatum states, Japan will tako ac
tion. Tho gonoral expectation lioro In that
tho ultimatum will bo followed by war.
Tnkaaki Kalo, tho Japanese foreign
minister, simultaneously with tho din
patch of tho ultimatum, conferred with
Georgh W. Guthrie, tho American am
bassador, and mado to lilrn a broad
statement calculated to ansuro thu
United States that American intercut
in thu Far East would bo safeguarded
and thu integrity of China uphold.
Owing to doubts whothor communi
cations with Berlin wcro assured, Jap
an, in order to Insure thu arrival of
tho ultimatum, forwarded it to Berlin
by six channels, Including Washington,
London and Stockholm. Tho govern
ment also notified Count von Rex, Ger
man nmbnHHador to Japan, and like
wise retarded tho time limit for n re
ply until August 23.
Tho ultimatum follows:
"Wo consider it highly importnnt
and necessary in tho present situation
to tako measures to remove tho causes
of nil disturbances of tho peace in tho
Far East and to safeguard tho general
interests its contemplated by tho
agreement of alliance between Japan
nnd Great Britain.
"In order to sccuro n firm and en
during peace in Eastern Asia, tho es
tablishment of which Is thb aim of thu
said agreement, tho Imperial Japanese
government sincerely believes it to bo
its duty to givo tho advice to tho Im
perial German government to carry out
tho following two propositions:
"First To withdraw immediately
from Japanese and Chincso waters
German men-of-war and armed vessels
of nil kinds and to disarm nt once
those which cannot bo withdrawn.
'Second To deliver on a date not
later than September 15 to tho Japan-
cue authorities without condition of
compensation thu entire leased terri
tory of Kiau Chau with n view to tho
eventual restoration of the same to
"Tho Irnporial Japaneso government
announces at thu same time that in thu
event of its not receiving by noon on
August 23, 1014, nn answer from tho
Imperial Gorman government, signify
ing its unconditional acceptance of tho
above advice offered by the Imperial
Japanese government, Japan will be
compelled to take such action as she
may deem necessary to meet the situation."
Mexican Constitutionalists
lake Reins of Government
Moixco City Tho national capital is
in tho hands of tho constitutionalists.
In accordance with u prearranged plnn.
General Obrcgon mrached in with his
army and took peaceful possession of
tho city. Tho citizens grcotcd him
nnd his soldiers with cheers. The
ovneuntion by tho fcdorals was com
pleted and constitutiopalist troops nro
now quartered in tho barracks which
tho government soldiers recently occu
Eight special trains will Icavo for
tho front carrying n rccoption commit
tco, which will formally welcome Gen
eral Carranza, first chief of thp consti
tutionalists, who will assume tho pres
idency ns soon as ho cntors tho capital.
for the hrst timo in monthB Ameri
can lings now beside tho Mexican
colors, Gonoral Obrcgon caused to bo
posted throughout tho city a decree
threatening tho immcdiatu execution
of an officer or an enlisted man who
distrubed public order.
Ihe sidewalks woro crowded donselv
from Chapultcpec Custlo to tho nation
al palace, a distance of thrco miles.
Gonernl Obregon roviowed tho troons
from tho balcony of tho national pnl-
aco, after which tho Boldiors woro sent
to tho barracks.
Germans Hit Own Mine.
London. It is understood that tho
Herman torpedo-boat destroyer report
ed to havo boon sunk by tho oxnloslnn
of ono of hor boilers off South (Radnor
on August 0, really was destroyed hv
initio laid by n Gorman warshln. Tho
Danish and Swedish lines, it is re
ported, conned running as a result of
nforiimtlon that the (Ioniums had laid
contact mines in tho North Boa.
America Pleases France.
London A dispatch to tho Chronicle
from Paris tolls of tho reply of tho
French foreign minister, Premier, VI
vianl, to tho American ofTor of media
tion. Ho remarked that Franco hnd
been attacked, dcsplto hor steady re
fusal to tuko tho aggressive and said.
In thanking President Wilson: "You
may bo asuurcd thut tho Fronch gov
ernment and people will iwolmiIzu in
your idea now ovldonco of your Inter
est In tho destinies of Franco,"