Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, August 20, 1914, Image 4

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Vafe Newsl
Straight, Truthful, Direct
First National Bank, Baker. Ore.
Controller's Cally June 30, 1914
. T .1 I . . .
KnUrjd ai second class matterDec. 12. 1912 at the post omco at
ttie'njand Oregon, uncfer act otecliS', 1879'.'
11.-1 - ..V ,M
Cards of Thanks and Resolutions 0o per line.
on-. -t:i
:?. months
$1.50 six months, r
" IT, 7 T- . J
Loans and Discounts 5940, sua.
Overdrafts $678.70
U; S. Bonds $225,000.00
Municipal' Bonds and S'ecurities..$56,348.49
Banking Houso and Real' Estate.. $23, 240. 00
Cash and due frditf Banks' $629,471.52
$l', 875, 077. 99
Capital Stock i . , . .$200,000.00
Surplus Fund $100,000.00
iJndovfded Profits i $72,397 29
National Currency $f98,500.00
Dividends On'paid $34,000.90
Deposits' ; $1,270,189.70
Over 49 per cent Reserve
im, oW., Thursday, aug , 20 liu, vdti, i n'o. 40
a run
29 fimpiirJmnnfs tn
J vcte qri at the coming
the. average
c 7
.yc-'-.'r is certainly, going-, to have
'Li kinds full. The NEWS is in
rccript of a book from the Secre-
itary of State entitled "Proposed
. C:i3titutional Measures and
..I r 1 , u y
Ajg?ndments," and if a man,
I every man, was a second Black
sijri2, he might possibly, learn
from the vast array of conflicting
s arguments set forth therein, just
how to vote on these measures
; of government, but as he inot,
. he is very apt to, do as usual,
...vote haphazard apd the. state
' ". will have a f ewmore" iavsthat
. they do not need. .
- Thfo state has as fine a "set of
. 1 ?
,Jnv? d3 will bq. found anywhere.
,.if ili?y are enforced, thats where
the "rub" comes and what pos-
sii.le Uio. there can be in putting
. wSb. isr-enforcible iaw4s on the
stifyti?.. s more than we are
able zq: . '4. .
05t of the 29 measures, 19 are.
either impossible or useless. 7
vl'??. vektax.schemes in which
. f rr'n sparet betterment
rf.f ln e j!.Upn9,.4 were., yoted
. , or, be. rs "hd lost, 5 of them are
f mpQs;bji;tio3, 9 are worth vot
ing on. ,
We submit the following lis
,vhieh is out' frank opinion though
of course it may mpt fee others.
COO--301 Pertaining to citizen
302-303-Creates useless office
;J310 -SH Tax- -P14--315
In regard to surrender
of t-.- n Charters , -
. Glji .'il9More taxes : .
5;! 325 Prohibits i)arty nomi
mivns foriOudicial offices
Sa;-327 More taxes
C '.? 329 Concerns Portland
tiij '331 Concerns Portland
304-335 Abolishes DeathPenal-i
: 320- 337 Still more ta
17-341 Dentistry-bill, flo good."
. -3.13. 343 Givfcs county officials 4
. -earterm.
352-353 Creates useless Com-
3S4--355 Primary Delegation
356-357 Taxd?
The qlldwing ones might be
useful if passed, but only few of
them are necessities
306-307 Rural credit Bill
312-313 Ashland Normal School
316-317 Weston Normal School
320-321 8 hour law
322-3238 hour law for women
332-333 Wet and Dry question
338-339Abolishes useless office
346-347 Abolishes useless office
350-351 Abolishes State Senate'
Wm. Pqllman - President
J. H. Parker Vice T resident
T. G. Montgomery Cashier
A. B. James Ass". Cashief
? Wm. Pollman
j. N. teal J. I I. Parkev
John Schmitz
Geo. Chandler
Uno30; 1914 $,8750.99
June 14, 1912 $1,362,748.08
Incrdase, Two Years. .$512,329.31
, THIS BANK CO-OPERATES with, its customers in every con
sistent, way and has resources ample tq meet their reqiUrmepts.
We solicit accounts of those who appreciate the advantages of
association with a strong Institution.
4 per cent Pak! on Time Certificates of Deposit
mtwii mi
ittle Drops of Water Make a Mighty Ocea Just as
1. iH in lZiflWcmrti'c Afnkn Rln HlKmPJiS
Sugar selling ott -?9.50 per sack
and still soaring We 'should
imagine it wa about time Pres.
Wilson was finding out, why.'
Wonder if any of jthc fellows
who are talking about .the fail
ure? of last years Hardest Home
ever figured out just how much
they done to makd it a success.
rapidly and that.iti.will.be neces-
flary,.to qnlarge the building in
i3.-349P-rop0rtlonlitQ ReUjihott time,
x i-- -5.i3..a49-P-roc6rtlonkte Repre
Enjoyed Trip . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Vright Chandler
accompanied by Mrs. Fred Fraser
of Baker, returned from Port
land Monday where they- have
been attending Buyers Congress
for 10 days. They reported that
the first four days the purchases
amounted to, $10,000ufrom thd
different buyers from Idaho,
Montana, Washington and Ore
gon. There were entertainments
I lectures and banquets each day
and evening. Saturday, the last
day, luncheon was served to all,
aboard the S. S. Santa Cecilia
owned by W. R. Grace & Co.
which landed at -Munincipal Dock
from Frisco the night before.
The people of .'Portland surely
did themselves proud during the
week which number- had increas
ed three-fold over last year.
if Fall ffilpTiS
Ijj Styles fg, ji
1 I II Our Fall Shb M WT I
t) M ZZZ
Halfway, Aug. 17.-Thfe Half
way schoolboard-, at a meeting
Saturday night- voted to add a
third teachertOir the? faculty of
the union higb- school.; The
members were unanimously of
theopinio.n that the.vhigh school
atteridance will continue -to grow
II A i!
n II
1 1 w&s
lis n 11 wjh w
1 mmm
Ill i 1
n i d oaunaers
Mens' and Boys' Hats have aFrived. No
matter what your wants are in Headwear
if it's new, we have it.
We are showing all the new and latest
shapes andshadeSjjnJelt goo'ds. Your
general appearancejvill "be improved won-
derfully if you are attired in one of our
models. Owing to the ffiyen&y n'f gfyic
ew cannot quote
r niiini axoczi casy m 1
V tffl
1 m