Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, June 27, 1918, Image 4

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    A l m o s t the Speed Limit.
“ At Chattanooga,” said a veteran of
the Civil war, “ one of the men in iny
One hundred and aixty-fiva Rooms, all Modern
company left early in the action and
Improvements: free phones on every floor.
no one saw him till after the battle,
Rates: 75c to $1.50 per day: $2.50 to
when he appeared in camp unwound­
$5.00 per week.
ed and unabashed. Some of the boys
Opposite Courthouse, 2 blocks from Postoffice
accused him of running away, hut he
Fire Proof. S. P and Oregon Electric pass door.
wouldn't admit it.
“ ‘I only retreated in good order,’ he
" I heard of the matter, and a few
days later I asked him if he had any
idea how fast he had ‘retreated.’
“ 'W ell, I ’ll tell you, cap’n,’ he said.
‘If I had been at home and going after
the doctor, folks that see me passin’
would have thought my wife was right
sick !"— Exchange.
Hotel Rowland
A>»rd»d GRADO PRIZE at tk» P. P. I. E.
U S. P a t . O f f
K eep Kids K leen
The most practical, healthful, playtime
rmou* ever invented for children I to
yeaxs of
Made in one piece with
d»op back. Ea»»lv »lipped on or off.
Easily washed. N o tight ' lasUc bands
to stop circulation. Made in blue
dmim, and genuine blue and white
hickory stripe*. Also lighter weight,
fait -color material in a variety of
p le a s in g designs, all appropri­
ately trimmed with f a s t - c o lo r
gaiatra. A l l gaiments m ade in
Dutch neck with elbow sleeves
or high neck and long deeves.
Folder in color* showing dif­
ferent materials sent f r e e on
FAIR AND C LE A R — that’s the way
$1.25 the suit
I your skin w ill be, if
If your dealer cannot supply you
you’ll take Doctor
Young Women and Men
we will send them, charges prepaid
Pierce’o Golden Med­
Busmens cries for trained minds.
('.rasp your
on receipt of price, $ 1.23 each.
ical Discovery. Pim ­
opportunity. Enorll now in N o rth w est’s bigtfest
business college, B eh n ke-W alk er, Portland. Free
ples, blotches, erup­
Satisfaction guaranteed I R o v e r a l l s
tions, and humors
or money refunded.
RE6. U.S. P A T . OfT.
are utterly banished
by this medicine. It Meals, However.
F k R B
takes away, more
I F T H E i R IP
Her Dad— Why, hang it, girl, the fel­
thoroughly and cer­
Beware of Imitations.
low only earns fifteen a week.
Look for this label 1-iT
tainly than anything
Herself— I know, papa, but a week
else, the blood poi­
passes so quickly when you're fond
S o Frocixro
sons or impurities
of each other.—Boston Transcript.
Mfrs». of “ F r e e d o m -A lla * *
, that cause them.
the n ew garm ent fo r w om en
For every Skin, Scalp, and Scroful­
Would Risk It.
ous affection, no matter how it came,
the “ Discovery” cleanses, builds up,
“ Money carries germs, my dear.”
“ Still. I must have some money,” de­ strengthens, and Invigorates every
clared the bride. “ You remember we part of the system. Eczema, Erysipelas,
took a chance on kissing.”— Kansas Salt-rheum, Tetter, Bolls, Carbuncles,
Enlarged Glands, and the worst Scro­
City Journal.
fulous Sores and Swellings are com­
pletely and permanently benefited by
A llen ’s Foot-Ease, the antiseptic pow der.
It it.
prevents tightness and blistering. Relieves Corns.
The “ Discovery" Is made from na­
Sta; 25c.
O iatM t ?5c aaX 50c
Bunions, and Swollen. Sw eating. A c h in g Feet, tive roots without alcohol, and can be
(liven rest and comfort.
Accept no substitute.
Sample F R E E .
Address, Allen S. Olmsted. L e had in liquid or tablet form from all
Roy. N . Y.
dealers. It is one of the best tonics
[R IM E Granulated Eyelids,
to-day, you feel refreshed In strength
and vigor after taking this vegetable
¡¡ Sore Eyes, Eyes Inflam ed by
S u n , D u s t and W in d quickly
“ I’m doubtful whether to economize tonic. Tablets 60c.— Adv.
relieved by Murine. T ry it in
on clothes or food.”
your E y e sa n d in B a by 's Eyes.
“ What do you mean?”
No Smart inf, Just Eye Comfort
Pretty, Anyway.
“ I don’t know whether to wear this
Maude Adams, as everybody knows, Murine Eye Remedy “ JS'sSrSSBi.’bSJS
last year's straw hat or let the goat has a tip-tilted nose.
Eye S a lv e , in T u bes 25e. For h ook o f the E y e — F re e .
eat It.” — Exchange.
At a tea In Los Angeles a little girl Ask M u rin e E ye R em edy Co.. C hicago t
once said to Miss Adams:
"I think you’re beautiful. I like your
nose best of all.”
c Bac,k,a
“ Oh, no, my dear, you mustn’t like 1
We waal all
bare. Write for Prices and Sbippmg Taft.
my nose,” laughed Miss Adams. “ My '
T H E H . F. N O R T O N C O M P A N Y ,
Portland. Ore., Seattle, W n ., Bellingham , W n . parents were very careless about that.
When they were choosing my features
for me they took the first nose that
turned up."— Exchange.
E arn More
Cuticura Stops
Itching and
Saves the Hair
Hides, Pelts,
Wool & Mohair
i Laugh When People
| Step On Your Feet
Bought, Sold, Rented and R e paired
Burnside, cor. 10th.
Portland. Ore.
f i r *
I“ I I V *
» a *
V e a l, P o rk , B e e f,
P o u ltr y , B u tte r, E g g »
„ „ d f a rm P ro d u c e ,
to the Old Reliable Even tin g house with a
reconi of 45 v.-ars o f Square Dealing», and
be a a »u n d of T O P M A R K E T PR IC E S .
F. M . C R O N K H IT E ,
45-47 Front Street,
Portland. O re g o n
By buying direct from un at wbnleaale price»
and save the plum ber’» profit». W rite ua to­
day your need». W e w ill give you our rock-
buiUfiii "direct-to-you” price», f. a b. rail or
boat. W e actually aave you from 10 to 26 per
cent. A ll good» guaranteed.
Northw eet headquarter» foi le a d e r W a te r
S y stra n and Fuller A Johnaon Engine».
S T A R K - D A V I S CO.
212 T h ird Street.
P. N. U .
Portland, O re g o n
No. 26, 1918
* T r y th is yourself then p ass ’
Have a Clear Skin.
it along to others.
Make Cuticurn Soap your every-day
It works!
toilet soap and assist it now nnd then
by touches o f Cuticurn Ointment to ;
soften, soothe nnd heal.
For free \ Ouch ! ? ! ? ! !
This kind of rough
samples address “ Cutlcura, Dept. X. talk will be heard less here in town If
Boston.” At druggists and by mail. people troubled with corns will follow
the simple advice of this Cincinnati
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.— Adv.
authority, who claims that a few drops
of a drug called freezone when applied
Beneficial All Around.
"This food economy is proving bene­ to a tender, aching corn or hardened
callous stops soreness at once, and
ficial in several ways.”
"Yes. W e are reducing the national soon the corn or callous dries up and
waist line to protect the coast line.” — lifts right otf without pain.
He says freezone dries immediately
and never inflames or even irritates
the surrounding skin. A small bottle
Dr. Pierce’s Pellets are best for liver, of freezone will cost very little at any
bowels end stomach. One little Pellet drug store, but will positively remove
for a laxative—three for a cathartic.
every hard or soft corn or callous
from one’s fe e t Millions of America's
History Repeats Itself.
women will welcome this announce­
Hub— Any callers today, dear?
ment since the inauguration of the
W ife— Only the Floods— quite infor­
high heels. If your druggist doesn’t
mal— just ran In to escape the shower.
have freezone tell him to order a small
Hub— I see: “ the rains descended
bottle for you.— Adv.
and the Floods came.”— Exchange.
Home Science.
Th e Reason.
Teacher— Can any of you children
"So the bride eloped with the
groomsman. Why do you suppose she think of a creature not yet mentioned
did that?”
who belongs in the brute creation?
"Because he was the best man."—
Pupil— My mamma says my papa’s
one.— Exchange.
Middle A g e d
W o m eiv
A re H ere Told th e B est R em edy
for T h eir T roubles.
Frermnnt, O.—" I was passing through the critical
period of life, being forty-six years o f age and had all
the symptoms incident to that change — heat flashes,
nervousness, and was in a general run down condition,
so it was hard for mo to do my work. Lydia E. Pink-
ham’s Vegetable Compound was recommended to me as
the best remedy for m\ troubles.which it surely proved
to l>e. 1 feel better and stronger in every way since
taking it, and the annoying symptoms have disap­
peared.’’—Mrs. M. U o u p l . n , U-’j Napoleon St., Fremont,
North Haven, Conn.— "L y d ia E. Pinkliam's V egeta­
ble Compound restored my health after everything else
had f a i l e d when passing through change o f life. There
i s nothing like it to overcome the trying symptoms.”
— Mrs. F l o i i k . m k 1 s k i . u a , B o x l'J7, North Haven, Conn.
lea Such Case s
Di&s the greatest record for the greatest good
L Y D IA E P 1 N K H A M
O stars of Freedom’s banner bright
That clustered shine in field of blue.
From faint, far depths of heaven’s
Your constellated fires you drew!
From starry ways of ages down
You bring the light of old renown!
Greece first your dawn-bright radiance
When Freedom’s star rose o’er the
And Athens’ glory full orbed grew
When Parthenon crowned the Acrop­
olis steep.
The fame of Greece then brightly shone
With splendor since through ages
Bu: kindled by Promethean fire
O’er other lands rose Freedom’s
Unquenched by blood, they still aspire
Where far beyond the old world
They rose above the new world bright
And blent as one their kindred light.
Long may these stars undimmed still
In Freedom’s glorious galaxyl
Long may our land still be the shrine
To all the world of Liberty,
Whose statue stands at Freedom’s
And for the coming millions wails!
H . T. Sudduth in Nevo Yorl( World.
fuel employed, for anthracite coal from
Wilkesharre region was floated down
the Susquehanna and hauled in wagons
from Harris' Ferry (Harrisburg) to
this point. This was the first use of
such coal, on such n scnlc, nnd for in
dustrial purposes.” Evidence of the
largo force of workmen employed Is
found lu a meat bill, dated February 7,
1781, for 150 head of beef cattle to
supply the artificers nnd others nl
Carlisle, Pa., Claims to Have H a d Wnshingtonhurg. nt the “ Continental
Within Its Limits a Station of Im­ works near Carlisle."
The contention Is that tills military
portance That Antedates the Nation­
al Capital by Many Years— Made post was the first place In the United
States to be named for Washington
First Move for American Liberty.
nnd tlint Its existence antedates by
ARLISLE, I ’u., claims to have years Washington, D. C.
When General Washington was I d
had within Its limits the first
place (Wushlngtonburg) In the Carlisle during the whisky rebellion
United States to be named for lie, with Alexander Hamilton, wor­
George Washington and to have the shiped In the "Old Presbyterian Meet­
oldest meeting house west of the Sus­ ing House” on the public square I d
quehanna. wherein the germ of Ameri­ Carlisle, nnd It was In this Identical
meeting house, on July 12, 1774, a yeat
can liberty was conceived.
Access to hidden records nnd fncts before the Mecklenburg declaration, s
long burled In state archives Is re­ public meeting of patriotic citizen?
writing history nnd a lately discovered ! gathered from the town nnd surround­
“ Uncompleted Paper" by the late ing country, condemned the act of the
Christian P. Humrtch, Esq., discloses British parliament and urged vigorous
the fact that on the present site o f the measures to correct the wrong. Col.
United States Indian school at Car­ John Montgomery was the presiding
lisle in prerevolutionary times was an olllcer. James Wilson was present and
establishment of “ recognized Impor­ was appointed one of the members of
tance, nnd of great historical Interest," the committee to meet with other com
mtttocs to take action, lie was Inter a
known as Wnshingtonhurg.
No record Is found in state or coun­ member o f the Continental congress, n
ty of its existence, but research shows signer of the Declaration and n Justice
that it was quite an important place of the Supreme court. Wing’s history
nnd more than a suburb of Carlisle. states, “ and when In the Continental
It wn» a national nnd not a state es- congress lie received Instructions from
bis constituents in Cumberland county
j to advocate an entire separation from
| the mother country. This was prob-
! ably the first utterance of that senti­
ment of the country.”
Bancroft’s Tribute to Wilson.
Bancroft says of Wilson : “ He was an
ardent pntrlot, like many other emi
| iicnt men o f that day— not nt first
i avowedly In favor of severance from
the mother country, but he desired It
when he received definite Instruction
from Ills constituents.”
Bellman, writing o f the potency ol
this meeting held in the “ Old Meeting
House" on .1 litv 12, 1771 says: “ The
influence, therefore, of the meeting, oi
of subsequent Instructions to which 11
gave rise, seems t(? have determined
the action of Pennsylvania In that
great crisis which men even like John
Dickinson were too timid or too cow­
ardly to meet.”
The vote of James Wilson deter­
mined the vote of Pennsylvania. Had
Pennsylvania failed to accept the reso­
lution we today would be under an­
other flag.
Jamet Wilson.
Philadelphia may be considered “The
birthplace o f American liberty,” bul
tabllshment. for “ Col. Flower, Commls- i Its conception In the "Old Presbyterian
sary-GeneraI of Military Stores." re­ Meeting House.” In Carlisle. Cumber­
quests that he might have “Carpenters, land county, Pennsylvania, made It
Farrier«, Gun Smiths. Tinmen, Sad­ possible to be born.
dlers nnd Shoemakers’ for work at
The Scotch-lrlsh part In the Revolu­
this place.
tionary war and the events preceding
Coal Used Industrially.
It Is becoming more apparent nnd lm-
Dr. Chnrles F. lllnies of Dickinson portflnt, nnd the actions tnken In the
college writes: "It was. too, an up-to- Presbyterian meeting houses through
date. or rather, nway-nhead-of-date, out Pennsylvania are vital to historic
establishment, nt least In regard to > recital.