Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, June 20, 1918, Image 3

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The July
in Tillamook City on July
4th is to be the greatest and
most stirring patriotic event
ever held in this part of the
country. Plan to celebrate
July 4th in Tillamook.
CHAS. RAY, President
WM. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President
Chas. Ray, Wm. Christensen, Chas. McKillipp,
D. A. Bailey, Wm. A. High.
J. L GEORGE, Cashier.
Your P atronage is S olicited
Mallory Hats, Arrow Shirts and Collars,
Munsing U nion Suits. Florsheim Shoes,
Military Supplies, and Fine Fur­
nishings of all kinds
OU connot make a mistake in the selection of your Clothing and Furnishing needs if you choose
from the Nationally Advertised lines carried by our Men’s Department. Ws urge you to
come to the store and look over the smurt, serviceable and withal economically priced goods
featured here. Especially in the following lines you will find stylish, up-to-date wearables at prices
to suit your pocketbonk.
Hart SclialliiiT and Marx Suits
825 to 833.45
the food administrators to decree that
no grains shall be used for the manu-
tacture of beverages. It is a waste of
"Entered as second-class matter, Nov­ grain to have it used for beverages and
ember 13th, 1905 at the post office at Clo- not only is it a waste of grain but it
verdale, Tillamook County, Oregon,un­
der Act of Congress, March 3rd. 1878. severely hampers the oflicency of man
power—two great essentials needed to
win the war.
One Year, in advance................... $1.0C
Six Months...........................................50
Three Months ..................................... 25
Single Copy.......................................... 05 In an address before the editorial con­
vention held in the east it was shown
A d v e r t isin g R ates
Displayed Advertisements. 00 cents per that sixty per cent of the American
inch per month, single column. All people are served bv the country and
Local Reading Notices, 10 cents per smaller dailies.
line for each insertion.
The smaller newspapers constitute the
Timber land notices
driving force and police power of
Homestead notices
Political Announcement Cards
$5.00 sixty million of the American people—
more than half the people of the United
THURSDAY. JUNE 20, 191jT~ States read the smaller newspapers.
The farmers, the men and women who
Public sentiment is one great factor feed the nation, and a great part of the
that must be considered in all under­ rest of the world,—the thinking, in­
takings. Public sentiment must as fluential Americans who do not live in
surely be considered in the complete big cities read the country weekly and
operation of all conditions. Public smaller dailies.
While the city dwellers in flats and
sentiment bowed to the will of the food
administration and accepted its decree apartments spend their money on canned
without a murmur, but will pudlic senti­ goods and pictuie shows, the leadeis of
ment remain with the food administra­ the country papers are the great buying
tion it the food administration does not class from farm tractors to jewelry.
take 9teps to prevent grains being man­ The advertising value and the politi­
ufactured into liquors. We want public cal power of the smaller newspapers is
sentiment to be w ith every administra­ not vet fully understood by the great
tive power, and we beliexe that for the business interests and statesmanship of
best interests of both the administration the nation, and still less appreciated.
C o u n ty D airy Inspector
Telephone Main 3—-and Mutual
Tillamook, Oregon
j Quality Counts
In ever line of Merchandise, but none
more especially than in
Our large 9 tock is in every instance the best that can be had
and our aim will be to keep the high standard up.
Builders’ Hardware,
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Stoves. Ranges, Farm and
Garden Tools
And everything usually kept in a ßrst-clar-s hardware »tore, and
all goods are of the best quality.______________
Alex McNair & Co., g g g j g :
This store is Headquarters for Spring styles in
Published Every Thursday
Prank Taylor, Editor and Publisher.
The sales of i?ilks, wash fa­
brics and wool skirtings along
with the aid of the new But­
terick Pattern» will help you
make up your summer clothes
easily and at very little cost.
The Store that sells for cash only-and selling for cash sells for less
CLOVERDALE COURIER and the public it is w ise and prudent for
D r. B, L . ü la is y e r
New Summer
Butterick Patterns
Hart Schaffner aiul Marx famous “ Varsity Fiftv-Five”
Hack Styles and Don pie-Breasted models in Scutch
Worsteds and Cashmeres There are all sizes to choose
the stout, the medium stout, the long stout anil the tall
wool materials, best workmanship and finishes.
models, Medium and Box
Tweeds, Serges, Fancy
from, sizes for the stub,
man. Newest styles, all
Mallory Hats— Cravonotiul, Defy the Ruin
§3.50 to 85.00
The Hat Department is just now showing a splendid selection of these well-known
Hats for Men and we have every confidence in recommending the new Spring
Models both for their stylishness and economy in wear. All the new colors and
blocks are represented. Come in and see them.
Florsheim Shoes—For the man who cures
$6.00 to $11.65
No need to emphasize the superiority of Flcrshcira Shoes for every man knows for
style, lasting quality and tit Florsheim Shoes are unchallenged. We show the new
English Models,
the popular Me­
dium Models aud
the bulldog styles
in both button and
lace. The leather
selection includes
Russian Calf, Gun-
metal, Vici Kid
and the color se­
lection Chocolate.
Dark Tan, and
Iliac k, some of the*
models h a v i n g
fancy tops in very
smart enc ts.
¿ r/
Arrow and Monarch
Dress and Negligee Shirts
$1.50 to $5.75
These Shirts are conceded by all care­
ful dressers to be the best for style,
quality and lasting wear for the
prices asked for them. \V e have just
received new designs and colorings
in Madras, Fibre Silks and Silk
They are particularly smait and
pleading and there are styles to suit
the conservative dresser as well as
the mau who likes to have the very
latest in design and color.
Munsing Union Suits
Spring Styles and M aterials
f 1.25 to *3.50
Whether lor summer or winter wear
Munsingwcar is the logical garment
for every man. Munsing Union Suits
fit perfectly, wash well, retain their
tit after repeated washing- and w<ar
better than any other kind made.
We show light weight knitted cotton
garments in long and short sleeve
models ankle length, and Athletic
styles in delightfully cool woven
fabrics for tlie very warm days.
Wonderful Economies Possible in
The June Sale of
Fine Furnishings
at Very Modest Prices
In addition te the lines mentioned
i I mj V h
we show splendid selections
of Neckwear—Silk Socks—Arrow
I Collars-—Ann Hands—Garters—Sus­
penders— Handkerchiefs— Belts— as
well as a choice variety of jewelrv
Novelties such as Tie Clasps—Stick
Fins Cuff Links -Fobs—Chains—
I etc.
The Jnne Sale of
Offer Wouderful Economic*.
You will find in these two great events hundreds of yards
The Ready-to-wear Department on the Balcony nfferp of beautiful Wash Fabrics—Voiles, Suitings, Waisting«,
some of the roost remarkable Bargains in Ladies '' cur­ Skirtings, etc.,—and lovely Wool Suitings and Skirtings at
ables it has ever offered so early in the season. Go remarkably reduced prices. Buy now and get a full
over this list carefully and then come to the store as season’s wear out of your summer attire.
Actual 35c, 39c, 50c
Actual 48c, 65c, 7.5c
earlv as possible to make your selections.
Wash Fabrics 25c.
Wash Fabrics 39c.
Actual $21.85—$22.50—$25.00—$35.00
Actual 79c. 89c, 98c
Actual 76c to $1.00
Now Spring Suils
Wash Fabrics 59c
Just Half Price
Actual $1.75
Actual $2.25
Becoming Styles, splendid fabrics, excellent workman­
Wool Skirting« $1.18
Wool Skirtings $1.98
ship. Altogether wonderful Bargains. The balance of
the entire stock on sale at very special prices.
Ladie*' Coats
Sport gktrts
The Jnne Sale of
$2 98 and $4.17
Two selections of trimmed and untrimmed shape* at won­
derfully low prices for such smart, up-to-date and becom­
Dressy Silk Skirts, Actual 18 97 to «9 85 Values for
ing models. Bee them today. Ycu will like the hate even
$ 7 .6 5
Iretter than the bar­
New Stylish Models in Black, Navy and Tan, Purple gain pricee ai-ked for
and Grpen, OrctD and Blue, and novelty check® in
Blu*-. All sizes to choose from.________________________________________
\ctual $29.95 to $24.85
values Now *19.85
Actual $31,50 to $35.00
values now $29.45
Actual $9 45 to $11 ’
values now $8.49
Actual $12 75 to $10.45
values now $11.35
ÍÍ; ’ 7
Extraordinary Jane Sale of
Red Cross. Queen Oualtty, and Sherwood Brands.
0 9 for actual $8.00, $9.00,110.00 Models All widths from A. to I All
sizes from 2,54 to 8.
\ shoe »ale affording ever» woman an opportunity to secure a pair of stylish
Dress SF'-es at a saving really worth while. Ruteen nistinct models are in­
cluded in the sale w hilst there may not U every ei¿e and width in each
style, there are all sizez and widtns in the selection.
Come to the store tor a fitting as early as you f -ssibly ran for this event is
bringing women to the store dailv who appreciate good shoe bargain* and those
who come first naturallv secure the best choice. The earlier you come, the
more time, too, will we he able to jjive to fitting vow.
There ire lace and button models in Dark Tan Calfskin with Champagne cloth
tope Chocolate Ualtskin with cloth top* to match, Dark Grev Kid with cloth
tops to match, White Nabutk with Sea Island top*. Black Kid with Pearl (.rey
tops Pearl Grey Kid with cloth tops to match Black Kid with Chainpaigne or
Grev to p s , Black Vici Kid w h o white K<1 tope. The heels are shown in Mili­
tary Cuban and Louis Cuban, and the P.p* raru* in height from 7S toOnnh*«.
r '
C ro «