Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, June 06, 1918, Image 3

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T I L L A M O O K . O K I,.
CHAS. RAY, President
WM. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President
Chas. Ray, Wm. Christensen, Chas. McKilllpp,
D. A. Bailey, Wm. A. High.
J. L GEORGE, Cashier.
The Store that Sells for Cash
And Selling for Cash Sells tor
A Phenominal and Unprecedented
Suitings, Skirtings, Waistings, Voiles
At Practically Half Price
Your Patronage is Solicited
To 50c Values for . .
To 75c Valuet for . ,
To $1.19 Values for .
further delay. The machinery is all set
up, the plans are all drawn and ap­
Published Every Thursday
proved. the men are engaged, and from
Frank Taylor, Editor and Publisher.
this time forward there will he nothing 1
to stay the progress of the great plant
SPLENDID opportunity for every Woman aud Miss iu Tillamook
“ Entered as second-class matter, Nov­ which is necessary to keep our soldiers ;
ember 13th, 1905 at the post office atClo-
County to secure the material for a new Summer Suit, Skirt, Waist
verdale, Tillamook County, Oregon,un- io France fully supplied and equipped to
fight the foe of the world.
der Act of Congress, March 3rd, 1878.
or Dres9 at a wonderful saving. Hundreds of yards of the most
Carry this news to the kaiser, Mr. !
S ubscription R atss
desirable Wash Fabrics in White and plain colors and a great
One Year, in advance.......................|1.00
Six M onths................................................50 Enrolling Station U. S. Shipping Board.
variety of patterned fabrics in the very best designs and coloring».
Three M onths........................................... 25
In the window of the Rexall Drug
Single Copy...............................................05
Store, Tillamook, there is displayed a
double-page advertisement from a cur­
A dvertising R ates
rent issue of a great national weekly that
Displayed Advertisements, 60 cents per
inch per month, single column. All brings the war on the sea directly home
Local Reading Notices, 10 cents per to this section, and to the store w here
line for each insertion.
the advertising appears. The proprietor
Timber land notices
$10.00 of the store has a personal interest in the
Homestead notices
t vlitical Announcement Cards
$5.00 advertisement also, for it relates to war
work that he is doing for the govern­
ment. Furthermore, he helped pay for
THURSDAY. JU N E 6. 1918.
it, aud the cent of the “ ad” for the
single issue was $10,000.
The presidents of the railroads now
The advertisement asks for 50,000
know how it seems to be tired. Many men, between 21 and 30, for service in
of the tnen under them have had th e ex­ the new Merchant Marine. Iu the lang­
perience. Everything comes to him uage of its headline, it offers “ 50,000 jobs
who waits.
at sea' to clean-cut young Americans.
It states th at the U. E. Shipping Board
Superstructure is Under Way.
will give them special training before
The most important part of building putting them into actual sea service,
opperations is the sub structure or carrying supplies to our armies and
foundation, It is particular work. U n­ Allies in the fighting fields of Europe.
less the foundation be strong, the super­ So much importance is attachtd to this
structure will be weak. It takes longer work th at men accepted for it are ex­
to build the foundation than it usually empted from a call to military duty.
The advertisement relates further, use of the *tores a n d the expense of this
does the super structure.
The United States government has that “ the Rexall Stores throughout the advertisement a re a contribution hv the
taken a whole year to lay the foundation United States, nearly 7,000 of them, Rexall Stores to the cause of Liberty.”
for its war activities. It has been have been designated by the Govern­
For Fire Insurance see Taylor.
obliged to go to the hard clay or rock ment as enrolling stations for the U, S.
bottom, spread out in various directions Shipping Board. At these stores, right
with retaining and area walls, and has in their own home towns, young men
looked after the minutest, details. This may now ‘sign on’ for training and sub­
has required a long time, but now th a t sequent sea duty in the U. S. Merchant
Most of the tea that Is raised In
it is finished, the government is in a Marine.”
Burma Is pickled and eaten as a condl
The personal intereet of Mr. Clough,
position where it can continue building
C o u n ty D a iry Inepo ctor
in common with other Rexall druggists,
without hindrance, rain or shine.
The whole working force is pitching
An attachment for sewing machines
in and the upper works are goiag ahead contained in the concluding words of to wave a fan Is the Invention of u
at an amazing pace. There will be no the advertisement, which are: “ This Texan.
Telephone Main 3 — anil Mu tifai
A t 25c Yard
A t 39c Yard
A t 59c Y ard
Actual 35c, 39c,
44c and 50c wash
fabrics in Voiles,
Skirtings, waistings
and Suit ings in great
variety of colors and
designs. Your
Actual 48c, 05c
and 7 5c wash fabrics
in Voiles, Suitings,
skirtings and waist­
ings, including some
v ery d c s i r a b J e
weaves in Beat'll
Cloths. Your
Actual 79c, 89c,
98c and 81.19 wash
fabrics in N oiles,
Skirtings, Suitings
and waistings in the
loveliest wea ves and
colorings. Your
Choice, Per Yard 25c Choice, Per Yard 39c Choice, per Yard 59c
D r. C. L . (ila is y e r
Commercial wireless telegraph serv­
ice has been established between Brazil
and Peru.
Are You
100 Per Cent
One of the best-known imitation
leathers with a wide range of uses Is
made from cotton.
Brazil is known to have 180 varieties
of snakes, of which less than 10 per
cent are venomous.
New Zealand has 20 socleiDs for
protecting native came birds and i.rd
mats and Introducing others into that
A Frenchman h a s I n d e n te d n wat <h
on w hich n single h and, carrying a
n u m e ra l to d e s ig n a te th e hour, travels
ac r o s s a s e m ic irc u la r sc ale wi t h th e
mlDUte m a rk s , th e n d i s a p p e a r s and la
« ucre eded by ano 'h et hand for tho
next hour.
The starving Armenian#
are at your door for food-] ■
Give enough to keen
you conscience assured that
you are
100 Per Cent Loyal
t h e mangrove of the South from
Florida to the mouth of the Missis­
sippi Is a curious plant net closely
related to any other genus, but some­
what approaching the myrtle fu.aily
and U a plant of unusual Interest.
Wrong Side Up.
"Why dldn t you toss a coin to de­
cide which to do?" "I did. but the
darn thing didn t come down the way
I wanted It to.’ —Buffalo Express.
Quality Counts
in ever line of Merchandise, but none
more especially than in
Our largo stock is in • very insttifice the be6t that can be had
and our aim will he to keep tho high standard up.
Builders’ Hardware,
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Stoves. Ranges, Farm and
Garden Tools
And everything usually kept iu a firM-cIam hardware store, and
all goods a re of the best quality
Alex McNair & Co., wum«*,or«.
> *•<