Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, May 30, 1918, Image 3

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best hotels and 1 was luckv e.'orqh to to expect of me, isn't it? May w rite
Descriptive Letter From a Soldier.
one of the very best, the hotel, De L’ some more before leaving.
Aix le’ Bains, France, April 7, 1818.
It is the same iu the army as always
have my shoes shined every
I sui on my furlough at last ami pre-
morning, and breakfast in bed. ii so in­ —not much time—too much doing. I
mitted to write more and tell where I clined, a private bathroom, in fact w ill start back from hero April 12tli,
am. Left the camp April eecoud amt everything that goes with the best and from a gentleman of leisure 1 will
stopped a few hoars in Dijon, left there hotels. 1 will add however that I have bdeome once more a common American
at 2 a. m. The train was very crowded no valet and still dress myself. I am soldier, and I think, if possible, a better
and I for one had to crawl iu t he window allowed exactly seven dava rest like one than when I came here. We have
of a third class coach, there was barely tbise\ery four months and the time put in some hardships and worked hard
room enough to stand in the aisle, even coming and going isn't counted. All but I have never regretted the day I
then. There were only twelve of us the expenses are paid by the U. S. gov­ enlisted with the U. S. Army, the
Americans and the rest were French, ernment, now this isn’t as unreasonable grandest army on earth.
CHAS. RAY, President
both civil and military. Some of them as it may sound, all these hotels are here
With love and best wishes to all.
Frank K. Lfghtfoot,
WM. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President went to sleep and sat down on the floor and the only patrona they 'have is
and w hen anyone wanted to get off they soldiers. Of course the government get Co. F. Dot. 2nd Rn. 20th Engineers.
i. V. 0. 712 A. F. F.
just walked over them. One of our boys very reduced rates and a soldier can
dimed over a Frenchman’s head ami got have a vacation here for fifty dollars
in the rack over the seats where our what would have cost at loa«t five hun­ USE POTATOES
luggage should have bson, but wc didn't dred dollars at one time. The Y. M. C.
Chas. Ray, Win. Christensen, Chas. McKillipp,
have anr. We stopped at Lvon at 10 .A. is doing wonderful work. We see
D. A. Bailey, Wm. A. High.
a. m. and spent the day and night the best theatres for from one to two Bread Must Be Saved—Potatoes Con­
there. Lyon is the second largest city france (18 to 35c), and automobile trips,
tain the Same Nutriment.
in France ami was ore of the greatest hack, bvciclee, on foot or boat riding.
How many potatoes are you eating?
silk manufacturing cities. It is a nice A cog rairoad craw 19 to the top of Mt. This ts a question the Food Adminis­
J. L GEORGE, Cashier.
city and there are two rivers flowing Revard, we were up and had a grand tration wants every loyal American to
through it, the. Lyon and Saon, and view, saw Mt. Blanc and saw several ask himself or herself. Strange as it
numerous bridges of stone and concrete other Alpine mountains of Fiance. Italy may seem, the eating of potatoes at
crossing them. Three of us went upon and Switzeiland, there was some snow- this time Is a practical war service,
the Heights above the city, (via. cable left on Mt. Revard vet but flowers were according to a recent Food Adminls
carl and went through the Catholic growing near the drifts. We went down tratiou bulletin which points out that
church, a very remarkable building w ith j to the Gorge Du’ Sicrroz, a gorge of ex­ Gila nation now has a large, potato
Mirp’us on hand and that this valuable
a thousand candles burning, and people ceptional beauty, taken some pictures food, unless enten within the next two
coming in and crossing themselves after but it was cloudy, ha*-e a very hard months, will be lost through sprouting
dipping their fingers in the Holy water. time to get films bore. Have met some and rotting By eating of potatoes
say, “ Whenjin Rome do as the wonderful people of all kinds, riel» liberally, every family can save a sub­
CLOVERDALE COURIER registration day at 7 o’clock in the | They
Remans do’’, so I crossed myself. It society workers, actresses amt amateur stantial amount of other food particu­
morning, and will be open until 9 o’clock made me think of when T was a kid and
Published Every Thursday
benefit dancers, both from America and larly of wheat. By eating up the sur­
someone doubted my word ami 1 would England. Was invited out to tea and a plus of potatoes the nation will also
Frank Taylor, Editor and Publisher.
No excuse will be accepted for failure “ Cross my heart and hope to die, if it •lance and bad personal talks with ladies prevent serious loss to the potato
“ Entered as second-class matter, Nov­ to register. The burden of inf<>r ning isn't so"—Remember? Well to a real both young and some that were not so producer, who needs to be encouraged
to grow maximum crops during the
ember 13th, 1905 at the post office atClo-
American this is about as absurd, but it young, the reason I stall! it this wav is coining
verdale, Tillamook County, Oregoi^un- himself of the time and place for regis­
"Domestic science experts have ftg
der Act of Congress, March 3rd. 1878. tration is by law placed on the regis­ is a wonderful building. Then we went that one ladv said she didn't like to he
trant himself. Failure to register is up in a steel tower, on an elevator, and called old. There is no distinction made ured that: One ordinary baked potato
S ubscription R. vtts
punishable by imprisonment up to one had a wonderful panoramic view of the between rich and poor, officers and equals In nourishment one thick slice
city and surrounding country, it was privates, all are treated alike and »tn\ of wheat bread.
One Year, in advance..................... fl.OC year in jail.
"Potatoes at one and one half to two
at the hotels and eat the same food.
Six Months...........................................50
Attempts to evade registration will simply magnificent.
Three Months.......................................‘-¡5 bring disaster to the evader. All etty,
We also climbed the tower into w hat Loie Fuller, the tamous dancer a few cents a pound have more food value
Single Copy......................................... 05 county, state and United States peace we weuld call the court house or city years ago, is here with three young than bread at ten cents a loaf.
"Potatoes are healthful They Im­
officers have been specifically directed ball. Up and up around a narrow spir­ ladies from Eugland. She is going to prove the general tone of the system
A dvertising R ates
to assist in bringing about a complete al staircase, then to get iu the top, we America soon to tour the country and
Displayed Advertisements, 60 cents per registration of men 21 years old, and to would climb a ladder, pull it up after us meet the foiks and friends of the boys by their wholesome action on the di­
gestive organs They are easiest on
iuch per month, single column. All
Local Reading Notices, 10 cents per examine the registration lists and re­ and repeat tor three stories. One of the here. She save she wants us to write a the stomach of all vegetable foods.
port immediately to vhe federal au­ boys almost had heart failure when we letter home and let her take them and They are easy on the kidneys because
line for each insertion.
Timber land notices
$10.00 thorities the names of any persons liable were directly beneath the great bells read them th the people over there. I of the minimum of nitrogen they con­
Homestead notices
tain. They are easy on the intestines
They struck the quarter hour and he
Political Announcement Cards
$5.00 to registration known by them to have thought a German bomb had hit the think its a grand idea. I had quite a because of the tenderness and small
talk with her about the Columbia River
failed to register.
proportion of their cellulose and the
Men who are too ill to appear at the tower. The works of the clock itself country and of course we think it is just fine division of starch.
THURSDAY, MAY 20. 1018.
as grand as this. She told me about a
registration place in person must send
"Potatoes are valuable In the diet of
some competent person to the local of bells some as large as six feet across. castle that was to be built on the Wash­ the sick. They, can be eaten with
board to obtain a registration card with Thev sound very pretty at a distance ington side and a bridge across the benefit by people suffering from dya
Wednesday, June 5, is a date of great authority to fill it out. This card when but in that dark and quiet old tower they Columbia connecting the Columbia pepsla, anemia, diabetes, Bright's dis­
importance to every man in the United filled must be mailed or taken in person make a very awesome noise. I thought Highway. 1 presume this will be news ease, cardiac affections, intestinal
States who lias attained the age of 21 to the local board in time to be tiled on of the stories we have read about them, there as she said it wasn't published »roubles, constipation, hyperacidity,
ind could very well imagine it. My vet. There are other names that might artirltis, gout, liver complaints, etc.
years since registration day on June 5, ie g i« t ration day, J '. tic 5.
"Always serve potatoes with meat,'*
Provision is also made for reistiatiou knowledge of French wasn’t great be mentioned but I imagine they don’t
one year »go. .
the Food Administration
care to have their names brought in, I
For on this coming June 5 will be by mail of men 21 years old who will
bulletin. "Never serve bread and po­
held another registration day. on which unavoidably be absent from their home
but it bad something to do with prison­ a) least some society people I have tatoes."
every man who lias passed his 21st jurisdictions on registration day.
All such persons should proceed im­ ers and that the building was construct­ known of They are doing all they can
birthday since last June 5 must register
The Niagara Insurance Co. is repre­
mediately, without waiting for registra­ ed in the fourteenth century. We left here. I could write all day and night sented in Cloverdate bv Frank Tailor.
with his local draft board.
This applies to uon-citizens as well as tion day, to the local board nearest to Lyon the following morning at seven. just like this but I am sure its too inurh See him about your insurance.
citizens. No man who conies within the place in which they happen to be, This time we had good seats and enjoyed
the age limit is exempted from register­ and have their registration card made the trip fine. Went up to Bellegrade
near the Swiss border where there was
ing, unless he is already in the military out by this board.
The card must then be mailed by the beautiful scenery. We came hack to
or naval service of the United States.
And men 21 years old who for any registrant, together with a self addressed this place in the afternoon. This is j
reason have been discharged from the and stamped envelope for return of "Aix le’ Bains", a veav famous resort i
military or naval service must register a registration certificate, to the regis­ for the wealthy class all over the world. |
It is situated iu the French Alps, at the i
trants own local board.
on J une 5.
of Mt. Revard on Sac Borget, a large
As this registration card must reach
The registration w ill be conducted by
the local draft boards throughout the the local board by June 5, men 21 years and beautiful lake up in the mountains. 1
United States. Each drait board is re­ old who will be absent from their home The railioad follows the shore of the
quired to post publicly the locution of jurisdiction on June 5 should make lake and there are funnels through the
its registration place, and men 2t years haste now to have their registration i cliPs where they come down to the
C o u n ty D a iry In s p e c to r
old must present themselves there on cards filled out so they can mail the w aters edge, and now I want to apologize
cards without delay to the proper 1 to the French railroads for w hat I have 1
June 5 tor legislation.
«aid about them for this is the first real ;
The registration places will open on board.
Tillamook, Oregon
railroad I have been over since arriving j Telephone Main 3 —and Mutual
here last fall. They have large engines j
which are capable of making very good |
I time also pulling some 20 to 30 coaches,
' very unlike the dinky little ones we
have traveled on for a few hundred
miles. Previously to the war Aix le’ j
Bains was the second “ Monte Carlo"
and one ot the greatest gambling resorts
in the world. Right here where I am |
In ever line of Merchandise, but none
writing in Le Grande Cercle, or as we
more especially than in
call it, the Casino, a magnificent build
ing costing over a million dollars and it
The avalanche of refugees that building, all of which In a fortnight was built especially for gambling. Ii
•wept Into Paris from the north of were started on their way toward new has a library, conference room, rest
France had been the despair of the | apartments, rooms and sleeping wards. | room, and a billiard room where we
Our large stork i« in every instance the best that can be hail
We here at home who associate the play billiards now. We drnk chocolate
civil authorities. These homeless,
and our aim will be to keep the high standard up.
stunned people were a new responsi­ great Red Cross movement with band j over the same bar they used to serve
bility to be added to the thousands of
| champagne and the costliest wines over.
wounded men that came steadily from lose this old illusion in the light of a We see the best shows and hear the best
the shambles of the west front.
In this case we see the Red Cross music in the same theater that once no­
Paris Is an old city. It was not
ready to take in Its neighbors' chil­ first as diplomats convincing the civil body but tt*e wealthiest attended. The
dren. Its population was already a authorities of Paris as to their ability ; building is finished beautifully within
tight fit So It made the best of Its to remedy the situation, then as and without, enrrounded by grounds
poor hospitality by offering up Its gar­ architects remodeling buildings, cbsng | covered with trees and sbrubery of
rets. New building construction seem­ Inj building plans, hiring labor gath ! varied descriptions and in one corner is
ed Impossible. Men were scarce. The ered by themselves from the ex sol » grotto or cave, made of stone and con-
mechanic was either manning the dlerv and the older man, all the while
trenches or fighting the fight In the working under every Imaginable hand | Crete, that is so natural that it deceives
war factories. Paris was distracted. 1 leap, while Father Time cried, "Get It a great manv, and what a change than
' before the war where nothing but the
It Is wonderful indeed how nobly done, get It done.”
So out of the garrets came these de ! highest priced tailored suits and Parisian
Paris tried to meet this condition.
And It is remarkable how Paris met It spairlng people to find new hope Ii gowns might have been seen, and now
with the aid of our own Red Cross. clean homes, to get new cheer out of is the uniform of the Y. M C A. and
And everything usually kept in a first-class hardware store, and
Unhampered by red tape or precedent, sheer bodily »-cmfort and fresh cour the U. 8. Army. TheU .8 government
our Red Cross put on overalls and age to again take op the great trust hat practically taken over the city,
all goods are of the t>est quality.
Jumper, carried the hod. became archi­ that France haa kept so well—“to car
tect. engineer and contractor and went ry on." It is not strange that out whicb as a resort contains mostly cafes.
Into the building of homes. Here was French brothers believe In your owe ' resturants and first class hotels, with
• church lot that lay vseaut; here an Red Cross Just a little more than yot ! scores of people catering to the wishes
of the tourist*. We are staving in the
unfinished hospital; there a worn out i do. But should this bet
i r .i
Year Patronage is Solicited
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