Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, April 18, 1918, Image 3

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CHAS. RAY, President
WM. CHRISTENSEN, Vice President
Chas. Ray, Wm. Christensen, Chas. McKilllpp,
D. A. Bailey, Wm. A. High.
J. L GEORGE, Cashier.
Your Patronage is Solicited
P ursuers
of Rich-Furred Animals
Sneak Up Close Enough to Shoot
Arrow Into T heir Head?
Today the Eskimo method of h u n t­
ing seals Is a primitive culling im­
proved to a fine art, w rites a n a tu r a l­
ist. W hen a seal is discovered the di­
rection of the wind is a t once noted.
Then the hunter, keeping him self to
the leeward of the seal, w alks u p to
within about a q u a r te r of a mile of it.
Beyond this he begins to crouch and
advances only when the seal’s head Is
Now. ns the seal is one of the most
wide-awake of anim als and ha s the
habit of throwing up its head quickly
every few seconds to guard against
danger, it follows th a t the Eskimo has
to be extrem ely alert if he would get
his seal. W hen the seal’s head is down
upon the ice its eyes are shut, and It
is said th a t in these brief intervals it
ta k e s its sleep.
T he hunter, by carefully w atching
the seal's movements, is able w ithout
much difficulty to get w ithin about 200
yards of it. but a t closer q u a rte rs he
19 obliged to employ other tnetics. He
lies down a t full length on the ice.
Then the real sport begins.
W hen the seal's head is down the
hunter, who keeps a keen eye on his
prey, is able to approach still n e a re r
by dragging himself forw ard on his el­
bows. This maneuvering continues for
some time, until the distance between
tiiHn and beast has been reduced to a
few yards.
When nenr enough to m ake a sure
shot, the Eskimo takes his bow a n d
arrow from Ms side and sends n sw ift
shaft through the head of Its outw itted
Woman In Atlanta Used Slippers as a
Bait for Men Friends and Got
Many Presents In Return.
T here was a sharp young lady in A t­
lanta. who had 40 or more admirers.
E or each of these she bought slippers,
nil of the same pattern, which she had
an aged seam stress make up, says the
Augusta News. Meanwhile she kept
a pair for herself in the parlor, w here
she could have them on hand w hen­
ever one of her lovers called.
course, each young man asked for
whom she was making such p re tty slip­
pers. She would reply, w ith a be­
witching smile and half a wink : “Oh.
they're for a man friend of mine.”
Then each in fatuated youth w ent ofT
to Invest In a gift..
Some bought
Some bought Jewelry. One
bought furniture. In return, the girl
bestowed upon each of them a pair of
slippers, worked by the seam stress and
footed by a Dutch shoemaker, a t an
average cost of $2.03 a pair. The
presents from her a dm irers averaged
$45 per man.
The pair the girl worked herself she
presented to a young dry goods clerk
In Augusta, to whom she was secretly
m arried. She a fte rw a rd sold her pres­
ents and had enough to s ta rt house-
keep1 ng.
T here's many a s lir tw ixt the crop
and the lip.
The crin that some men put on looki
most like chagrin.
The w ar 1» proving th a t man can b«
a hero and »till smoke cigarette».
It i* pretty hard to believe th a t
Adam would fall for a Ben Davia ap^
Jn « t plain ability is a mighty good
Age m akes some men cognizant of
their lack of wisdom.
.Every rose has its thorn—and the
thorn o u tla sts the rose.
Behavior is a m irror in which ev­
eryone shows his image.
I t ta k e s a child to m ake a wise man
feel like an ignorant fool.
Silence sounds awfully loud when
the boss comes in unexpectedly.
H ighw ays of happiness are some­
tim es cut through with pain and tears.
Announcem eut
To th e Voters of Tillamook County :
I beg to announce tha t I will be a
candidate for County C ouiiniuiouer for
the south end of th e county on th e lie-
publican ticket at th e next prim ary
Ole B. Red berg.
I hereby announce uiy candidacy for
the nom ination on the Republican ;
Ticket for County Commissioner, to be
voted on a t the nom inating convention
ti> be held in May, 1918.
It nom inated and elected I promise to
the beet of my ability all efforts for tbe
developement and advencement of Till­
amook C ounty.
Believing myself perfectly competent
to adm inister the office I place mv c a n ­
didacy before tbe voters for their suf­
Yours truly.
P. A. Bailey.
To the voters of Tillamook County :
I herew ith announce myself as a
candidate on the Republican ticket at
the nom inating convention to be held
in May for the office of County Com ­
missioner. My m o tto ; :‘A sqnare deal
all a r o n n d .”
Jo h n Weiss, Sr., Medn
To The Voters ot Tillamook County.
I hereby announce myself as a !
candidate for re-election to tbe office of
Sheriff of Tillamook C ounty, on the
Republican Ticket, at the P rim ary
Election, May 17, 1918.
W. L. Campbell.
originally came
I from f tiin a . h u t now' it is suc­
cessfully m ade fn this country
. of lamp black a n d glue.
An A u stra lia n scientist ha s
Invented a fluorescent m icro­
scope to t » used w ith ultra-vlo-
; let rays, w hich enables differ­
ences in m a tte r not perceptible
I by o rd in a ry light to be recog-
• uiaed.
A H a r v a r d professor of chem ­
istry is rpaking experim ent with
Ynchrymngcnlc gas for use in the
It causes copious
weeping th a t renders ac c u ra te
m a rk sm a n sh ip tmpossible on the
p a r t of t b e enemy.
xx.-n.t-j Xt*-J A-1- *--* » » x -« * - ■ -X j ,
C lo u g h ’s C a r b o lic C om ­
“S b R V IG b ”
What we haven’t not in automobile accessories we w ill
get. We are now remodeling the shop and equipping it for
better service. We are going to give the b e a t w o r k m a n s h i p
obtainable under present conditions. Work th a t is n o t «at-
¡»factory to our patrons, te ll us, a n d wo will m a k e i t r i g h t
and if satisfactory te ll others. We aro n o w open for y o u r
business. W e a ls o do other o d d jo b s , in a n y line. We h a v e
one price which is standard throughout the sta te —will bid
on and contract your jo b s.
Y V . K . L f c T S O N , M 6 r .
Quality Counts
Our large stock is in every instance the host that can he had
and onr aim will be to keep the high standard up.
Builders’ Hardware,
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Stoves, Ranges, Farm and
Garden Tools
And everything usually kept in a first-class hard ware store, and
all goods are of the best quality.
Alex McNair & Co., TuiamooMre.
I hereby annaunce myself as a candi- >
date for the office of County Surveyor of
Tillamook County on the Republican
If nom inated and elected I will con­
du c t th e office in an efficient and ;
economieal m anner.
Y’ours respectfully,
W. 8. Coates.
Pays to
Advertise in
the Courier,
'Y o u -II hod a
h a f them
h i t : there uhere
I dropped m y
Gt lively. “
tu rn
I herepy announce myself a candi­
date on th e Republican ticket for nom i­
nation fo» County Clerk a t the Primary
election to be held May 17, 1918.
E rw in H arrison.
Meet Trouble.
Rise above small things The worn
■n who lets smnll things worry her
will he completely uii'lone the first
time she meet* with a really Mg prob­
lem. I t la disintegrating to your men
tal and nervous condition, not to m en­
tion your physical condition, to worry.
You needn't be resigned to fa te nor
slip yotir troubles oft as the old friend
duck's back throw s w ater. But yon
can m eet troubles with a will to con
quer them or adjust theni-wand. a fte r
that, "they should worry," but not you.
Boy» Drowned, Cat Escaped.
T he tables were turned in a tragic
m anner a t Port Elizabeth. South Af­
j infections disewees are prevailing.
rica, recently when two youug boys
C A RUOLI C C O M PO U N D is a power- who atte m p te d to drown a cat—a t the
! fui G e rc n in d a f m ix tu r e ?nd by it* uee reqnest of the anim al's owner—were
will im p ro v e general stable condition». ; themselves drowned In a small buy
about three miles from the rtty. Tin
cat struggled when th e lads tried to
hold Its head uoder the waves and be
fore the boys realized their danger
they were swept out to sea by the out-
I going tide. The cat escaped from the
Relu Me Orna list. Tillamook, Ore. w ater and returned to its old home.
Me N eeds S o m eb o d y to Send Him
an oth er p ou ch of
Real GRAVELY C h ew in g P lu g
U.: r’e Sam ’» Boys don’t aak for m uch in the w a y
o f t . ..o, i b u t g o o d to b a c c o they must have.
A few cent» spent for Real G ravely will buy
m o re to b a c c o » a tis fa c tio n than m any tunes the
m oney in ordinary plug.
G ive any nan a chew of Real Gravely Phig, and ha will tell
you t h a t ’» the kind to (end. Send the h « (t !
Ordinary plug it falta economy. It rosts let* per week
to chew Real Gravely, becaute a tmall chew o f it latta a long
If you tmoke a pipe, (lice Gravely with your knife end add
a little to your smoking tobacco. It will give flavor —improve
your tmoke.
For disinfe c ting w here Contagious or
O u r M o t t o I«:
In t;rtr line of Merchandise, but none
more especially than in
I taka this method of announcing my !
T here a re men who will pay th e ir
candidacv for th e nomination of Countv
de bts w ith prom isas and then ask for
Commissioner on the Republican ticket ,
receipt in full.
at th e prim ary election to he held Mav |
17, 1918. I will work for the beet
D on't expect engraved testimonials interest of th e taxpayers and citizens of
to your loyalty if you go back on your Tillamook County especially in the i
m a tte r of roads, and will insist in a |
friends to g ra tify strangers.
definite road policy as follows: Appro j
T he sea Is the image of the s e a l ; in riating as much of th e road fund as \
it storm and calm a lte rn a te , and th e re possible for the pur|>ose of hard surfac­
ing th e m ain highways w ithout neglect j
a r e m o n ste rs and tr e a su re s In the ing th e tributary roads and conforming
to the state regulations when the same
are to the interest of Tillamook County.
H. M. Farm er.
One and a q u a r te r million
women a re stateri to be engaged
in m en's places on the British
W o a r o at y o u r » o r v i c e 24 hour#» a d a y .
T o T h e V o te rs of T illam ook County
I wish to announce tha t I will be a
candidate a t the n ext p rim a ry election
for the office of C ounty C o m m issio n ­
er for the South part of tlie county on !
the Republican ticket
1 believe in
good roads, and will use mv he«t e f ­
forts in seeing th a t roads are c o n ­
stru c te d p e rm a n e n tly and built eco­
nomically, if elected.
Y o u rs respectfully,
A. A. Inilah.
To th e Voters of Tillamook County
I hereby announce mvself as a candi-
It ta k e s a wise m an to write a le tte r date for th e nom ination for County
to a woman th a t doesn't mean any­ Commissioner on th e Republican ticket
at the primaries to be held Mav 17th,
1918. If nominated and elected I will
W hen a woman w rites a letter she render th e people of our county and
conscientious and
p u ts in all the useless words she can nation faithful,
patriotic service, and will favor road
think of.
building of a j erm anent nature.
How a rocky p a th does enjoy an en-
H V. Alley.
c o u u te r w ith a tender foot ’—Chicago
Daily News.
To the Voter» of Tillamook County.
ZZ\0 Y O U
m iE N D
U . S. S D M C E A P O t f l O f G M V T L Y
Dealers all around here carry it in 10c. pouches. A 3e.
»t.:np will put it into hit hands in any Training Camp nr Sea­
port of the 0 . 5. A. Even “ over there” a 3c. stamp w iii take
It to him. Your dealer will supply envelope and give you
official directions how to address it.
The P a te n t P ouch keep* it F reeh a n d C lea n a n d G ood
—it if not R e a l G ravely u n th o u t th it P ro te c tio n S e a t
E stablished 1 8 3 s