Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, April 11, 1918, Image 2

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Letter from Geo. Stivercon.
Hoincivhere on the Atlantic,
Highest cash price paid for calves.—
March 26, 1918.
Claud Hall.
‘ My Ucareit Aunt, Baby Arlene ami all.
1 will pay 20c per pound for calf hides.
1 shall endeavor to write a short letter
—Grover Witt.
while 1 have a few minutes of my own.
Have your building* insured. See The boat is pitching eo I den t know
whether I shall be able to keen my
Taylor at CToverdale.
mind on this long enough to finish it or
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Dawson, of New
not, but 1 shell try at leaet. I may
berg, were in town this week.
have to divert my mind in the direc­
See Blanker Bros., Tiliamook, for tion oi my stomach. I have not been a
anything In the plumbing line.
bit sick on this trip as yet, a person gets
W. C. Stewart came in from Me- Ufc0 t0 sailing after so long a time. We
Mmnville the first of the week.
certainly have been very fortunate. We
i have bad no rough weather to speak of
For sale cheap-Sm all h o r s e .-E n -; at flll but theu we are liable t0 get it
quire Harry Brooten, Cloverdale. Phone. I when
are leMt expeeting it. We are
of in t e r e s t
M ilk C a i is
W. A. Wise, Dentist.
W h y P ay M ore
E ls e w h e r e
O ld S t y l e B u h l
Mrs. Ruth Altenbeiger, of Blaine, : about three days out and expect lots of
visited her sisthr, Mrs. Dee Moon, this , mail when we once reach port again.
My, I certainly did enjoy myself the 1
short time I had in France. It is a most
Walter A loiter and mother went
wonderful place and the people are
over the mountains the last of the week
there when it comes to treating us right.
for a visit in Portlaud.
What few can talk English sure make
Miss. Walleen, of Tillamook, is the it interesting for a person, and then its
new teacher in the Cloverdale school, great to listen to those that can’t talk
having been engaged to tuke the place so much English. Ail the men you see
vacated by Mrs. Kbbinger.
f are in uniform of some kind or else they
Dr Turner, eye specialist of Portland, I
*<*> old or too young to be there, good time, and the time passes quickly.
will be in Cloverdale again, Thursday The women do everything and about Last night we had movies down in the
April 18th at the Hotel Cltverdale. s :ven out of every ten wear a veil of main dining room. Sunday we h a d 1
mourning, but you never hear them
Consult him. Don’t foreget the date.
church services. We have two pianos
complain or talk about the war, but are
A baby bov was l>orn Friday last to I glad and thankful whenever they see aboard, four graphophones and loads of
Mr. und Mrs. A. C. Deuel, of Woods. l the good old American hoys come sail­ records and lots of reading material so j
Deuel says he will soon have an assistant ing in. The day we left the port where wbutjfew minutes we bavejto ourselves is j
postmaster and Woods another bond we were there was a big convoy of six­ well occupied. For two days and two
nights both coining and going we stood
teen big freighters came steaming in
watch, four hours on and four hours o ff,,
Married April 2, at the Sacred Heart with a convoy of eight torpedo boat de­
so vou can see our life isn't all sunshine j
Church, in Tillamook, Miss Anna E. stroyers. They wert all American ex­
here, but the fellows never kick for they
Wvss, of Tillamook, to Anthony M. cepting one which was an English ship.
realize that the lives of several thousands
Jenck, of Cloverdale, Father Shreiber It seemed the populace would blow up
are upon us and we are responsible for
officiating. The Courier extends con­ they were so overcome with joy, and it
them and its the truth. A Y. M. C. A.
looked good to the rest of us as well.
man went over with us and furnished
The submarine is a big menace but
News reached Cloverdale Tuesday that
different things for the troops, and he
not so much so now as was the case
Roy Stone, who was recently taken to
is with us coining back and is entertain-;
some time ago for I tell you American
Salem for treatment, passed awav Mon­
ing us in different wavs.
destroyers are doing wonderous work,
day evening. Guy Stone and bis sister
I will have to close now. I could
and when once a sub sticks its nose
left here Wednesday morning to take
write all afternoon and not be half
above the water it isn’ t long before it is
charge of tbs remains.
through. God bless you all. With sin­
put out of business. We did not see
How to use substitute flour will be the one either coming or going. We had
subject of a lecture held at the grange two destroyers as a convoy both coming
hall, Saturday evening at eight o’clock. and going and I had to laugh, it made me SEV EN T IM E S OVER TH E
The speaker is a lady sent out by the think we were on a hunting expedition,
state und her tulle will he helpful to the just as though our boat was a man and
many who know the difficulties of this the two destroyers were two dogs run-
_ .. _
, _
This is the largest and finest car that ever carried the
. .
The South Part of Tillam ok C uniy Did
problem. The picture show will hold uing hither and thither trying
to -------
SIX name plate— a car that is without real compe­
over an hour so everyone can attend.
Her Bit and Then S' me.
up some game.
tition in its Price class.
A big diregible sails out over the
The tear housing on the dredger used
on the Big Nestucca drainage ditch was
The South part of Tillamook County
The individual beaut}’ of its lines, its unusual size and
burned Tuesday morning at an early they can see the bottom of the ocean at
at the sale of Third Liberty Loan
hour together with all the tools. The a great depth and detect anything out oi
its extraordinary mechanical refinement, will make this new
Bonds with such a vim that ttie mo­
loss is estimated at $350. The origin of the ordinary that may be there, such as
model one of the most talked of cars of the coming season.
the Are is unknown and the fact that mines or subs anil on locating any such mentum gathered could hardlv be |
the tire started at about 2 o’clock in the a flotilla of torpedo boats are dispatched
brakes set.
Its powerful, flexible and remarkably smooth-running
morning makes the origiu more of n to the scene and it isn't long until the
The quota for tlieterritory in Tillamook
sub is laying on the ocean bed. Just
engine is of the overhead valve type with balanced crank­
this identical thing took place the day |' ,)Uni^ !8,,,1th of Pleasant \ alley was set
shaft, ferced-feed oiling and many other advanced features.
The Red Cioss Auxiliary realised ••‘»8 before» we sailed homeward. The suhs ; il* $5,-,i0and I he amount raised up to the
from their lunch sale at the Mercantile are scared to dt'ath of the "depth *'nie
C"‘ nK *° press was $39,400,
Co's Store last Friday. The ladies are bomba’ ’ which are one of the most de j
times over the top and (1,650 in­
very much pleased with the results and structive weapons used against the sub j " ar^ the eighth time over.
wish to thank the people for their gen­ They are a charge of 300 pounds of! t-ubserihera for the Ibird Liberty
erous patronage amt conti ibutioiiv »ad '
T. V T. the most high explosive non ; Loan Bonds were liberal and bought
especially to thank Mr. Spaulding for
known, most all boats carry them, they |
j with little hesitancy.
his part in making the affair a sucocs«.
The south end of the county was ■
are dropped overlioard and discharged
He not only gave room but contributed
at any depth they are set at up to 140 |llivided into thirteen districts and on
coffee, sugar and cream and otherwise
feet and will literally tear to pieces the first day of the sale the bond sellers
assisted them Grandma ’-under* too
anything within several hundred yards vvcn> t‘ar^v *n klte-fi*.'! 1 and at D;4.» a. n>.
is entitled to special mention as she and will put a sub out of commission °f the fHst day a wire was sent to Port-
sent two very pretty crocheted and knit­
even farther than that, so vou see whv , llUU* D,at
!,a'i gone over the top.
ted Lags to sell. Numbers were sold on the subs want to stav clear.
w*s flashed over the wire to
tbeui and |S realized from their sale.
Mv, I 1 ave learned and heard some I'radquarters at £ .in Francisco and be-
Carl Shortridge and Mrs. Arch Moyers
wonderful things on this trip. I was Ioro
'^a-' Goaed the executive chair-
were the lucky one#
talking with s Red Cross nurse yes ter- man ^or '■“ « district was apprised of t lie
dav who has been over there lor th e 1 lac^ that hi« community had been
Tor Sale
Four Jeisev heifeis $50 each,
past several months and she certainly ■ awar'h''l °n honor flag. Me believe we
t"ld some thrilling experiences, as well | are the first to have this honor, although
One Durham Cow, I’ m ,
One Holstein Cow. It'S,
as some of the soldier* we are bringing we have no definite information as to
One Pole C ov, |0o.
hack who have been over almost since this. Bay City is the only place we
fra C. Barber,
we have Wen in the war. They were know of that has beat us out in going
1.. L. S h o rtrid g e ranch.
Dolpb, Ore. showing me some of their souvenirs and over the top. Bay Citv is reported to
Telephone Main 3—and Mutual
Tillamook, Oregon
they certainly have a raft of them, but have gone ver the top ten times
Pretest a H.’ rpv Ending.
Oretown is entitled to the honor in
The Pari* mi n pniid. nt of the Pall
this district of lieing the only p’ ace
Mull On »ette rei, nMv reported a curi­ buy one. The only way a |>er«on can
where every male of mature age bought
ous stilt *'‘it h I ioii I i I Inleicvt the rend­
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, 1917, at 8 pi r cent per annum; for $*0
ers of Flnuhert*« romance of Carthago. the teal fighting is going on. hut 1 cer­ a bond. Aside from this laet several of
for Tillamook County.
attorney ft-e s and for the costs and dis­
Oi* notion was brought by the niece of tainly am going to keep trving, maybe I * h* ><■'!u¿er lads as well as women Chas. Ray, Plaintiff
bursements of this action, and an order
l , >■. ngl.t ! ads.
Gustave Flaubert ngnlnst the udnpter* Wilt get >omtthing after a
\ Summons, of sale of the property attached herein,
of “ Salammbô" for the tlneiua.
to wit Lot* 6 and 6 in Block 11 in Still­
I wish I could say on paj»>r all I can 1 Names of the bond buyers will l* F. C . FeM?chau, Defendant. J
Flaubert. It will be remembered, think, but if 1 did it would take a lot of | prtnted later. Following is a list of . T<?
C. Rchlsehan, the defendant— well's addition to Tillamook City, Ore-
. ... .
* ii ... - v
In the name of the State >f Oregon von K°n. andjone sand and gravel dredge
finishes his novel with the mobbing pajwr, so
•" I will
"■ • have
»-*'•'' to save •
’ me until
1 m each of the thirteen ar,
and death of Mathe« bifore the eyes
I come home, and that won't 1« long district«
gainst vou
Wer heavy duty Mot
.«w ith all
o f his mistress, who «eem« entirely
I 1,050 the above entitled action within *;x its equipment; one Schmidt concrete
The American trooi* sav they are go- s **nd!ake..........
Indifferent to hl« fate. This would not
3 AVi
*rom the date of the first public*- P*ver.* one Little Wonder m ixer, one
ilo for the film The adapter* not only ing to eat Christmas dinner at home
tion of this summons, and if vou fail to ’ ?‘ ow ' n dimensions 20 feet bv 40 feet; 6
700, answer or apper, for want there f the 1 ^un,P w*Rons; 3 Fresno scraper»; one
•■ave the generai** life but ring down and I wouldn’ t be surprised at that. If
2, «00 plaintiff will take judgment again«t you
the curtain with the marriage of the it isn’ t though, L*var Aunt. I want you Pleasant Valley
»tid tum p; about 3000 feet
lover*, who “ live happily together ever and Irene to be brave women for vou i Upper Blaine
900 (or the sum of One Hundred and Thirty- °I I ’t inch pipe; about 2000 fe«t of 2
nfter. amt have a multitude of chil­ shall eotue dav bo n warded. When wo i Lower P.laine
1.280 tine and 05-100 Dollars, together with inch pipe and one Overland truck. Thi-
the interest thereon from January 5th, summon* is -¡pried upon you bjr publi­
dren to grace their old age.
ail O' in* home you can say with pride
cation thereof, for six week* in tbe
Thl* platonic and commonplace end that your l*»v* did their hit and v *n j Mi da
* loverdale Courier, bv oilier of Hon.
lug to a “ masterpiece" horrified the can «bare thè glory i
Geo. R. Bagiev, Judge of said court,
»fit all. 1 only wish i Oretown
dilettantes, who made so much fu*«
made at Cham tiers in Tillamook City,
Pacific r i t i an i Wood«
* s
about the caricaturing of the «tory voti cotild s< e how brave tho*e dear
Oregon, March 29th, 1918, anJ the first
that Flaubert’* literary executor felt Kranch i■copie a e. It certainly would
publication thereof is made on the 4th
Notary Public
dav of A pril. 1918.
e*m»|»eMed to take the mutter up. and gite v o l i all eourage, but some dav the I lem I wk
»•»rhì « ili t>e «et at peace again and 1 Neskowt-n
Dated at Tillamook Oregon, this 1st
ha* appealed to the court* for retire«». thipk a lattina psarr
day of Aprii, 1918.
- Kansas Oltj[ star
Couting bavk wc aie ceitaiuly luakiug
• 38,400
C. W. Talmagr.
Cloverdale, Ore. _____
Attorney for the Plaintiff.
C a n , S p e c ia l . . 0 * 1
Cloverdale M ercantile Co. Inc.
The New
Now Coming
Tilla m o o k .
Dr. D. L . G l a y s i e r
G o u n ty D a iry In sp e c to r