Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, August 30, 1917, Image 2

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Monday night.
W. A. Wise, dentist.
The fair is on and no rain yet.
Dr. Wall, of Hood River, who has i
been on an outing in this end of tlie 1
county, received a call at this place ves-1
Boy wanted, age Id to 18. High's
terdav from the department of w ar to ! ^
drug store.
report at Ht. Louis, Mo., for special
Mia (. lydi Hudson was a 1 illamook J training, preparatory to joining the sur-
shopper Saturday.
gieal corps.
There was an interesting service on
the camp grounds Wednesday evening,
with special songs followed by a talk by
j Rev. McConnell. He is soon going back
1 to his work and says lie has greatly en-
joyed his visit here. He is pastor of a
church of 60U members and expects to
in t e r e s t
* - g
w-F 1 I
I —0
School will
Y ou
Car and Cow Collide.
Cloverd de people wer»- coni iderably
Mrs. Halbert is in Cioverdale this agitated last evening w fieri news reached
w ek, arriving here from Portland Tues­ I liere that ComiuisHoner Owens’ car
which was driven by lii-* son Howard
day evening.
anti containing Mrs. Owens and children
V. Spaulding and family left Sunday had met with an accident.
in their new Sasun for Kngenc to spend . Accompanying the Owens family in
their vacation.
the car was a guest, Miss Zola Carey, of
The W. C. T. U met with Mrs. Joe Hillsboro.
Howard was driving at a pretty rapid
Wilson last Friday and made bandages
and was nearing the end of the
for the Hr-rl Cross.
T- i
I pavctuet4 when s cow started acrii.i -the
tim e r i.arl returner! Sunday from i
, . ,
, . ,
road and before lie could dodge the um-
I>allas w here he has been working for mal or stop the car collided with the
bis uncle, Jas. \\ hitman.
cow. l lt e car swerved and rolled over.
The service at the Louvre is the l est
l he occupants of the car were bruised
that can be had in Tillamook. Try the and H,’ ake,, UP «»"»id e r a U y .
Louvre when in Tillamook next.
| C-rey aeem« to have fared the worse,
| having received two flesh wounds in the
My Fall and Winter samples of Suits ,■ u.t,
and <lv-rconts nre here Call mid look t No serious results are anticipated,
look them o n r. V. F. Learned, Clover- | The car, a six cylinder -. ixoii , is
badly demolished.
Y r. nnd Mrs Carl Shortri lge have re-
Aviator Hurt.
turned fr un tlnir vacation and nr. mil
Aviator Ralph Hni-.n, who made tlie
duty V the ( loverdale Mercantile C o ’s flight ve-ter my from K.-a«i e to the
fairgrounds ui Tillamook met with a
«tu «¡3.
ini hap as lie was end' inoiiiig t.; land.
Mr, an-1 Mr«. Joe Wilson went to
bis aeiopliine sti u.'k the ground it
Albany Sunday and r-tiir: ■ d Moudav, suiuiners'iulted and Mr. H.iusen w h s
accomplit ie I hv their d.nivhter, tioldie, taught under the machine. It took
who itHM recently returned from a vi. it nome time la-fore In* coni I he extricated.
in Culifornta.
Me received several Ih-sli wounds and
I *r. Mu# will tie ut his I'Jove-dnle It is reported this morning that lie has
office every Mon lay evtning ari l nil a broken nose und a broken arm.
The .o r iplnne is a total wn ek.
through the d iy Tu -sdsy and hngei if
require Ì until further notice Those
Notice lo ¡he Putito.
desiring dental w ok doue can make
In view i f ibc fact that our bminei--
appoi ut ment by telephone.
Keeps us eluseli eonlintd during the
meetings soon
Don t forget the regular service at the
chappel Sunday morning and the camp
fire ser,ice in the evening at Pacific
] City.
j Mr. Beals has a large force filling his
Sugar has again Advanced
in price.
Alec Imlah left this morning for Port­
John Weiss and son Henry brought
land and McMinnville.
two big bridge timbers measuring UxH>
lio o k s, T a b le ts ,
Kverything being considered tin- fair inches, each 36 feet long, into town on
P en cil*, L t c .
their motor truck Saturday. Some load.
this year is reported good.
It wouldn't surprise us to see them come We are headquarters for all School j
Mr. and Mrip J. I). Pearson, of Dolpli,
down the road some day with the entir»
Supplies the Youngster»
v.ere business visitors in Clovvrdale to­
mill, lumlier yard arid all.
may need,
. . . . . .
A yourtg ion of Mr. and Mrs. L. 1».
ihc Honor ible «John htzw^iltr, E fq ., »7
. ,
. ,
(School Books S tr ic tly C a s h )
. . .
1 1 Heaton was quite badlv hurt last Sun-
returned to ( loverdale from Dundee
iuay whep an automobile in winch the
t evt mug.
| t,0y Rad accepted a ride went over the
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wade had for 1 grade north of Cioverdale. Hie bov re-
Druggist atta Staiiuaer
their guest« Sunday Mi Wade’s parents ceived a gash on the fare and had bis
ai.d bis sister.
foot luce rated. The other occupants of Cioverdale,
Plusker Bros, for all kinds of dum b­ the car escaped uninjured.
ing, bath room outfits and fixtures. Til­
lamook. Ore.
’ »oiu aienee a series of
after his return horue.
W e are giving our customers the
advantage of the lowest price possible.
Another Opportunity to do Your Bit.
Anyone w¡siting to do a “ bit
in a
ihiv no vV and save while you have the
patriotic way may do so bv hunting tip
all the old white muslins or linens that 1
may be found in tlie home and donating I
them to the W. C. T. I'.
Tin se g-ods are much needed f -r
making lint used in staunching wounds. I
It is said that sometimes paper and even |
straw have been ustd to staunch wound«'
as nothing latter was at band.
Our W. C. T. U. is just, now making a {
sjiecialty nf collecting as many nounde ol j
these goods as possible tiv September
"th, the (.late of out next meeting, w hen
we will send our collection away. We
will meet on that date at the home of
Mrs. Joe Wilson and would be glad to
have as tnanv as possible to come in
per« in and bring don-.ti ms, but if it is
not convenient to come, send donations
to Mrs. V\ IN n. Airs. Ott or Airs. Blum
iu time si it can be taken to the meet­
ing. Ii doesn't matter how old the
cloth, jest s , its whit and clean.
Cioverdale Mercantile Co. Inc.
Correspondence Lessons in
lE)armcttg an& Composition
Composer, Teacher and Director
In the lait six w i l:s t ns; rn Mult-
r.otvah to.;* ty farmers have lest more
than K i : .¡mala from the srute cause
Hint caug .1 the ilev.h of livestock in
Klamath county, ac orillng to S. B.
Hall, Multii ui'i.l: t igtnty a ::ueuUur'.it.
But the an ar.'iit poi-.-nit.t;, declares
Mr. Hall, is a contagious blood poisor,
whh.h is Incurable In the advanced
All musicians, whether director, teacher,
pianist or vocalist should understand Harmony.
Instruction in this branch ot study should,
whenever possible, be taken from an expert
teacher. However, it is not always convenient,
nor possible for one to leave town anti study in
person with such a teacher.
For the accommodation of such Dr. Alfred
AVooler, of Buffalo. N". Y., has perfected a most
thorough course in Harmony and Composition
that is simple, concise and practical, which he
teaches successfully by mail.
If interested, write for prospectus and rates.’
A stirring d- b .ie was conducici n
the camp gr-wind« Thur“ lay
rin- vit id tjileytion at issue ! eilig:
j Resolved, that an untidy, good nature*)
j wife made a better companion than a
tidy eros- w ife, and, of con*se. the good
nature i wile was chosen, as she should
have been.
Lovers of tin* t- rpsi-c,trenn ait are wet k and being unable t> pr .curt 4lu-
making w<- klv pilgiImages to Pacific proper help and It lievtug a m u or
woman require» a little recreation free
t ’ity where the g:l\ -!:rls m t the dapper 1 !
from business i are-', we have tleeidt I t.
young men gli |e over tin- ilonr
the close our store , j,.¡«VX from II a. m.
music- furnished bv To!e inner s I r- to ti p. m , beginnii g Sunday , Sept. Und.
ehestr.i. The whirl of enchanted i e*
H illing this action receive« the ap­
Judging from the amount of clatrs
wildertnent seems to have Pmelied the proval of our in my customers and as-
impillur chord and great seems to be the •nrnig \ .nt that oui service t" you i« of that are carried past the sawmill cveiv
, i day, it will be necessary for them to
enjovment ihereof. Saturday, St ptem- Inst importance and that . \oiir needs
. I torm a protective aasociation.
her 1, st the usual evening hour, ifn 1 will ml mile to receive our most cnrelnl
otneroneol the popular .lane. « ».II I, attention we thank you t... your gener-1 , come in palls, buckets and in sack 8,
held ill the resort eitv of this end of the oils patronage iu the past and hoping | carried bv children, by women, in
The management issues a I for a continuance of tin- same, beg to : bloomers and in r-U i > t«, by old men nnd
by voting men, sometimes singly and
N|ieeiul invitation for all lover» of danc­ j remain.
Respectfully yours,
often mi a |>ole between two.
ing to attend this Saturday t veiling
W. À. High,
Should tbi«^|«-ll .,f dry vyr-uther con­
Druggist ai d Stationer.
tinue Pacific City water supply w ill be
Q lffrc S T P oo fer, Q Ylu*. © o c *
Suite C, 322 West Utica St.,
I’ . S.— Dr. AA'ooler also corrects amateurs’ musical compositions, and
writes music to poems. Those desiring such service must send their
M. S. or poem for estimate of cost. Brices are resonable.
I limited.
Phone Us Your Drug Store
W ants
M.DOM I d.iv p a • 11 t v Ml -to Hot W lit s.iu thing in drug
s' r. -1.l>|-ii- - I ' m t lei e->l I, -i-irniy weatlo-r or «1 nv r*-a 1«
keep yen from having it. Don't put yourself to inenveniv ice
to gv l if. Ju«f telephone n« and we’ll deliver it at
Con't lliink you a n Troubling us— W e ssek that Kind
ot Trouble.
ui j **<t|4t* buy
T*uîf t
«, Citvuli«»«, lVrf im*-'*. « *i\,
't.» .
\\ *• «tifili f »r Hil l <i**iiv»*r j * »'- «pti * -,
^ •►•»r . t l r
tSt* marni»
i. t uh«| «¿»refill itt nti >n u- x\n ¿)\
y t «U can»i* tu th#*
!*■ in brunii
T ry Telephone Shopping
Air. 1 ¡slier, Amo» Bal'cock,
Weidner, and Ah«, l.avamler wore Til-
I Uniock visitors "ii Saturday.
Several of our people are preparing to
head ofl the draft by volunteering.
The dredge that ha« li«*en doing such
extensive work in the l.dfle A*e«taicca
riv- r has moved some diitance up the
, Rig Nestueca river.
B i« «.»id Here are many fi«h coming
in along flic beach, suppo»ed)v after the
«melt. Not a bad thing for war times.
The new truck that is going: to haul
louil-er from Pacific City t<> Tilivuiook
j 1« . x|H't 1. .1 in thi« ». e k . It is said to
!*e a fine machine.
The me«ting« '»■in.ljv morning at the!
Chapel and in th«' t veiling on the camp
g r o u n d s were w- ll attended.
Rev. Mc-
1 rinell, of Dallas, «[ at each meet­
ing. Those nu-sing hi« talk missed »
Mr. B- it-came to Pacific Citv Satnr-•
I iv night. h-«\ bine for
Tillamook. Oregon
• «‘iirvlay morning bv
T t\ ri t u r t
Is a favorite route for those seeking diversity of scenery, oppor­
tunity to visit tunny attractive cities en route and enjoy the best
in travel.
One Way Fares
Ftrst and second class to the East and
South apply via California. The trip
can be made very economically.
Excursion Fares
Round Trip to principle cities iu the
East will be on sale certain dais in
August and September. The«e tickets
apply over practically all routes.
A«k your local agent for particulars or write
fr-ou which
l«oint he u> >k the train to Portland
where he expo, ts V «5>eiid a. few day».
Dr Montgomery and wife accompanied
him as far « « Willamina, returning by
the way of Tail, Oregon. They »vv t ' «•
-i t- gti at m e-! ..f .,. Silrti country is
c r r .*.1.
h ' i: V late
John M. Scott, Generai Passenger Agent
Portland, Ore.
Southern Pacific Lines