Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, August 09, 1917, Image 3

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Published Every Thursday
Frank Taylor, Editor and Publisher.
“ E n te re d as second-class m a tte r, Nov­
em b er 13th, 1905 a t th e post office atC lo -
verdale, Tillam ook C ounty, Oregon, u n ­
der A ct of Congress, M arch 3rd. 1878.
S ubscription K a t ; s
Fall w heat tn L inn county la ru n ­ H ill on th e Jo h n Day riv e r, p art of the
One Y ear, in a d v a n c e ........................ fl.00 ning from 15 to 30 bushels to th e acre.
false work collapsed, dropping the
Six M onths ............................................. 50
T he minimi U m atilla county ho rse crew to rocks below. E veryone was
T h ree M o n th s............................................. 25
Single C o p y .. ........................................... 05 and m ule show will be held O ctober h u rt.
6 In Pendleton.
C am pers in th e forests a re very care­
A dvkrtisinq R atks
A course in d ietetics h as been added
Displayed A d vertisem ents, 60 cents per to the d ep artm en t of hom e econom ics less this season, according to reports
m ade to C. C. H all, su pervisor of the
inch per m onth, single colum n. All
S an tiam n a tio n al forest. R angers re­
Local R eading Notices, 10 cents per a t the O regon A g ricultural college.
T he s ta te highw ay com m ission hae port finding m any unextinguished
line for each insertion.
T im b er land notices
$10.00 selected 16 feet as the sta n d a rd w idth fires.
H om estead notices
5.00 of pavem ent on the p rim ary roads.
M ayor Rice of Roseburg has offered
P olitical A nnouncem ent C ards
Bids w ere opened T uesday by the a cash rew ard of $50 to any person
s ta te highw ay com m ission for a half who will fu rn ish evidence sufficient
J ob D epartment
My J o b D ep artm en t is com plete in every million dollar issue of s ta te road to bring about a conviction of those
respect and I am able to do all kinds bonds.
who h av e been robbing gardens in
C om m ercial J o b P rin tin g on short
S u b stan tial deposits of chrom e iron th a t city.
notice a t reasonable prices.
ore in th e Jo h n Day valiey, so u th of
B ids w ere opened T uesday by the
P endleton, will be opened up th is s ta te highw ay com m ission for the con
T H U R SD A Y . A U G U ST 9, 1917.
sum m er.
stru c tio n of 10 co n crete bridges on the
E dw ard O stran d er, se c re ta ry of the C olum bia riv er highw ay in Columbia
O regon public service com m ission, has co u n ty a t an estim ated cost of ap
F an atics are predicting th e end of the su bm itted h is resig n atio n to th e com
proxim ateiy $60,000.
w orld, and we presum e th e ir predictions m issioners.
T he larg est app o rtio n m en t of in ter
will co ntinue u n til th e war clouds have
A t a special election th e vote c a r­ e st m oney on th e irreducible school
faded aw av and peace reigns suprem e.
ried for bonding for $15,000 th e con­ fund ever m ade to the counties of
A recen t circu lar issued stated th a t solidated school d istric t rec e n tly form O regon was rep o rted hv *he office of
th e eventful period would begin August ed a t Crane.
S ta te T re a su re r Kay.
T he total
T otal earn in g s of 288 m en on parole am ount is $382,012.38.
4 th , an d a copy was received by several
of th e leading p u b lications of A m erica, from the Oregon p e n ite n tia ry fo r July
T he A storia police and ju stic e court
w as $16,174.45, according to Jo sep h F. d ep a rtm e n ts w ere m ore th a n self sup­
6uch as th e C loverdale C ourier, et al.
On A ugust 4 th , how ever, everything K eller, s ta te parole officer.
p o rtin g in Ju ly . The receip ts from
P e a r grow ers of D ouglas county fines in the police d ep artm en t w ere
seem ed to be all rig h t w ith th e world—
m an excepted, and they seem to be all have appealed to th e E ugene F ru it­ $1067.50. w hile the salaries of the offi­
w rong. B ut th e n , they alw ays were g row er's asso ciation to aid th em in cers am ounted to $925.
w rong and th ere is no occasion for u n ­ co n serving th e ir crop th is year.
A com m ission of federal agents, ac­
Ed W right, of La G rande, h a s been
due e x citem en t in th is respect.
com panied by rep re se n ta tiv es of the
The circu lar goes on to say th a t on appointed by th e O regon public se r­ allied governm ents, will visit P ortland
th is d a te th e h e a v e n s will be on fire,there vice com m ission as s e c re ta ry to suc­ on Monday, A ugust 13, to confer with
w ill be ihe agony of hell, d e a th will be ceed E dw ard O stran d er, w ho resigned local spruce m an u factu rers for the pur­
everyw here, all business will end, rivers A ugust 1.
ch ase of a irp lan e stock.
T h* city of P o rtlan d , w ith 26 hanks,
will d ry up, all crops will be destroyed,
More th an $100,000 w orth of new
th re re will be th re e days of darkness holds 52.2 pc« c e n t of th e to ta l de­ buildings ran ging in value from $1200
an d e a rth q u ak es will tak e place evety- posits of Oregon, according to a s ta te ­ to $20,000 have been sta rte d or been
m ent issued by S. G. S arg en t, su p e rin ­ announced for im m ediate co n stru c­
. w here.—H av en ’t noticed an y yet.
T h en th e circu lar goes on to say th a t te n d e n t of banks.
tion a t K lam ath F alls since the dedica
O ut of over 200 tu h ercu lin te sts tion of th e new S trah o rn railroad
th e re will be forty days of w arning.
N oth in g to it —M an has been w arned am ong the dairy h erd s of L an e coun­
B ulah Dale, d au g h ter of J. E. Dale;
ever since he has been able to th in k . ty, only five of the cowts rea c te d , ac­ Athol G. H iekox, dau g h ter of E. E.
H e hae had am ple w arning and has cording to Dr. C. E. G ardiner, a s s is ta n t H iekox, and M yrtle Cooper, d aughter
heeded not, and u n til he stops in th is s ta te v eterin arian .
of Jo h n Cooper, ages 9, 13, and 15, re
D. W a lte r M orton, dean of th e school spectively, w ere drow ned in th e mill
m ad rush of life an d take9 tim e to th in k
th e re w ill be w ars an d bell upon earth of com m erce at th e u n iv e rsity of O re­ pond a t S cotts M ills while in bathing.
w ith a possible g reater hell to follow. gon, has been g ran ted a leave of ab ­
T h e s ta te of O regon is going a fte r
T he outlook is n ’t very encouraging to sence from the college ftjr th e school n atio n al business and to th a t end will
th o se who pray for victory, rig h t or y ear of 1917-1918.
E leven o u t of 15 c a n d id a te s for have an o th er paid re p re se n ta tiv e in
p harm aceutical pr.pi ru g ran ted by the W ashington. T he P o rtland cham ber
O regon s ta te b o ard of ph arm acy of com m erce sh o rtly will be rep resen t
A chem ical analysis m ade of court passed the ex am in atio n held in P o rt­ ed th e re by a tra d e com m issioner or
se c re ta ry to be appointed by H. L
p la ste r sold by a peddler a t F reep o rt, land Ju ly 17 and 18.
Illin o is, says an exchange, disclosed
B ecause of a sh o rta g e of fuel oil C orbett, p resid en t of the cham ber
M aintenance work on th e old m ili­
te ta n u s germ s. F rom tim e to tim e re ­ for s ta te in stitu tio n s th e s ta te baBrd
highw ay, now officially known as
ports h av e been in circu latio n of th e of control has appointed a co m m ittee
illam ette highw ay, which when
discovery of infectious disease germ s on to in v estig ate w ith a view of arrang-
com pleted will sh orten th e d istance
p lasters sold by peddlers. Suspicion ing for som e o th e r fuel.
P lan s are being w orked o u t in Lire by ro ad from P ortland so C rater Lake
th a t on enem y n a u o n of th is county is
160 m iles, has been com pleted as far
responsible for th is nefarious schem e is coin county for a bond election to be
C row bar point, one of the m ost
held th is fall fo r th e purpose of
n a tu ra lly aroused.
d an g ero u s points on the highway.
In tim e of w ar, it behooves every­
S ta n d a rd s for w heat, corn, hay and
body to be on his g u ard . H e should re ­ about 100 m iles of co u n ty highw ays.
e r ag ric u ltu ra l products a re fixed,
W ith h arv est well u n d er way In the
m em b er alw ays th a t th is c o u n try is at
s a re prom ulgated covering weigh
war. W h eth er th e co u rt p laster germ s as lig h ter land sectio n s and s ta rtin g on
ing. Inspecting and sto rag e of these
a schem e for spreading disease was p u r­
com m odities and th f m anagem ent of
posely in vented or n o t, it becomes o n e’s indications are th a t the yields will he
and term in al w arehouses Is reg ­
d u ty to buy no c o u it plaeker, nor in b e tte r th an an tic ip a te d a few w eeks
in an o rd er which has been Is­
fact a n y th in g else for ex tern al or in ­ ago.
sued by the O regon public service
te rn a l use from itin e ra n t peddlers.
com m ission.
A rticles of th is discrip tlo n should be at w ork on the steel bridge a t Cotton
F iv e fatal accidents w ere reported
p urchased only from druggists of know n
th e s ta te accident com m ission d u r­
Notice ol Sheriff's Sale.
stan d in g .
N otice is hereby given, th a t by v irtu e ing th e la st week, according to the
An Appeal From the Pacific Coast Rescue of an execution an d order of sale issued w eekly report. The fa ta litie s w ere:
and Protective Society.
o u t of th e C ircuit C o u rt of th e S ta te of Mr*. B lanche C ronder, Seappoose, ra il­
To th e M others an d Sisters of Oregon :
Oregon for th e C ou n ty of T illam ook, on road tre s p a s s e r; George K akeurous.
I t w ill he needless for m e to go into th e 23rd dav of J u ly , 1917. a n d to me U m atilla, railro ad o p eratio n ; Matt
d etail an d exp lain to you th e problem directed, in a su it w herein E . J . K ulja, S ilverton, Jogging; C. Metcoff,
of feeding 35 girls an d 60 babies. The C laossen was p lain tiff, an d Thos. Blind Slough, logging; A. G. Fisher.
Coates, a d m in istra to r of th e e sta te of
task is difficult a t an y tim e, h u t a tre ­ W m . J . W est, deceased, was defen d an t, Black Rock, logging
H olding th a t free service allowed
m endous burden a t th is tim e. I appeal and in w hich th e plaintiff recovered
to you to rem em ber th e girls and babes ju d g m en t ag ainst th e d efen d an t tor th e new su b scrib ers for a given tim e would
d u rin g th is cann in g season, and p u t up sum of $1,100.00 to g eth er w ith in te re st be unlaw ful d iscrim ination ag ain st old
thereon a t th e ra te of ten per c en t, per
a tittle e x tra to sh ip to th e Louise Hom e a n n u m from th e 20th day of F eb ru ary , su b sc rib e rs and bo lsterin g its order by
an d th e A lbertina K err N ursery H om e, 1915, and for $150.00 a tto rn e y s fees and citin g ru les in sim ilar cases in other
w here we are carin g for abandoned $16.20 costs and d isb u rsem en ts, an d a state.s. notably P en n sylvania and Min­
m o th ers and balies, and we assure you decree forclosing a m ortgage uj>on the nesota. th e O regon public service com ­
th a t w hatever you can do in th e ir be- r**ai property h erein after described, and m ission denied an application of Os
hall will be greatly appreciated. W hy ordering and directing th a t th e sam e l»e
not form a club in vour tow n and sh ip a sold to satisfy th e said ju d g m en t, and wald W est, receiv er for th e Home
b a rre l of canned fru it or canned veget­ com m anding me as Sheriff of said T elephone ft T elegraph eom psny of
C ountv, to sell th e said property as by P o rtlan d , asking th at th e com pany
ables a t T hanksgiving.
A ddress correspondence to Gen. S upt. law provided, to satisfy th e said ju d g ­ be allow ed to g ra n t new p atro n s free
W . G . M acLaren, )86 B urnside S t., m ent, a tto rn e y fee, costs and accruing telephone service for th re e m onths.
P o rtla n d , O re., for shipping in stru ctio n s. co sts;
A new board, to be know n as the
Now therefore by virtue thereof, I
will on S atu rd ay , th e 1st day of S ep­ heard of conciliation and m ediation,
tem b er, 1917. a t 10 o'clock of said «lav, th e d u ties of which will be to ad ju st
at th e C ourt H ouse door of «aid county, d ifficu lties th a t may arise betw een
Leland B. Erwin
expose for sale, and sell to th e h ig h e s t'
bidder for cash in h an d , all of th e right lab o rers and em ployers In Oregon, was
title and in te re st of th e said plaintiff nam ed by G overnor W tthycom be. On
and of th e deceased, of. in and to, all of th e board are five m em bers re p re se n t­
Diploma from the Chicago
th e following described real p roperty, i ing th e w orkers and five m em bers
situ a te in Tillam ook C ounty, Oregon, j
■ailcal College
to w it: The southeast q u a rte r of sec-; re p re se n tin g th e em ployers. The mem
tion tw enty-tw o in T. 2 S. R. 8 W. W il. hers a re : For organized labor—C. P.
W ill be in C loverdale on T h u rs­
Mer. in Oregon, containing 160 a c r e s ! H ow ard, p resid en t of the P o rtlan d cen
day of each week.
according to governm ent snrvey, t o 1 tra l labor council; B W. Sice m an. dis­
Thoee d esiring to take les­
satisfy said ju dgm ent, a tto rn ey fee,
tric t council of c a rp e n te rs ; P. A.
sons please engage a lesson period
coeta and accruing costs.
now. Leave word at th e Cloverdale
Dated a t T illam ook, Oregon, th is 23rd W illlson. s ta te building tra d e s coun­
H otel or w rite me a t Tillam ook.
day of J u ly . 1917.
cil; V era Ha > bark er, s ta te m etal
W. L. Cam pbell.
tra d e s council. J. B R hodes, general
Taras SI 00 Per Leaaon.
SheriT of Tillamook County,
S tate of Oregon. ch airm an of th e o rd er of railw ay con
........ ....................................................
Brief Items of Interest from Various Towns in
Is a favorite rout# for those seeking diversity of »canary, apper­
tain tv to visit uiuuy ttttn$$tire cities en route and enjoy tha be»t
in travel.
One Way Fares
First and second class to the East and
apply via California. The trip
can be made very economically.
S o u th
Excursion Fares
Round Trip to principle cities iu tha
East will be on »ale cartain day» in
August »nd September. Those ticket»
apply over practically all routs».
Ask your local agent for particu lars or w rite
Jo h n M. Scolt, G eneral Passenger Agent
P o rtla n d , Ore.
Southern Pacific Lines
d u ctors of th e O-VV. R ft N. Uo. For
the em ployers- W. B A yre, E astern
& W estern L um ber com pany; F ra n k ­
lin T. G riffith, president of 111« Port
lend R ailw ay. Light ft Pow er com
panv; Jam es Dugan, bnild'ng contract
o r; J. R. Bowles, presid en t of the
N orthw est S teel C om pany; C harles
L ead b etter, p ap er mills.
Notary Public
Cloverdale, Ore.
Quality Counts
In ever 1 i line
of Merchandise, hut none
more enpecially than in
Tr » n w n r
O u r la r g e sto c k is in e v e ry i n s ta n c e th e b e s t t h n t c a n he
a n d o u r a im w ill be to k e e p th e h ig h s t a n d a r d u p .
Builders’ Hardware,
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Stoves, Ranges, Farm and
Garden Tools
And everything usually kept in a first-class hardware store, and
all goods are of the best quality.
Alex McNair & Co., Tillamook,Ore.
Correspondenco Lessons in
f)armon£ anb Compoetfton
Composer, Teacher and Director
All m usician*, w hether d irecto r, teacher,
p ian ist or vrjcalist should und erstan d H arm ony.
In stru ctio n in th is b ran ch of study should,
w henever possible, be taken from an ex p ert
teacher. H ow ever, it is not alw ays convenient,
nor poetible for one to leave town and study in
person w ith such a teacher.
For th e accom m oflaiion of such Dr. All re 1
W ooler, of Buffalo. N. Y., has perfected a m ost
thorough course m H arm ony an«l Com position
th at i* sim ple, conn»«« and practical, whleh ha
teaches successfully by mall.
If intereeted, w rite for prospectus and rates *
Qtffrefc Roofer, QYlue* ©oc.
Suite C, 322 West Utica St.,
P. 8 .— Dr. W«a»ler also corrects am ateu rs’ m usical com position»,"and
w rites music to poems. Those desiring such service m ust se n d ^ th e ir
M. 8. or poem for estim ate of coat. Prices are reaonable.