Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, June 28, 1917, Image 3

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furnish object lessons for better work in
all of our local industries hv placing the
hist product on exhibition.
Mr. C hurU nd hih I Barney Raudell ;
In th e preparation of samples of are making an extended trip over the
“ E n te re d assecond-clasa m a tte r, Nov­ cereals, the exhibitor should remove all
m ountains. They e xpeit on th e ir is-;
ember lo th , l'JOo a t the postoffiee at Clo­ leaves.
This process is known as tu rn to bring Mr. Randwll’s m o th e r and
verdale, Tillamook County, Oregon . u n ­
stripping the straw. The separate straws p e rh a p s two or th re e others.
der Act of Congress, March 3rd. 1878.
after having th e leaves removed should
Work has esm m enced in ea rne st yu ;
L>e laid into as neat bundles as possible.
SO B SC K LPrlO N K a t c s
One Year, in a d v a n c e ..........
$1 OC This can be done by laying a row of the mill at Pacific Citv. It i* being
Six M o n th s ................................................. 50 heads in an even line on a work bench thoroughly overhauled and will be an ,
Three M o n th s .............................................25
uptodate little plant.
Single C o p y .................................................05 and then laying a n o th e r row on top of
the first row with the ends of the head*
Mr. H u n te r and Mr. T urner have
A d v k r tisin g R ates
draw n back a little, possibly one-six­ been quite successful with th e ir deep-
Displayed Advertisements, 00 cents per
inch per m onth, single column. All teenth of an inch, although the exact sea fishing operations and seem to find . 1
Local Reading Notices, 10 cents per am ount varies somewhat with the crop. ready sale for th e ir catch.
line for each insertion.
For instance, th e second row of oat
Dr. Montgomery and hi* U. S. class
Tim ber land notices
$10.00 K ads could he placed a little farther
Homestead notices
of boys and girls made a trip by boat to
Political A nnouncem ent Cards
$10.00 back from the front th a n the second Cloverdale, then on foot to Hebo Sun­
row of w heat heads. This process is
day night, taking part there in some of
J ob U kcaktmrnt
continued until sufficient straws h»v»
My Jo b D epartm ent is complete in every
the exercises of th e evening.
respect and I am able to do all kinds been laid to make tlie required tbree-
Mr. Beals has begun the construction
After the «(raws are
Commercial J o b P rin tin g on short incli bundle.
notice a t reasonable prices.
laid o u t in this shape, they can bo tied of a fine new building on the eam p
_ ...
up w ith galvanised stove-pipe wire. ground, where a num ber ot campers
T H U R SD A Y . J U N E 28, 1017.
The wire is placed under the bundle : h a , e ta k e n eurlv quarters.
and the two ends crossed after which
Next Sunday will be tbe regular
The season for cam ping is delightful thev may be twisted until the band I m onthly m eeting of tfie mission. Why
and now is th e tim e to enjoy the is tight with a pair of pliers. The rough | not spend tbe dav with us? There will
beauties of the cam ping grounds of P a ­ elide are th e n cut off and th e twisted ; be m orning and evenig service.
portion of the wire which is left about
cific City and Neekowin.
Dave M( Craeken returned home from 1
one-half inch in length is bent down
It-will be to your interest to be at the even with the bundle. After the bundle Miama T hursday.
dedication of the Sour Crass Road next is tied up tightly with the wire bands,
Mr. G a rre tt captured a sealion weigh­
Saturday. D on't get drowsy on the job, the lower ends of the straw are trim m ed
ing about one ton.
be on hand and urge the building of off. The trim m in g can be done quite
A lady from Kansas is visiting here,
of other good roads, especially the hard accurately with a corn knife although
surfacing of the roads th a t the state will some prefer to use a saw. After the tin- being her lust opportunity to view
th e Pacific. W ords fail to express her!
help to bard surface.
bundle is complete it can be hung up
appreciation of this place.
Campers are a m o n th late in coming | downward on a stretched across
, You m ight a« well give it no. if von !
to the cam ping grounds hereabouts, b u t [ the room or can be tacked to the side of
i a tte m p t to leave this place du rin g the
from th e great n u m b e r th a t are see*
su m m e r yon will surely re tu rn , as has !
daily passing Cloverdale going to Pacitic
been proven h\ several of our boys.
City or Neskowin it looks as if the e x­
cess in num bers will more th a n make
taken not to strip the leaves off
u p for the lateness of th e ir a rrival,
of the plants. In the case of cereals,
Leiand E. Erwin
The laigest crowd tha t ever assembled the head is the most im p o rta n t part.
in this end of the county should be at To make the bundles of forage crop*
the dedication of th e Sour Grass road show up well, the m aterial should be
Diploma from the Chicago
S a tu rJa v . Its a big th in g and should cured in a room w here there is very
hove fo u r enthusiasm . Make a holiday
of it, aud every soul living north of the air. If the specimens are gathered and # 55 ill be in Cloverdale on Thurs- X ;
south county line be there to greet the hung up heads downward in bitndfes •
day of each week.
G overnor and others th a t will be on not exceeding six inches in diam eter at
Those desiring to take les-
the point where they are tied, they will *
c u te out nicely in such a room it con­ | 2 son* please engage a lesson period
♦ n<>w. Leave word at the Cloverdale
E v e ry o n e in this end of Tillamook ditions are provided as described above. J Hotel or write me at Tillamook.
Any information or assistance needed
County should atte n d the dedication of
Terms SJ.00 Per Lessen.
th e Sour Grass Road S aturday. Hi is will be gladly given hv your manager,
Ben K uppenbender.
will show the governor of the state and
others th a t may come with him our
Notice of Sherilf Sale.
T h re e hundred m em bers of the G irls’
in te re st in good roads and may help to
Notics is hereby given, th a t pursuant Donor Guard of Oregon, representing
liaeten th e state board to act in regard
to a writ of execution issued out of the
most of the C, or;;tni/.iMotts and 4354
to the hard surfacing of other projects
Circuit C ourt of the State of Oregon, n u m b e r s in the state, as-cm bled in
in the countv.
for th e County of Tillamook, dated the Portland (lurin'; the rose festival Inst
22nd day of J u n e , 1017, upon a judg week for the first annual convention.
m ent rendered in said Court on the
T he Pacific synod of the Evangelical
I t is beyond th e average mind to 23rd day of November, 191«, in an action
ra n church will hold its annual
um le ista nd why ^he two noted a n a r ­ wherein W .G . Dwight was plaintiff and
chists, Alexander B erkm an and E m m a B. A. kiioblovh and Ed Knohloch were convention in Portland from Ju n e 19
Goldman, have been allowed to run at defendants, in favor of the said plaintiff to .” 4 Delegates, m inisters and laymen
and against th e defendants in th e sum will be present trmn Oregon, OaII-
large these many years.
one hundred and ninety and 30 lot) fnrnia. W ashington and British Colum­
Both of them have becoin* intolerable dollars,
with interest thereon at the bia, Can.
ra te of eight per cent per a nnum from
P re se n t indications point to record
They Inure become enem ies of the August 7th, lout; in th e further sum of
U nited States governm ent, enemies of $2,5.00 a tto r n e y ’s fees and costs anil dis stra w b e rry prices for the Hood River
biusem ents in said action allowed at
our social fabric, enemies of everything ♦ Ui.20, which said execution is directed and W hite S .lnton valley this season.
th a t tLis country stands for. and yet we to me as she?iff and commands m s to The ruling quotations rem ain at from
have pe rm itte d them to remain out of sell the real property attached in said $.1.50 to J4 a crate, and local shipping
jail where they can spread their a n a r ­ action and hereinafter described to agencies are not able to meet the
satisfy the said judgm ent;
chistic and degrading lite ra tu re with
1 will, on Monday, th e 30th day of
The first arrest, of alleged slackers
im p u n ity .
July, 1917, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon
Thev have gone about the country, of said dav, a t th e north front door of in Benton county was made when
flaunting the red flag and w hat it sy m ­ the Court House in Tillamook City, Deputy S h e r iitt O. E. Holderman
tIregon, sell a t public auction to the
bolizes with th e utm ost brarenness. highest bidder for cash in band, the brought In ( harles Tassell and Clar
W hen not othei wise engaged, they c a r ­ following dc.-cubed real premises, sit­ enoe Este-’p from Alpine anil lodged
ry on their teachings of lawlessness in uated in tlie Countv of Tillamook and them in Jail pending advice from fed­
eral authorities
State of Oregon, tovvit:
New York city.
All the right, title and interest« of the
A survey of the proposed road' from
They snap th e ir fingers in the faces of said defen lants in and to the southwest
to the coast as provided in the
the courts, tear down the social ethics of q u a ite r of the northeast quarter, the
ays commission s plan for
the land and engage in practices which west half of th e southeast q u a rte r and
road im provem ent in the sta te will be
th e law of the land prohibits.
u u a rte r of section th irty -th re e , in tow n­
T hus far they have escaped anv long ship four south, range ten west of the made r.t once according to an a n ­
nouncem ent made by E. J Adarn3,
sentence in prison. The inside of jails W illam ette meridian.
te highw ay commissioner.
W L. Campbell,
they have seen, b u t they have emerged
Dr. J. Howard Miller, a well known
therefrom more bitter and more d e n u n ­
Portland and Astoria dentist, died at
ciatory against the government.
Guy Oliver, of Corvallis, private (n St. Vincent's hospital in Portland 10
Both proudly confess to be anarchists.
company K, 3d regiment. O. N. G., w„s minutes a fte r ho had fallen from a
The police know th e m to lie anarchists.
drowned in the governm ent canal at fourth story window of the Morgan
And th e W ashington governm ent are
The police express the b e ­
Celilo while In bathing.
also informed.
As the result of c o o p e ra tio n be­ lief th a t he committed rulclde.
And the wonder is th a t they were not
tween the governm ent and sta te a u ­
John M Mann m em ber of th»
■ant to prison years ago.
thorities a shad hatchery has been es house of the last legislature, and re
T heir last offense in New York has
c e r tly elected city com m issioner of
tablished at St. Helens.
p u t them in jail with bonds fixed at
George Talmer Putnam , pri’ ate sec­ Fortland. has filed hts resignation as
$25,000each. Their bail should be made
re ta ry to Governor Withycombe. has legislat or
eo high as to be prohibitive. Thev resigned, and the resignation has been combe, as the city c h a rte r prohibits
should be kept behind bars. And in the accepted by the governor.
him from holding the two offices
case now against th e m , if found guilty,
for the new
$ 50.000
The April results of the first Gen
it is hoped they will be given the limit women s dormitory building of the i tral Oregon Cow Testing association
of th e law.
University of Ore.eon was awarded to ; show a steady increase in the produc
$ If not found gniltv, Berkm an and Van Patton Sr Son. of Sab-m.
»ion of hutterf»* and It It hofed *hst
G oldm an should be deported, via the
Forty-one tkouean'l one hundred with the Improved m ethods adopted
sub m a rin e rone.
motor vehicle licenses have been is by the ass elation this Increase In
su“d so far this year, approximately j butterfat production will steadily »1
v ance.
S000 more than all of last year.
County Agent Blanchard of Crook
A class of 40 applicants was llcens
Deschu’es countie», r»ports tha t
As the time for th e Countv Fair is
worth of poison has killed about
nearing the crops are m aturing and in
jaekrabbits. at a cost of about
order to have a complete exhibition we
one half cent per rabbit, which ta one
m ust begin earlv and as it is about time
tenth of th e am ount paid by Crook
to begin gathering the grasses and forage Astoria la to h a ’ e another shipyard
The new company is to be headed by county as a bounty for each rabbit
crop the first consideration is to selsct
F. Rogers former mayor_nf Salem.
j killed.
th e beat. The object of the fa.r ¡a to
P ublished E very T h u rsd ay
Frank T aylor, E ditor and P ublisher.
(iet tli<‘ habit. Read
Tha Best Antiseptic
the story now run-
{ /
flit' Courier
hOO t ile SHOW
Saturday night.
n „
Lysepiic is completely soluahla in
water. A teaspoon full to one qu a rt of
water is the average stre ngth to be used
| for antiseptic, germicide, deoderants,
■wound*» cuts, nail punctures, mange,
1 hoof rot, m ud fever, Hce, fleas, dandruff,
shampoo, being of a soapy nature proves
very effective for washing the anim als'
, and stable utencils, and if used in gen-
Oil p.ral, improves stable conditions, infect-
! ion, among cattle, abortion, foul dis­
charge and externally to prevent the
spread of diseases.
3niiahlADruQgist, Tillamook, Ore.
rm » i
Quality Counts
In ever lin e of M e rc h a n d is e , h u t n o n e
m o r e e s p e c i a l l y t h a n in
Our l a r g e stock is in everv instance the Best that c a n Le liad
a n d our aim will be to keep the high standard up.
Builders’ Hardware,
Shell and Heavy Hardware
Stoves, Rang<\% Farm and
(¿unirli Tools
And everything usually kept in a first-class lu m in are store, and
all goods are of the best quality.
Alex McNair & Co., TUlamook,Ore.
Correspondence Lessons in
2 E )a r m o n £ a n b C o m p o o t it o n
Composer, Teacher and Director
All musicians, w hether director, teacher,
pianist or vocalist should understand H arm ony.
Instruc tion in this branch ot study should,
whenever possible, he taken from an e xpert
teacher. However, it is not always convenient,
nor possible for one to leave town and study in
person with such a teacher.
For the accommodation of such Dr. Alfred
Wooler, of Buffalo N. Y., has perfected a most
thorough course in H arm ony and Composition
th a t is simple, concise and practical, which he
teaches successfully by mail.
If interested, write for pr «pectus and rates.
Wfrefc Tfroofer, QYlue. ©oc.
Suite C, 322 West Utica St.,
p. 3 Dr. Wooler also corrects am ite u rs’ musical composition«, and
w rites music to poems. Chose desiring such service m ust »end their
M. 8. or poem for e stim ate of cost,. Prices are n sonable.
( T M e G O O D J V O O r F IM O S W -B T O B A C C O P O P U L A M
------------------------^ » T T H E P O O T K X C H S M Q t , j 1 ~
jco tO M E L .t
m c s i 'D
you ’ __
s e r o e am t
it « p p
, y O ' jR L O y a u r y l
Ec i a r p D I s h a l l
I l '
'"OUR soldirr i; a!! I->t::,inr«:% from re\ct1!c to 1*09
—no room for ex cess baggage w ith him. H e has
no use for a big plug of course leaf, ail loaded up with
heavy syru p —what F ew a. ¡'3 is tobacco satisfaction. T he
little sappy clu w t,{ W -B ( 3UT checks ur> w :th his idea
of what’s £ o < h 1. Out on 7 lonely outpost, it’s mighty
sociable and ETtisfyinJ; and toy, how it d o ts Iasi!
$L<k by WEVMAfi-BZL’TCN COMPANY, 11C7 B re,d-.T, B-w Tori City