Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, June 28, 1917, Image 1

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The Nestucca Valley First,
Last and all the
NO. 48
VOL. j 2.
s i Story of Imcrtca
F irstf Unmasking
America's Secret Foes
Novelized From the Motion Picture
Serial of the Same Xante
Released by Pathe
/? A
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Capt. Ralph Payne, U. S A., is given se­
cret plans of defense to deliver to Pana­
ma. He attends a ball at the Granada em­
bassy with Colonel Dares' daughter,
Pearl. As a climax to a series of mys­
terious incidents he Is arrested for trea­
son. The ambassador of Granada is found
dead and the plans missijig from Payne's
coat. Major Brent, Payne's rival, enters
Into auspicious negotiations with Bertha
Bonn. Pearl Dare follows a burglar from
her home; is drugged and left in a lit Id.
and later overhears plotters, who almost
capture her. Payne is sentenced to lire
imprisonment. A train carrying Pearl,
Bertha Bonn and Payne on his way to
irison is wrecked and Pearl sees Payne's
ifeless body at her feet. She meets a
mysterious stranger who offers her his
services to trace the traitors. She learns
that he has the plans. Pearl finds Adams
in Washington and learns of his peculiar
actions. Adams warns Senator Warfield
that he is in danger from a ring of spies
While they talk the senator’s office is
attacked by conspirators.
Somewhere in Granada.
For several seconds no one stirred.
All stared atflAdams in sheer amaze­
ment. It was Toko who broke the sus­
pense by entering and whispering to
Miss Dare.
Pearl rooked at her chauffeur blank­
ly. “ Where— here? Did she give you
her name?”
Toko shook his head.
Miss Dare excused herself and
stepped Into the corridor. There a
haughty and stylishly dressed young
woman aw.aited her.
Pearl immediately recognized the
girl whom she had seen when the
corpse o f Captain Payne was discov­
ered at the railroad wreck.
“ You are Miss Dare, I believe?”
Pearl bowed formally. “ And you?”
Tier caller smiled faintly. “ Is the
name of Miss Bertha Bonn unfamiliar
to you?"
“ I regret to say that it is. Please
be brief for I am engaged. I saw you
at the railroad wreck yesterday,
didn't I?”
"Yes," said Bertha Bonn, abruptly.
"That has something to do with my
visit to you here— yiat and this.” She
took from her mesh bag a slim, oblong
packet and a sealed note. “ Do you
recall the strange man with the lan­
tern who helped you to identify Cap­
tain Payne?”
A thrill shot through Pearl. “ Ad­
ams !” she gasped before she could
restrain herself.
“ Yes— is he here?”
Pearl eyed her suspiciously, “ lie
is. Do you wish to communicate to
him through me?”
Bertha placed the packet and note
in Miss Dare's hand. “ Not ten min­
utes ago I received a visitor at my
apartment in the ITr*ol Wilton," she
explained. “ lie w;;s dress» d in the
uniform o f n Senate Building guard
and was very much upset. He to!4 me
that a grave injustice was being done
to a man by the nrme o f T. t >. Adams
of Monks Corner. Nebraska, and that
if I came here immediately and deliv­
ered these things to you it would prob­
ably be the means o f saving his life.
He gave me a written order o f admis­
sion. So here I am.”
“ Why. o f all persons, were you cho­
sen ns his messenger?” was all Pearl
could think o f saying in that sur­
prising moment.
Thus far Bertha had spoken the
truth. But now she became evasive.
The return o f her locket containing
Major Brent's photograph, so neces­
sary in Bertha Bonn’s scheme c f con­
quest, had been promised her if site
would perform this mission and p r o
j ceed without delay to the originally
appointed retjdezvou.; at the Paso del
Norte on the Granadian frontier.
“ I cannot answer that question. I,
too, thought it strange.”
Pearl was at a less as to what to
io with her visitor. Just then her fa ­
ther, Colonel Dare, hastened down the
corridor, an expression ot relief ap­
pearing on his anxious countenance
upon sight of her. Site introduced
Bertha, who repeated her story. Upon
the Colonel's suggestion the three re­
turned to the waiting group in Senator
Warfield's office. ,
By a curious irony Bertha Bonn was
requested to occupy a chair next to
Major Brent.
Again she told her story under the
«harp _ cross-questioning
Steele of the army intelligence bureau,
conducting the inquiry. Senator War-
field listened with mouth agape; Toko
with natural Interest in anything per­
taining to Miss D are; Adams with
bland and speculating attention.
Pearl gave the packet and note to
Major Steele, which ho in turn banded
to Adams.
“ Open them 1” he ordered.
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fsjor Brent Receives a Bouquet and
a Message.
M;ij< r Tirenl Inlerposed an objec­
tion, leaping to his feet aud taking the
center of ti'e room.
“ This is nn extremely singular and
irregular affair, colonel!” he exclaimed,
aiming addressing his superior.
‘Who knows what those envelopes
•ontain? This man who is under sus­
picion should not be permitted to
open them !”
A ll eyes were turned upon the major
and in that absorbing second or two
Adams, stepping back a pace, ex­
changed the packet in his hand with
ae irmn his imiA coat pocket. The
notion was unobserved.
“ Open them > -ur.-eif, then,” growled
Major Steele, turning to Adams, who
iKsod the things in Ills baud to Major
Bri ut.
As everyone save Adams drew near
■i' him, Major Brent continued to show
shntmn and doubt as to the wisdom
f this procedure. But at a nod from
Colonel Dare lie did as he had been
The note was opened first.
“ Keep out of our affairs hereafter,”
it rea l. It was signed under the sil­
houette o f a masked man:
Next came the packet. T o the aston-
shiiiont o f all it contained Senator
Warfield’s summarized military pre­
paredness file with the theft o f which
¡hey had charged Adams. A hasty
examination showed it to be damp, as
from a copying press.
“ I warned you, senator," drawled
Adams; "I w-warned you.”
“ By Jove, you d id !" acknowledged
the senator warmly. lie stepped up to
Adams and grasped his hand. “ I owe
you an apology. Will you accept It?"
"S-sure,” beamed Adams; nnd to his
evident embarrassment and surprise,
the others followed the senator’s ex­
ample, even Major Steele.
"I guess you’re not the man we’ re
after, after all,” declared the latter,
appraising him.
“ I g gla ss you’re right there,” stam­
mered Adams. “ What’s more, you'd
b-bi tter gif me in on this thing— that’s
what I told this little g-girl here,” In­
dicating Miss Dare, who, with her
father nnd Senator Warfield, closely
followed the conversation, Brent, Ber­
tha nnd Toko having left the room.
“ What do you mean by that?" Inter-
I ised Colonel Dare, smiling at the fa­
miliarity Adams assumed in his ref-
erenee to his daughter.
In ttie awe of the simple for brass
buttons, Adams replied: “ I got a n-nn-
tion. colonel, that I kin help your
«laughter to s-solve the riddl«* almiit
her .lend hcjiu. T that's what I told
her. She w-wouldn't h«‘iir I«* It. She
g-got an Idea that I was some chap
«he called ’T ie Silent Menaee’ that
'pears t-to he behind all these here
«loin’s, like this frinstanee. The hull
f-truth Is I pick up a lot o f dope,
waitin’ around in hotel cafes, harber-
ing nod t-telegraph operating and serh
like. People thick Pin a doggone fool
because I stutter snd pay no attention
to me. Now, w-what I ’d like to do— ”
lie reflected a moment— “ Pd llk e to jin e
the army, and b-be attached to you sort
of like— ”
“ Your orderly, father,” whispered
Pearl, to whoiu the suggestion ap­
The colonel nodded. So did Major
Steele. So did Senator Warfield.
“ That’s it," concluded Adams. “ Then
I could watch a-after this gill here."
Pearl giggled.
“ 1 like her," declared Adams In ft
And so it hnppened that within the
next few days T. O, Adams of Monks
Corner, Neb., became orderly to
Colonel Richard Dare o f the Seventy-
first Engineers, U. S. A.
The government now began to take
some heed to Pearl Dare’s assertions
o f a foreign alliance scheming to in­
volve anti at tlie same time cripple
the country in war.
The cnnal-
defpnse plans had been stolen, the na­
tional preparedness budget had boon
stolen, copied and returned— what
government secret next would be re­
vealed to hostile eyes? Every branch
of the secret service department was
called into play to ferret the intriguers
out of their apparently Impregnable
disguises nnd positions of security.
Events thickened. Fretted by our
alien laws, the Orient, whose glittering
eyes w ere fastened upon our Asiatic
possessions, kept us In ti constant ex­
pectancy. With Canada, our northern
neighbor, we had no difficulty except
that by her we were not regarded
wi»h the old-time friendliness; rather
were we In disfavor because of our
neutral position with all powers then
at war In Europe, of which her mother
country was one. (in our southern ex­
posure we were always in lint w ater;
and now added fire had been heaped
under the troublesome diplomatic
kettle nnd Grnnuda was boiling.
As a precautionary measure Colonel
Dare and his staff were detailed south
to quietly establish base patrols on the
conduct was concerned, the confidence
of the Dares seemed to have been war­
ranted. Unknown to nnyoue, however,
except 11" •» foreign alliance, Adams
was really not what lie represented
himself to be, or ut least was open to
serious doubts as to the patriotic side
of his diam eter. For Adams was the
possessor o f the secret canal-defense
much speculated-about
military document was In the slim. ol>-
lotig packet brought to him by Bertha
Bonn in the committee room of Sena­
tor Warfield. It from the foreign
alliance, who, by their own etror,
thought they had sent him a copy,
when too late realizing Mieir mistake,
for the lak In the plans hud faded en­
tirely, rendering them Illegible until
another chemical application could be
made. This, for the time being, it was
Impossible to do because no one pos-
•‘■sed tjie chemical formula. Adams,
."or reasons o f ills owq, hid the docu­
ment In his military belt, lie thought
that he alone knew where it had been
T o Major Brent the southern detail
was a most welcome one, for he looked
upon It as an opportunity to be re­
lieved o f the constant persecution o f
Berths Bonn who seldom let a day
puss without making an olTort to be­
guile him and finally threatened to
expose their affair to Pearl Dare.
As well i,my lie Imagined, therefore,
when on leaving Washington on the
long overland ‘Journey, Brent ran
cross the girl o.n his train and dlscov-
■ red tlml she also was hound f o r tile
Granadian frontier, his rage knew no
bounds, lie beem ie po.-sc c d o f one
Idea how to evade her forever.
The circa; islaiic s were more tlcn
startling when that way opened. Hi.«
, iriy had arrived and were domiciled
at Fort Gordon, a military post of
strategic value, adjacent, to the com-
Adams Becomes the Colonel's Orderly.
<>r»lia<llnti frontier and meet and eon- t . .ulty nf Paso q
N*»rte. He had
fer with the American consul, whose gone to the hotel to prevent a meet­
passports had been handed to hirn by ing between Pearl arid Bertha, which
the Granadian government. Miss Pearl the latter had succeeded in conuiving
Pare, with Toko and the big touring for that night.
ear. aecompunted them.
«1 at a rorner tnble In the pule
To Orderly Adams, It must he ad- basement bar, Brent bolstered his
mltted, the orders to go south ram«* «'i.iiiuge Hth a Julep,
as though they bad been long expected,
Brent ¡vas in tli» net o f lighting n
ur.d he prepared. As h soldier he hud elgarettr w lien a faint slinrlow crept
developed with remarkable aptitud» upon ttv wall in fron t o f him and a
snd was eager to see real servie». As
a private Individual, so far a* his own (
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