Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, May 17, 1917, Image 3

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3L 0V ER D A L E COURIER ers will be placed upon United
Published Every Thursday
Frank Taylor, Editor and Publisher.
“ E n te re d as second-class m a tte r, Nov­
em ber 13th, 1905 a t th e post office atC lo -
verdale, Tillam ook C ounty, O re g o n ,u n ­
der Act of Congress, M arch 3rd, 1878.
S u b sc r iptio n R a in s
States farms and will be obliged
to work for their board and pos­
sibly receive some compensation
in addition. When this proposi­
tion is placed squarely before the
German government, it can use its
own discretion whether it desires
to destroy its own ships and its
own people.
One Y ear, in a d v a n c e ..................... f t . 0C
Six M o n th s ..................................................50
T hree M o n th s............................................. 25
Single C o p y ................................................. 05 D " ™. —
■ ■
A d v e r t is in g R ates
Displayed A dvertisem ents, 60 cen ts per |
inch per m o n th , single colum n. All i
Local R eading N otices, 10 cents per
line for each insertion.
T im ber la n d notices
H om estead notices
Political A nnouncem ent C ards
sian Revolution
+ * 4- + * * * *
In the Arena
of Sports
+ +•> + *
* **❖
left th e duraa,
w here he had been w orking hard for
I days to bring about a change In the
governm ent w hich had endured w ith ­
out break fo r m any centuries. Calling
a droskv. ho ent> red it. telling th e
J ob D epa r t m e n t
coachm an to drive him to his home,
My Jo b D ep artm en t is com plete in every
respect an d I am able to do all kinds
am i th ro w in g him self back on tbe cush­
C om m ercial J o b P rin tin g on sh ort
Among th e players on whom the Bos­ ion behind him , cl< sod bis eyes and re­
notice a t reasonable prices.
ton A m ericans rely to again win the m ained in a position d enoting ex h au s­
_____________________________ p eu n an t is th e veteran L arry G ardner, tion till th e vehicle drew up before his
sterlin g th ird basem an. L arry is a n a ­ house on a bread av en u e lining the
T H U R S D A Y . MAY 17, 1917.
tive of Vermont an d a g ra d u a te o f the Neva. D escending from th e drosky, he
U niversity of Verm ont. H e signed paid th e d riv e r his fare and entered
Some of our representatives a t 1 w ith tbe Red Sox in 1808, spent a sea- his home.
H e w as mot In the hall by bis d au g h ­
gave Wall Street!
te r M arya, a girl not 1 ng tu rn ed sev­
wheat gamblers a hunch the fore I
enteen. w as a typical Russian.
H er eyes w ere n pale blue, h er com ­
part of this week. One senator went
plexion soft w h ite w ith a f int tinge of
so far as to intimate tha t a con­
rose, her h a ir so light th a t had It not
tinuance ot gambling in foodstuffs
been for ber yo u th fu l face it m ight
have alm ost been m i-tak en for the
might result in the gambler being
w hiteness of age.
hanged to a lamppost.
“Oh, fa th e r,” she said, "1 am so glad
th a t you have come. S r g lu s Ivano-
The I W. W.’s are bad enough,
vitoh is In F etrepr. d. his regim ent
having a rriv ed last night. H e has beau
but they will rank as a aoterie of
to see me and boas me to Intercede
angels along side of the bunch of
w ith you to gain your consent to our
wheat speculators who are m a n ­
betro th al.”
"W hy do you trouble m e about this
ipulating the market and causing
m atter." replied the fa th e r angrily, “at
foodstuffs to reach such a price as |
such a tln u ? Do you not know th a t
to be prohibitive to the poor men,
w e are on the eve of a consum m ation
efforts th a t leave been w orking for
women and children.
h alf n cen tu ry to throw off the des­
potism w hich sucks the lifeblood of
our people? Besides, It Is im possible
th a t you, the descen d an t of a 1 mg line
No one need fear tha t be is go­
of nobles, slioul^ unite w ith a com­
ing to interfere with the co un try ’s
m oner.’’
prosperity by economizing to the
“B ut, papa, a re you n o t w orking for
the cause o f th e people?”
very limit in respect of food of
“Yes, b u t th a t is no reason why 1
every kind. There is one phase of P h o to by A m erican P re ss A ssociation.
should tak e one of th e people into my
this matter of which everybody is
fam ily.”
“ Sergius fs an officer, th e youngest
agreed. There cannot be too much son In the New E ngland league, was
economy in the purchase and use recalled the n e s t year and has since captnin in his regim ent.”
“ H e w as a common soldier In the
of foodstuffs. There is a food played fo r the Boston club. In all ranks."
around value to his team G ardner
“ And w as prom oted on account of
shortage throughout the world and ranks high. He Is a splendid fielder
Ids having m ore inductive ev er Ids com­
it is the patriotic duty of every and an excellent batsm an, besides be­ rad
es th a n all t'.e o ther < Ulcers of the
person to produce a9 much food as ing speedy on th e bases. He bats left regim ent together."
handed and throw s right handed.
"E nough. I h a te neith er tim e nor
possible and to consume no more
Inclination to argue w ith you on this
than is necessary for health and
Rabbit and Nemo.
point w hile engaged in th e g reat work
T he sh o rtest players In the m ajor of pulling dow n the to tte rin g bureau
The use of common
th is y ear are Rabbit M aran- cracy. You k ir w th a t th e c ra r, a w a re
sense will go a lonR way towaid I leagues
vtlle. sh o rtsto p o f th e Boston Braves, of o u r efforts to free Rtrvsin, dissolved
solving the problem. Don’t be ex­ and Nemo Leihold. one of the outfield­ the rep resen tativ e ns ctnMy w hich w e
ers of tb e Chicago W hite 8ox. Both w rung from him in th e la st revolution.
travagant and d o a ’t be miserly.
are five feet five iuches tall and weigh You know th a t w e refused to be dis­
Just 150 pounds. F u rtherm ore, they solved. T his from tli> g o vernm ent's
w ere born in 1892 nnd each began his point of view Is revolution, treason.
The government crop report, professional care e r tn 1011 Miller H u g ­ H ad th e czar th e pow er Ids predeces­
made public recently, shot wheat gins. who wound tip active work on sors had m e re m em ber of th e duraa
tbe diam ond last season, is five feet would e ith e r be sen t to Siberia o r ex e­
and flour to record prices. The re­ four Inches tall.
cuted. Even as it it, rem em ber th a t
port is very discouraging in this,
your fa th e r is in Jeopardy, i f w e suc­
Mack's New Scout.
ceed w e will free or.r c o u n try ; if we
of all years, when a great output
Connie Mack has a new scout In the fail we will be proscribed. O ur chains
of food from the earth is desirable. person of F at F lah erty , once n fam ous j Will be so riveted th a t th e sledge of a
Winter wheat is the least promis­ m ajo r league southpaw . F lah erty has i T itan cannot break th em .”
“ But surely you will w in."
ing of any year since 1888 with the finished coaching the A thletics' young
pitchers and Is now looking over prom
“Not If t V czar con tin u es to pour
exceptions of 1904.
ising recru its who m ay be tu rn ed loose troops Into the capital. All au to cratic
The doleful outlook should not by th e o th er big league team s. Fla governm ents are supported by bayo­
interfere with the summer crops, h erty as head sleuth for Mack tak es nets. T h e oUL ers a re usually chosen
the place of Ira T hom as, who ha» per
from the a risto cratic classes, and the
but it should be an incentive for m anently left th e employ of th e A th ­ officers control th e men. W hen the
everyone in a position to do so. to letics.
w ar began the bureaucracy controlled
e appointm ent of officers and took
put into tbe ground crops which
• Quinn 8uecaeda Rickay.
care to appoint those upon whom they
will yield other foodstuffs and off­ R obert Quinn, who has been prom i­ could rely to support the throne. Many
set the falling off in winter wheat. nently identified w ith baseball fo r m any of th ese officers have gone dow u in the
We must steel ourselves to the years through his connection w ith the struggle w ith tbe c e n tra l pow ers, and
Columbus chib o f the Am erican associ­ th e ir places have been Gib'd by men
situation and make up our minds ation, has been engaged as business from th e people
“ It Is to lie supposed th a t the czar
to offset this discouraging condi­ m anager of the St. Louis Browns, suc­
concentrated such regim ents In
P etro g rad as are officered by a su per­
Foundation of Japan.
fluity of men upon whom lie can rely.
Every Feb. 11 Is celebrated In Jap an We are secretly a rran g in g for a coup
If present plans are carried out the great annual festival of K lgenset- d'etat. Tom orrow m orning the people
will tu rn out In tb e stre e ts anil dem and
tbe United States will give Ger­ su. th e ann iv ersary o f th e foundation fo<id. T heir clam or will Increase till
of the em pire by th e first em peror.
ma ny an opportunity to shoot Jim m u Tenno, B. C. 6oO. T he J a p a ­ the troops are railed upon to quell the
down her own boats and her own nese reckon th e ir presen t era as from disturbance. T h a t will be th e critical
m om ent. The revolution will com ­
people if she desires. Tbe German th is date, and It w as Feb. 11. 1889, th a t mence, and Us success depends upon
boats lying in our porta are to be! M utsuhlto, the one hundred and tw en- 1 w hether th e troops can be relied upon
used for carrying supplier across ty-flrst of the d y n asty, prom ulgated to shoot down th e revolution! ts. Now,
the present constitution of th e em pire my child, I m ust get som e re-1. I have
tbe water and in raturn will bring of Jap an , th e fu n d am en tal principle not slept for tw o nights. Do not m en­
tha prisoner* captured by the of w hich Is clearly stated In Its first tion again the nam e of C aptain Ivano
entente allies to this country on article. “T he em pire of Ja p a n shall 1** vlti h I will never consent to a union
reigned over and governed by a line of betw een you and any man who Is not
the return trip. The difficulty em perors unbroken from sees e te rn a l.’’ > your equal In social rao k ."
with wihch food is to be obtained Tbe organization o f a p arliam ent took | T he fa th e r w as about to tu rn aw ay
w hen the d au ghter stopped him.
in France and England, makes a place In 1899
“ But. ra p a ." she sa<d anxiously. “Is
A B oom erang.
shift of the prisoners desirable be­
not th is a too d a rn e r ms move in which
"You m ade a fool o f me.”’ exclaim ed
you are engaged? W hat course will
cause England and France will
tbe angry husband
our generals at th e front tak e? W ill
thus he relieved of the obligation
"M y d e a r,’’ calm ly rejoined bia b et­ they not pro tect the czarina and ber
of feeding them, and have that te r half, “you seem to have forgotten children w ith tb e lr liv e s '"
The czarina cried M ik h a il? angrt
much more for their own troop* th a t you have alw ay s posed as a s e lf,
m ade man. '—Indianapolls S tar.
|y. " I t U th is Gcifmau w om an who
♦ An Incident oi the Rus
o- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A
How the Scale ♦ t
Was Turned ♦
and people.
The German prison-
bus b r.u g h t ubout th is grav e crisis. w ho a re sim ply dem anding bread th a t
, She bus been furnishing our euemlea U denied them by th e bureaucracy,
w ith iuforu-Atlou of our m ovem ents you shall first kill me."
T here w ere sounds of th e dropping of
and o u r necessities. T hrough her In­
fluence tra in s laden w ith our stores th e b u tts o f rid es along th e Hue. first a
have been sent from w est to ea st in ­ few. th en an Increase, follow ed by
stead of from east to w est. In loagua hau d red s together. T h en th e w ork­
w ith tb e detestab le R asp u tin she has men advanced and shook hands w ith
baffled th e efforts of those very gen­ th e soldiers, and th e crls^i hud passed.
erals a t th e fro u t who you ure th in k ­
T h e ev eu ts of th a t m em orable day
followed In rap id succession, and the
ing m ay protect her.
“ It is they w ho have called upon us u ex t day it w as announced th a t th e
long line of R ussian ru lers, including
! here to bring about th is revolution,
j They have arran g ed th a t th e ezar shall so m any despots—I r a n th e T errible.
he arrested uud forced to ab d icate fo r C atherine, w hose im m oral c h aracter
him self uud for his sou. T he m em ­ had so stain ed th e Im perial e r m in e -
bers of the im perial fam ily are to be had fo r th e first tim e been broken if
held prisoners In the palace. T he b est not ended.
S tephan M ikhailof, w ho w en t to
men in Russia are w atching and w a it­
sleep a t his hom e the n ig h t l>efore th e
ing to form a new governm ent."
W hile M ikhailof bud been talking revolution, did uot aw aken till th e n ex t
M arya had been listening Intently, ut afternoon. l i e w as aroused by shouts
, th e sam e tim e th in k in g o f h e r lover, and cheers w ithout. G oing to a w in­
who on th e m orrow w ould ta k e p art dow. he saw a large concourse of peo­
lu this g reat m ovem ent, anxious both ple sta n d in g In the street looking up at
his house, liaisin g th e sash, he bent
for him and her fath er.
Stephan M ikhailof stag g ered u p stairs fo rw ard and, looking dow n, saw th a t
to his room nnd w ithout rem oving his th e c e n te r of th e c r o w d s attra c tio n
clothes th rew him self on th e bed nnd wus mi officer in uniform stan d in g on
th e landing of th e step s leading up to
w as asleep th e m om ent he touched it.
A few m inutes late r th ere wap a tb e fro n t door. W hile th e crow d w aved
sum m ons at tbe street door, nnd C ap­ h a ts and handkerchiefs th e officer w as
tain Ivanovlteh en te re d the house. bow ing his acknow ledgm ents.
M ikhailof, h a rin g been clothed, w as
M arya joined him Im m ediately.
I “H ave you seen your fath e r? " th e sufficiently presen tab le to go dow n­
s ta irs to learn w bat all th is m eant.
captain asked anxiously.
“ Yes," replied M arya In n voice th a t H e w as m et by his dau g h ter.
"W ho Is th e officer w ith o u t?" ho
trem bled.
"Ho has refu sed Ills con­
“ Sergius Ivanovlteh.”
M arya ran over w hat h e r fa th e r had
"A nd w hy Is th e crow d cheering
told her ns to th a t w hich w as expected
to occur th e next day.
W hen she
"B ecause, pnpn, w hile you b a re been
had finished she asked her lover
w hether, w hen th e revolution occurred, asleep th e re has been n revolution.
T he tu rn in g point cam e w hen Sergius’
the troops w ould fire on th e people.
“T h at is a m a tte r of u n certain ty . regim ent w as ordered to fire on some
T h e men nre In sy m p ath y w ith th* w orkm en. I t w as at an aim , ready
to mow- dow n the rebels, w hen Sergius
crow ds they will be ordered to shoot
betw een th e regim ent and the
dow n. Some of the officers are revolu*
en and told th e soldiers th a t If
tlonists, and som e a re loyal to the czar.
they fired on m en who w ere sim ply d e­
T his Is the case in my regim ent, nnd I
m anding bread dented th em by the bu
believe it Is tru e of the others unless
reau eracy th ey m u st first kill him.
U m ay lie som e of th e m ore a risto ­
T h at tu rn ed th e scnle. The w orkm en
cratic com m anders, w here th e officers
and th e soldiers fraternized, and from
all support the bureaucracy. Success
th a t m om ent regim ent a fte r regim ent
or failure dep -lids u ^ mji w h e th e r th e
took the p a rt o f the people."
people o r tb e b ureaucracy can win over
M ary a's last w ords w ere drow ned by
th e troops to th eir side."
a prolonged cheer w ithout. C aptain
Tvanovitch tu rn ed and entered the
T h e n e x t m orning th ere w as a feel- house. T he crow d dispersed
la g In F etro g rad th a t m om entous
Ivanovlteh. seeing M ikhailof, paused.
events w ere to be enacted. F o r a long
’T ie cam e to see tr.». p a p s." sold
w hile sp eculators hud tied up food o r M arya, “and th e crow d followed him
th e railroads had been overburdened here.”
tra n sp o rtin g m u n itio n s o f w ar, or th e
“I t a p p e a rs,” said M ikhailof to the
bureaucracy, w hich m u st receive lta cap tain , “th a t w hile I ha*o been sleep­
eop from th e sale of e v e ry th in g th e ing th e revolution has tak en nluce and
people needed, had been w orking Its you h a re perform ed no sm all p a rt or
gam e. A t any ra te , w hile R ussia w ae It."
su rfe itin g In provisions th ere w as a
"H e stepped In at th e crisis," said
d e a rth of eatab les in P etro g rad . C row ds M arya, “and brought th e soldiers to
began to collect In th e streets, and espouse th e cause of th e people."
such places ns w ere Intended fo r th e
“You m ean I turned m y regim ent to
sale of food w ere surrounded. I t th e cause of th e people." said Sergius
seem ed th a t every one living In th e m odestly.
cap ital w as Interested In w h at w as
M ikhailof advanced to Ivanovlteh
going on. Then reg im en ts of soldiers and. p u ttin g both arm s about him,
w ere m arched through th e thorough­ kissed him , according to th e R ussian
fares to positions to w hi^h they had custom , first on one cheek, then on the
been assigned. As th ey passed tbe other.
crow ds they w ere cheered, and they
answ ered the sa lu te s good n a tu red ly . O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Q
But th e ir com m ander» rem ained rigid. O
T he troops of th e — th regim ent, of O
w hich Sergius Ivnnovlt h w as a cap ­ o
tain, w ere ordered to nttai-k a num ber o
T he m ost holv bond o f society O
of laborers w ho had revolted. T h e ir I o Is friendship. It has been well o
colonel, hav in g d raw n them up in line, * o said by a ahrew d sn tlrlst tliHt. o
gave th e ord er to aim nnd w as ab o u t I o “ra re ns tru e love Is. tru e friend- o
to follow It w ith Ihe w ord “ F i r e ! " ! O ship ts still ra re r."—M ary Well- O
w hen C aptain Ivnnovlfch stepped o u t | o sto n ecraft.
before tlie soldier» nnd s tl«f:
“.Sol Hers, 1.’ you o:i th ese tneai, o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o