Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, March 29, 1917, Image 4

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A Strange
_____ £______________
W hen John Dowling retired from tlie
police, a t a dinner giveu him he told
the following story:
"Most of you will rem em ber the
Charuley m urde r case. A fter a mouth
had passed and we had given out ev­
ery day or so th a t we were on the
track of the m u rd e re r and would get
him suit- the public begun to lose con­
fidence and the papers were full of
a< athlng re m a rk s about the police. An
election for city oilioers w a s coming
on, and th e chief told me one duy to
drop e verything else and work on the
Charuley case, Intim ating th a t the ad-
m inistration’s control depended on my
discovering th e murderer.
“1 did a hard lot of thinking on the
problem. Indeed. 1 begun to fear that
If 1 kept on 1 would ru n Into mouomu-
uutniu. I walked the tloor nights tr y ­
ing to p u t this and tha t together to
construct u theory of the murder. So
my w ife put me hi a room by myself
w here I could prowl without waking
her or the children.
"One nig h t a fte r the usual brain
racket 1 fell Into u slumber. 1 don’t
know how long 1 slept, hut 1 think It
was about a n hour. Then 1 woke up
and sta rte d ut seeing a man standing
by my bed.
••‘Come With me,’ tie said, ’and l -ll
p u t you on to an explanation of the
Charuley m urder.’
"1 Jumped out of lied, bustled on my
clothes, strapped on my revolver—for
despite my anxiety to get the Inform a­
tion he promised 1 did not forget tha t
he hud come Into my house w ithout
being adm itted, a n d l was som ew hat
suspicious of him and followed him
¿lowiistuirs. A horse and buggy were
standing a t the door. We climbed Into
the vehicle, the fellow whipped up the
horse, und olT we went.
“1 was so Im patient and curious to
know w h a t w as coining that 1 tried to
pum p It out of him, but It's mouth
w as shut like an oyster, and never a
word «ltd he speak from the time we
sta rte d till we pulled up lit front of
the house In which Charuley’s bob.'
had been found the morning lifter tin
murder. 1 knew It was that house,
though 1 d id n ’t know any one of the
family of the m urdered man. It ha.I
been sh u t up since the tragedy, but
now there w ere lights tn every part
“ My companion alighted, led me to
the house and, opening the front door
for tne, bade m e enter. What became
of him a f te r tha t 1 don't know. I
didn't see him again, unless one of the
persons about whom 1 aiu going to tei'
you w as he.
"H e a rin g voices mingled with sobs
upstairs, 1 ran up and stood ip an
opening on th e second tloor. looking
Into a bedroom through an open door
Ou a couch lay the llgure of a man.
hut a n u m b e r of persons were crowd
lug about him so tha t 1 could not see
his face. A young woman wus on her
knees beside the couch, hysterically
clinging to the body, while another
w om an w as trying to draw her away.
A m an w as standing spurt, wringing
his hands. 1 stepped Into the room,
and the moment he saw me lie col­
lapsed. T he woman trying to draw
the girl aw a y from the body turned
and, seeing me, uttered n shriek. Then
Bhe dropped on her knees before me.
amt betw een her sob* said:
" ‘h o u ’t ta k e Mill! He made a terrible
mistake. Oli. w hy didn't I confide m
hlui? Let me explain, and when you
know bow we suffer at w ha t lias o c ­
curred I am sure you will not add t >
our misfortune. Tills I* my Intimate
friend' pointing to tin- girl beside the
couch. ’She was i.isrrle 1 clandestinely
to the man who lies t tere. T he m a r
Huge could not be publii tied because
her full e r would disinherit her. I per­
mitted them to meet here. My bus
band was s w a y nml did not know H ers
was here tills evening, und she w as e x ­
pected. My husband rum e home s u d ­
denly and found him here with me,
w aiting for her. Mad with jealousy,
w ithout giving us time to explain, he
seized u heavy glass ornam ent and
brought It dow n on th e victim's head.
Please go aw ay from here and any
nothing. We are the only ones who
know of the tragedy.’
"1 was thinking w hat I could say to
the woman to m ake It easy for her—
for I felt obliged to rei>ort th e m a tte r
—w hen th e lights w eut out and left
me in darkness.
"I was aw akened In the morning by
m.v wife In my own room from a heavy
sleep or stupor, I don’t know which.
She could only get me up by telling uie
1 would l>e late In reporting. I man
aged to get tutu Uiv clothes, swallowed
a cup of coffee and went to bt adquar-
“ I thought th e m a tte r over th a t day
and th e next told the chief th a t I had
failed to find a clew to the f b a r n le y
m urder and advised him to keep feed
Ing the public with stories of clews t'll
a f te r electlou and then let th e matter
Now th a t 1 have unburdened
l Wwuldut lulud hearing w hat
i you think about It.”
Odici ti round I iuir
L* il i*. .• >ne òd J PROFESSIONAL
“ Who do you think v a s the man
Nati.mal Bld.
P. O. Box 147
who took you to the bouse?" asked
Ti'lamook Abstract Cciryany
With Ito!He Watson
“ I don’t like to sr.y, biP my suspicion
i) he was tin* m urdered m il!.’’
T hus . C oztsm . P besident .
"I.’id a nythin» e ver come out a b o u t
e o M ru rrc s e t o r abstract books
the m urder?" asked another.
“ N< t th a t I evpr heard.”
o r Tru-AVOOK c o c .v r t. o s m io *.
T he consensus of oplnii n was thai
Howling had thought ko much shot»»
the- Charuley ca.-e t !■ t he had (’:<. • c l
it all.
A few years Inf»r a men on h'
L. V. E B E R H A R D , Manager.
death! ed confessed tha t be hud Mile
Charuley Ly nJM ake through jealous» Complete Set of A bstracts of the Record.'
whl« h w as line.-. Ped for.
of Tillamook Countv, Oregon.
Conveyancing, Etc.
Right Back at Her.
“Docs your husband allow you to
Opp. Coort House.
Tillamook, Ore.
have things charged a t the stores?"
“Oh, 1 think he would, but”—
“ But the stores wouldn't. Is that
whut you wore going to add?"
“Oh, no. I was going to say th a t he
Tillanook, Oro.
gives me plenty of money with which
Write for L iterature.
Co pay cash. Does yours?”—Buffalo
L. S. EÜSHEECK, Proprietor.
A bstract» on Short Noticc
by thè
Tillamook Undertaking Co.
K. N. H E N K E L , Proprietor.
N ight a m i Day calls
ntom ptly a ttended.
Next Poor to Jones-K nudson F u ru itc r#
The E83t Antiseptic
The Todd Hotel
N ature Outdistanced.
Ju d g e —The prisoner claims th a t he
tooted his horn before ho ran over you.
Com plainant imuch dam aged)—Maybe
he did, your honor, hut w hat good Is
th a t when a c a r is traveling fa ste r than
Dining Room run on Family Style
’■’ e a l s ’2 5c.
_________________________ _
Rooms 50 and 75 Cents, Special
Rates by the Week.
Healing Germicide
Lyseptic is completely soluable in
water. A teaspoon full to one q u a rt of
water is th e average stre n g th to be used
for antiseptic, germicide, deoderants,
wounds, cuts, nail punctures, mange,
hoof r o t , m ud fever, lice, fleas, dandruff,
sham poo, being of a soapy n ature proves
very effee'ive for washing the a n im a ls’
and stable utencils, and if used in gen­
eral, improves stable conditions, infect­
ion, am ong cattle, abortion, foul dis­
c h a r g e and externally to prevent th e
spread of disease».
Notary Public
Cloverdale, Cre. RaliableEraggist, Tillamook, Cre.
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