Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, March 29, 1917, Image 2

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    W. A. Witte, dentist.
If. A. Milei, of Woods, was in town
After the oiuviufiSaturday night ttiere
will be a dance.
Cbeitei Worthington was a Tillamook
visitor Monday.
Raymond Lowrance is confined to his
home with tonsilitis.
Will Koeuicke, of ^audlake, wag a
business visitor in town Saturday.
Stock Foods and Tonics l
fi’rerrai —
Do you know that your Cows and
Horses need a Good Tonic at
this season to prepare them for
their year’s work, it’s just as
essential that the Cow and Horse
have a System Tonic as it is for
the human, and every successful
farmer and dairyman is giving
their livestock this attention
and are making more dollars by
doing so.
C. A. Smith retained Saturday even­
ing from a ten day» visit in Corvallis.
Are You Giving Your Stock this Attention?
A daughter whs born !a»t week Thurs­
day to Mr. and Mrs. John Lindner, ol
For »ale—Heifers and young tows
coming freeh this spring. W. Roenicke,
W oods.
If not come in and get a pack­
age of our
Food Tonic and
it a trial. You’ll be sur­
prised at the results.
W m . A . H IG H
See Dr. Wise about your dental work
at tbe CUverdale Hotel, Tuesday next,
April 3rd.
Easter Hats— A full line just received.
Bee Mrs. Shortridge at Cloverdale Mer­
cantile Co.’s stole.
Death ol Thomas H. Renter.
On Saturday evening last at 0 o ’clock
occurred the death of Thomas If. Reuter,
Think it over, but don’ t tbiiik too a
■ •
* highly
■ > Jj I I • •
• respected
V i I " V V»
U 1IV i l V l
w of
pioneer I rancher
long. Phone us your order for Garden the x^tucca Valley. Mr. Perita had
Seed P. D. Ott, Hebo
been in poor health on account of his
I)r. and Mrs. Wise will be st the advanced age, for some time, but as lie
Cloverdale Hotel Monday evetiiug and I improved some lust week, hope was en-
tertained for his recovery. A turn for
all day Tuesday, April 3rd.
the worse took place last Saturday and
Paint up this spring. We will furnish
he did not rally.
you any and all kinds of paint at 30 per
The remains were laid to rest Mon­
cent discount. Cloverdale Mercantile
day afternoon in the Oretown cemetery.
Mr. Renter was horn in Arkansas
For Sale— Rhode Island Red eggs August 29, 1838, and was married to
tor hatching from prize-winning stock. Miss Small A. Milos in 18(34. To this
Setting of 15 eggs $1.00. Mrs. L. M union there were two boys and three
girls born.
Mr. and Mrs. Renter came to the
J. H. Ramson was a Tillamook visitor
Monday lust. This is tbe first visit in Nestucca Valley in 188;!.
Besides the widow there remains to
twenty years Mr. I.amson has made to
his death Dell, w ho is ou the
the cheese city.
ranch with bis widowed mother, W il­
The last road bonding petitions were liam, of Oretown, Mrs. Minnie White-
filed with the county clerk this week. man, of Oretown, Mrs. l ’earl Eraser, of
The court will take action on them at this, and Mrs. Ada Mattoon, of Hebo.
their meeting next week.
an? r ;
Saturday, March 31st
Plan to do your Easter shopping here on Saturday, for
this great One Day Pre-Easter Sale will save you dollars upon
dollars on your own and the children’s Easter wearables.
I have taken the entire stock of women’s new Spring
Hats, Suits, Coats, Skirts and Dresses and priced them so
low, for this one day, that when you see tho merchandise
you will wish you had ten times as much money to spend,
Remember Every Ladies’ New Spring Garment is
selling for less, Puy Saturday—you’ll he glad you did for
months alter. Just take a look at these:
T adieu’ actual $10 to $11 Coats Saturday o nl y .........................
Ladies’ actual $12 to $13 Coats Saturday o n ly ...........................
Ladies’ actual $7 to $8 Skirts Saturday only...........................
Ladies’ actual $22 50 to $25 00 Suits Saturday oYilv.................
Ladies’ actual $5 to $0 Hats Saturday only..................................... S S3
Ladies’ actual $8 to $10 Hats Saturday only .................................. 6.93
Ladies’ actual $21 to $22 50 Dresses Saturday only ..................... 17.85
Ealcony Bargain Table No. 1, Values to 25 Cents,
A r t i c l e s lo
To Use Whey in Butter Making.
The progiain committee expected to
There is being installed in the Ceil
hold a literary here this week but owing
fral Creamery a whey separating and
to certain conditions it has been port
butter making machine. Instead of re­
polled until next week Friday.
turning the whey to the ranchers
A congregational meeting will be held to be fed to
bogs, the
at she Presbyterian church next Tues making qualities in tbe whey will tie
day evening at fl :30 o’clock. All inter­ separated and
made into butter.
ested in the church are invited to The whey will be somewhat lessened in
feeding quality but will remain of some
Until further notice I will pay 28 value as bog feed. The amount of but­
ter (bat can be made from the whey is
cents per pound for calf hides. Send
them in and a check will be sent you bv not so large, but sufficient enough to
return mail. Grover Witt, Cloverdale, make it a paying proposition. Those
interest« ! and experienced say that it
takes more than an expert to tell the
Mr, and Mrs. Edgar Gilbert and son difference in the hotter from that made
Allan, of Beaver, left Sunday for Los in the regular way from whole cream.
Angeles in response to a message an-
Is Improving.
nonaciug tbe serious illness of Mrs. Gil­
the interest this week
bert’s sister.
felt by the many friends <>i Everett
Werk was commenced this morning I.andinghaui, who was operated upon at
ou a small building to be erected on the the Nestucca Valley Hospital last week.
corner ol tho hotel lot. It will be u*ed It was learned after making an incision
■ a a sleeping apartment by Mr and that instead of having gall stones, the
Mrs. Aiitiim,
trouble wrts that of the stomach. For a
A l etter from Rev. Joseph McVeigh time it was feared lie would not recover,
says that lie will arrive in Cloverdale but later reports are to the effect that
Friday evcu'iig.
Conwminiou service he is improving and having been so ad­
will be held Sunday morning at the vised will leave, as soon as able, for
| California where the climate will be
regular hour of worship.
better for his condition.
This beiug the week proclaimed I y
Gov. VVithycombe to be patriotic week
in Oregon several (lugs were displayed
iii Cloverdale amt tbe business house*
('has. Blum i* extending his field of
of the town decorated in national colors. usefulness l*v cultivating quite a tract of
our fertile laud near tbe old Virgil place.
Captain Jenkins and I- K ('o lv d x k
Even the elements has it in for our
made a tour of inspection of tbe .V*
little berg. Dining the still hours of the
tuera bay and Little N«stucca liter night, after our recent storm, a large
Tuesday to learn the channel, prepara jamb broke Ion c si.d made short work
torv to starting the schooner out ou liet • f nur ferrv und line Emin the brnuk-
♦wg of tbe anelli i po~ts and tbe upr ‘ai
summer's run.
the dog- made we * re sure that a tier
Mrs. Ilug’ i Antrim and children, i f man submarine ball at lust found our
Aiuitv, arrive,! in Cloverdale last e v e « -! ‘W “ n',el,,!"i'
1 1 t,‘'' * ' * h t " *
lug. Airs. Antrim is a daughter-in-law day calmed all “ iir fear- and also re­
u! Mr and Mrs Antrim, of the Cl o v e r - vealed our ferry safely umore I a Ett’e
dale Ilutei, and will assist in tbe culin­ way down stream.
ary députaient of the hotel.
We tiui-t becom ing to the front by
great number of traveling men c.dl-
We wish to call cs|>eciul attention to
the club of inagAFiae* advertised in t on
unction with our paper. This is by ( hi
th» biggest tingazin» bargain we have
•ver offered our readers And as a hint
to the wise, we suggest that you avail
yourselves of it at once, siuce wc liavo
already I ecu advised bv the publishers
that on accouat ol the tremendous in
cress* la th# coat of white paper tbe
regu'ar subocr:ption price of these mag
asiurs will be Inoreaaed in the tieai
future. Send in vour order now and
get a Joubl» bargain.
Patriotic Meeting.
A patriotic meeting will be held at
tho Mission in Woods next Sundae al­
tar neon. Local talent will do the talk­
Tit so bavin* the matter in hand ex ­
tend an Invitati u to all to come and
participate ta the «peaking, etc.
! '"** ''l*011 •ur merchant»,
! Messrs. A. Babcock and Ernest Ed
I rounds were recent Tillamook visitor#
! A* we were afraid to ask them the reas-
1 on, the public will, of tiecesitv, remain
in ignorance,
. A ,
. ,
bri,l|f,. Kt.w
to 'think
of its advantage of bringing t'loverdale
about three utiles nearer and also a
j much letter road. More of this some
other time
Money to Loan
Real Estate Agency
See u,c (or realty deals.
Manager of
T illam ook ,
all the State’s interest in the tide and Notice for Publication— Isolated T ract.
overflow lands hereinafter described,
giving, however, to the owner or owners
of any lands abutting or fronting there­
on, the prefeience right to purchase said DERARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
Notice is hereby given to all persons tide and overflow lands at the highest U. 8. LAND OFFICE at Portland, Ore-
interested in tbe land included within price offeted, provided such offer is I gon. March 12th, ISO“ .
the Big Nestucca Drainage District, | made in good faith, and also provided,
Notice is hereby giv* u directed
Itliat the land will not be sold for, nor
Tillamook County, Oregon, the bound­ any offer therefor accepted of less by the Couimisdoner of the General
ary lines of which are as follows :
than $7.50 per acre, and that the Board Land Office," under provision* of Sec.
Beginning at a point on the south reserves the right to reject any and all 2455, R. S., pursuant to the application
bank of tbe Big Nestucca River, where i bids.
tbe quarter section line running north | Said lands arc situated in Tillamook of Nathan A. Gage, of 243 5th st., Port-
and south through section 2t>, in town County, Oregon, and are described as | land, Oregon, Serial No. 04784, we will
I offer at public sale, to the highest bidder,
ship 4, south of range 10 west, of Will­ follows: to-wit :
amette Meridian intersects said river;
Beginning at a point which is tbe but at not less than $2.00 per acre, at 10
thence south to the quarter section cor­ corner to lots 20 and 21, of Section 5, T. i o’clock a. in., on the 3d flay of ot May,
ner on tbe south line of section 29, 5 8., R. 10 W of XV M . thence N. 7 1917, next, at this office, tbe following
thence south 80 rods, to the l-)6th si-c degrees 00" E 827
fei t to corner to tract- of land:
l.o ts 2, 3 and 4, Section i>0, Township
tion line running east and we-t through Lots Bland 20; X. 8!) degrees 28’ W.
tbe north half of section 32, thence east 140, 730 feet ; South 50.00 feet to corner 4 Smith, Range 10 West, W. M.
The sale will not Be kept open, but
along said 1 -Hitli section line 1(30 red-to tl)
. lots
__ _____
22 and 23; S 41 degree* 45’ E
the east line of section 32; thence south 1 977.50 feet to corner to Lots 21 and 22; will be declared closed when those pres­
so rods to the quarter section corner be- I S. 85 ,dt grees 00’ K. 050.04 feet to place ent at the hour named have ceased bid­
tween sections 32 and 33; thence cast I of beginning, containing 18.89 acresof ding. The person making tbe highest
1(30 rods to tbe center of section 33: I tide land fronting and abuttin on Lots bid " ’ b be required to immediately pay
j|j to the Receiver the amount thereof.
thence north 80 rods to tbe l-ltith line; i 20, 21, and 22, Section 5. T. 5
Any persons claiming adversely the
thence east 330 roils to tbe quarter *e •- , XV. of XV. M.
tion line running north and south
Applications and bids should be ad- above described land are advised to file
through section 34; thence north 320 I dressfd tot!. G. Brown, Clei k State Land their claims, or objections, on or before
rods along the quarter section line run- Board, Salem, Oregon, and niarked the time designated for sale.
X. Campbell, Register
nine north and south through sections| “ Application and bid to purchase Tidi
Geo. I. Smith, Receiver.
34 aud 27 to the 1 ltitli liue running cast i Lands.”
and west through the north half of sec­
G. G. Brown,
tion 27 ; thence cast 80 rods to the cen
Rlasker Bros, for all kinds of olumb-
Clerk State Land Board.
ter of the northeast quarter of section
Dated at Salem, Oiegon. Jauuary 21, ing, bath room outfits and fixtures. Til­
27; thence north SO rods to the north 1917.
lamook. Ore.
line of section 27; thence west along the
north line of section 27, to ttie county
road leading south from Cloverdale.
ÇTfffc uopo jurat, ovt c he .\ r d t h i t h .«- v ele as t a l k in s w b c u t tobacco .*!
theme northerly along said county road
to where said road intersects ti e l-l*ith
TO B A C C O ; T H E N TA K E A f
u s e TOBACCOf
section line running north and south
through the southeast quarter of section
C U T TO O ! I
22; thence north along said l-ltith sec­
tion line to the Big Nestucca River,
thence southwesterly along the south
bank of tbe Big Nestucca River to tbe
point of lleginning. That tbe commis­
sioners heretofore appointed to assess
tienctits and damages to tbe propertv
and lands situate in said drainage dis
trict and to appraise the cash value of
the land necessary to be taken for |
rights of way. bolding basins and other ,
works of said district within or w it bout
the limits of Said district, filed their re- !
port in this office on the 9th day of;
March, 1917, and v,>u and e»ch of you
are hereby notified that you may ex­
amine said report and file exceptions to i
1 *S natural that a gentlemanly feeling should prompt
all or any part thereof ou or before ttie
one man to tell another about W -B C U T Chewing,
9th day of April. 1917.
so he, too, may enjoy the contentment there is in
Erwin Harrison,
sappy tobacco—and also avoid so much chewing
County Clerk of Tillamook County,
and spitting.
Eiret publication March 1.1, 1917.
I he common-sense of it appeals to people with
Ioist publication March 29. 1717.
Notice is hereby given that the State
Ijtnd B.'trd of the State of Oregon will
receive sealed bids at its office in the
Capitol Building at Salem. Oregon, up
to 10 o'clock a. ui ou April 10, 1917, for
brains. There’ s no getting ’round facts, W -B will save
a man m oney—a little chew lasts and satisfies. A 10c.
pouch goes twice as far a
.n cents worth of the old
ordinary Li.iJ of chewing.
Yak ly TvEYXAN SRLTON COMPANY, 1107 Br..dw.y, New York C»r