Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, January 25, 1917, Image 6

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    The seriate sent six­
LEGISLATIVE DOINGS of teen the o th governor
er bills over to the house for
action and the house sent tw enty-tw o
m ore bills to the senate.
A p p ro p ria t io n s Asked f o r T o t a l $425,-
F ir s t B ill Signed is fo r Expenses.
T he first bill to pass both houses
and receive the signature of the gov­
tr o v e r s y — C on so lidatio n of S ta te D e­ ernor was an appropriation of $25.00(1
p a rtm e n t s on P r o g r a m — “ Bone D r y ” to defray the expenses of the legisla­
Bill on W r y — No C han g e in T a x tu re itself. T his is only a sta rte r and
several m ore bills relating to the ex
N otic e
L ^ w — Woman
In trod u c e s
penses are likely to follow. The total
M easure.
expenses for the 1015 session ran up
Salem T l"' I ;! 'attire began the to $68,410.02 and it is hoped the ex­
third week of (he v s ion with all the penses of the present session will keep
hi« constructive 1 (islation yet to re­ w ithin th at figure.
A ppropriations aggregating $424,-
ceive attention. In fact, aside from
R epresentative Anders ill's m easure 787.50 have been introduced. The
to m ake effective the “ bone d ry ” con- budget of the state gam e and fish com ­
stitution al am endm ent adopted at the m ission cam e in with an addition of
N ovem ber election only one or two $89,600 and m iscellaneous claim s
o th er bills of any great im portance to which have been filed m ake a grand
the state at large had been introduced. total of $520,975.56 which has been
W hen the legislature adjourned last asked of the legislature during the
Friday in order to perm it m em bers to first two weeks. Inasm uch as the leg­
visit th e agricultural college at Cor­ islature faced a budget of $715,382.09
vallis S aturday, one third of the 40- in excess of the 6 per cent lim itation
day lim it which the law sets on the am endm ent when it convened it finds
session had expired and leaders ap­ itself at the close of the second week
preciate that it will be necessary to j w ith a total sum of $1,194,830.15 which
get down to business this w eek if the it m ust cut out to keep w ithin the con­
usual rush is to be avoided during the stitutional requirem ents.
M u s t M a k e R ura l C re d its E ffe c t iv e .
closing days of the session.
During the second week of the ses­ One of the im portant tasks before
sion the volume of bills introduced ! the present session is to enact a law
was lnrger than during the first week m aking effective the rural credits
and if the bills dropped into th e legis­ am endm ent to the state constitution
lative hopper continue at the present adopted at the last election.
rate the proposed legislation will be S enator Shanks of W heeler county
alm ost as great as it was two years has sought to meet the situation by
ago. T he senate adjourned with 119 i introducing a bill creatin g two new
bills on the calendar, com pared with | offices and an expensive system of
9X at th e sam e tim e in ID 15 and the 1 adm inistering the rural credits fund.
house had 17*» com pared with 206. j His bill already .has become more or
Four m easures passed both houses, less of a storm center and has engen­
tw o of which received the signature dered a controversy betw een S enator
OOO— R ural C re d its Bill Causes C on ­
Southern California
CALIFORNIA— with its oranges, its Winter
tiowers, its beaches, its m ountain resorts, its
time-stained iniarions, its delightful su n ­
shine and out-of door lift— surely the call is
ir res is table in January.
But a two days journey away on daily trains
of the delightful
Shasta Limited
California Express
San Francisco Express
You can secure tickets or complete
information from anv agent or write
JOHN M SCOTT. General Passenger Aqent
Portland Ore.
Southern Pacific Lines
Shanks and S tate T reasu rer Kay. A to drunkenness
T a x Notice Via Postcard Is Lost.
bill representing the views of the state
land board and the organizations ' T he bill to abolish publication of de
which initiated the rural credits ! linquent tax notices and sub stitute a
am endm ent will be ready for intro­ ; system of postal card notices was un-
! anim ously disapproved by the senate
duction this week.
An effort will be m ade at this ses­ com m ittee on assessm ent and taxa-
sion to work out an effective plan to ! tion following a public hearin g at
consolidate state offices and d ep art­ which the dangers of the m easure
m ents. Moth houses tackled the prob­ | w ere vividly brought out.
It was the feeling of the com m ittee
lem last week. The senate desired to
have a joint com m ittee of both houses that even in this M ultnom ah county
handle all consolidation bills, but the m easure it would not be wise to adopt
house rejected a senate resolution fa­ the postcard system . Inform al discus­
voring th at plan; so each house will sion among the com m ittee m em bers
have a com m ittee to pass upon con revealed the decided opinion th at a
postcard system of notices is so in­
solidation bills.
and involves such danger
F irs t Consolidatio n
M easu re Loses.
som e provision ought to
The first of the consolidation m eas­ be m ade for at publication
of the delin
ures to come to a vote in either house
provided for a new state hoard of edu­
cation of three m em bers and a paid C on te n tion O v e r C a re of D ependents.
The Bowman bill providing for tin-
secretary at $1800 a year. In this
and control of delinquent ami de­
board were to be com bined the state
children w ent back to com m it­
board of textbook com m issioners, the
further consideration a fter it
board of higher curricula and the
on third reading for final
board of regents, respectively, of the
it cam e back into the
U niversity of Oregon, Oregon agricul­
com m ittee on healtli
tural college and state norm al schools.
it has becom e a
The senate com m ittee on education,
returned unanim ously a recom m ends
tion that it be indefinitely postponed. One point urged against the m eas­
ure as introduced and favored by the
The senate adopted the report.
m ittee, is that while it w ithdraw s
Creation of a state departm ent of
aid from sectarian institutions
agriculture under which would be con­
now handle these children, it
solidated several state boards and of­
no money provision for their
ficers now operating separately is pro­
state supervision.
vided in a m easure introduced into
M e m b e r O ffe rs Eill.
the state house of representatives by
R epresentative Vernon A. Forbes of Mrs. Thompson, the only woman
m em ber, introduced her first bill, a
The departm ents consolidated would m easure which would com pel the com ­
be the fair directors, live stock sani­ m itm ent of patients to the institution
tary board, stallion registration board, for the feeble m inded. Any county
board of horticulture, dairy and food judge may, under this m easure, cause
com m issioner and deputy scaler of a feeble-m inded child to be brought
before him and conduct an exam ina­
weights and m easures.
The new departm ent would be divid­ tion. One or m ore com petent physi­
ed into fi\e divisions- -live stock, hor­ cians are to constitute the exam ining
ticulture, agriculture, fairs, grain and board. The relatives of a person
hay and dairies and pure food. A com ­ adjudged feeble m inded can have the
m issioner would head the departm ent ! privilege of appealing. O ther states
and d»**oetor m ira g e each division. have sim ilar laws.
H e a rin g on “ Bene
D r y ” Bill.
L e g is la tiv e
B revities.
Service on jurors by registered mail
is provided for by a house bill, intro
duced by S tatrin, of Polk.
A m em orial to P resident W ilson
asking a speedy retu rn of the Oregon
troops on the border was adopted.
Resolutions of sym pathy over the
death of Adm iral Dewey w ere unani­
mously adopted by the -house and sen­
A bill for the repeal of the m others'
pension act of 1913 was Introduced in
the house by W. Al. Jones of Marion
The ’ I m .'*" ury bill introduced in
the house last week by R epresentative
Anderson started on its way through
the legislative mill Monday evening
w hen the joint senate and house com ­
m ittee on alcoholic traffic gave whole­
sale grocers, food m anufacturers and
other interested parties an opportun­
ity to be heard on tlie provisions reg­
ulating the use of alcohol.
As drafted the m easure prohibits
th e im portation of liquor into the state
by any person by any m eans f o r nnv
purpose other than m edicinal, scien­ county.
tific or sacram ental. It carries an A bill to prevent Japan ese from
em ergency clause designed to m ake owning or controlling property w ithin
it effective im m ediately upon its p as­ the state of Oregon was introduced in
sage and as soon th ereafter as the the senate by S enator W ilbur of Hood
governor has signed the bill. The River county.
bill does not contain the "search and Every man has a right to work, says
seizure clause, which has been so R epresentative l.nurgaard, who in tro­
much talked of during the last few duced a joint resolution in the house
m onths.
proposing an am endm ent to the con
W ou'd Punish Drunken Chauffeurs. stitution which will grant state em
M ithout a dissenting vote the sen­ ployment to all unem ployed who have
ate passed the bill which m akes it a 1 been residents of Oregon for a period
crim e for a person to drive a m otor | of five years.
vehicle while under the influence of W ith but one opposing vote the sen­
liquor; prescribes a penitentiary sen­ at e took a crack a* high in terest rates
tence or jail for the person who, while which prevail in m any of the central
intoxicated, drives an auto in a care ai 1 astern Oregon counties by pass­
less or negligent m anner, and causes ing Senator P ierce's bill reducing the
the death or serious injury of another < cal contract in terest rate from 10 to
person; prescribes a fine of $in a day 8 per cent per annum and reducing
for any person who shall kn. wingly the regular legal in terest rate from 6
employ as chauffeur a person addicted to 5 per cant.