Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, December 14, 1916, Image 3

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Simple Tests Telling
Quality of Textiles
Tillamook A b a te d Company
There are a great many tests that
may be used to determine the genuine­
ness and value of m aterials, but only a
few that are practicable for the home.
If the buyer Is uot absolutely sure
that the m aterial In question Is as rep­
resented It Is best to ask for a small
sample and apply some of the home
tests before making the purchase.
For Instance, to ascertain If a mate­
rial is all linen and not mixed with cot­
ton, apply a drop of water. The mois­
ture spreads rapidly on linen, but will
remain unabsorbed on cotton for some
time. However, this is not alw ays a
safe test, as cotton and linen are often
j heavily sized with dressing which pre­
vents the water from being absorbed.
Another test for cotton and linen is a
drop of glycerine. Linen w ill become
transparent, but cotton will not be af­
fected. Crushing In the hands will
show the difference between cotton nnd
linen, as linen wrinkles more than cot­
ton. Sizing may be discovered by rub­
bing the m aterials between the hands
to see if the dressing w ill come out.
Washing also will remove the dress­
ing and reveal the true nature of the
Cotton and wool mixtures when mois­
tened wrinkle more than pure wool ma­
I In examining m aterials It Is well to
know that cotton fibers are short with
fuzzy ends, while llneu fibers are long
and have even ends. Wool fibers are
short, kinky and stiff. Silk fibers are
long, straight and lustrous.
The nature of the m aterial m ay also
be ascertained by burning a small sam­
ple. Cotton burns quickly with flame.
Linen burns in the same way, but does
not catch so readily, as it has less oil
In the fiber and less air In the woven
i cloth. Wool burns slowly, giving off
an odor like burnt feathers nnd leav­
ing a gummy residue. Silk burns more
slowly than wool nnd with less odor
and leaves a crisp ash.
Worth Knowing
China Cem ent—Make a thick solu­
tion of gum arable by dissolving two
tablespoonfuls of It In hot water. Into
this stir plaster of purls until the mix
ture is the consistency of gruel. Apply
to the edge of the china with a fine
brush. Allow the china to stand three
days before using.
Sewing Hint.— When stitching pock­
ets on aprons, skirts, e tc , you w ill find
that they w ill not rip off ns easily If
i the
stitching Is begun about half an
Inch from the top, stitch upward, then
turn downward. When you come to
the other side stitch downwurd the
same distance as you stitched upward
on the first side.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- --- -------------------------------------------- --- : Feather Advice.—Never sun feather
j beds or feather pillows. Air them on
a windy day in a cool place. The sun
draws the oil, and the feathers will
have a rancid smell if they remain In
the sun.
Mildew Remedy.—An excellent rem­
edy for mildew is to saturate on ar­
ticle with kerosene. Roll it up and let
It stand for twenty-four hours nnd
then wash in \ery hot soapsuds.
Fish Odor.—To remove fish odor
from silver knives and forks or from
cooking utensils let stand In cold w a­
ter before washing.
receipt of your order with
cheek, post-
office order or cash.
T h u s . C u a n u , I t n a w n .
iTVMnjrrt se « os «HSTBaar boo * «
o r Tn.ujkMwu* c o v ir r r , eaBBoa*
Convey an cine, kite.
Opp. Court House.
Tillamook, Ore.
Tillamook Undertaking Co.
R. N. HENKEL, Proprietor.
Night and Day calls
promptly attended.
Next Door to Jones-Knudson Furniture
Money to Loan
Real Estate A g e n c y
S ee me for r e a lty d e als.
. . . .
: -' I1; 1 '.T t — J . 1 - . .
Under New
The Todd Hotel
Tillam ook, Ore.
L. S. HUSHBECK, Proprietor.
Dining Room run on Family Style
Meals 25c.
Rooms 50 nod 75 Cents, Special
Rates by the Week.
We want the S1.25 and are offering
you the best Combination ever offered by
any newspaper.
Should you desire a daily newspaper in
connection with the above add 3.00 to the
above, making a total of 4.25 and the Port­
fJU O those who wish to
y get a better KO-
DAK this season,
we have made arrange­
ments whereby we can
take in a few good old
style machines in trade
on new ones,
ttobafi Cfeamng ant
land Evening Telegram will included for
one whole year.
S u p e ra titio u # M u s ic ia n s .
0. I. O L O U G H ,
Musicians are often singularly super-
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .( stltlous. Paderewski once ordered an
expensive apartment In London, but
refused to enter when ho found It was
No. 13 of a certain street, although be
i paid
for It. Massenet has written
twenty-one operas and many other
Plasksr Bros, for all kinds of olumb-
compositions,- but on all of his manu­
bath room outfits and fixtures. Til­
scripts pnge 1 -!j is written In place
An i»g#nt wanted in each school district. Writ# for particulars.
of 13.
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