Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, December 07, 1916, Image 4

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    ! Invilii; pus: oil through n si" i* of ty-
piiniil fever, when I Lo-nine convales­
cent my hair begun to come out. I at
mi o Itaci my head shaved und ordered
i; wig. The wlgnui! t*r. a f ron liman,
• u uro I my head and l>- oie de;>u it ­
ili.g ashod :
“ liluud, noli* or rouge?"
I understiind nothing of any lim­
ginge ex< opt American ami d ii not
hi o\v wliat he was tulkii ;; ali ut. Hut
tiicre Is n dislike Li all persons to ac­
knowledge that they do not understand
or do not hear or oiinnot see. 1 looked
at I lie man as them; .1 I was deliberat­
ili ; on what he salti, tlien replied:
"Owl. reu rt;."
T : s soci >ed to s tisi’y him. for he
Lowed himself tint without another
"1 wonder what lie said to me?” 1
mused after he had .a ne. "Was it the
price he was apiuking of or tlie time It
was to he finished ?''
I found out what lit* Ir.d said when
tin* wig came in. It was a Leanti.'ul
red. I ala: (ed him for having made t
wig of such a color, and he expo ;tu-
iated with the usual French shrug and
"Monsieur, 1 ask you if you have it
blond, black or red. You . y I make
him red."
Seeing that 1 lind mtlhorlzi d the col­
or. 1 said no moie, but paid fertile wig
like a man. The | rite being .Y-ö, 1
could not uCfortl another one and sub
Jeeted uiyself to wearin ; it till my own
chestnut locks should ic.ippear.
It was about this time tlint I uveived
an anonym on- note written in a wo­
man's hand The wider said Mint she
had seen me on a sickbed in ihe Im ­
poni and had been impressed with n ..
appearnme. She plastered the com
munii atiou over with a lot of stuff
abmt my Intellectn.. 1, pah* brow and
other feu hues Whnt her ob.icct was l
did not know, I ut I d.d know that
there were cmouon.d w o ven in t lu*
\vi rid who are sidy enough to do just
thill s o; I t f lidi :
However. since she gave ini* no i lew
to her ideniii.i, . paid no attention to
her letter, tossine it into the 111 »* and
thinking no moie ala»: t It.
When 1 had lor. »tleii it a married
lady friend of mine told, uic* thut she
ili -Irod to inti' hu e me to a friend of
In iv. "1 I mik." * he said to me “ that,
to use a slang phrase, you Lave made
a mash.
1 think the lady admires
lias sin* ever seen me?" I asked.
"O f collise, ilow (»add she admire
yon without lui ina seen you?"
"O b' Her ad tifati« n doubtless only
ex'-'ls lu your Imagi.siiii:-i."
Nevertheless l was fluttered. This
w is tin* sec .nl c.i>. ef admiration of
wtd. li 1 was the subject, and I began
to feel «pitie Adoni - ime. it -.coined to
mo, after this Inst ,»>ni|Uest. that cm v
girl who «nine near me was stru k
with me
l walled Impatiently for
my friend to introduce nu* t»< my \ ic-
tnu. but iioihiug I aine o f It. and l was
beginning to settle down to the opin­
ion that l was not. aft**r all. a lady
killer when another woman friend of
mine said to me cue day:
“ I would ike to know whether or
Hot V»ui may a loie p'»t:oli nlxtut you."
"W h y do you say that?" I asked,
ni) tinger etuis I ogling and my heart
increasing bs Leal
"Oh, nothing. A friend of mine” —
"W ell r
" \ friend of mine was going Into
raptures «wer «•«» i tin* otlier dav."
" > hat did she lia v<* to say about
I don’t think 'hat the flattering
things said of persons should be re­
floated to them any more than the dis­
agreeable Miingg. ’
That is all I could get out of tier.
By this time I felt sine there was
something about my appearance that
; attracted tin* fair sex. 1 stood before a
mirror ti ring to discover wliat it was.
It setnned to me that if my own black
looks decorated my head I would be
j passably good looking, but my sorrel
i ton. I considered, spoiled tlie whole.
I ” 'l«*n it occurred to me that these
j "mashes" h nl been made since I had
' donned It, and it struck me that this
i must lx* t ie secret of my success.
One evening at a dinner the hostess
i (iimo to me end .-aid she would intro-
1 (luce me to the lady who was to be my
companion at table. Site took me to
one who the moment sin* saw me
started and shrank away from me. 1
noticed that her eyes wore fixed on my
wig. The hostess p> iked at her in ns-
i tonishment, but the other, recovering
1 herself, took my arm. and we marched
1 toa.iicj- to the dining room. Passing
a min r I saw I ■ it my face and my
wig were both vert red.
My dinner companion, when seated,
turned from me for an animated con-
! versation with a man sitting on the
' other sMe « f ln*r. Sin* scarcely spoke a
word to tro during the dinner.
This treatment brought me to my
senses, and I resolved to make an In­
vestigation. Before 1 got through I
knew more than I wished to know.
All these women who admired rue
were one—my demure companion. She
had seen me in tin* hospital and. being
ul . ressive instead o f retiring,
written me the anonymous letter. She
had seen me with Mack hair falling
over white temples. Meeting me at the
dinner parly, she saw my sorrel wig.
Tlie cfleet was not only disenchanting,
hut irritating.
Months later I appeared before her
in ray own natural hair. She had by
tills time recovered from tin* shock oc-
e a-b nol by tile wig. and I had little
‘M s idly in completing mv compiest.
Highest cash price paid
for hides.
Bring them or send them in.
I will pay
ihe cartage.
Cheek mailed to vou same
as hides are
Werschkiil, Clovcrdale.
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Garden Tools
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