Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, August 24, 1916, Image 6

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    W h e n K n ig h ts W e r e Bald.
....................................... .. • . ■
L ive this day rig h t and meet
to m o rro w
b ravely
It is a blessed secret
this of livin g by the day. Any
one can c a rry his burden, h ow ­
ever heavy, until nig h tfall. Any
one can do his work, ■ however
hard, fo r one day. A ny one dan
live sweetly, patiently, lovingly
and purely until the sun goes
down. And this is all th a t life
ever really means to us— just
one little day.
T h e Geyser at Senaml.
Japan occupies a prominent place
jj among the countries of the world In
f the possession of mineral springs rich
s fcu radium emanations.
These are
found exclusively in granite regionB.
The hot spring o f Misnsa, in the prov­
ince of Iloki, In western Japan, be­
longs to this category. In radio-activ­
ity It Is second only to Ischia, in Italy.
v Of the three well known intermittent
* hot springs the geyser at Senaml is the
2 grandest, the waters being thrown up
a to an occasional height o f ninety feet
Salt and the Ramans.
Spilling of salt Is a superstition still
current among us it is derived from
the undent Romans, who used salt in
their sacrifices and regarded it us sa-
j cred to the penntes. To spill It careless­
ly was to Incur the displeasure o f these
household divinities. A fter accldental-
; ly spilling salt the ancient Homan was
wont to throw some over tho left shoul­
der the shoulder of 111 omen—thereby
hoping to call away from his neighbor
tho wrath o f the Deity and turn it
I upon lilmself.
A F ’ irly Good A pp etite.
A certuln knight, growing old. his
hair fell off, and he became bald, to
hide which imperfection he wore a
But as he was riding out
; with some others a-hunting a sudden
gust o f wind blew off the fieriwig and
exposed Ills bald pate. The company
! could not forbear laughing at the acci­
dent, and he himself laughed as loudly
as anybody, saying:
“ IIo w was it to be expected that I
could keep strange hair upon mv head
when my own would not stay there?” —
Go!f or Tennis
AT Neah=Kah=Nie
A Beauty spot in Tillamook
County. -
is a hospitable
place. - Rent a tent if
you desire.
A m li n Poisons th e Eye.
When sharpening a colored pencil be
careful not to get any o f the dust into
the eye. Many such pencils are dyed
! with aniline, and several cases o f se
vere injury to the eye have been re­
ported. In the Archives o f Ophthal­
mology Dr. II. J. McCurdy tells o f a
young woman who not only had the
white o f her eyes stained blue, but
j who had to have an operation per­
formed to separate the lower lid from
the eyeball, these having grown fogeth-
l er in the healing o f the sore produced
j by the aniline.
Pacific Meat & Produce
(H. I). Werschkul, Prop.)
athing' at
ay ocean
Only natatorium of its kind
in the west. Surf-making
Water is nice
and warm. Good hotel and
Low Round Trip Fares
On Sale
Return Limit
Two Days
All Stations and Beach Points in
Tillamook County
made North and South.
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
Cash Paid for Hides
--------------------------- :----------------------- -- ---- ------- !------» -------------—
Phone, Shop, 13-S-(>.
Ottiee Ground Floor
Todd Hotel.
Res. 6-C-2
Bell Phone 53-J
P. O. Box 147
L o n d o n ’s Squares.
The square as a residential quarter
is essentially British, being analogous
neither to the French place nor the
Italian piazzo nor to the German platz.
Nowhere on the continent do we find
any assemblage o f private houses the
inhabitants o f which have a proscrip­
tive right to the ground on which their
residences abut. Tho London squares,
according to their historian. E. B.
Chancellor, “ number about 200, and
their characteristics are curiously di­
verse. Ilardiy any o f them are In form
square at all. There are some which
are triangles, some with only three and
many with unequal sides and a few
< » mere wedges and excrescences from
< I adjoining streets.” —London Tit-Bits.
H e rb e rt Sponcer W a s H u m a n .
1 >
< I
< »
»0 those who wish to
get a better K O ­
D A K this season,
we have made arrange­
ments whereby we can
take in a few good old
style machines in trade
on new ones.
N o m in a tin g C ardinals.
< >
S leep w alkin g .
|| T\otofi£feamnganî> i
' 1?---------- L
___ L' ___ ." E _____
■ 1
1 - 111 11
B i l l i n g s g a t e and Fish.
F.Mliiq s ate is noted for more than
Its pi< fu!os,;ue language, for it is the
WOI-I i s gieaiost middleman's fish mar­
ket. London devours over 1,000,000
pounds of fish every day in normal
times 2"o.uoo tons a year that means.
Eleven railroads bring about 009 tons
a day. ami the remainder comes by wa­
Before being offered for sale the
fish at Billingsgate are inspected by a
commission o f tlie Worshipful Compa­
ny o f Fishmongers, which holds letters
patent granted it by K ing Edward I.
at the beginning o f the thirteenth cen­
tury. Tliis ancient society represents,
through the North Sea Protective asso­
ciation. more than fifty o f the leading
fishing companies of Great Britain.
A H i n t to M o th e r.
A tiny girl o f four was permitted to
The ceremony o f nominating cardi­
nals, which takes place at Rome, is not ! make her first call aloue at a neigh-
without its picturesque side. The con. : bor's home. She was gone a long time.
sistory of tlie Sacred college meets in When she returned her mother said:
secret, though particulars o f the pro­
“ Yon made a long call. Catherine.
ceedings are afterward given to the
Ybu must have had a nice time.”
press, and following upon a brief ad­
"No. 1 didn’t "
dress the poj>e names the persons he
idn't have a good time?”
wishes to elevate to the purple. His
nomination is final, hut In accordance
with the old custom when the cardi­
"W h y?"
nals voted for the election of their
“ Because I told thorn a story.”
comrades he asks. “ What is your de­
"W hat did you tell?"
sire?" Tlie cardinals then silently lay
“ They asked me If I take music les­
down their rod silk caps, rise and bow. !
and I told them ‘ Yes.’ And you
it is tile formal assent, and the new
cardinals are declared elected —London know, mamma, that I d o n 't” —Indian­
apolis News.
— ------ -------—»
Trouble Saver.
T h o L im i t .
" l i e was always trying to save htin
“ W e girls bad hardship« when we
self trouble.”
camped out only one drinking glass
“ And did he succeed?"
among five girls!”
"Yes. He has saved up a whole lot
‘ Ilorrors!”
more than he can tnke care of.” —
“ And only one mirror.”
Washington Star.
“ Good night!” —Kansas C'itv Journal
I itlnmcok.
----- 2------------ ---
It pays to advertise in the Cloverdale Courier
Abstracts on Short Notice
by the
Somnambulism has been n mystery
and a matter of discussion to the med
leal profession since the days o f the
ancients. They knew as well as we
all now know that there Is such a
thing as somnambulism, or walking In
the sleep. They attempted to explain
It Just ns modern medical science has
I k ' cii endeavoring to explain it ever
since. But as It was then so It Is now
There are so many explanations that
even the physician Is puzzled to decide
which to accept.
Ask local agent for fares.
Phone orders
Katlli-s, North American Indians and
] the fat boy In “ l ’ ickwlck" may well
W ith Rollie Watson
i be quoted as fearful examples o f vo-
1 ruclty, but even their grnstronomlc
feats are exceeded by tho full grown j
| Eskimo, who will dally eat twenty
< pounds o f flesh and oil if lie 1ms the
1 chance, while on the authority o f Ad-
________ ______ _.___________________ ___ X_
1 nilral Snrltclieff a Yakut tof Siberia- lias
, been known to consume in twenty-four
L. V. EBKKHARD, Manager.
hours "the hind quarter o f a large ox.
1 twenty pounds o f fat and a quantity Complete Sot of Abstracts of the Record* *
of Tillamook County, Oregon.
o f melted butter for his drink."
Herbert Spencer In the attitude of
superintending his household affairs
was practical niul amusing. A t one
time the poulterer had not been giving
satisfaction, so Mr. Spencer called Ills
housekeeper and gave her directions
to transfer his custom to another
tradesman whose shop faced the de­
linquent's. "And, Miss Smith,” said
the author of "Synthetic Philosophy,”
"be particular that the first poulterer
sees you giving your orders to the sec­
ond poulterer!"