Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, May 18, 1916, Image 6

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23=Lb Pioneer Can, Pressed
Too and at the low price of
Notice of Hearing on Petition
to Form North and South through Section 34;
6. All of said lands included in said
proposed district are properly included
therein, and will be beneficially effected
In the County Court of the State of
by the operation of the proposed district.
Oregon, for the County of Tillamook:
7. The benefits of such proposed re­
Notice is hereby given that hearing
clamation and protection will exeed the
on the following petition will be heal at
damage to he done, and the host interests
the Court House in the City of Tilla­
of the lar.d included, and the owners
mook, County of Tillamook, State of
thereof as a whole, and of the public at
Oregon, on the 17th day of June, Ibid,
largo will be promoted by the formation
for the purpose determining whether
and proposed operation of such district.
the prayer of said petition shall be
8. The formation of a drainage dis­
trict under the provisions of «Chapter
i’o the Honorable County Court of T i l ­
340 of the General Laws of Oregon for
lamook County, Oregon:
1015, under the provisions of which this
Tim undersigned, being the owners of
petition is presented, i- a proper and
more than fifty percent of the land in
advantageous method of accomplishing
Tillamook County, Orrgon, hereinafter
the reclamation of said proposed dis­
described, do hereby petition vour lion-
ot able Body and pray that von cause to
0. The proposed plan for the reclam­
le organized and formed, a drainage bis-
ation and protection of property in the
l riel for the purpose of having said lauds
proposed district is to follow, as nearlv
reclaimed and protected in the manlier
as possible, the natural depressions of
herein set forth from the effects of
water courses and construct suitable
w ater, for sanitary and agricultural pur­
outlet ditches for said listriet. The
poses, and for the benefit and welfare of
mouth of Miller’s Slough appears to he
the public, and for public utility and
the feasible outlet for the lower part of
the district, the ditch to head near the
1'or the purpose of this petition we
Clear Creek watershed, within the pro­
state the following facts, as required by F. L . O w e n s ....................... 57.78 “
posed district. Clear Creek channel
i 'hapter 340 ot the (.tonerai l aws of Ore J. Lowrance.......................
cleaned, w idened and deepened from a
3.00 “
gon for the year of 101».
point where it enters the district to its
J. J. McGi.inis...................
8.00 “
I. The name proposed far the district Chaa. R a v ............................ 43.00 “
mouth will offer a good outlet for the
w hich is herein prayed for is The Big A. Arstil!........................... 80.00 “
upper part of the district. Other suh-
Nestueca Drainage District.
siduury ditches to complete the outlet
(.'has. Johnson, Estate...... 110.00 ••
The boundary lines of the propos D. T. Werschkul................ 1:50.00 "
system will be constructed.
i d district are :is follows : Beginning at H Werschkul.................... 80.00
will follow property lines and natural
a point on the south bank of the Big John W. Fleck .................. 80.Ot)
water courses, wherever feasible.
St -'ucea River, where the quarter sec­ ■I !.. l.a w r 'nee .................. 11)4.11)
This plan is general, the detailed plan
tion line miming North and South 11 udson Br, >s.................... 80 00
to be arranged by the Chief Engineer
through Section 20, in Township 1 M. A. Hudson................
; and Board of 8u|*ervisors.
Smith, of R:m ;e It' West, of Will. Met
M N. Hays....................... 42.00
10. The signers of this petition agree
intersects -aid river; thence South to Wm. (Hick ....................... 80.00
that they will pay any and all expen-,-
the quarter -■ > timi corner on the South M Dmv........................... 66.00
incurred, and any tax..- that may In-
line of Sect ui 2", thence South St) rod-, J. S. Bcggs......... .............
levied against their respective land- for
t" the 1-lbil, Soot ion line running East Jenck Bros....................... 87.50
the purpose of paying the expenses of
N orth half of 8
organizing, or attempting to organize
1 click. Marv M .................. 82.00
tion 32, tin nee l a-t along said l-16;h l ' it hohe Cemetarv ..........
the proposed district, .-neb expense t<>
Section line loo rods to the Fast line t
The prupoied reclamation and he taxed against the signer- in propm-
Section 32; thence South St) rods to the mi>tectimi i«f said land- is fon sanitari- tiou to the mnnler of acres owned i\
quarter section corner between Sectio; » and agricultural purposes, and such them and affected by the pro|»osed
32 and 33, thence East 160 rods t<> the promised reclamation and protection drain.ige district.
center ot Section 33; thence North so will he conductive t<> the public health j 11. Wherefore, your p-titioners prav
rods to the l-ltitll line; thence East 320 and welfmv. and of publie utility and t that the lands doscrilied herein, or such
rods to the quarter section line running | benefit.
I thereof as may he found by the Court to
Drainage District.
thence North 320 rods along the quarter
section line running Noith and South
through Sections 34 and 27 to the 1 -1 tit it
line running East and West through
the North half of Section 27; thence
Cast 80 rods, to the center of the North­
east quarter of Section 27; thence North
SO rods to the North line of Section 27;
thence West along the North line of
Section 27 , to the County road leading
South from Cloverdale, thence Norther­
ly alo e » said County road to where
said road intersects the 1 -1 <»tli Section
line running North and South through
the Southeast quarter of Section 22 ;
thence North along said 1 -1 tith Section
line to the Big Nestueca River, thence
Southwesterly along the South bank of
the Big Nestueca River to the point of ho­
3. The total acreage included in said
proposed district is 1377.2b acres.
4. The names of the owners of land
in saiddistriet as shown l>v the records of
Tillamook County, Oregon, and acreage
owned by each of said owners is as fol­
lows :
Sarih A. Daniels. ........... 224
be properly included in the proposed
district, either permanently or until
further investigation and surveys may
permit elimination, shall be declared
organized into a drainage district under
the provisions of Chapter 340 hereinbe­
fore referred to.
Dated this 27th day of April, 1916.
Signed :
D. T. Werschkul.
Hulda Werschkul.
Hudson Bros., by W. L. Hudson.
M. A. Hudson.
M. N. Bays.
J. L. Lawrence.
Wm. Click.
Jenck Bros., bv W. J. Jenck. Collins.
Chaa. Ray.
Daniels Estate, bv Jeff Wallace.
M. Doty.
A. Arstill.
State of Oregon,
County of Tillamook, ) s.s.
We, D. T. Werschkul and W. L. Hud­
son, being first duly sworn, say: That
we have read the foregoing petition;
that we believe the allegations thereof
to he true; that the signatures appear­
ing to said petition are the true and
proper signatures of the persons whose
names appear as signed thereto, and
that each and all of said signers are
owners of land within the proposed dis­
trict as set forth in said petition.
Signed: D. T. Werschkul
and W. L. Hudson.
Subscrided and sworn to before me
thi- '_7th day of April. 1916.
Signed : Frank Taylor,
Notary Public for Oregon.
My commission expires Sept. 9, 1919.
VII persons owning or claiming an
interest in lands described in said pe-
t ti n are herein- notified to appear at
• id place on said date, and show cause
if any there be, whv the prayer in said
etition should not he granted.
J. C. Holden,
Clerk of the County Court.
l'lasker Bros, for all kinds of oiumb-
bath room outfits and fixtures. Til-
I. nook. Ore.