Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, March 30, 1916, Image 6

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23=Lb Pioneer Can, Pressed
Top and at the low price of
(C ontinued Iroin first page)
w ay of getting a t a man. However, he
Binv no oth er way and resolved to e f ­
fort an e n tra n ce Into H arrington's
home a t night and do th e Jot» there
w hen Ilob was asleep.
When Harrington had re tu r n e d to his
hom e lie had tossed Ills revolver into
a b u reau d raw er, and th e re It re m a in ­
ed. One night Hob aw oke suddenly
l i e did not know w ha t it w as th at
a w ak en e d him. D uring his term of
service as sheriff, when he had many
enemies, he had been a light sleeper,
a n d the slightest sound w ould rouse
him. Relieving now t h a t th ere was
som e cause for Ids broken sleep tie lis­
tened and soon heard w h a t tu rn e d out
to be the raising of a sash on the
m ain floor with a jim m y. Springing
out of bed he seized nu electric light
he kept in his room and rem em bering
th e revolver In th e d r a w e r took It in
Ids o th e r hand. It had n o t been re­
loaded since Ids homecoming.
d o i n g out Into th e hall he heard a
sound as of som e one lighting on a
floor a f te r getting in a window. Step­
ping In Ills stocking feet dow n the
s ta irw a y he w ent Into th e living room
a n d ensi onced him self behind the door.
Ills position w as adm irable. l i e could
shoot through th e erm k m ade by the
door and th e wall. He had not l»een
th e re long before by the dim light com ­
ing from the street lamps w ith o u t he
s a w a figure com ing through the hall
W hen it was about to tu rn to go up­
s ta irs Hob tl.i'-hed his electric light w ith
his left hand while with his right he
t h r u s t th e muzzle of Ills revolver
th ro u g h th e crack of the door
"Hello. Donohue!"' he said
“ Is that
you? Hands up! Quit k. or I’ll tire!"
Donohue, blinded by th e bright light,
was compleielv at Ills «liemv's mercy
l i e raised both h a n d s a t once. Iu his
right h and w a s a revolver.
“P u t y o u r w eapon on t h e s ta irs ,” said
Bob. “ Be quick a b o u t It. but don't
m ake a noise."
Donohue h a d no choice b u t to do as
he w as told. He laid his revolver on a
s ta ir a b o u t ns high a s his head.
“ Now back a w a y from it. T h a t ’ll
do. Stay w here you a re till I come.”
L eaving his fortification. Bob w ent
into the hall and drove his m an into
tlie dining room. T h ere he tu rn e d on
u lig h t
“ I saved y o u r life," he said, "a n d cut
your tim e do w n to tw o years. T his is
y our gra titude. I ’m going to give you
w hat you deserve. It w on't be less
thnn ten years."
T he m an looked the pictu re of de-
spnir. Ten m ore y e a rs in stripes! T he
prospect w as too much for him.
“ I'd r a th e r have you settle me with
a little lend!" he groaned. “ You m ust
a t least give me credit for say in ’ th at
I w a s gotn’ to do i t ”
“T h a t ’s som ething In y our favor, and
|o u have show n a perseverance in fol­
lowing m e up which if exerted in a
better c a u se would have brought you
c o m fo rt
H a v e you ever been m a r­
“Yes; to a w om an I do n 't deserve.
She left me long ago, tn k ln ’ the kids
with her."
Donohue's voice trembled.
“ Suppose I help you to retrieve your
“ You couldn't do th a t."
“1 can. w ith your help.”
An hour Inter a plan w as arranged
by which Donohue should s ta rt afresh
He made good, with B arrington's ns-
s Istat o. and a time ca m e when he was
reunited to his wife an d children.
li e and they worship th e ground Bob
Barrington trends
Under New
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often relieve or p revent appendicitis. A
sh o rt t r e a t m e n t helps chronic stom ach
trouble. The INSTAN T, easy action of
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