Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, March 30, 1916, Image 2

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    S A N D L A K E H A PPE N IN G S.
Webb McGinnis was a Tillamook visi­
Don’ t fail to attend the musical and
tor Friday.
entertainment at the church
W. It. Ilobedee, of Woods, was in
Cloverdale yesterday.
The Della, under command of iter
new master, Capt. Jenkens, arrived here
Mrs. Gray, of Blaine, is the guest of
from Portland yesterday loaded with
her daughter, Mrs. Dee Moon.
She is loading with
Dr. Wendt fits glasses. Tilla­ cheese and will leave out Saturday
mook, Ore.. I. O. ( ) . F. Bid.
of in t e r e s t
G. W. Galloway made a trip to town
Mr. Edwards, accompanied by Mrs.
Searcy and Miss Josie Hoyt, was a Til­
lamook visitor Wednesday.
There was a dance held at the cheese
factory Tuesday in honor of the Hoyt
when girls.
Now is just the time
your cattle and horses need
a good tonic.
Mrs. Pearl Lawrence returned to her
work for Mrs. Merrill in Tillamook
We carry a full line of the
Jim Thompson was a Hemlock visitor
best stock remedies and can
supply you with whatever
you may need.
Mrs. Brown and daughter, Kola, also
Parent-Teachers regular
Great are those 25c dinners at the
Kamsey Hotel dining room, Tillamook, meeting at the school house house to­
morrow (Friday) evening. Everybody
I f your stock is troubled
invited. Matters of importance to this
It's about time the lovers of tennis got
lice, try a can ot Cres-
school district will be discussed and a
the court fenced in and their rackets
the stock dip.
good representation is desired.
Some miscreant entered the home of
Miss Pearl Miller, of Tillamook, was
Dee Moon last evening while the family
the guest over Sunday of Miss Ituth
were absent and stole a number of cans
of beans. Several have reported missing
The Reliable DrnGg’ st
Plasker Bros, for all kinds of olumb- chickens and it is possible that we have
ing, bath room outfits and fixtures. T il­ lurking around in the neighborhood a
lamook, Ore.
gang of hoodlums that should be routed.
Bring all your old gunny sacks to us.
The committee having in charge the
To half pint of water add 1 oz. Bay
We pay 5c apiece for them. Cloverdale musical and literary program to have Rum, a small box of Barbo Compound,
and (4 oz. of glycerine. Apply to the hair
Mercantile Co.
been given at the church last Monday twice a week until it becomes the desired
For sale—Pure blood Barred Cockerals evening decided to postpone the same shade. Any druggist can put this up or
you can mix It at home at very little cost.
and Pullets. Cockerals $2.50; l’ullets to next Monday evening on account of Full directions for making and use come
the stormy weather and high water. in each box of Barbo Compound. It will
$1. E. E. Cross, Ilebo.
The performers have had another week gradually darken streaked, faded gray
Dr. George and Chas. McKillip are to gain proficiency and those who attend hair, and removes dandruff. It is excel­
lent for falling hair and will make harsh
grading in front of the new residence will he treated to an entertainment hair soft and glossy. It will not color the
scalp, is not sticky or greasy, and does not
r< centlv built by the doctor.
worth more than the price of admission. rub oft.
Tonight occurs the yearly congrega­
J. C. Foster while ea*t last winter
tional moeting at the Presbyterian
Take the old reliable White stage for
selected several varieties of trees and
church All members should be pres­
comfortable, safe and sure trip to
shrubs and recently received by ship­
ment a tew pawpaw* trees. This tree
The Evening Telegram, Portland's produces a very delicious fruit
A Lazy Man.
best daily paper, and the Cloverdale sembling in size and shape the bannana
Clyi'e Webb were Hemlock visitors this
Mrs. Kdgar was visiting her daughter
this week.
Bert Hoyt and wife returned to Tilla­
mook after spending a few days at the
lake visiting.
A grange was organized at the soli, ol
house last Saturday with a charter
membership of 27.
Mr. and Mrs. LaMar returned home
from their visit at the lake. Her health
is better at [»resent.
Someone entered John Cameron’s
fruit house one night last week by pry­
ing a lock off the door. A quantity of
fruit was carried away. Thief unknown.
Grandpa Atkinson is visiting at the
luke again.
Mr. Carpenter has been on the sick
list this week.
Win. Galloway, who has been laid up
with the grip for the past two weeks, is
able to be around again.
Bids Wanted.
Sealed bids will be received by the
A worthy old citizen of Newport
Courier, both papers one year for onlv but with a skin like an apple. He lias
among bis collection several pencil who had the reputation of being the undersigned until April 10, ’ 1<>, for
elm. three kinds of oak, a mawho laziest man alive among “ them hil­ building barn. Plans and specifications
For sale—Four-year-old Mack mare,
locks,” so lazy, indeed, that he used can be seen *t the Courier office. The
just breaking. Perfectly sound, and a
to weed his garden in a rocking right reserved to reject any or all bids.
bargain at $100. F. Scherzinger, Ore-
The attendance at the Wednesday
chair by rocking forward to take
C. Otzen. Oretown.
evening entertainment of the moving
hold of the weed and backward to
In New Quarters.
George Tatro, of Neskowin, is a new picture show was not quite as large uproot it, had a way of fishing pe­
The Ammer Furniture Co. have moved
pupil in the Cloverdale school. l it is as‘ he previous Wednesday. The pic­ culiarly his own. lie used to drive
making his home with his sister Mrs. tures are becoming more interesting as his old white faced mare to the spot and are now located next door to post-
the story developes and the attendance
where the tautog (blackfish) might office, Tillamook City, and have on dis­
should increase. The proceeds of the be depended on for any weight, from play an exceptionally fine stock of well
When in Tillamook and you want a Wednesday evening entertainments go
selected Furniture. Call and. let us
good meal at a most reasonable twice to the church ami that’ s another good two to twelve pounds, backed his gig make your acquaintance.
down to the water side, put out his
call at M. (Meson’s in the Ramsey Hotel reason why you should attend.
Ammer Furniture Co.
line and when the tautog was safely
dining room.
Thè news that our roadmaster, James hooked started the old mare and
Artichoke Seed For Sale.
Mrs. Stewart, mother of Mrs. Geo. B aker, had joined the benedicts was re­ pulled him out.
Anyone desiring artichokes for seed
Worthington, who has been here dur­ ceived here with some surprise. All his
can secure same by calling on Chas.
ing the illness of her daughter, returned friends heie thought lie was a confirmed
In Hard Luck.
Rav, Cloverdale. Price, dug 2c per lb.,
to her home in Tillainook Tuesday.
Appealing to a lady for aid an old in the ground l>£c per lb.
bachelor, but last week Wednesday at
A. M. Commons, formerly of Ore- the parsonage of the Christian church darkv told her that through the j
Telling Stories to Old People.
town, but now of Portland, was in he was united in marriage to Miss Ostie Dayton flood he had lost everything :
is one development of
Cloverdale Saturday on Ids wav home
which seems to have
from a trip to his old headquarters.
of the county. The ceremony was per­ the lady, “ I have scon you before, been very little considered— namely,
Miss Sarah Trombley, of Tillamook,
formed by Rev. VanWinkle in the mid 1 have helped you. Were you the telling of stories to old people,
came over to Cloverdale Tuesday even­
presence of a few relatives. The Courier not the colored man who told me nnd that not only’ in institutions or
ing to visit her grandparents, Mrs. and
is a little late but heartily join their you had lost your wife and six chil­ in quiet country villages, but in the
Rev. Ford, and attend the school here.
many friends in wishing them hap­ dren by the sinking of the Titanic?” heart of the busy cities and the
“ Yes, ma’am, dnt wuz me. Mos’ homes of these old people. How
Satnrdav evening will 1>e the last piness.
unfort’ nit man dat eber wuz. Kaint often, when the young people are
show of the Mil’ ion Dollar Mystery.
¡litis Wanted.
a fam’ly nohow.”
Don’ t miss the closing chapter of this
able to enjoy outside amusements,
Bids will he received by the Cold
i don ating serial.
Dance after the Springs Cheese Factory for the hauling
the old people, necessarily confined
Hew She Earned It.
the chimney corner and many of
of choose to Tillamook and supplies
l et ns figure on your grocery and hack. Send bids to Ivan Gist, Clover­
| hard ware bills. We can and w ill meet dale, Oregon,
Portland prices an 1 at the same time Clackamas County Farm for One in Til-
give v« u better quality goods. Clover-
lam* K >k.
dale Mercantile Co.
75 acres, 25 cultivated, 20 acres old
N. A ffd tir, of Neskowin, was in slashing, easily cleared, creek, no rock,
County road to Oregon
Clmerdsle Monday evening. Mr. Af- lavs cood.
lolter is one of Tillamook county's good .( tv. 5 miles. New harn 50x54, new
i *t*>r> and a half hou-T*, 7 rooms, 10 goisi
road biKwieie and heartily in favor of j >■ ws, 5 calves. fSgvK), clear
bonding for a hard surface read.
I. Wheeler, Cmibv, Ore.
“ Cultivate a little more sunshine
in your disposition, my dear,” said
Mr. Pubblev. “ Happiness and suc­
cess in life depend upon the quanti­
ty of rays one emits.”
“ Very well, John," replied Mrs.
Pubhley: “ I ’ll do my best, but 1
think I ’d be happier and more suc-
eessful into the bargain if you would
emit a ten dollar raise in my allow­
ance. ” — TT a rper’s
them unable to read much for them­
selves, might turn to the joy of
their childhood by hearing some of
tin* old stories told them in dramatic
form. Here is a delightful occupa­
tion for those of the leisured class
who have the gift and a much more
efleetivc way of capturing attention
than the more usual form of read­
ing aloud.— From the “ A rt of the
Story Teller,” by Marie L. Sliedloek.