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The Effort Was Discourag­
ing, but Succeeded at Last
Bob B arrington w as one of those
youngsters who are dead set against a
hum drum lire. Bob’s fath er, w hen the
boy was fifteen years of age. secured
him a position In a frien d 's counting
room, but the friend soon told Mr. B ar­
rington th a t Bob was uot fitted for a
comm ercial life.
“ W hat's the trouble?” asked the par
“ Well, the life’s too cram ped. W hat
we w ant a re young fellows for cog­
wheels. They should go through the
sam e routine every day; never ask
questions o r m ake suggestions, but do
w hat they a re told to do and no more.
If they see anything th a t looks to
them a bit—well, shrew d, th ey ’re not
to tlnre up and call it dishonest. Our
business is a m achine, and every past
m ust fit Into every other p art.”
“ 1 see.” said Mr. Barrington. “ Bob
Is not In your line.”
Bob w as w ithdraw n and asked w hat
be wished to do. lie said be thought
he would like to get a breath of fresh
air, which, being explained, m eant th a t
he would like to go w here n atural in­
stin cts had a fuller play. To state the
case more definitely, he proposed to go
w est and be a cowboy. Ills father.
thinking th a t If his son bad some ex-
I perience In herding sheep d u ring a
j blizzard he would be glad to come
I home and go to w ork In a civilized
way, assented. Bob w as well outfit­
ted, being given a thousand dollars,
which he w as told m ust last him a
year. He told his fa th e r th a t he d id n 't
w ant any m ore than enough to tak e
him to his destination and he w ouldn’t
call on him for any more. So he hand­
ed back all but $200 and s ta rte d on
his Journey.
The new life suited him exactly. He
made a cowboy of him self for aw hile,
but, having displayed considerable
nerve In several fracases, he w as elect­
ed sheriff, a t w hich calling he m ade a
One of his exploits d u ring his term
of office was th e h u nting dow n of a
notorious desperado nam ed Donohue.
The outlaw cam e into the region over
which SherifT B arrington had Jurisdic­
tion and commenced a series of robber­
ies th a t terrorized every one. B arring­
ton m ade it his business to cap tu re the
man w ithout killing him. Not th a t
such a kindly act w as obligatory on
him. Indeed, his constituents would
have m uch preferred th a t Donohue
should be taken dead, for. In th a t case,
the territory would be spared th e ex­
pense of a trial. The tru th w as, B ar
rington never quite succeeded in erad i­
cating civilization from his system and
felt a repugnance against m aking an
executioner of himself.
One day th e sheriff w as m issed, and
nothing wus heard of him till one day
be reappeared, w ith Mr. Donohue In a
wagon, bound hand an d foot. A m eet­
ing of citizens w as called and, a fte r a
vote of th an k s to Sheriff Barrington,
decreed th a t a com m ittee be appointed
to bang the prisoner. Bob claim ed the
captive as his ow n and insisted that
he be tu rn ed over to a court fo r trial.
T his excited m uch opposition, on the
ground th a t there w as no evidence th at
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* » ■ ( / ¡
Donohue had m urdered any one. Con
sequently he could never be hanged.
However, it could not be denied that
the prisoner belonged to B arrington,
and, since he would not consent to the
hanging, th e m an m ust be se n t to a
place w here there w as a court. Here,
too, B arrington stood In the way of
Justice. C ertain persons who knew of
m urders com m itted by the accused of
which there were no eyew itnesses
kindly consented to perjure them selves
th a t a proper punishm ent m ight he in­
flicted. T he sheriff would not consent
to this, and when th e Judge proposed
to give the convict all the im prison­
m ent th e law allowed Barrington stood
o u t for tw o years. Tho Judge, being a
stanch supporter of the sheriff, acced­
ed to his wishes.
One would suppose th a t saving a
m an’s life and cutting down a term of
ten years a t hard labor to tw o would
touch th e h eart of the subject of this
m agnanim ity. Instead, when Dono­
hue was taken aw ay to serve his term
be said:
“Sheriff, e f ye hadn’t sneaked up on
me and got the drop when I w asn’t
lookin' for you you wouldn’t ’n’ got
me. How som ever. I’ll git out o’ Jail
in tw o y ears from this yere present
time, and it’ll he you as'll have to look
out fu r me.”
“T hank you kindly for m entioning
your benevolent intentions,” replied
Bob. “ I’ll try and be In a position to
Congratulate yr>u on having attain ed
your freedom and keep from getting
holed at the sam e tim e.”
W hen Bob had been In the w est a
y ear his fa th e r asked him If he didn’t
wish to retu rn nnd tak e up civiliza­
tion again. Bob w rote th a t there w as
too much of a m ixture betw een the
good and the bad In civilization; he
preferred the two separate, as they
were In the west. The better class of
people In the w est m ade no pretense
to culture, but they treated one anoth­
er like C hristians. When a m an was
bad he was bad all over nnd didn’t
pretend to be anything else T he con
sequence was th a t there wus no mis
tak in g either the good or the bad.
W hen Donohue had served some
eighteen m onths of his term Bob’s
m other w rote her son th at his fa th e r
w as 111 and begged him to come home.
Bob sighed, tum bled Into the flue
Clothes he had worn when he reached
NO. 38
the w est and started Tor home. He
had not worn a boiled Bhlrt for a long
time and felt In one now ns if he w ere
being garroted. He found his fath er
in very bad health, and his continued
presence nt home was necessary. He
therefore yielded to his parents’ re­
quest «and determ ined to rem ain with
W hen Donohue w as released to re­
commence his preying upon the world
th e first person ho proposed to prey
upon was ex-Sherlff Barrington. Bob
during the adm inistration of the du­
ties of Ills office had received a great
m any threats, none of which had ma­
terialized. W hen the two years of
Donohue’s term had rolled around Bob
bad forgotten all about I t Besides, he
had left his old stam ping ground and
did not conceive It possible th a t a des­
perado In the w est would take the
trouble or have the m eans to travel a
couple of thousnnd miles to hunt
him up.
Donohue was a mnn w ith consider­
able pride, which bad It uot been mis­
directed m ight have been of advantage
to him. H e had made a statem ent a t
the time of his conviction nnd he pro­
posed to carry It out nt any cost. He
had not been out of Jail long when he
had accum ulated sufficient valuables
and cush to pay his expenses east,
* and having obtained B arrington’s ad­
dress set out to find him and tak e his
threatened revenge.
On reaching the city of his destina­
tion he realized th a t be would not
have the sam e advantages in killing
a m an ns in the west. It was pos­
sible there to do the deed, light out,
seek other fields, and there was a
chance of never being called to ac­
count for his crime. Not so In a city.
To s ta rt gun play on a s tre e t would
be to collect a crowd, followed by au
officer, and there w as no chance of
escai>e except by th e law ’s delays, and
even then funds were required for the
purpose. These im perfectlous In le­
gal Justice did not m ake It less desir­
able for honest persons than the code
of the revolver or Judge Lynch.
Donohue therefore decided to stent up
on his enemy as his enem y had stolen
up on him. But tills w as not so eusy
In civilization ns In a new country.
Bolts separated him from the m an he
wanted, and be was not ti-M'd t<> thN
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