Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, July 02, 1915, Image 1

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    VOL. 10.
NO. 51
A R eco rd T h a t U sed to In sp ire G reen,
the F a m o u s H is to r ia n .
It has been the fate of many men of
letters to have ill health bearing them I
down as they struggle on toward lit­
Several From Tillamook, Bay erary achievements. Thus beset In re­
though we have done badness bv mail with them for wars. We
cent times were Stevenson. Richard
City and Beaver in At­
beijeve we have given them satisfactory banking service u;ui can
Jetlries and .1. It. Green. Each o f these,
it happened, had a high hearted wife
g iv e vou I he same satisfaction.
to keep him up. even to help him with
the actual labor o f writing. “ The Life
M ail us Y o u r next C h e ck or C h eck s
and Letters o f J. R. Green” show forth
” “
The Rebecca lodge at thi3 place a great and sweet man. They show,
| It saves vou time, and I IMF IS MONEY, especially at ibis season
entertained the countv assembly too. a w ife whose sympathy and forti
of the year. No need to come to the bank in person.'
of the order Wednesday afternoon tude helped to make his accomplish
meat possible.
and evening. In fact the enter­
S E C U R IT Y A N D S E R V IC E our Motto
In copying the cast amount of man
tainment commenced in the fore­ useript o f her husband's books Mrs
noon with a dinner in the banquet Green contracted writer’s cramp and
was forced to stop using her right hand
room of the Odd Fellows’ hall.
This looked like a final obstacle in the
The afternoon was spent in ; way o f the invalid, who did much of
visiting and at 6 o’clock a dinner his thinking in bed and could not write
was served, followed by an enjoy­ himself. But Mrs. Green set to work
at once learning to write with her left
able program.
P le n ty of O p p o rtu n itie s F o r W o u ld Be
One of her first practice pages, which
Mrs. Rose Palmer, president of
T h e P le a su re T h a t C a m e W ith a L it tle
a n d C o u ld Be E d iso n s.
the assembly, was present and she was about to destroy with the rest,
A c t of K in d n e s s .
Is full of would bo Edl-
her husband took quietly and put in
” 1 am one o f your new neighbors. sous, and the point we want to bring
addressed the convention on the his pocket Years afterward when ill
Mrs. Esta brooks," said a cheerful voice out is that quite a lot o f them are
work being done in the different health seemed unbearable and in dis-
our door In the very middle o f our could be Edisons.
( ourngement lie felt that he could not
Rebecca lodges of the state.
A man invented the Rtoeklng frame
work he used to take out that piece of first attempt at moving. “ No, I can’t
Rebeccas to the number of 17 puper. a living record o f his wife's tri­ come in 1 Just brought >ou u bit o f for weaving silk stockings. H e got the
oame over from Tillamook and umph over difficulty. When he saw lunch, knowing you would bo too busy , idea while he sat watching Ills wife
to fix any.
Please call on me—Just work. But surely he wasn't the first
Bay City and about the same the painful, patient strokes by widen i next door—If 1 cau be o f any help. I man who sut and watched his wife
Mrs. Green had learned to write with \
number from Beaver.
her left hand he could work on with | Good by I”
There Is a huge fortune for the man
The Cloverdale lodge exempli
tray with Its two bowls o f hot soup who can commercialise weeds. The
tied the initiatory degree, After a |
and steaming little pot o f coffee aud raw material is Inexhaustible, for It
E ch o e s.
short pro^rtm ice cream and cake
then at each other in dumb surprise.
renews Itself automatically every year.
The time which elapses between the
W e had Just reached that dreadful It might pay a reader In the paper
were served and the as-embly ad­ utterance o f a sound and its return
state In moving when nothing Is In making trade to follow up this Idea.
journed to meet next year in Bay must be more than one-twelfth o f a place and the things want« tl first are
Then we want a paint that will last
second to form an echo
C itv .
underneath the things wanted last— as long us the material upon which tt
that awful moment when a sense of is placed and an iron that won't rust
helplessness, weakness and homesick­ We want something that will counter­
ness combined swoops dow n upon you act the wearing effect of the uttnos-
W e had not realized that we were plierc. It’s going to be invented some
hungry and physically exhausted, but day. mi I It may as well be done now.
after sitting down at an improvised and you who read this may as well he
table and sampling that delicious soup the person to do It.
In some remote corner o f the earth
nud drinking the stimulating coffee wo
suddenly knew what had been the mat­ today a could be Edison may be ex­
perimenting with the possibilities of
ter with us. Courage returned.
"Blessings on our neighbor!" cried cities on the sen. There are millions
of square miles o f water that are more
“ Yes." 1 answered. “ She's the Jol or less wasted, and sooner or later, us
Ilest caller I ever received. She has the land area of the earth becomes
taught me how to Introduce yourself to I crowded, people will inevitably tnke to
new neighbors and win their everlast­ I cities on the sea
Above all. keep your eyes on Nature.
ing gratitude.
Whatever happens in
this neighborhood I ’ll stand by Mrs. who is continually making Inventions
Esta brooks—see if I don’t ! " —Woman’s I which she never protect« with patents.
—Stray Stories.
Home Compauiou.
I IN e stu c c a
V a lle y
Bank |
| P a y b ills by
check and
jjj Avoid all Li=
a b ility
P u b lic P e n a n ce .
Open an account with this Bank and keep your money in
your own locality.
E. L. McCABE, Cashier.
A quaint old law for the punishment
of pe«i> jffenders exists to this day in
Mlddleburg, tiie Netherlands, and any­
thing resembling It is not known to ex­
ist' elsewhere.
Owing to dampness
weeds quickly spring up In the streets
between the paving stones, and here,
under the eye of a none too severe
guard, the offenders are put to work
with a large trowel shaped knife clear­
ing away the upsprlngtng blades of
green Each is provided with a wood­
en stool; hence it may be imagined
thut they are not hard driven. Here
men and women alike who have been
convicted work In this mariner
E te rn a l C u r io s it y .
“ So you think ull public entertain­
ments should be cei sored?”
"Yes. and I ’d like to be one o f the
"So ns to bo sure o f not missing any
thing."—Washington Star.
S p ite fu l.
Patience—This paper says U Is estl
ranted that tho nnnual catch of lob­
sters In the world Is 125.000.000
Patrice—You haven’t caught one yet.
have you. dear?— Youkera Statesman.