Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, October 23, 1914, Image 4

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    H o w M r. Harding
Conducted the
height to climb?"
"It's Mr Harding’s orders, sir.”
"Harding a orders? What’» he doing
giving orders from ttie engine room?”
Again the captain's attention was
distracted by a yell from the pirates,
who were right Buder the North Star’s
stern. There was a vtdiey from the
men post»*d there, and a grappling hook
that was thrown and caught on the
gunwale was east off
Then the Chinamen were seen taking
to their bouts with the evident inten­
tion of stringing the light out so far
that the little crew of the North Star
would not be able to keep them off
from ull points at once. A boat loud
of men well armed and with hooks and
rope ladders attacked the stern, anotb
er the how. while a Inmt was sent on
t»ueb side.
At this time Harding, dragging a
hose, and the fireman, dragging anoth­
er, came up tin* compauiouwuy.
"W hat are you going to do with
that?" asktHl the captain.
Harding had no time to reply in
words, but he did reply in action. Tw o
or three of the Chinamen had climbed
up the unprotected port side, nud one
of them had a leg over the gunwale.
Harding let drive at him with u half
inch Jet of steam from the boiler, and
be went back over the side, doubtless
glad to get into the cold water below.
At tile same time th<* fireman opened
up «>n another party about to jump
down on to the fleck on the starboar«!
lioth Harding and the tiremnn.
having cleared the gunwale, carried
the nozzle to the side and. pointing the
stream downward, gave a death scald
to every one In th<* boats below
bow and stern holng well protected by
legitimate arms of warfare and tbe
sides being impregnable against a Jet
o f hot st«*am. tile pirat»*s withdrew
Harding, win» had saved the ship by
bis admlmblt* foresight and resource,
tas-am«* the Idol of tin* crew, while all
respect for tile captain was gone
Wh«*n flu* North Star sailed again from
an American port tlar Slug was her
".Mr. HartHng," said (..'upturn Waln-
wright, handing Ills glass to Ills ttrst
unite, "what do you think of that
tiiliiK-over thrreY"
“ I think." said Harding. "that tt 1»
on** o f thus** dfvlllsh Chlncsf pir»*4es
that the*«* *vat«*rs."
'1 Ills dlulngii«1 oc curicd on tin* Amer­
ican traui|> steamer North Star in th e
Jnva sea, a region dreaded hy murl-
ners for the villainous characters who
infest it
"What do you think of our chances
In ease they attack us?" asked the
"That depends on our inireiiulty. We
can't sink them Indoro they rotteti us
W e’ll have to prevent their hoarding
us If we rail, and if they hoard us we
will have to light them for our live»*.”
"Mow can we prevent their |s»ard-
litK ns?"
inaunlntc U h * |H>ints they at­
tempi to climi» t luit they ean't get on
Ulte American sttilor artued
shoulti la* itili*1 lo keep oli' thrt'e t'Iilua-
meii from cllnihlng a perpendleular
.- Il is side
itili exeiiM* me. captata
I Sic ( thè \illaills are pnilltillg for
iis .
I must go Pelow ami onici up
thè aruis "
Harding left thè «iiptaln peer ng nt
thè Junk II was » stillili vess*>l, sinull-
er tini ti tic North Star, tuli Its d«*ck
" - lltcralh swnriiimg with e*»pt»er
e**lori‘*l tleiid - ready fot tool ami mur­
It Inni no ordniiiiee ot any eult-
hor. it timi he*1!! nriiied and e«|Ulp|>Ml
l \ meli v\ la» hnd no espeelal limane to
eipilp il. and. a- Harding salti, relied
on laklng snidi slups as il eoiild over*
tiower l».v tmardiiig
Soon allei thè lìrst ollieer had gone
Girls With Boys’ Names.
iK'low thè meli bega II tu brlllg lip gwn*.
Girls with boys' names and boys
pi-iols and ami dlstrtbuted
thi'in with amimiiiltlon to 11t. ulong with girls' have received them in many
Instance* no doubt by accident
thè hulwarks
"W iien s 'Ir Harding?" thè captata was so in the ease of Ge*>rgc Anne
demandisi ot one of thè moti “ What’s Oelluuiy. tin* famous eighteenth cen­
Ile dolug Pelow wlieii we're In i**ril for tury actress, win» played .luli**t to Gar­
rick’s Kom**«> Horn on St. Georg«*day,
olir Uve*?'
" l i e s In tti*> engine room," w iu the sin* was to In* culled Gcorglnna, hut
som**bo«!y’s blunder at the time o f her
At (lint moment a dlutHilleuI shout christening split this Into George Anne
went up which diverted ttie captain's The "corn law rhim«*r.'' Ebenezer El­
attention from the deftuc.ueut Mr liott. had a daughter uameii Noah,
Ilardlng. It was a hl«H>«lthlr*ty cry of ; whose passport is said to have given
I'll»« pirates, having come ht»r much trouble abroml. But her**, ns
near enough to the North Star to make in tin* eas«> o f other girl Noilhs, It was
sure that she hud no means o f sinking only *»th«*r p«**>pl«*’s Biblical ignorance
her adversary, were lu a very hilari­ that was at fault, for turn to Num­
ous state
Their Junk was a tolerably bers \xxvl, 11, and you will tlnd .that i
go. I sailer and the wind was fair to Mail lab. it., ah Hogluh, Mill ah a n l
••liable them to l»ear down on their en­ Noah wer** tin* daughter* of Zeluphe-
emy The North Star, though a steam­ huil. — t.omtoii Graphic
er. was a till» and could hardy do Nov­
ell miles an hour
Flowers on Icebergs.
On came ttie Junk, her murderous
Flowc s blooming on icebergs would
crew dancing and shouting and »'but­ Certainly lie a run* sight, but travelers
tering and brandishing their weapon*. is the northern portions «>f the Pacific
l'li«1 captain *>f the North Star w a s ««> an*! sometimes lu the tu»rtli Atlantic
teiTitle»l that he to»>k no action " hut- have witu«"s«*d tills strange but very \
ever, hut the second officer. Mr beautiful spectacle,
it appear» ttiut
Me legs, was ijuietly arranging the mea s«mie animals curry on tlndr f«*et a
in groups along the bulwarks and giv­ growth o f moss. \\ Inch is tU^HisIt«1«! on
ing them tlieir onlera
There "e r e a the 1« «■ « like it Is uttaclnsl to the main- ,
few han«l grenaile* lu th«* *l«*k of ex- land lu polur regions. In time tills «le
ploslv»*a. and Metggs nrder»*»l the;
to cays an.l forms a shallow *»»11. in which
the forecastle, where It was <*\| . :*sl tin* s«*c«l «»f iHittemips and «laiulcliou*
ttie Chinamen wonid attempt to . limb often tii «1 a bulging, borne by currents
tile bowsprit chains, for the N»»rth o f wind that «loubtU-ss caught them up
Star was t*ait *t«*amer a ml part - .il«*r. in sou»«* southern clime. These take
Tin* crew was »llvldod into two *«*»•• r«H»t and bloom when the great gleam­
dona, the one for'nnl. tin* otlicr aft
ing 1 « t ' erg tloats *>»»t t«> sea and is car-
"W hy are you leaving th«* shit* . li.-i sou tii ward, where the soft wind*
f»*r th e»h*'lls amidships, Mr Metggs?'
melt the surface and give the plants
wailed the captain
"Don t you wm *- f?»c moisture they n«*ed.
(H»-.e they've got dense **n»>ugh t»> come
aboard where th«*y have the least Ail vertice in the Courier.
It pay»
i “It Don’t Hurt a Fact to i
Hammer it.”
The fact we wish to hammer is that Alex McNair «fe Co.1»
store gives more quality, service and satisfaction than any other
store in Tillamook county.
Our Phenominal Success Demonstates that Fact
McNair «fe Co. for
Builder*’ Hardware,
Bare Troughing, Farm Tools, Shelf Goods, Cutlery, and every­
thing kept in a fully stocked hardware store.
I Ä 18 X McNair & Co., Tillamook,Ore.
Saturday Evenings
New Reels and a Gccd Show
Admission 15 Cents
f b r the ih m o u s
“Star Brand’’Shwis
L argest
S e llin g
B ran d o f S h o e s
in the W orld
Th# "Patriot**—
"Our Family**—"
A Fine Shoe for Men
For Every Member of the Family
The "Pilgrim**—
The Busnoss Man's Shoe
"Strong er-Than-Th #4. aw**—
T h e “ Society**—
The Lungrrf Weanng Work Sboa Mode
A Particular Shoe for Particular Women
•‘Soft and Good**—
~ T « . & T e d " School bho##—
Tor Boy* and Girl*
A W ork Shoe T o * to Name
A ll marie of Good Leather*
No substitute* io r leather are ever used.
“ S ta r B rand Shoes A re B e tte r **
BO Y E A R S '
ia tb e o u lv
. -
T r a o i M arks
D esigns
C o pyrig h ts A c .
Anroro* spti <11 iiii ft »ketch «n d <1c»<*riplWm m «r
an k T If w**TVUT» our Opinion free wlietlicr \n
liumitton 1» probfthlr Pfttentftbla Conitnonlm-
ll«.n» strictly «-»nil,Unfinl. HANOBCOK » » I’ftlehU
■ fre«v «'!.»•»« Bifeiicy for .w u r in i patent«.
Parent« taken tnroutfh Mann A On. receive
IJWVKII H.4U«, without olio rye. In Mi*
Scientific American.
A li»n«1*c«»elr ttt»«tr*t**1 w«ektv.
naiittien o f m t (MteiiUda 1<>oraai. Term », I * •
year: four m.eiUie, XL S o U b ye ll new.tle-Uee«.
M Uceii.1i
iiNN 0>«oe.
S Co.”
'"***” New fa.R
fSb T 3». WttsMmrtaft. B. C
Rutvs made known and
information gladly given.
Rollie W. Watson
Seal Estat* anJ Fix* n w r «