Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, July 19, 1912, Image 5

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    Cloverdale Courier! T will then win or lose my
Published Every Friday by
Frank Taylor, Editor aud Publisher.
“ Entered a?second-class matter, Nov­
ember 13th. 1905 at the post office at Clo­
verdale, Tillamook County, Oregon, un­
der Act of Congress, March 3rd, 1878.
S u b sc r ip t io n R atks
One Year, in advance ........................ $1.0C
tjix M on th s..................................................... 50
Thtoe M o n th s................................................ 25
Single C opy.................................................... 05
AnvRRTisiNQ R ates
Displayed Advertisements, 50 cents per
inch per month, single column. All
local Reading Notices, ft cents per
line for each insertion.
Timber land notices
$ 10.00
Homestead notices
Political Announcement Cards
J ob D epartment
My Job Department is complete in every
respect and I am able to do all kinds
Commercial Job Printing on short
notice at reasonable prices.
F R ID A Y . J U L Y 19, 1912.
One who is not worried over the
outcome of election ii Hon. White-
law Reed, ambassador to England,
#ho has been trying his best to
lose his job.
If you have six cents more now
than one year ago you h«ve kept
up with the prosperity procession.
The treasury department’s figures
show that the per capita circula­
tion is now $34.26, which is a gain
of six cents over last year.
Take it for what it is worth. We
are advised that at the north pole
the thermometer went up to zero
during the recent hot »pell and
caused much suffering. All the
igloos were shimmering in the
torrid glare, and heat waves made
an inferno of the ice fields.
Several Etkimos died of sunstroke.
The seals and walruses lay panting
on the floes. Children, driven to
desperation, were breaking holes
in the ice and taking bathe.
I deserve to win or lose.”
Discussion ceased as there was
no question of the honesty ot the
judge who was being discussed. It
required no further argument to
convince the little gathering that
it had made a mistake in entering
upon the considering of an honest; that where honesty is ability
abounds; that where an honest
man tits upon the bench, the law
books may be closed and no one
suffer; that honesty is the supreme
t*at of a man’s fitness to pass open
the contentions of his fellows. For
he who hesitates a moment must
know that the law is founded upon
honesty and that only an honest
man cun therefore be trusted to
interpret the law.
The daughter of a certain lum­
berman has founded a new society
which she is pleased to call the
Good Cheer society. She is de­
voting her time and money to pro­
moting the organization and has
traveled to many places, establish­
ing branches of the society.
The requirements of the mem­
bers are simple. All one has to
do to join the organization is to
sign a pledge to be of good cheer,
and to promote cheerfulness— as
simple a proposition as was ever
put up to mortal man.
Now, the organisation of the so­
ciety may be a fad with the young
woman. It may be that she is
spending her father’s money travel­
ing around talking about good
cheer only because she wants the
notoriety. It makes no difference
about that. The point is that
this young woman is doing a world
of good, regardless of why she is
doing it, and despite the fact the
society may perish from the earth
at an early date.
Cheerfulness is a mental pro­
cess. Ail that is necessary to pro­
mote it is to mention it. The most
straightens up and becomes cheer­
ful if any one mentions it to him;
be is ashamed to admit that he is
not always cheerful. So the fact
that the young woman goes into
lumber camps and the mines and
m«ntion| cheerfulness is worth a
whole lot to the world.
Then, the newspapers cannot
mention the society without re­
minding everyone who reads the
item of the value of being cheerful,
without spreading a contagion, in
fact that runa on to the end of
time. Have not you who have
read this prosy comment already
resolved in your mind that you
will be more cheerful in the future?
That is the way the contagion
The gentleman under discussion
was a judgt* npon the bench. One
thought «bat he was not at all well
read in law— learned in the law as
the attorneys say— as some other
judge. Another of
thought he was not as industrious
as a judge might be and still not
suffer from paresis. Still another
believed that his education was not
as classic as it could have been,
had the gentleman under discus­
sion taken advantage of all of his
Then spake a member of the bar,
a man df long practice before the
courts, thoroughly learned in the
law himself and a successful prac­
titioner from every standpoint.
“ Gentlemen,” he began, “ I have
listened patiently to whst vou
have said of the judge.
If he is
honest, your remarks concerning
Pia^ker Bros., Tillamook,
his other qualifications are idle
in the plumbing line.
words. Giye me an honest judge;
D. N . REGER, Proprietor.
for Travelers and Visitors
Meals 35 c and 50 c
Beds 50e
Everything First-class
Your Patronage Solicited
Billiard and Pool j
We are arranging tc supply hunters
and campers with amunition this
fall. Our line of Shells, etc. will
soon be here. Let us know your
DRUG ene»weoneneno»e
Accuracy i i compounding pre­
scriptions ami nure drug« is
what gets us the tnisinesH.
Orders taken for
Tailor-Made Suits.
Wants to see you, at his store
you will not be urged to buy.
and you are sure to tie interested
even if you do not see anything
you want.
; CLOUGH, jgBfe ja g g I
t o — « ,« » « « « »n n m » m » t
O utings in Oregon
v ia
m e
Excellent Train
Service and
Low Round Trip
To the Beaches
Springs and .
If you are looking for an ideal pits« to spend s portion of
the summer, where you ean find rest, health and recreation, the
outing resorts reachsd by the Southern Pacific are ytr excel
Newport— Yaquiaa Bay, Tillamook County Beaches, Crater
Lake, Colestin Spring, Sbaeta Springs, Cascadia, Breitenbueh
Hot Springs and many other springs of more or lees note.
Low Round Trip Tickets
With long limits on sale daily to the above resorts. Our book­
let, “ Vacation Days in Oregon” describing these and other out­
ing places can he obtained from any Agent, who will cheerfully
furnish information as to fares, train service, etc, or s postal
card to the undersigned will receive prompt attention.
JO H N M, H G O f T, Gonorol P a « e e n $ e r A gen t
P o rtla n d , O re g o n .