Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, June 28, 1912, Image 3

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    ' There was a fusillade, and he fell
pierced with three bullets. Oue of the
committee was wounded, but not seri-
i ously.
The uext man to lay himself liable to
the tine was Arkansas Jack. But, tak­
ing warning by tbe fate of his prede­
cessor, he “lit out” liefore the com­
mittee had time to pay him a visit.
H o w the Nam e of a Mining
Results thus far were favorable. Oue
of the worst men in the town had !>eeu
Town W as Changed
elim inated by the bullet; another had
gone of his own accord. The only un­
fortunate circum stance was that uo
fine had been collected for the building
By F. T R A C Y ED M O N D S
of the church.
Pete Skinuer. one of the pool favor­
ites. still remained in the towu and
Deadshot deserved Us name. It above ground, lie laid disappointed
was one of those miuiug camps that ! his backers in not turning out a win
existed half a century ago in which ner and was therefore disappointed
was gathered the toughest population himself ,T lie reason he was inactive
on the face of North American soil. and unharm ed was that he had not
One visiting it now would see an at­ succeeded in pk-kiug a quarrel with
tractive town with paved streets and any one before his colleagues had sin
sidewalks, rows of ueat dwellings and ued and su tiered. He was disgusted
spires piercing the branches of shade with the working of tlie “city ordi­
nance.” for be hud no uiiud to give
But tifty years ago—then there was a up his favorite amusement and had uo
different picture. There was but one money with which to pa.v for indulg*
street, and that was a dirt road lined lug in it
with log cabins and board shanties
The Indies were only partially satis­
The most pretentious of these were fied with the results of the effort to re­
drinking and gambling dens. There form the town, and so long as Skiauer
was uo law nor semblance of law. A remained there above ground they had
few respectable women had goue to no. confidence in a reformation Two
the place, but at the tim e this story left, uud file others began packing up
opens they were preparing to leave.
The citizens were hoping that Skinner
The citizens of Deadshot had encour­ would kill some one and give them an
aged the coming of the women, hoping excusé to elim inate him But Skinner
that their presence would have a salu­ got wind of their desires and kept the
tary effect on the rougher clement, for peace.
the most brutal affairs were perpe
There were three young men in
trated by a few individuals, and now Deadshot who had been attracted to
since within a week after their arrival three young women who were getting
the ladies were algiut to turn their ready to move. These men owned
backs on Sodom a meeting was called property in Deadshot and not only
with a view to the adoption of meas­ wished to keep the girls, but 1» recon­
ures that m ight change their resolution. struct the town so that they could in­
The meeting took place in the Um­ duce capital to come in and develop
pire saloon.
what they believed would g i v e them
Tete Henshaw arose and said that a fortune I’ete Skinner stood not only
he had heard one of the women say between them and tiie girls, blit be­
that if tile citizens of Deadshot wanted tween them and pecuniary slice**»
to become civilized the first thing they They met one evening to discus* fH*
m ust do was to build a church, lie situation.
therefore proposed that a collection be Duve Perkins suggested that they
taken up for that purpose.
draw lots as to which one of their
No objection being made to the prop­ num ber should shoot Skinner, the other
osition, the hat w a s passed, and when two to chip iu $."it«> apiece to pay the
the offering was summed up the value slayer's tine But Pete was dreadful­
of all the donations of various kinds, ly quick ou the trigger and extremely
including a dirty pack of cards, was watchful, vie might kill the man to
found to be a dollar and fifty-six cents. whom the lot fell. If so. w hat next?
The movement was a failure.
Would one of tin* others take up the
Cy Allen then made a proposition fight? And. If the second fell, would
that met with much more favor, lie the other go the sam e way? This end­
suggested that the first man who shot ing of the conspiracy would lie barren
another should be fined a thousand <Ui- of results
lars to build the church and tiiat a It looked as if the only reiinbie way
committee of three of the quickest nnd of getting rid of Skinner was to lay
surest shots in' appointed to see when in wait for him and shoot him in the
the transgression occurred that the back. But the parties concerned not
transgressor put up tlie amount at once only shrank from an uufalr proceed­
or suffer the consequences.
ing even with an Incubus ou the town
It did not occur to any one to ask like Skinner, but knew that to perpe­
what the intended consequence* were. trate such a sc heme would bring upon
All understood at oner that the delin­ them the contem pt of their fellow citi­
quent was to be riddled. The motion zens.
was put and carried, the committee One of the trio. Gu* Harbesnn. vol
whose duty it was to see that when
to pit himself against Skin
the fine n»*eded for the church was unteered
ner. He was to give Skinner ennse to
due it should be paid was npi>oiuted. kill him. This looked very unselfish,
nnd the chairm an named another to go tery noble, ou the part of Harliesoo.
to the Indies and nsk them to defer but he said that he was intending to
their departure uutil it could be deter­ try to get an advantage over his ene
mined w hether the notion taken would my th at would put him under ground
be effective. The latter consented to Instead of him self He didn't say how
give time for a trial, and l>eudshot he pro|>osed to accomplish this deslra
waited for the mn^ who was to build ble result, for it was not necessary
the church.
that he should do bo . and bis plans
Tools were made as to who would l*e might leak >ut.
the offender. Arkansas Jack, Tete Ilarbeson had t>eeii considered the
Skinner and Andy Grininlmw were the black sheet-/ of Ida family. He had
favorites. Andy Grim shaw was the run away from home when a boy and
winner, shooting bla man down in cold entered the service of a telegraph com­
blood within two days after the pus pany. F it m there he had gone to sea.
sage of the «»solution. The committee After two years liefore the mast he
appointed for the collection of the drifted west in a prairie schooner nnd
funds called on him and asked him to now at tw enty-tw o faund himself a
fork over. He laughed them to scorn. miner. Young nnd strong, he fear*«!
The Percheron Stallion
Description—Color, Steel grey, height
17 hands, sire Normand 5397, dam
N*'gro (»090
Tiiis horse is a successful one and among Ins offspring arc the bent
colts in the county. Improved sUx’k is the most profitable and before
breeding it will pay you to look into the m erits of this wonderful home.
Pasture can be Secured here tor Mares.
TERMS $20.
n UUUiNlbftdlllJl
n m r m F D O T n u Oloverilale
Wil1 i,e Ht during
the entire
nothing. Besides, he was In love and tho way. There was not u sign of a
bad suddenly become sensible of tin* weapon about Ilarbeson, but they
fact th at he should do something to knew that If (to kept up th at kind of
counteract Ills record, that Ills sw eet­ talk with Skinner a bullet would go
heart might be tho more Inclined to (brought him and might liurt some one
listen to his suit.
Dave Perkins told the girls th at n “ W hat y’ mean snxxln’ me th at way?*’
movement was on foot to eliminate snarled Skinner, putting Ills hand to
Skinner, begglug them to wait awhile, his hip.
and they consented. A week passed, The band of llnrbeson's hat was
•a d Skinner was still alive. The pierced tilth little round holes. From
yoang ladies resumed their packing. one of these holes came a puff of
Th* citizens who had hoped for much smoke. Skinner staggered, put ills
when they had adopted tlm plan for hand to his hip nnd got n revolver mid
building the church w ere discouraged. way between Ills waist ami Ills chili
Skinner seemed to be gathering cour­ when Ilarbeson inclined Ids head about
age. for he was heard to say that If five degrees, several sim ultaneous puffs
he did lay him self liable to the fine lie and reports followed, and Skinner’s
didn’t believe the committee would arm was shattered. Ilarbeson then
dare In Ills case to attem pt Its collec­ turned Ills head in a horizontal circle.
tion. Thlu Indicated that he had pre­ There were more explosions through
pared for n desperate fight nnd that tils m iniature portholes, and Hklui. r
boor of the com m ittee must lv sacri­ fell dead.
ficed in order to get rid of him.
By this tim e every umn. woman aud
The despondeucy was at bottom level child in Deadshot was out of doors to
when one morning Skinner emerged leant what was going'on Wheu those
from the Kraplre saloon uud, turning nearest the s6eue of fiction saw what
eastw ard, sauntered down the street. had happened they raised a Joyful
He literally bristled with weapons, for shout, which was taken up by those
he understood that his fellow tow ns­ who were next and borne on dowu the
men wished to get rid of him, anti he thoroughfare till it readied the limits
was resolved that If they did some of of tin» town Then nil crowded around
them m ust first bite the dust. There UurbeMon to exuuilue the hut fort he
were n num ber of persons out. But wore on Ids head He showed them a
this morning instead of looking nt the battery In the smali of hia back con­
walking fortress they were staring In nected by wires with little guus In his
the opposite direction at Gus Ilnrlie- headpiece, while other wires ran down
son, who n few moments after Skin­ ! his art;», ending In circuit keys In bis
ner's appearance had emerged from hands.
his own cabin with a very remarkable Skinner was buried tbe same day.
hat ou his head.
I ml the citizens, after celebrating their
“By gum ,” exclaimed a citizen, “ef reilef from gun rule, held a meeting at
n arb e halu't got one o’ them machines which they levied a tax on themselves
the hatters In Mg cities put on a Qian's for funds to build the church. The
head to take hia men sure!”
three lovers and their girls were m ar
Ilarbeson walked down the street, tied at a triple wedding, aud the uauie
receiving the Jeer» of the citizens. of the town was changed from Dead-
Skinner looked at him with the rest, shot to Hsrbeaon.
and the dc*|K>rndo's face broke Into a
grin. Aa he and Hnrbcson drew near
R e assu red .
together Skinner called out:
needn't worry about
"W hat y* tuskin' a guy o’ y’self that that brother of you
in America Tbe
a-way for?”
relations con
“ Who says I'm m aktn' a guy o’ my­ tlnue to be excellent’ ’’—London
self?” retorted Ilarbeson.
**Y’ Vnow yTe doin' it y'self,” re
piled Skinner bristling.
"You say that agnlur* cried Marin»
Flanker Bro»., Tillamook, are
son angrily.
The bystanders bogs.' to get out of leaders iu the plumbing line.