Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, November 26, 1909, Image 1

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VOL. 5.
NO. 18
y**«rs since its manufacture is a THIS VICINITY IS VISITED BY A
|conjecture, but it is supposed hy
air. Wooden that it was brought in
by the Hudson Hay Company and ^
paid to the Indians in early days Water Has Not Been So High In
¡and lost by them. It was found ,
Nineteen Years.
I at the bottom of the furrow which !
would indicate that it had been
there a long time blit was still as From Sunday afternoon until
are thankful that we have enjoyed a substantial ¡ in the
bright as when it came from the ‘Tuesday evening ot this week this
number • >f our depositors, during the past year and we hope eaeh
locality was visited by the most
and every resident of <>ur prosperous county lias much to he
An agreement has been tiled severe rain storm of the past nine­
thankful for. We invite vou to call on us for anything in the
with the County Clerk between N. teen years, the water raising higher
hanking line, feeling sure that our facilities and resouices arc
N. Brooten and John Anderson than it has been since 1890.
such that we can please you. We are especially equipped for
and T. H. Faulconer, in which it is The water reached its highest
issuing drafts on the Old Country.
agreed to sell the ore from what is stage about live o’clock Monday
known as the Brooten mineral; evening and did not begin to recede
property, in the south part of the until sometime towards the next
county. The Ore is to be known as morning. When the water was at
the “Brooten’s Kelp Ore.’ and the its highest it flooded the street in
panics agree to take not less than front of the post office some, and
$oQQ worth
the , first the »weet worn <ihe lmrc.ware
, ,
„ , of the
. ore second
, year;
i vear; $1000
, atom
for the third year, delivered at the to * P°'nt *OUth ° f Grant,mft
, mine and to be sold in the State of , rt‘8itionco was «ntire,y under water,
California or the territory of Ari- tlu‘ Wlltt,r huin8 tbr#0 ^ deep in
zona, upon the following terms: for places.
nntiphlogestine, containing medi­ The approach to the north end
cal properties for poultices, at $200 of the bridge was afloat in about
I per ton; ore containing medical six feet of water, making it im­
properties for mini and steam baths, possible for the mail or teams
Highest Market Price Paid for Cattle, H gs
$125 per ton; for ore containing
medical properties for water baths, from Cloverdale to reach Woods
and Hides.
$75 per ton; for ore containing by that route, and all the bottom
medical properties for drinking lands were covered hy several feet
All Phone Orders Promptly Attended to
water, $200 per ton. The oie is Qj wat0r
i | to .. be treated by Brooten before de- W e del not receive any mail
! liverv, suitable for the purposes
expressed in the agreement, and jfrom
U,,til Wednr&daY and
'a. m He thinks that she will be the contract is for 20 years with then only letters were brought in
The New Schooner.
able to make nearlv 12 knots when the privilege of taking more ore if as it was necessary to bring the
From the Herald:
The Elmore steamer Oshkosh, her engines get down to their bear­ desired.— Headlight.
mail on horseback. All pa|>eis
a gasoline two masted schooner, in ings, and under favorable con­
bulky mail arrived on Thurs-
command of Capt. Latham, ar­ ditions. The officers are bearthed On Wednesday th e Launch and
rived in on Thursday on her maid­ aft in a deck cabin and the crew Queen of Pacific City made a trip
to Cloverdale, having on board Mr. VVe un.Iei-Bta»,.1 that there has
en trip to Tillamook. In her com­ ; forward.
pany was the Elmore and Argo;
Brier, Fred Murphy, Virgil Mag- bcen some had washouts on the
Unearths Rare Coin.
all three boats being tied up at
arrell and J. H. Perkins. They grades south of Beaver and that a
the wharf at one time gave our Trom The wdlamina Times:
made the trip against the curreni large fill just this side of Tilla­
water front a lively appearance. Mr. James Wooden, who lives in one hour and eleven minutes. mook was partially washed away
Tho Oshkosh’s gross tonage is some five miles out on the Butler Mr. Perkins is the father of Mrs.
145 ton, net 123. She is ‘>5 feet road, brought to this office last Magarrell, and he and wife who causing considerable damage. No
long and 24 foot beam. Hold is 7 Friday a rare old coin that was are from Atlanta, Iowa, have been serious damage was done in thin
feet deep and when fully loaded found by his son while plowing in visiting at the home of their locality.
iraws Hft aft. She brought in a tlie field. The coin is a trifle larg­ daughter for the past two months,
cargo of 187 tons under the hatches. er than the fifty cent piece and Mr. Perkins is an Iowa farmer, Ladies! make your men folks
Capt. Thomas Latham, her cpm- l»ears date of 1830. It is of the and has seen the state develop buy the Ross shoe-sole, at the
mander, informs us that she left Bolivian Republic of South Ameri­ from its earliest days, having been Cloverdale Mercantile Co. store, to
Astoria at 5:45 a. m. on the 11th ca. Just where this coin came born there. He is now well'up in keep your fresh washed floors clean
and arrived at (Jarabaldi at 11:20 from and how it has spent the Ho bis sixties.
I and protect your carpets.
First National Bank
Cloverdale Meat Market
All Kinds oi Fresh and Cured Meats
Fur Sale at Right Prices.