Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, August 06, 1909, Image 1

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    VOL. 5.
1 rm
NO. 2
A rpeightamd Team Upsets Loud
of People.
Wuckarts have »<>l«l
ranch ut
(’reek to Sam Bauer for #10r>0, and
Wlmt might have been a very Slab
will ir.^ve to (’alitornia in the near
■ sarioua accident, happened on Fri­ future.
day afternoon of last week at about A w . Atterbury of Tillamook, visited
• >:4o, when r L. Norton s team be- his sons Friday evening, Porters Salur-
1 iroe heightened and tipped over! day evening, Rocks Sunday evening,
v. .on which contained five persons '’enters Monday evening returning via.
be-id. - himself, and left them all ! ">»'»
on Monday to Cloverdale.
• hut
. . Mr.
vi Norton
i. beneath
.. . . ,i.
tin* wagon
<iarrigon.. ’the poultry
man. “Crank-
these parts this weeic
K. K. Norton accompanied by Mr. ami Mrs. Comior and son Willie
his grandson Glenn Hoover, had visited, with Mrs. Seherzinger part of
gone out to Three Hivers to meet last week.
Rrick has sold his band of sheep
the afternoon stag«* from Sheridan, S. Jeff 11. Wallace.
which had on board his uncles Sel- t«) I>r.
and family <>f Amitv left
don Norton «.. Grant’s
Pass, , and i Fi'iduv Mathis
Tliev have been
Nathon Norton of In ependence, ! camping at Slat) home.
Iowa, and their wivt. , who wir<* Mrs. Lottie Whiteman return«*! from
coining here to visit their brother Amity, Saturday evening, bringing with
J. [..Norton and other relatives, her a pony and saddle for Grace, a gift
When the party reached Chas. :from her Kr»“df“th‘'r*
Jtnson’s . house, * a hound
Mr. to and independence
Mrs. Moore on were
called on by
to Mr. Jenson came noinuiin^
• account of nn accident to their non, a
denly through tin* yard gat«? caus­ married man. w ho was instantly killyd
the ucchlci.tal discharge of a gun
ing tlie hofaes to jump to the side by
\\ Idle explomigaeavi* in Jackson comity.
of the road. F. E . whose attention The
pt*net rated Ids heart.
was divided between visiting and The shot
at Slab Cre«*k is full
driving did not see the dog, and f tents and ground
happy people, and the ho- j
before he could get thorough con- tel iscrowdeil.
1 roll of the horses they made an­ Mrs. Wehb was at Cloverdale the iii>v
ut«* th
the I of the week.
other quick jump bank into
road, turning tin* wagon over and John "!Ti*«Tlx*rg «elrhrated »"Wrthdnv
leaving tin; occupants underneath '“st Saturday,
the box. F. E., however, liung on
«<• the lilies until he he had been Additional Local News
hauled from under the hox, then Edward Wagner and family of
he let go. He quickly lifted the
box from the rest, and it was soon Agra, Kansas, spent Sunday night
found that all had been bruised up at the Ed Webb home here; Mrs. I
some, nnd tbe little boy who was Wagnei being a cousin of Ed.
unfortunate enough to fall under­ Webb. The cousins had not seen
neath two or three of the older ones
was found unconscious, but soon one another for fifteen years. The
revived. Seldon Norton was in­ visitors were on their way to Sand-
jured more seriously than any of lake.
the rest, remaining unconscious
for more than an hour, he having Your money hack if Mason’s 25c
received a had knock on the chin coffee isn’t the best that you ever
which cut his lower lip wide open bought.
to a point below his chin, necessi­
tating the takingof several stitches. G. W. Kenyon and wife and
The injured were at once taken daughter Ethel of Litchfield, Neb.,
into xtr. Jensen's house and Dr. nre visiting at the home of Mrs.
.Smith of Tillamook sent for, he Ken>.on>„ b ro th e r. Alex Bain.
It was thought at first that Glenn The>' "»» v,8,t
for about two
Hoover’s shoulder and right arm weeks, then they will go on to the
were badly hurt, but tbe doctor fair at Seattle, accompanied by Mr.
said they were only badly sprained. Ba;n aIKj Alex,
however, the little fellow was not
able to move hie arm for nearly a Jasper hdwards and wife and
t wo sons of Hebo were Cloverdale
The party remained at Mr. Jen­ visitors last Tuesday. On their
son’s untill eleven o’clock, when return home that evening they
i In \ started for their home at, were accompanied
. . , by Alex Bain
If the beginning of the Norton’s and his relatives from Neb.; Mr.
visit was not very auspicious it Bain’s people and Mr. Edward’s
was ’ certainly dramatic enough people having been old friends in
However, they can all feel very
thankful that it.was not worse. I«>wa years ago.
we hope the remainder of their W. W. Condor, formerly county-
visit will be exct-edingly pleasant, judge of this county but now of
and that nothing will occur to ¡Corvallis, and family, who have
further mar it.
By safe and conservative methods on the part of a bankinv house
will find relations \yth The First National Bank of lillsiao )k
We never spare any time or trouble to care lot then <*ls oi
our friends and customers if we can consistently ad tie. a, and
accord special attention to OL T OP I OWN 01*. I Oh, i ORS
inakinu it easy to make deposits by mail, without ;’t ngei *f losa
or inconvenience.
f irs t N a tio n a l B a n k of T illa m o o k
The Only U. S. Government Examined Bank In the Count, .
J V -/W
J U C ..-"
White Bronze Moimnimts
. * i
If you contemplate the purcb iee o; any Ceme­
tery Work, it is worth your while t > investigate White
Bronze, a material that makes the >NM DURABLE
MONUMENT, and surpasses M arliel end Granite in
fine, artistic finish. No moss g owinp, cracking or
crumbling; no cl« «ning or care re» aired Better in
every way I huh *•: ;i'“ a nu h-s* *xpeiuf ,**.
¡tig Scientists endorse it as beinj; practical!
E . R E Y N O L D S , Tillamook, Or».
Cloverdale Meat Market
AH Kinds of Fresh and Cared Keats i
For Sale at Right Prices.
Highest Market Price Paid ior Cattle, Hrgs
and Hides.
All Phone Orders Promptly Attended to
been visiting in this part of the and friends in this vicinity from
county for some time were Clover- Friday of last w *ek urtil lucsd&y
dale visitors the first of the week, of this week. * r. Atterbury is one
While here Mr. Condor gave us the Of the early p oneers of Oregon f
agreeable job of marking his sub­ having owned real es ate in Port
scription as being paid for another land some yea s before the r„l.
road was bui''. t j that point.
year in advance.
Have you seen that fine assort­ FOR SALE:--CrusiJer bicycle,
ment of lemonade sels at Mason’s? with lamp, only run two weeks
Enquire of W.T. Wersc'ikul, Clover*,
A. W. Atterbury of Tillamook dale,
visited at hi* ranch near Oretown