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    June 19, 2015 | Cannon Beach Gazette | • 7A
Council takes recommendations on arts, tourism
development and the North Coast June 23 through 25, 2016, respec-
Partnership, respectively. A recom- tively.
The arts association hopes to PHQGHG¿JXUHIRUWKHFRPPLVVLRQ¶V
Plein Air in particular is headed
continue attracting big-name jurors event marketing was not available for some major changes.
— like Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson, by press time.
Bonnie Gilchrist, a marketer for
curator of Northwest Art at the Port-
the Gallery Group, said that the or-
land Art Museum, who judged the Preschool & Children’s Center
ganization aims to “get ourselves on
Savor Cannon Beach — a four- track to becoming one of the biggest
winter 2015 show. Their participa-
tion tends to draw more artist sub- day wine, culinary and arts festival Plein Air shows in the country.”
missions, Mary Bess Gloria, pres- whose citywide Wine Walk is a
They propose to achieve this by
fundraiser for the Cannon Beach Pre- featuring artists beyond those repre-
ident of the association board, said.
The arts association requested school & Children’s Center — needs sented by the city’s galleries, lining
$15,934; the commission recom- room to expand, Gary Hayes, the fes- up nationally recognized artists to
tival director and founder, said.
mended $12,857.
hold workshops, and perhaps grad-
At next year’s festival, scheduled ually transforming Plein Air into a
Chamber of Commerce
for March 10-13, the organizers ex- week-long event.
The Chamber of Commerce re- pect to use the Tolovana Inn on top
The Gallery Group requested
quested separate funding awards of the Cannon Beach Community $45,500; the commission recom-
for three different projects: $15,000 Hall, a move that will increase Sa- mended $40,143.
for technological enhancement, in- vor’s facility fees, he said.
cluding website improvements and
In addition, the organizers plan to Cannon Beach History Center
search engine optimization; $25,000 increase the number of Wine Walk and Museum
to “buy into” the “North Coast Part- tickets available, creating slightly
The Cannon Beach History Cen-
nership” among the Cannon Beach longer waiting lines for pours and
ter and Museum requested fund-
Chamber of Commerce, the Seaside slowing down people’s drinking.
Visitors Bureau and the Astoria &
The Children’s Center requested ing for its Cottage & Garden Tour,
Warrenton Area Chamber of Com- $45,728; the commission recom- which in recent years has attracted
more than 500 attendees and now
merce; and $69,725 for event mar- mended $37,667.
provides about 20 percent of the or-
ganization’s annual income, accord-
Though the chamber’s website Gallery Group
With two fewer galleries — ing to Elaine Murdy-Trucke, exec-
when users type “Cannon Beach” Haystack Gallery and George Vet- utive director. The 2016 tours will
into Google, “like any technolo- ter FotoArt — currently operating, take place Sept. 9 through 11.
Attendees take tours of the city’s
gy-driven activity, it changes con- the Gallery Group is exploring
stantly, and that’s the challenge,” new ways to enliven its two an- verdant gardens, cozy cottages, his-
Courtland Carrier, executive direc- nual events, the Spring Unveiling toric gems and architectural wonders,
Arts Festival and the Plein Air & Murdy-Trucke wrote. The goals for
tor of the chamber, said.
The commission recommended More Arts Festival. The events are the forthcoming tours include sched-
$11,857 and $18,429 for the tech scheduled for May 5 through 7 and uling notable keynote speakers and
Tourism from Page 1A
increasing the amount of time visi-
tors stay in town, allowing them to
shop in Cannon Beach stores, eat in
the city’s restaurants, etc.
The organization requested
$20,850; the commission recom-
mended $16,978.
Coaster Theatre Playhouse
The Coaster Theatre Playhouse
doesn’t ask for money to produce
its plays and musicals but to hold its
special events, such as the organiza-
tion’s third annual fundraiser sched-
uled for Sept. 12 featuring Portland
band Pink Martini.
The Coaster will also use its grant
to attract theater arts patrons in the
Portland Metro area, for example, by
advertising in Artslandia, a perform-
ing arts guide. “Without TAC funding,
this vital audience will be missed,”
Jenni Tronier, the Coaster’s marketing
and operations director, said.
In the last grant funding cycle,
the Coaster advertised in prominent
playbills, including the Broadway
Across America playbill.
$67,443.90; the commission recom-
mended $35,264.
Friends of Haystack Rock
The Cannon Beach Yoga Fes-
tival, an event organized by the
Friends of Haystack Rock to be held
Feb. 26 through 28, 2016, is a highly
popular annual attraction, the com-
mission agreed.
For three days, festival attendees
practice yoga with renowned yogis,
meditate, make art, dance, listen to mu-
sic and engage in other soulful activities.
The only problem, a few commis-
sion members said, is that a decent
percentage of the attendees tend not to
spend money elsewhere in town be-
cause the festival keeps them so busy.
Christen Allsop, the event coor-
dinator and owner of Cannon Beach
Yoga Arts, said the local business
owners concerned about the festi-
val’s questionable economic stimulus
should ask her how the businesses
can make themselves more appealing
to the yoga festival participants.
Friends of Haystack Rock re-
quested $45,000; the commission
recommended $38,407.
Tolovana Arts Colony
Organizers of the three-day
book bash known as Get Lit at the
Beach — a Tolovana Arts Colony
event slated for April 15 through
17 next year — want to shoot for
a wider variety of guest authors.
This would be aided, Tracy Abel,
an organizer, said, if the arts colony
could start offering to pay the au-
thors a stipend.
Get Lit is “not for everybody,”
but “even people who aren’t big
readers” are “blown away by the
event,” she said.
The Tolovana Arts Colony re-
quested $25,000; the commission
recommended $20,143.
Council solicits public input to prepare a vision statement
Plan from Page 1A
“The National Citizens
Survey is the best means of
sampling residents because
results can be compared with
thousands of other communi-
ties across the U.S.,” he said.
“These results are then incor-
porated into the discussion
that occurs in the actual stra-
tegic planning session.”
The survey would query
homeowners, and full-time
renters and minorities, who
he said typically return less.
The survey would also be
presented in Spanish.
Kucera said after the sur-
vey results are delivered, he
expected a weekend or retreat
by council members in for-
mulating goals.
The survey and analysis
would take about 16 weeks
nal report, according to a Na-
tional Citizens Survey time-
City Council members
said they were generally sup-
portive of the strategic plan
proposal, but had questions
about the styling of the ques-
tionnaire, its cost and its use-
non Beach.
is huge, such a huge under-
taking of time and money,”
asked councilor George Vet-
ter. “Can we scale this to Can-
non Beach?
“Each of us has lived here
for a number of years,” Vetter
added. “We have a lot of inter-
action with residents. Each of
us brings a lot of information
to the table. I don’t see as much
value as this to a communi-
ty like Cannon Beach as you
do in a community like Port-
land, where you have so few
people representing so many
people. Here we have pretty
good with our community, all
of us. That’s why I’m a little
concerned about all the money
we’re spending on this.”
Mayor Sam Steidel said
he thought the survey failed
to offer questions pertinent
to Cannon Beach. “They
don’t ask residents of Cannon
Beach about their ideas,” he
said. “They don’t ask how
things. I’m not saying this is
bad, it’s just not going to have
meaning. To me, we’ve al-
ready got most of that already
in our goals, and now we’re
going to all this expense.”
Kucera said he anticipated
it would take no more time or
vide a perspective that could
come from new sources in the
community. “Some questions
me, but they might be appli-
Polling the community
cable to someone else,” she
what the community thinks,”
“We’re the ones who are
said councilor Mike Bene- going to have implement the
¿HOG LQ VXSSRUW RI WKH VXU- policy and procedures, and
vey. “This is a well-proven assign the resources,” Bene-
system. I can sit here and say ¿HOG VDLG ³<RX¶UH WU\LQJ WR
what’s important, but with a pull out of the citizens what
VXUYH\ZHPD\¿QGWKLQJVZH needs to be done and make
haven’t thought of.”
this the kind of community
“I’m looking for ideas,” people want to move to for,
%HQH¿HOG VDLG ³:H ZDQW WR and live here for. For us, it’s
know what people like and making priorities based on
dislike and are comfortable the information. You might
with in the city. What works be surprised. You might think
and what doesn’t work.”
you know exactly how ev-
Councilor Wendy Higgins erybody feels. Some people
said she welcomed the feed- might say: ‘I don’t want to be
back that the survey would like Seaside.’ Others might
provide, which would pro- say, ‘I love it, I like the carni-
personnel in Cannon Beach
than in other communities he
has prepared strategic plans
for as city manager.
June 2015
Is published monthly by the City of Cannon Beach


JULY 2015




City Council met with the City Manager to discuss
his six-month performance evaluation The meeting was
held in accordance with ORS 192.660(2)(i).
MEETING, June 2, 2015
• Council said farewell to
Officer Lewis Holbrook
who has now retired from
the Cannon Beach Police
• Municipal Court Judge
Ron Woltjer swore in new
Cannon Beach Police
Department Officer James
Jordan who comes to us
from Seaside;
• Police Chief Jason
Schermerhorn recognized
Cannon Beach resident,
Allison Johnson for
her assistance in the
apprehension of alleged
kidnapper, Russell
Deviney; she identified the
suspect and alerted law
enforcement of his location;
• Katie Voelke, Executive
Director of the North Coast
Land Conservancy gave
a presentation to Council
summarizing the NCLC’s
• Approved Resolution
15-05: For the Purpose
of Establishing Parking
Management Fees for Fiscal
Year 2015-16 Updating Resolution 14-05;
• Approved Resolution 15-06: For the Purpose
of Declaring the City’s Election to Receive State
Revenues for Fiscal Year 2015-2016;
• Approved Resolution 15-07: For the Purpose of
Adopting a Budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16, Making
Appropriations and Levying Taxes;
• Approved Resolution 15-08: For the Purpose of
Repealing Resolution 14-08 and Establishing Water,
Wastewater and Storm Drain Utility Rates;
• Approved Resolution 15-09: For the Purpose
of Adopting a Budget for the Cannon Beach
Road District for Fiscal Year 2015-16, Making
Appropriations and Levying Taxes;
• Approved Resolution 15-10: For the Purpose of
Authorizing Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget Amendments
and Transfers;
• Approved the City Manager 6 - Month Performance
June 9, 2015
Chief Schermerhorn
introduced the Lifeguard and
Parking Information summer staff;
City Manager Kucera
introduced new city staff Russell
Barrett (Information Technology
Director) and Laurie Sawrey
(Finance Director);
Discussed the FY 2015-
16 Tourism & Arts Fund grant
City Manager Kucera
presented an overview of the
strategic plan process.
their May 21, 2015 meeting the
Design Review Board discussed:
DRB 15-07, Haystack Gardens
LLC, Application for Modifications
to a Previous Approval for the
Construction of a New Three-unit
Multi-family Building at 184 E
Gower Street; Approved
DRB 15-06, Vito Cerelli,
Application for the Construction
of a New Commercial Building at
3401 S Hemlock Street; Approved
DRB 15-01A, City of Cannon
Beach, Application for the
Relocation of the “Sroufe Memorial Water Fountain”
to the Library Property at 131 N Hemlock Street;
The DRB is scheduled to meet June 18, 2015 at 6:00
PLANNING COMMISSION - At their May 28, 2015
meeting, the Planning Commission discussed:
CU 15-02, Cannon Beach Academy Request for a
Conditional Use Permit to Allow a Temporary Location
for the Cannon Beach Academy Charter School at
171 Sunset. Approved
The Planning Commission is scheduled to meet June
25, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
Haystack Rock Awareness Program
The Haystack Rock Awareness Pro-
gram needs your help! Thousands of
people visit the tidepools that surround
Haystack Rock. The Haystack Rock Aware-
ness Program(HRAP) is a stewardship and
environmental education program whose
mission is to protect, through education, the
intertidal and bird ecology of the Marine
Garden and Oregon Islands National Wild-
life Refuge. Volunteers are crucial to our
mission! Whether it be once a week or once
a month, we accept and appreciate any lev-
el of involvement. Please call: 503-436-8060
or email: hrapvolunteer@ci.cannon-beach. for more information or to sign up!
Cannon Beach Farmers Market
The Cannon Beach Farmers Market
started Tuesday, June 16th and runs every
Tuesday through September 29th. Music
and prepared food  are from 1pm - 5pm. 
Vendors are open 2pm - 5pm. The market
features produce, Cheese, Meats, Salmon,
Eggs, Baked Goods, Honey, Sea Salt, Flow-
ers, Mushrooms, Sweet Treats, Wine and
more!  This season we will have our child-
rens’ program during the months of July
and August, every Tuesday from 3pm - 4pm.
The childrens’ program will be led by Jason
Schermerhorn and his two children Jasmine
and Jackson. The location of the market
is on the corner of E. Gower and Hemlock
(midtown/City Hall parking lot).  Belinda
Underwood will be our opening musical act. 
For more info call 503-440-0054.  See you at
the market!
The City of Cannon Beach is seeking ap-
plications for the following vacancies:
TEE: ONE (1) vacancy to fill a four-year
The primary responsibility of the Emer-
gency Preparedness Committee is to plan
emergency response on a city-wide basis
and make recommendations to the City
Council. The Emergency Preparedness
Committee holds its regular meetings on
the last Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m.
and schedules work sessions as needed.
vacancy to fill a four-year term beginning
August 1, 2015.
The primary responsibility of the Public
Works Committee is to review all public
works projects and make recommendations
to City Council. The Public Works Commit-
tee holds its regular meeting on the third
Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.
To be eligible to serve on a City commit-
tee, applicants must have resided within the
val atmosphere.’ That’s what
these general surveys will
help you do. I’m not look-
ing for ideas, I’m looking for
emotion, feel and perception
of the town, what we’re do-
ing, not doing.”
“I really see it as an oppor-
tunity to make sure that the
goals of the community and
the goals of council and staff
are all lining together and
make sure we are using to
use our resources effectively
to make what we want to see
happen,” Kucera said.
Council members agreed
to further discussion of the
survey, including a review
of costs and customization of
the survey, at future council
The next meeting of the
City Council will be held
Tuesday, July 7.
city or its urban growth boundary during the
one year immediately preceding appoint-
ment; or at the time of appointment, shall
have owned real property located within the
city or its urban growth boundary for at least
one year immediately preceding appoint-
Applications are available at City Hall,
163 E. Gower Street, Cannon Beach, by
email addressed to riggs@ci.cannon-beach., or on-line at  Applications should be returned to
Colleen Riggs, City Recorder, Cannon Beach
City Hall, and P.O. Box 368, Cannon Beach,
OR 97110.  no later than June 26, 2015 for
consideration at the July 7, 2015 City Coun-
cil meeting. For more information, please
contact Colleen Riggs by email or phone at
(503) 436-8052.
Community Grants
Presentations for Community Grants Ap-
plications were held May 28, 2015 at City
Hall. The Parks and Community Services
Committee meet Thursday, June 18, 2015 to
review the grant applications and prepare
recommendations. The City Council will
review the grant award recommendations
at their work session scheduled for Tuesday,
July 14, 2015 and final consideration of the
awards is scheduled for the City Council
meeting on Tuesday August 4, 2015.
Tourism & Arts Fund Grants
Interviews for Tourism and Arts Fund
(TAF) Grant Applications were held Tues-
day May 19 and Wednesday May 20th at
Cannon Beach City Hall. The City Council
will give final consideration of the award
amounts at their meeting on Tuesday, July
7, 2015.
Community Emergency Response Train-
ing (CERT)
The City of Cannon Beach sponsors CERT
training for citizens residing in Cannon
Beach. CERT trains citizens to be prepared
for disasters and respond to emergency
situations within their communities. Trained
CERT volunteers are able to give critical
support to their family, neighborhood, first
responders and provide immediate as-
sistance to disaster victims. CERT volunteers
also help with non-emergency projects that
increase our community’s preparedness and
CERT courses consist of a series of
classes that focus on preparedness, hazards
in the area, fire safety, basic disaster medical
skills, and light search and rescue activities.
Each course concludes with a mock disaster
drill that tests the participants’ training. First
responders teach the CERT courses.
For information about the classes sched-
ule and to enroll, please contact Colleen
Riggs at or
(503) 436 8052.