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    MARCH 13, 2015 • VOL. 39, ISSUE 6
debate how
much public
should be
By Nancy McCarthy
Cannon Beach Gazette
,I neiJhboUs on a lo-
cal JUavel Uoad Zant theiU
stUeet Saved theiU SUoSos-
al Zill be consideUed in a
Sublic heaUinJ ZheUe ev-
eUyone can discuss it and
the Cannon Beach City
Council Zill PaNe a ¿nal
7hat SUovision is con-
tained in Uevised stUeet stan-
daUds Juidelines consideUed
by the council at its ZoUN
session 7uesday niJht
While the guidelines say
that e[isting ³unSaved´
Uoads aUe to UePain gUav-
el the City Council Zill
have the Uight to deteUPine
Zhen conditions such as a
sloSe oU otheU SUoblePs Ue-
TuiUe that a Uoad be Saved
NeighboUhoods hoZeveU
can UeTuest that theiU stUeets
be Saved
BeIoUe a neighboU-
hood’s gUaveled stUeet can
be Saved SUoSeUty oZneUs
Pust subPit a UeTuest to the
city’s Sublic ZoUNs diUectoU
shoZing that at least tZo-
thiUds oI the oZneUs suSSoUt
the SUoject and aUe Zilling
to Say IoU it 7he city Zill
contUibute SeUcent oI the
asShalt Saving and SUoS-
eUty oZneUs Zill Say
SeUcent 3UoSeUty oZneUs
could oSt out oI Saying
but the cost Zould have to
be SicNed uS by the otheU
SUoSeUty oZneUs (ven one
SUoSeUty oZneU could agUee
to Say IoU the entiUe SUoject
said 3ublic WoUNs 'iUectoU
'an *UassicN
3UoSeUty oZneUs Zho
Iail to Say theiU shaUe Zith-
in days aIteU the SUoject
is coPSleted Zill have a
lien ¿led against theiU SUoS-
eUty accoUding to the stUeet
standaUds guidelines
A neighboUhood Peet-
ing to discuss the SUoject
including stUeet design and
cost Zould be conduct-
ed )olloZing the neigh-
boUhood Peeting a Sublic
heaUing beIoUe the City
Council Zould occuU
+oZeveU the counciloUs
debated the need IoU a Sub-
lic heaUing
³, don’t liNe the idea that
a neighboUhood can coPe
uS Zith an agUeePent and
See Roads, Page 14A
Bill Taylor, a timber feller with Trails End Recovery, chainsaws through a log to make it fit for transport. Most of the tree-thinning took place on the east
side of U.S. Highway 101.
Residents wish
process had ‘played
out differently’
By Erick Bengel
Cannon Beach Gazette
s an 2UeJon 'eSaUtPent oI
7UansSoUtation cUeZ sys-
tePatically cut doZn tUees
neaU heU SUoSeUty alonJ 86 +iJh-
Zay Cannon %each Uesident
.iUsten 0assebeau tooN out heU i3-
hone to docuPent the deSaUtPent’s
0aUch tUee-thinninJ SUoject ²
and to SUotest it
AccusinJ 2'27 oI ³destUoyinJ
ouU scenic byZays´ she videoed
the ZoUNeUs and theiU Pachines
IellinJ aldeUs saZinJ theP and
haulinJ aZay the debUis
%etZeen aP and SP ¿ve
2'27 ePSloyees and thUee con-
tUactoUs IUoP 7Uails (nd 5ecoveUy
a :aUUenton-based tiPbeU Uecy-
clinJ coPSany UePoved about
tUees oU PoUe inches in diaPeteU
betZeen the city’s noUth entUance
and 6unset %oulevaUd ASSUo[i-
Pately tZo-thiUds oI those tUees
ZeUe taNen IUoP the hiJhZay’s
east side neaU .iUsten 0assebeau’s
hoPe on (lNland CouUt
,n addition the cUeZs cleaUed
to sPalleU ³bUush´ tUees Uesult-
inJ in the total UePoval oI about
tUees that 2'27 oI¿cials had
deteUPined ZeUe leaninJ SeUilously
oveU the hiJhZay SosinJ a Soten-
tial thUeat to dUiveUs
7he cUeZ ³Àush cut´ the stuPSs
to PaNe theP even Zith the JUound
and then coveUed theP Zith IoUest
PateUial to disJuise theP
7he UoadZay Zas ³JUooPed
clean´ 3ublic :oUNs 'iUectoU 'an
*UassicN ZUote in an ePail to a
UeSoUteU ³,I you didn’t NnoZ the
ZoUN Zas done today you Zould
be challenJed to NnoZ any tUees
ZeUe actually UePoved´
(ventually 2'27 Pay Slant
neZ tUees in that stUetch oI hiJhZay
coUUidoU ZheUe about tUees
cuUUently stand accoUdinJ to an es-
tiPate by %ill -ablonsNi PanaJeU
oI 2'27 'istUict
Kirsten Massebeau
documents ODOT’s
tree-thinning on
her iPhone near the
property she shares
with her husband,
Phil Massebeau,
who stands behind
her. With some
trees gone, they
fear they have lost
the noise buffer
between themselves
and the highway.
‘Hazard trees’
%ecause the tUees ZeUe in a state
UiJht oI Zay state laZ alloZed
2'27 to UePove theP Zithout
¿Ust obtaininJ a city SeUPit
,t Zas the ¿Ust Uound oI a
tUee-thinninJ SUoject e[Sected
to taNe seveUal yeaUs +oZeveU
2'27 Zill not UetuUn IoU IuUtheU
thinninJ until ne[t yeaU said .evin
:eUst the deSaUtPent’s tUansSoUta-
tion Paintenance PanaJeU IoU the
:aUUenton 6ection oI 'istUict
A yeaU aJo the deSaUtPent
PaUNed IoU UePoval about
dead and dyinJ tUees consideUed to
be in danJeU oI collaSsinJ onto the
hiJhZay :hen 2'27 identi¿es
³ha]aUd tUees´ :eUst said ³:e’Ue
obliJated to taNe caUe oI it
³:e have a UesSonsibility to
Paintain the UiJht oI Zay´ he said
³And soPe SeoSle don’t Zant it
Paintained to the level that Ze
See Trees, Page 4A
Laurel Street neighbors unhappy
errors, disregard
for city code cited
By Erick Bengel
Cannon Beach Gazette
As the City Council
JDYe ¿nDl DSSUoYDl oI -eII
1icholson¶s GeYeloSPent
SUoSosDl IoU 1 /DuUel
6t 0DUch the counciloUs
IDceG Dn e[DsSeUDteG DuGi-
ence that believed an injus-
tice had taNen Slace
%eIoUe the council¶s ¿nal
vote oI to CounciloU
0iNe %ene¿eld ² the only
counciloU Zho in the end
voted no on Nicholson’s
Slan ² Poved to deny
Nicholson’s thUee UeTuests
the Slanned develoSPent
oveUlay ]one the IouU-
house develoSPent Slan
and the sloSe-density vaUi-
ance 7he UooP eUuSted in
aSSlause and cUies oI ³<es´
³%Uavo´ ³CouUaJe´
hoZeveU died IoU lacN oI a
AlthouJh they NneZ that
the council had closed Sub-
lic testiPony at its )ebUuaUy
PeetinJ the do]ens Zho
had aUUived at the 0aUch
Zould be able to voice theiU
oSSosition beIoUe the coun-
cil cast its ¿nal vote
7he city’s land-use at-
toUney %ill .abeisePan
UecoPPended hoZeveU
that the council UevieZ its
¿ndinJs IUoP the )ebUuaUy
PeetinJ and vote on the
Nicholson PatteU ¿Ust be-
IoUe taNinJ coPPents
³7hat’s ZUonJ´ %u]]
-ohnson SUotested IUoP
behind the cUoZd oI neaU-
ly coPPunity PePbeUs
that ¿lled e[tUa chaiUs and
lined the bacN Zalls oI the
council chaPbeUs ³7his
is a Sublic heaUinJ and ,
NnoZ you’ve Jot youU Uules
to deal Zith but you have
citi]ens heUe Zho aUe con-
ceUned and they have a
UiJht to be heaUd´
,I Sublic coPPents had
been Pade beIoUe the vote
the council Zould have
See Unhappy, Page 7A
Jeff Nicholson’s property at 532 N. Laurel St. has been at the
center of controversy for the last six months. At its March 3
meeting, the City Council finalized its approval of Nichol-
son’s planned development request, allowing him to build
three new houses on the 0.57-acre parcel and rebuild this
historic home from the ground up.
Compassion and concentration focus of yoga festival
Instructors show
different ways
to meditate,
including art
By Erick Bengel
Cannon Beach Gazette
6aUahjoy 0aUsh’s ZoUNshoS
on coPSassion toZaUds oneselI
and otheUs ² held the second
day oI the thUee-day Cannon
Beach <oga )estival ² began
soPeZhat SaUado[ically
6itting uSUight on blanNets
and yoga Pats in the Cannon
Beach CoPPunity +all the
attendees gave theiU ¿Ust naPes
and then utteUed a noncompas-
sionate ZoUd to chaUacteUi]ed
theiU lives oU thePselves
7he choices ZeUe Ueveal-
ing ³laPe´ ³shaPe´ ³sad-
ness´ aIUaid´ ³caUeless´
³IailuUe´ ³judgPent´ ³iPSa-
tient´ ³an[iety´ ³deIective´
³abandoned´ ³unZoUthy´
³IUustUation´ ³disUesSect´
³Uejection´ ³jealousy´ ³selI-
ishness´ ³shut doZn´ and
so on When heU tuUn caPe
0aUsh said ³unNind´
³7hat’s a Uelatively cUuel SeU-
sSective to have on ouUselves´
she said ³)iUst oI all it’s Iunda-
Pentally not tUue And secondly
it doesn’t leave a lot oI UooP IoU
gUoZth oU Uadiance to IloZeU´
Marnie Rodebush, fore-
ground right, a resident
of the West Coast, and a
group of yoga enthusiasts
adopt the Namaste Pose
during a yoga workshop.
The workshop focused
in part on dissolving the
negative narrative about
2veU the ne[t tZo houUs
0aUsh a yoga teacheU and yoga
theUaSist IUoP 3oUtland dis-
cussed yoga-based SUactices to
Ueach higheU states oI coPSas-
sion 6inging long deeS notes
is one such SUactice she said
0aUsh led the gUouS call-
and-UesSonse-style thUough a
voZel-laden 6ansNUit PantUa
Peant to induce a healing tUance
,t tUanslates to ³0ay Ze SUactice
togetheU in a Zay that is eIIective
and stUong and SUoduces luPi-
nous outcoPes 0ay Ze not Ieel
iPSatient Zith ouUselves oU each
otheU in the SUocess´ she said
2ne bene¿t oI singing in
6ansNUit ³We’Ue also not liNe-
ly to be singing about hoZ the
dog died and the boyIUiend
leIt and the house buUned
See Festival, Page 11A