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. i aM d : ad i i a
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Clean Rooms Bet Me'a's Home Cooking In fondon, Oregon- J
-1. J J.J.AJ. M.M. ' a-atLijaAjLA
W ttttfttt TTTTTTftf'JTT
. - .... . .
"Over the Top"
By Ai Amerlcu Stiver
Matklm Cr Sflt ai freee
41 -WltiLmJI
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CHAPTER t-Flrd by the rwa of Iht
sinkln of th Luslianle by 0rroe
aubmarlno. Arthur Quy Kmpo, aa Aiwri
can, Imvm hi otfle tn Jry Oily anil
vur to England whr he enlists In lit
Brlltah army.
CHAPTKR II-Attar a period of train
Inc. Kmpy volunta-ar fur liuimxllal nrv.
lo and auon find hlinxlf tn real billot
"aonowher In KraiH'," whr ha Ural
makra tn acqualntaee ot the r-pra-nt
"cootl." . i
CHAPTER III-CmMr attend hi first
cburrh arrvlcoa at th front while a O.r.
man Fukkr clrclae evecthe eontratatloa.
CHAPTER lV-Empr' command to
Into th front-ltn tranches and U under
tlr for th flrt tlm.
(NiHtn t-tmM trarn to adoot
the motto of the Brttah Tommy, "If you
are cln to set It, you'll t It, eo Bvr
, CHAPTER Vl-8ae la reet bltleta, Km-
pry rata Ma nrl xpmno aa a a
CH APTER Vlt-Emper learnt how the
Brlttah auliUara are fad.
CHAPTKR VIlI-Back In th front-tin
trench. Empy im hi drat trlaod of th
trench "to Wt."
CHAPTER IX-Empr tn hla Bret
vialt to a qufoui in sutciu mvu
ruiPtrii X-rmMv kema what con
(tltuta a "day' work" In U troot-Une
CHAPTER XI-Kmpey toee "ovr the
top" for the flret tlm In a chare on the
Ovrman tranoh and la wounded by a
bavonet thruat.
fuisrrR XTI Ktnna lain th "aul
eld club" as th botnMnf squad la called.
CHAPTER XIII-Kach Tommy get an
official tratti.
CHAPTER XIV-Empry heltte dig M
advanced trench undar Uerman Bre.
rHAPTER XV-On "llcteniai poet" la
Nn Man' Land.
CHAPTE-R XVt-Two artmrymn "put
on over" on Old Pepper, their relmeaial
commander. '
CHAPTER XVtl-Empsy ha njJTOjr
cape while oh patrol duty l No Ma
1 .n
CHAPTER XVin-Back In reet btllets
Empay writes and staaea a farce oemedy.
CHAPTER XIX-oldlere hae many
ways to amuse themaelv wbUe "on their
CHAPTER XX-Empey eotunUer tor
machine eun eervlce and o hack tow
the front-line trncna.
CHAPTER XXI-Empey arein toes
"otr the top" In a charce which coat tus
comoenv 17 killed and al wouimmki
Punlahmenta and Maehlne-Oun ttunta.
Soon after my arrival In France; la
fact, from my enlistment, I had found
that la the British army discipline
very strict. One has to be tery cars.
' f ul In order to stay on the narrow pat
of government virtue. '
There are about seven million waya
of breaking the king's regulations; to
keep one you have to brear another.
The worst punishment Is death by a
Bring squad, or "up against th wall,'
as Tommy calls It
This Is for desertion, cowardice, mu
tiny, giving Information to the enemy,
looting, rape, robbing the dead, forcing
a safeguard, striking a superior, etc.
Then comet the punishment of sixty
four days In the front-line trench with'
out relief. During this time you have
to engage In til raids, working parties
In No Man's Land, and every bainrdous
undertaking that comet along. If you
live through the sixty-four dayt you
are Indeed lucky.
This punishment it awarded where
there Is a doubt aa to the willful guilt
of a man who has committed an ot
fence punishable by death.
Then comet the famoua field pun
ishment No. 1. Tommy has nicknamed
it "crucifixion." It meant that a man
is spread-eagled on a Umber wheel,
two hours a day for twenty-one dayt.
During this time he only gets water,
bully beef and biscuits for hit chow.
Ton get "crucified" for repeated mlnoi
Next In order It field punishment
No. 2.
This It confinement in the "clink,1
without blankets, getting water, bully
beef and biscuits for rations and doing
all the dirty work that can be found.
This may be for twenty-four hourt or
twenty dayt, according to the gravity
of the offense.
Then comet "pack drill" or default
era' parade. Tula consists of drilling,
mostly at the double, for two hours
With full equipment Tommy bates
this, because It la hard work. Some
times be nllt bit pack with straw to
lighten It, and sometimes he gets
caught. If he gets caught, he grouses
' at ' everything In general for twenty-
one dayt, from the vantage point of
.Umber wheel.
Next comet "C. B." meaning "con
fined to barracks." This consists of
staying In billets or barracks for twen
ty-four hourt to seven dayt. Ton alto
get an occasional defaulters' parade
-.nd dirty jobs around the quarters,
The sergeant major keept what Is
known at the crime sheet. When
man commits an offense, he , Is
"crimed," that It, hit name, number
and offense It entered on the crime
sheet. Next day at 9 a. m. he goes to
the "orderly room" before the captain,
who either punishes him with "C. B."
or tends him before the O. 0. (officer
commanding battalion). The captain
of the comuany can only award "C B,
Tommy many a time hat thanked
the king for making that provision in
his regulations.
'. To gain the title of a "smart soldier,"
Tommy has to keep clear of the crime
sheet, and yon have to be darned smart
to do It.
I have been on it a few times, most'
ly for "Yankee impudence."
During our stay of two weekt In
rest billets our captain put us through
a course of machine-gun drIUt, trying
out new stunts and theories.
After parades were over, our guns'
crews got together and also tried out
some theories of tbelr own In reference
to handling guns. These courtes had
the Yit, cSusThIvJ. tnosfly of causing
tricky. Jams la the gun, and then the
rest of the-creW would endeavor to lo
cate aa quickly at possible the cause
of the stoppage. This amused them
for h few days and then thing came to
On ot th4voT on my gun claimed
tha he could play a tun while the
gun wat actually firing, and demon
strafed this fact one day on th target
range. We were very enthusiastic and
decided to become musldana,
After eonatant practice I became
quite expert In th tune entitled "All
Conductor Ilav Big Feet."
When I had mattered thta tune, our
two weekt' rest cam to an eud, aud
once again we went up the line and
took over the sector tn front of O
W004., .... i
At this point the German trenches
ran around the base of a hill, on the
top of which was a dense wood. This
wood was Infested with maclUne guns.
which uaetl to traverse our lines at
will, and sweep the streets of a little
village, where w were billeted while
In reserve.
There was one gun In particular
which used to get our goats, It had the
exact range of our "elephant" dugout
entrance, and every morning, about the
time ration were being brought up, Its
bullet would knock up-th dust on th
road; more than one Tommy went
Wet or to Blighty by running Into
This gun got our nerve on edge.
and Frita teemed to know It, becaua
x'-V t- '.(5"' w
! r
1 mmm hi- ir ' --f-f.j 'jL
Dead Bodies Everywhere.
he never gave 0 an hour's rest. Our
reputation as machine gunner was at
stake; we tried various ruses to locate
tod put tbtt gun out of action, but
each one proved to be a failure, and
Frit became a worse nuisance than
ever. He wa getting fresher and more
careless every day, took all kind of
liberties with o thought he wat in
vincible. '
Then one of our crew got a brilliant
Idea and we were all enthusiastic to
put it to the "test.
Her was hi schem:
When firing my gun, I was to play
my tune, and Frit, no doubt, would
fall for It, try to lmttat me a an
added Insult This gunner and two
other would try, by th sound, to lo
cate Frits and hla gun. After having
got the location, they would mount
two machine guna In trees, In a little
clump of woods to the left of our ceme
tery, and while Frits wat In the middle
of hit lesson, would open up and trust
to luck. By our calculations, It would
take at least a week to pull off the
If Frit refuted to swallow our bait,
It would be Impossible to locate hi
special gun, and that's the one we were
after, because they all sound alike,
slow pup-pup-pup.
Our prestige wa hanging by
thread. In the battalion we had fo en
dure all kind of Insult and fresh re
mark a to our ability In silencing
Frits. Even to the battalion that Ger
man gun wa a aore spot.
Next day, Frlti opened up aa usual
I let him fire away for a while and
then butted In with my "pup-pup-pup-
pup-pup-pup." I kept this up quite a
while, used two belts of ammunition,
Frit had stopped firing to listen. Then
he started In; aure enough, he had
fallen for our game, hi gun wa trying
to imitate mine, but at first he made a
horrible me of that tune. Again
butted In with a few bar and atopped,
Then he tried to copy what I had
played. He was a good sport al. right,
because hi bullet were going away
over our heads, must have been firing
Into the air. I commenced to feel
friendly toward'hlm.
This duet went ofi for five day.
Frit was a good pupil and learned
raDldlv. In tact. Eot better than hi
teacher. I commenced to feel Jealous
When he had completely mastered the
tune, be started sweeping the road
again and we clicked it , worse than
ever. But be signed his death warrant
by doing to, because my friendship
turned to hate. Every time he fired he
played that tune and we Danced.
The boy In the battalion gave us
the "Hal Hal" They weren't In on
our little fromenp.
The originator of the ruse and the
other two gunners had Frlts't location
taped to the minute; they mounted
their two guns, and also gave -me the
range. The next afternoon was set for
the grand finale. '
Our three guns, with different eleva
tlons( had their fire so arranged, that,
opening up together, their bullets
would suddenly drop on Frltt like
hailstorm. .
About three the next day, Fritz starts
ed "pup-pupping" that tune. I blew
sharp blast ona whistle, It was the slg
nal agreed upon 1 we turned loose and
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rnvtinw PhntiB No. 10X OREQO
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