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Condon Race Meet May 129,
30, 31, and June 1. Proceeds
will go to Condon Red Cross.
Have you met your obliga
tion in the present Red Cross
drive? Do it before Monday.
VOL 29
NO. 10
AO Net Receipts Will Be Given to
the Local Red Crow; Harnett
Races Fill; Fait Horiei Here.
Condon'a race meet, which
atarta next week, might be call
ed a "Rod Cross race meet" for
very cent made during: tbe four
days will be given to the local
Red Cross. The meet will ataat
next Wednesday and. in addition
to having a most worthy purpose,
will be the best meet Condon has
ever had. Everyone who goes
will get the worth of his money
in enjoyment snd still will have
that satisfied feeling' that tbt
money bo spent will do good to
others. Forty five entries have
been made in the harness rnces
and these include some of the
fastest horses on the coast. For
instance the horses entered In
the free for all pace are May
- Davis 2 08 of Tacoma, Bonnie
Antrim 2.091 of Canby, Kid
Riley 2 081 of. Wtlla Walla.
Allerdaw 2.091 of Walla Walla. R.
R. W. 2.03 1-4 of Payette, Idaho,
and Hal Onword of Prineville.
The other harness races are filled
just as well. There are 45 head
of runners at the track now and
others coming. Following ia the
program for the four days:
First Day
2:20 trot ...........$150
2:17 pace 150
3-8 mile run.. 100
1-2 mile run 125
Secokd Day
3:00 pace 200
2:10 pace ..... 250
1 4 mile run i 1.. 100
5 8 mile run 150
Third Day
Free for all trot $200
2:25 pace- 150
1-2 mile run 125
3-4 mile run.. 150
w Fourth Day
V. t ' Vroa fur all nana - fi(V
3:00 trot 150
1-2 mile run 150
1 mile run 300
In addition to tbes purses the
sum of $250 has been reserved
for special races.
The race association will give
a dance each night in the Rink.
Bowker's orchestra will furnish
the music.
Parcel Post Social Nets
Good Amount for Organ
A fair-sized crowd attended
the parcel post social at the Con
gregational church Wednesday
evening and everyone brought a
package. One very noticeable
thing, was the absence of the
male members of the church. A
number of games were enjoyed
and the main event of the even
ing was the auctioning : of the
packages bji Marshal Wheir.
Herbert Schilling sung a solo and
Cora and Rose Anderson a duet,
both of which were appreciated.
The ice cream booth was quite
popular.. The amount cleared
was about $40 and this was turn
ed into the organ fund.
. Mrs. Frank Woosley and Miss
Jessie Hardie left Monday morn
ing for Seaside whereptey will
attend the- Rebekah convention
in session there thia week.
Miss Hazel Schott returned
Sunday from Joseph where she
has been teaching : during the
past school year. . .t
One of the best places to view
the eclipse of the sun of June 8
is in this eounty near Blalock, ac
cording to the Scientific Ameri
can. The eclipse will be visible
to a certain extent in Condon and
will be interesting to watch
through a smoked or colored
glass. Some people plan to drive
to Blalock with the idea of get
ting a better view.
Mrs. W. E. Smith returned to
Portland Sunday.
L E. Shelley sold a Buick Six
to Brick Morris Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Sturgill left
Tuesday morning for a visit in
A number of Fossil people at
tended the Guard dance in this
city Friday night.;
Harry Foley, who has been
employed at the' David Hardie
ranch at Trail Fork for some
time, went to Portland Tuesday.
W.R. Hartman, Condon.
Wins Good Appointment
t -
William R. Hartman who ia attend
ind Hill Military Academy haa been
appointed aecond lieutenant in the cadet
corpa of tbe academy. The offices are
awarded for excellence in drill, in schol
astic work and in deportment. The
cadet art taking an active part in
patriotie work thia aemeeter and are
doing well in all department of atudy.
Mr. Hartman ia among those who par
ticipated in the recent Liberty loan
parade. The student also have given
several dancing parties which have
been attended by a large number of the
younger society girl of Portland.
Carl Anderson is thrown
from horse; badly bruised
Carl Anderson was severely
bruised when the horse he was
riding fell with him Sunday
morning and it was pure luck
that he was not seriously injured.
He was riding after horses near
his home on Pine Ridge when
his saddle horse fell, throwing
him over its head, and then fell
on him. Dr. Wilhelm was called
but found no serious injuries.
Mr. Anderson is able to be around
Will Stewart of Lone Rock
went to Portland Saturday morn
ing. .
If you want cut flowers for
Decoration Day call on The
Heights Greenhouse, Hood River,
Oregon. We. have nice carna
tions at $1.00 per dozen; Peonies,
$2 00 per dozen; Gladioli, $2.00
per dozen; Roses, $1.25 per dozen.
Cash with orders, '
Geo. Haslinger, Florist,
lOdll . Hood River, Ore.
Will Auction Sleep, Geese and
Chickens Daring the Race Meet
By Mrs. T. G. Johnson
There were 3480 pieces in the
April shipment of the local Red
Cross which is one of the biggest
yet sent in. The following ar
ticles made up the total:
4x4 gauze bundle... 1520
4x8 gauze bundle 1740
1 gauzv? bundle
Abdominal bandages .. . 5
Napkins i 4
Hemmed wash cloths ... 10
Dish towels 6
Knit wash cloths 12
Hospital shirts . 47
Pajamas . 5
Bed shirts........ 8
Operating gowns. 4
Operating caps 1
Operating masks 13
Bath towels 18
Towels 65
Pairs of pillow cases 22
Shirts 57
Mary Ward donated a roll ot
cotton batting. New April mem
berships amounted to $4. 1
During the race meet the local
Red Cross will auction a sheep
which has been donated for .that
purpose by Lester Wade of this
city. Geese, chickens, lambs
and many other things will also
be auctioned during the races for
the benefit of the Red Cross.
Next Thursday morning at 11
o'clock a memorial and prayer
service will be held in the Con
gregational church and every
body is cordially invited to be
present. This ia in observance
of Memorial Day and of the pro
clamation recently issued by
President Wilson that the day be
one of prayer.
The infant child of Mr. and
Mrs. LeeScrivner died Tuesday
in this city. The funeral ser
vices were held Wednesday after
noon. Rev. Weidman spoke and
a quartet Bang. Mr. and Mrs.
Scrivner have the sympathy of
the entire community in their
sad bereavement
A daughter was born Saturday
evening to Mr. and Mrs. Graham
L. Duthie. Dr. Wilhelm was
the attending physician.
Asher Montague of Arlington
was in Condon Monday and called
at the Globe office to see that
his subscription was paid in ad
vance. E. D. Huber of Clem was in
Condon Saturday and called at
the Globe office while her ' to
make sure that the Globe would
continue arriving weekly at his
We desire to express our deep
appreciation and sincere thanks
for the many kindnesses extend
ed to us in our recent bereave
ment. .
Mr. and Mrs! W. B. Maley
and Family.
At the Close of Business, May. 10, 1918
Loans & Discounts - - S269.752.23
Gov. Bonds & Securities 46,943.06
Real Estate, Furniture
& Fixture - - 12.262.74
Cash - - .... 49,210.01
Red Cross Subscriptions Coming
i in Slowly; Drive Ends Monday
Red Cross subscriptions are
comhg in very slowly. Only a
small percentage of the people
of the county have responded , to
the notices recently sent out by
the committee in charge. Wed
nesday night the committee had
received only $3800, and Gilliam'a
quota is HI, 900. This is $10,000
for the Red Cross and $1,900.
far the Amenian Relief Fund.
Ik Gilliam county going to fall
down this time on this impor
tant matter after having alwaya
been among the first to report in
former drives? The drive ends
next Monday. Get your sub
scription in before that time if
possible o that Gilliam will have
a clean record.
The Red Crosa Committee de
sires to give notice to those who
have not responded to the letter
mailed them that it is absolutely
necessary that each person re
spond by paying the amount
specified in their notice. Those
who have not as yet paid are re
quested to do so at once, other
wise it will be necessary to call
upon them personally to ascertain
their reasons for refusal.
Mrs. C. H. Wilson, who ex
pects to leave the first of the
week for the east, was the in
spiration for a delightful dinner
party at the H. A. Hartshorn
Lome last evening. Pink rose
buds and maline were combined
effectively on the table and hand
painted place cards added to its
attractiveness. An excellent
dinner was served by Mrs. Harts
horn and several toasts were
given which added further enjoy
ment to the meal. The guests
were all members of th Congre
gational choir to which organiza
tion Mrs. Wilson haa been a loyal
assistant during her three years'
residence in Condon.
With the idea of practicing conserve
tion in the .home the ladies of the
Home Demonstration club in this county
recommend the ' following wheatless
recipe a being delicious and easy to
Potato Muffins
1 cup cooked mashed potatoes, 2 cups
barley flour, 6 teaspoons baking pow
der, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 cup milk, i
tablespoons fat, 1 egg. Make a any
muffin and bake.
Cornmsal And Barley Bread
1 cup cornmeal, 1 cup barley flour, 6
teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon
salt, i tablespoons sugar (or syrup),
1 cup milk. 1 egg, 2 tablespoons
shortening. Sift dry ingredient in
to bowl; add milk, beaten egg and
melted ahortening. Stir well. Put
into greased pan,, allow to stand
in warm place 23 to 25 minute: and
bake in moderate oven 40 to 60
minutes.- . -
Sheriff Li Hie went to Portland
Wednesday. ' -
A. Liebl of lone renewed his
subscription to the Globe this
Capital Stock - - - S 60,000.00
Bill Payable
- 12,600.00
Mrs. Wm. Crawford was host
ess Wednesday at a daintily-ap-
pointed luncheon in honor of
Mrs. C. H. Wilson who expects
to leave next week for the east
Tulips and narcissus furnished
the motif for the color scheme of
yellow and white which was car
riod out in the table decorations,
and in the delicious three-course
luncheon served by Mrs. Craw
ford. Covera were laid for Mra
C. H. Wilson, Mrs. H. A. Harts
horn, Mra. W. H. Reynolds. Miss
Grace Brown, Miss Frances Byers
and the hostess.
L. E. Fry sold a Ford to Clell
Thomas this week.
Ales Hardie left Monday morn
ing for Portland to visit a few
daya with his relatives.
Mr. and- Mra. G. M. Blakelv
and family left Saturday for
Shaniko where they will spend
some time on their ranch.
Fourteen Leave for Ft
McDowell Next Week
Another quota of fourteen men
will leave Gilliam county next
week for Fort McDowell to take
ap service in the U. S. Army.
Those who have been notified to
appear are: H S Kice,G E Davis,
A L Chapman, W E Dunlap,
Claud Rickard, Gordon Hall,
Wm Carty, A N Taylor. W H
Moor, J V Edwards, Roy Holland,
John Gruber, A F Hanson and
DS Miller. It ia possible that
some of these may have exemp
tions on account of agricultural
work and in this case othera will
be notified to appear- These
men will go May 29.
By J. C. Hawkins
All farm laborers are requested to be
at the courthouse in Condon Saturday
night to discuss the wage scale- to be
adopted in eastern Oregon and to select
a committee to go to the meeting at
Pendleton next month. Be there at 8
o'clock sharp.
Don't forget that Saturday, June IS,
is to be "Gilliam County Dsy" at the
Moro Experiment Station. Plan to go.
Pay your Red Cross allotment
Mrs. Robt McCulley and child
ren returned Tuesday evening.
George-. Wambold," father of
Mrs. Gerald Burns, left Wednes
day for his home in Toledo,
If you want plants for planting
we have them at the Heights
Greenhouse, Hood River, Oregon.
Geraniums, $1.00 to $1.50 per
dozen, heliotrope, lobelia, and
coleus, each $1.00 per dozen;
pansies, 50c per dozen; fuchias,
10c each, by dozen, $1.00; salvia,
$1.00 per dozen. Cut flowers:
Carnations and roses, $1.00 per
dozen; asters, 50c per dozen.
zinnias 75c per dozen. Tomato
plants, 25c per dozen, and cab
bage plants, 15c-per dozen.
Heights Greenhouse.
10dl3 Hood River. Ore.
Attention is called to a change
in sack prices from those quoted
in the Arlington Lumber Com
pany's ad in this issue. The new
quotation from the Arlington
Lumber Co. is "sacks are now
worth 28 1-2 cents with a 9 eent
per bushel differential which
means about 812 cents net for
sacks. We are selling new sacks
for 28 1-2 cents." Thid quota
tion arrived too late to be in
serted in the ad so when reading
it consider that the price quoted
here is the latest
Only 45 Per Cent of Rtgistratioa;
Some Candidates Get Nomina
tion From Both Parties.
The total vote east in CUUam eounty -last
Friday wa 778 which ia about 45
per eent of the total regis tratioo. Of
this total (92 were republic ac end 181
were democrat. Following U the of
ficial vote cast In this eounty for the
various republican candidate who bad
Nation! Committeeman:
Dennis .23
William isa
Short Term Senator:
Burton ;jj
Mulkey .....t28
'Schoabel ......... ......... 43
Long Term Senator
af cNary 24
StanfleU .. . . Ml
Sinnott -.-.......459 ,
Andersen IS
Hrley .'. 21
lioeer . ... 17
Oleott its
Simpson .........134
Withyeombe .. , ....2SS
State Treasurer
Adam 24
Cualck . .. .HI
Hon 79
Plummer.. ................ ....... 87
Ryn .. ....161
West 69 "
Supreme Justice
Coke ..............141
John..... , .179
Kelly ... . .jsg
Attorney General v
" Brown ...... . ....404
Superintendent Public Instruction
Churchill ....44$
Labor Commissioner
Dklziel 126
Gram . .. m
Holston . .... .101
Nickum ..53
Public Service Commissioner -
Miller 207
William.... 231
State Representative
CUrk .........25
Stewart ...J3S
Wright .. 807
County Commissioner
John Maidment. nominated
Sheriff -.-Sherman
Wade, nominated
Clerk :
Hull ......:....................818
Schroeder .'..$42
W. A. Grave, nominated
J. W, Kirschner, nominated
Dr. J. V. Wilhelm. nominated
Following are the democratic result
in Gilliam:
National Committeeman
Hornibrook 85
Morrow 65
U. S. Senator
King fS
Weet ..; ........117
Pierce 4... .92
Starkweather ...ii..87
State Representative
W, U Wilson, Sherman county,' nom
inated - (
County Commissioner
Johu Maidment, nominated '
J. W. Lillie, nominated '
Bruce Hull, nominated
W. A. Graves, nominated
Surveyor ' '
F. 1. Hurlburt, nominated
Coroner .
O. S. Ebi, nominated
In Wheeler county the vote for Rep
resentative was. as follows: Stewart
444, Wright S20. Clark 229. In SUr
man county it is reported that Wright
got more votes than both the others'.
Thia would clearly Indicate that Stewart
and Wright were nominated. ...
The registration books are open again
so that those who have not done so may
register before the general election in
November. . - ,
Grain sacks are going down.
I can sell them for 28 cents in
Condon. . Place your order now.
A. B. Robertson