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    Withy combe 'and Pierce Ahead for Governor;
v. , ,
Returns Give McNary Big Lead Over StanMd
m 0
Stewart a til Wrlzht Ssem to Have Nomination Cinched for Representative and
Schroeder Wins Over Hull for Clerk; Vote Is Very Light in Gilliam
p't'lt'd in Gilliam county in yes
lenity's primary election wss
Iho lighten ever cast in the
county. The percentage of the
local vo:e to the registration may
be erlmoted at 40 percent, prob
ably Ihb, not much
more. One precinct did not open
the polls at all. This wan Ferry
Canyon and there was nobody
there to vote although a. number
Conservation Program
Is Adopted by Women
I'rogram of Work Adopt! by tht
Home Kconomlcs Commute of all
ium County Agricultural Council ,at
ilia 'County Organisation Meeting In
Condon. May 4. 1911: , .
I. Food
A. Production
- 1. Oarden i
. 1. Poultry
B. Preservation
1. Drying
2. Canning
S. Storage
C. Selection
D. Uia of tba Substitute
II. Health
A. Sanitation
II. Perional Hygiene
C. Flrat Aid
0. Child Feeding
R. Elimination of Peat
III. Clothing
A. Selection
t). Repair and Renovation
The work In each community la In
charge of the repraaentatlva who will
distribute the literature, bulletlna, and
(thrr material which will be sent bar
for that purpoao by the Extension
Service of the Oregon Agricultural
College. The method of carrying out
the work wll vary In each community
but It la urged that exlatlng agenclea.
auch aa Clubs, Orange, School.
Church OrganUatlon.
utlllted to the fulleat extent
Basket Social at Olex
Secures Goodly Sum
Tho basket social and dance at Olex
last Saturday was attended by large
crowd. The amount raised waa $190,
Half of this sum went to the Red Croaa
and the rest for the benefit of the Olex
Home Guard.
T. C. Mubley made a trip to Condon
W. J. Keeney and wife, accompanied
by daughter, Miriam, and Miss Edith
Gray, motored la their new Paige car
to lone and Heppner last Sunday. They
saw aomo very good grain in both Gil
lam and Morrow counties.
Miaa Miriam Keeney closed her echool
in Olex lost Friday. They celebrated
the day with a picnic and fishing on
Rock Croek.
Jack Hurt went to Condon Monday.
Max Aahenfelter made a trip to
Arlington the flrat of the week.
Jack De Spain waa a Condon visitor
A. E. Rivers of lone was a business
visitor in Olex this week.
A number of young people from her
attended the dance at lone Wednesday
and all report a good time.
Mrs. Ross Kennedy of Pendle
ton is a visitor in Condon this
Miss Ariel McQueen left for Portland
today. She will apend the summer at
her home therei
Mr. W. E. Smith ia up from Port
land thia week.
Mr. and Mr9. E. Garrett have
moved from their ranch at Ten
Mile to Olex.
Don't miss the parcel poat social at
the Congregational church on next
Wednesday evening.
Ray Scott was over from the
0. K. ranch at Waterman this
week. 1
Miss Daisy- Mulkey left this
mornihg for her home in Wood
burn. Sfc,
Wm. Head of Arlingt6n was a
business visitor in Condon Wed
nesday. S. B. Couture returned from
Portland Wednesday.
Miss Elma.Ohling returned to
her home in Albany yesterday.
of the voters of that precinct did
come to Condon later and were
sworn in at Southwest Condon
The returns from over the state,
as far a sent in. show that
Withy com be has received the
nomination for governor with
Simpson second and Olcott third. I
This is ihe order in which they ,
ctrWed this county, according to
available information. McNary'
Condon High Sends
Forth Excellent Class
The graduation oxercises of the
floss of 1918 of the Condon High School
were brought to a succesaful conclusion
last night when the Commmsement
program waa given at the Congrega
tional church. Thia was the largest
class to finish here for several year
and the personnel of it is as follows:
Mary O'Rourke. Berth Haley, ilora
Anderson, Nell Goodwin. Helen Sum
mers, Ma Campbell. Vivien Austin,
Lola Keitur. Delia Guild, Hazel Wil
liams, O'Rourke, Inez McCaulley,
Merville Moore. Wednesday waa Class
Day and a breakfast for the member
at the John lies home atarted th
day's program. In the afternoon the
Rink wo chosen for the staging of the
claaa play, reading of the prophecy and
will and the crowning of Miss Annie
O'Rourke as May Queen. In the even
ing a dinner and dance at the Summit
was enjoyed by th faculty, the clan i
and a number of invited guesta. Last
night's program waa one of the best
aver given by a graduating class from j
the local high school. The first num
ber was a quartette by the Miasea
Helen Summers, Rose Anderson. Nell
Goodwin and Cora Anderson. This re
ceived hearty applause. Mias Cora
Anderson gave the salutatory and her
treatise on the Americsn Red Cross
was very interesting Merville Moore
waa next with an oration on "Joan of
Arc," and he discussed his subject in
an able manner. "Russia" wax the
topic which Mias Vivien Austin chose
for her thesis and she handled it in a
creditable way. Miss Nell Goodwin, as
valedictorian, delivered a splendid ora
tion on "Shall Wa Open Our Door to
Russia?" Following this Miss Helen
Summer sang a pleasing aolo. Prof.
Richards of Willamette University ad
dressed the clans, taking for his chief
mougtii, "Service. He was a con
vincing speaker and was enjoyed by all.
The diplomas were then presented by
Supt. Sturgill after which Prof. Ham
ma'ck awarded a scholarship to Helen
Summers with Mary O'Rourke as al
ternate and one to Mae Campbell with
Vivien Austin as alternate.
Have a free chicken
Sunday. Tomorrow night, Sat
urday, which is Gold Rooster
night at the Liberty Theatre, Mrl
Sparks will give to each person
attending a big red rooster It's
a fine picture too.
Horace L. Cooper, one of Gil
liam county's boyw in Uncle
Sam's service, is stationed at
Fort Riley, Kansas, r.ow and has
written to have his Globe chang
ed to that address.
Miss Daisy Leonard, who has
had charge of the commercial
department of the local high
school, left this afternoon for an
extended visit in the East.
James Shell, who has been in
training at Camp Lewis for sev
eral months, is visiting his wife
and other relatives in Condon
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas Anderson
of Monument are Condon visitors
this week.
A son was born Monday, May to
Mr. and Mrs. ('laud Clark of this city.
Dr. Wllhelm attended.
Pat Campbell and bride re
turned from New York the first
of the week.
Byron Kinsley is a new sub
scriber on the Globe's list.
Two milch cows.
Fletcher, Condon.
See H. H.
After Monday, May 20, all
laundry parcels will be C.O.D.
All laundry will, be raised 20
per cent 9tf
will get the nomination for tea
ator over Stanfleld by two to one
is the word from Portland.
McNary beat Stanfleld in this
county. On the democratic tick
et Pierce has the nomination for
governor aud West for senator.
Stewart of Fossil and Wright of
Moro are ahead on all returns in
this district for representatives.
Schroedtr received the nomina
tion for county clerk over Hull.
June 15th Is Gilliam
County Day at Moro
Everyone is urged to plant as
many potatoes as possible for the
price in 1919 will be high.
Farmers should rush their sum
merfallow and follow closely with
the harrow.
Remember June 15th is to be
Gilliam County Day at the Ex
periment Station and plan to
spend the day there. It will be
profitable and pleasant.
The County Agent still has
plenty of squirrel poison.
Farmers who want the Farm
Account Books ottered by the
County Agent must get them
this month.
Sacks are 31 cents now and
the farmers who haven't bought
should make arrangement at once
for graneries to hold their grain.
Death Claims Young
Girl; Buried Today
Flora, the young daughter of Mr.
and Mr. W. B. Maley.died Wednesday
afternoon at th family home. She
wa strlcksn suddenly with convulsion
and before a doctor could reach her sha
had passed away. Flora Waa an un
usually bright and lovable child and the
sincere sympathy of the entire com
munity is extended to these parents in
their hour of sorrow." The funeral ser
vices were conducted by Rev. Weidman
in the Grange Hall at Alvillethi after
noon at 2:30 and th remain were laid
to rest in the Alville cemetery.
The office and kitchen of the
Summit Hotel have been painted
and renovated for the summer
and present a very attractive
Mrs. T. G. Johnson returned
Sunday evening from Seattle
where she attended the Red
Cross convention held there last
A daughter waa born Thursday, May
16, to Mr. and Mr. J as. Shell. Dr.
Miller wa the attending physician.
Buy isxparv.el poat package at the
Congregational church social next
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Jessie D, McComb, assis
tant state leader for the Home
Demonstration Work in Oregon,
is in Gilliam county helping along
with the work that was outlined
for the women May ; 4. Her
work is very effective and she is
getting splendid co-operation
from the ladies in this county.
Adolph Shaffer 'is a new sub
scriber on the Globe's list'
Miss Helen Summers visited in
Heppner Saturday.
Condensed Report of the Condition of
of Condon, Oregon
at the close of business, May 10th, 1918.
(Comptroller's Call)
Loans and Discounts I $608,677.68
United States Bonds and Liberty Bond 23,260.00
Stocks, Wai rants and Securities - 88.343. 82
Furniture and Fixtures...... ........... 1 3,106.00
Cash on Hand and In Banks..,.. 111,074.40
Capital Stocks ...1 $50,000.00
Surplus .........i J 25.609.48
Circulation .i 12.610.00
Re-Discounta and Bills Payable with Federal Reserve Bank.. 74,950.00
DEPOSITS .J..; 616,891.32
: "$779,460.80
'" " t ' i ' ""I '
Velam 29
County Agent J. C. Hawkins
and Mrs. Jessie D. McComb nar
rowly escaped serious injury
Wednesday afternoon when the
Ford car in which they were rid
ing turned over. They were on
their way to Olex to attend an
agricultural meeting and Mr.
Hawkins was losing no time
when they ran into the sand just
below the Clem school house. The
sand was damp and the car skid
ded, the right front wheel smash
ed and the car turned over twice.
Mr. Hawkins and Mrs. McComb
turned over with the car the first
time and. were left in the road
with the cushions, oil cans and
everything else the car contained.
They were both bruised consid
erably ana Mrs. McComb's arm
was sprained but neither sustain
ed any serious injury. They
walked across to the railroad and
came back on the train.
Parcel Post Social to
be Interesting Event
Next Wednesday night the 'Congre
gational church will be the scene of a
parcel pott social and everybody i cor
dially Invited to attend and have a good
tune. Everyone who comes Is expect
ed to urine; a parcel poet package
worth at least 85 cent and the children
are supposed to bring packages worth
16 cents. Those who bring no packages
will pay an admission at the door. The
26 cent packages will be auctioned and
the children' package will be put in
to a fish pond. An ice cream booth
will be another feature and a number
of good games have been planned. One
or two other specialties may be intro
duced. There will be lota of fun for
everybody and the money raised will be
in a good cause for the organ fund.
Farm Laborers Will
Discuss the Situation
Another meeting to discuss the wage
scale for farm labor will be held in the
courthouse Saturday night. May 25, at
8 o'clock. Thia meeting ia called by
County Agent J. O. Hawkina for the
purpose of giving the farm workers
the opportunity of having representa
tion in the fixing of a scale of wages
for farm labor in eastern Oregon. All
farm laborers are urged to be present
to discuss this matter and a committee
will be selected to attend the meeting
next month in Pendleton at which time
committees of farmers from all parts
of eastern Oregon will gather to decide
upon a scale of wages.
Lewis, the ll-months old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Couture
of Ferry Canyon, died in Port
land last Friday rooming. The
remains were brought to Condon
and interment made in the local
Catholic cemetery guaday. Mr.
and Mrs. Couture have the sym
pathy of their many friends in
their bereavement
Rev. and Mrs. G. C. Wicker
left Monday for Portland to make
their home there. Their son,
Paul, is working there in the
wholesale house of Lang & Co.
Ceadoa, Oregon, May 17, 1918
Lieut Kocker Grabs
Big Booze Shipment
A letter from Lieutenant Kocker
contains the following: "Al
though we still need 15 men, the
Eastern Oregon company is
rounding into shape and we ex
pect to leave here about June 1st
We captured 280 quarts of booze
last night from the man who is
supposed to furnish the Condon
district . I don't think he will
send any more over for a while.
The company is doing good work
here and we expect to do good
work in eastern Oregon when we
get there."
Gilliam Boy Writes of
California Earthquake
A letter from Orfa R. Andrews of
Blaiock describes the recent earthquake
in southern California. He is in the
U. S. Navy and wa stationed at San
Diego. He says In part: "Just a line
to say that I waa in a real earthquake
yesterday. It was no joke a'nd people
fainted by the score. I was standing
on the hugtat plaza when everything
began to move. Ray turned to me and
said: "What is the matter, are you
rocking the boat?" We couldn't real
ize what was happeniag. I thought 1
was nutty, for the buildings began
swaying, cement walks raised up and
cracked open and everybody waa run
ning. We stood and watched things
fall and straighten up again. We could
see 75 outlets from buildings and the
way people poured out made me think
of when we untd to go rabbit shooting
in Gilliam county, rabbits scooting from
every bush, sometimes twenty at a
time. From every arch the people
came running a if Satan himself, were
after them, their hands high above
their heads and many screaming but all
running. I have recently taken the
final examination and been promoted
and it took hard work. I studied all
the time I was in the hospital, 36 days,
and I could see dots and dashes roll up
in a ball bigger than the hospital. Ray
coached me every night. He sailed for
France and we may only hope he gets
back but if not the principles he or any
man gives his life for will live forever.
Those who are single and can fight and
are too much of cowards to enlist won't
make a very brave nation for the future.
I waa second in a class of 150 and only
60 passed. Fred Harford was sent to
Florida with a flying corps. Talk of
dust in Gilliam you have very little
and nothing at all like Mexico. My
next letter may be mailed far from
here. We can't tell."
Mr. Andrews is a. wireless operator
in the navy. He atill says that Gilliam
county beats all of Mexico or lower
The Farmers' Union . will' .hold
an important business meeting
Saturday, May 25, in Condon and
every member is expected to at
tend. Dinner will be served by
the ladies, The Union has order
ed 600 cords of 16 inch pine and
fir wood which will be here be
fore August The government
has asked us to order fuel early
so let us have your order and we
will fill them as the cars arrive.
The Union expects to handle fruit
this season. .
CR. Peiigh
Dr. Turner, eye specialist of
Portland, will be in Condon again
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
May 80 and 31 and June 1 at the
Summit Hotel. Don't forget' to
consult him about your eyes arid
glasses -9dl0
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kelsay
of Fossil were Condon visitors
Sunday. '' '"
Mrs. Fred Anderson left Sun
day for Mitchell.
Are you going to sack or bulk
your grain? We can supply you
fith sacks at 30 cents ,with a 9
cent differential, making your
sack cost about 10 cents. If you
are going to bulk your grain,
prepare now, We have a good
supply of grain bin material on
hand. Buy a thrift stamp to
Arlington Lumber Co.
Nnasber 9 t
The race meet is only a little
over a week away and prospects
for an unusually good meeting
grow better each day. There
are 28 head of bones at the track
now and 100 are expected by the
opening day, Wedresday, May
29. The harness races are all
filled and the entries are good.
There is a strong rivalry existing
between some, of the harness
horses and -the people will see
some real horse racing at this
meet, Some of the fast horres
of the Pacific Coast are here and
others are coming. The track is
in the best condition it has ever
Eph Wilson Writes
Letter from France
Eph Wilson writes from "Some
where in France" and his letter
is in part as follows: "I'm get
ting so many .letters lately that
I cannot get them answered as
soon as I would like to. I'm out
on a Brassy hillside ttbout five
minutes from camp and it is aa
ideal place to write letters. There
is a magpie sitting in a tree just
a little distance away chattering
with all its might. I guess it is
spieling me a little French for I
don't understand it That's just
how the French language sounds
tome. Even the crows in this
country make a different noise
than they da in America. This
is a beautiful day here and makes
me halfway homesick.- Clarence
writes that there is no place like
Alberta but I have the same idea
of Oregon so he need not write
me any of that old stuff. I
guess that I had better finish this
letter for there are about a hun
dred kids around me asking for
souvenirs. All that I can write
is that I'm well and doing fine.
We can't tell where we are nor
what we are doing."
Fourteen More Will
Go Last of Month
Fourteen more Gilliam county
men will be called to their coun.
G?y'a service on May 29 or a few
qays later and they will all report
at Fort McDowell in -San Francisco.-
This is the report just
received by Sheriff Lillie, chair
man of the Local Board. Mr.
Lillie also received word that the
last quota of men who went from
this county have all been ac
cepted. Mr. and Mrs. John Htss and
children returned from their va
cation Wednesday. The latter
has been visiting in Cnliforuia
for a month while Mr. Hess has
been spending the past two
weeks in Portland.
; Mrs. -'Kate Russell and Mrs.
J. C Cooney returned from Port
land the first of the week. They
were called to Portland last week
by ithe serious illness of their
brother. R. E. Summers.
Mrs. Catherine Lindsey of La
Grartde arrived iu Condon Friday
evening; for a few weeks' visit at
the -home of her parents, Mr
and Mrs. M. O. Clarke.
Mrs. Victor . Marden of The
Dalles is visiting. her daughter.
Miss Amelia Steeves, in Condon .
this week. .
A J L . T'" ' 1 .
n uaukiuu nu uuiu iu air..
and Mrs. Will McFurlane Sunday
morning, May 5.
R. R, Butler was up from The
Dalles the first of the week.
Mr. Crees of Olex was in Con-
don Wednesday.. ; : V