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VOL. 29
NO. 8
On of the moot nthui'attlc and
belt attended Agricultural Council eon-
veritione ever held In the state of Ore.
(on wai In acMion.ln Condon Saturday.
Delegates from every part of tha coun
ty were In attendance and everv branch
of agricultura waa represented. Tba
meeting waa called to order by Supt.
Sturgill and W. J. Edwards of Mayville
cboaen temporary chairman. County
Agent J. (', Hawkins gave a brief out
line of the purpose of tba meeting.
H. C. Seymour outlined tha plan of tba
Agricultural Council, Wallace Kadderly
emphasised the Importance of organl
sstkn, Mra. Jessie D. McComb gave a
brief talk on tba Importance of conser
vation In tha home and Supt Sturgill
poke of the Importance of laving
wheat. A nominating committee waa
appointed to aelect a president, vice
preaident and eecreUry-treeaurer and
a committee waa appointed to draft
constitution and by-Iowa. After dinner
tbe meetlnga were taken up In separate
sections, the Club people la on taction,
tha Home Department In another and
the County Agent work In atlll another.
In tha County Agtnt section J. L.
Rlalock of Arlington waa chosen tem
porary chairman and J. 12. SturglU
aecretary. The following projects were
discussed and plana adopted.
LABOR-Th labor diacuaalon waa by
far tb moat Interesting on of the day.
A comm!tti of Ave to meet with the
other committee from eastern Oregon
at Pendleton June 8 waa appointed a
follows: Jaa. Cameron, A. Wbeethoiise,
R. B. Chaney, L. E. Fowler and J. A.
Smith. Rodent Control and Field Dem
onstration were tha next projects dis
cussed. Under the head of Grading
and Price of Grain, It waa tbe sense of
tha meeting that tha farmers want
their grain graded and tha price fixed
at tholr local shipping point and also
. want a Federal grain inspector for tha
county. The committee selected to
work this out with tha County Agent
la J. A. Smith. C. R. Peugh and F. E,
Smith. . Tbe Executive Committee se
lected for county agent work la Fred
Weatherford, J. W. Dyer and Oaca
Maley. H. F. Sbanka waa chosen to
head tho club work. Officers chosen"
for county agent section were Sherman
Wado, preaident, and J. C. Sturgill,
secretary-treaaurer. After the section
al meeting all gathered together, listen
ad to the reading of tha constitution
and by-laws and adopted them as read.
Officers for the Council were than cho. I
eu as follows: W. J. Edwarda, presi
dent; Mra. Phlllipl, vice preaident; 0. u'J
Horner, secretary-treasurer. In th
Home Economics committee meeting
Mi. J. W. Dyer waa choaen chairman
and Mra. Wheelhous aecretary. Mra;
Dyer, Mra. Wheelhous and Mrs. J. J.
Portwood were elected members of
the executive committee. A program
of work ws autlined by Mrs. McComb
and adopted for this county.
Claud Clark of Arlington pur
chased a Buick Six from L. E.
Shelley this week.
Mrs. VV, J. Russell went to
Portland yesterday. .
Mrs. W. A. , Graves who has
been seriously ill at her home in
this city for several days, is
slowly recovering.
Judge Thos. F. Ryan
Present Assistant State Treasurer
Republican Candidate i
-, . 4- j
State Treasurer
The voters of this state need men who understand I he
work which it is their duty to do; and men who are
honest, fearless and patriotic; men who are Americans.
Such a man is Judge Tho F. Ryan.-Canby News.
The fiscal affairs of the state should be confided to long,
hard-headed men. of experience. Judge Ryan conies
under all these qualifications. Oregon City Enterprise.
As an active member of the Grange he has worked con
sistently for the building of good roads from farm to
market,' for horticultural and agricultural legislation;
and for practicalflrainage, irrigation, and rural credits
laws. ;L'
Oliver P. Rlnehart sends a short let
tar and a copy of bis company paper.
He says: "Tba first copy of our com
pany paper 1 juat off tba press so I
thought I bad better send you one.
Juat got letter from Frank Burns
and be saya bo is camped juat a few
miles from Company U of tb 162nd but
hasn't had a chanc to go over and aee
any of them yet.. I didn't think Frank
would get over there before I did but
tba drafted boys ara beating ua to it
I think wa will be here a few mcnthi
yet but wa may get orders to pack up
tonight and leave within 24 hours. The
army la one place where you can't tell
oca minute what Is going to happen tbe
nest It waa raining this morning but
stopped about 10 o'clock so we got a
ebaoe to go out and try our luck with
tha pick and ehovoL I was over at
York town Sunday and I think Corn
walllf picked a vary nice place to sur
render. Norfolk la not a bad place but
there ara so many sailors there a soldier
feels lost. Hampton Koads la a fine
little place. Think I will goto Rich
mond next pay day and perhapa to
Petersburg. Thanks for tho Globe."
Olliela In tha 12th Balloon Company
and their paper Is we!! named "Tie
Observer." It la a very good paper
and contain a good atory of the 12th
Company in which Ollie's name I men
tioned. Ha is a firat-claaa private.
This company haa a great record and
we paper says: "since tne lZtb was
organised it haa been reported, rather
officially, that the kaiaer haa had sever
al hemorrhages and found it necessary
to increase his quota of personal phyai
Graduation Exercises on
Thursday Night
The commencement exercises
of the outgoing class at the high
school will be held in the Congre
gational church next Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock. The ad
dress will be delivered by Prof.
Richards of Willamette Univers
ity. Everyone is invited to at
tend. ' The program will be good
and there will be no charge.
Frances Brown sold a Chevro
let this week to T. Scoggin of
Wheeler county,
A son was born Tuesday, May '
7, to Mr. and Mrs. Francis
A daughter was born Sunday
morning, May 5, to Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie Price,
' Win. Jensen sold a Studebaker
Six to I. A. Hoskin this week.
Mr. and Mrs. LewiaCouture
returned Monday from a few
days visit in Portland.
S. B. Couture went to Portland
this morning for a few days'
visit with his children.
Mother's Day will be observed
next Sunday morning both in the
Sunday School and at the church
services. There will be special
music, .flowers and a sermon in
keeping with the purpose of the
day. All mothers are invited
and a special invitation is extend
ed to mothers cf soldiers. All
such will be regarded as guests
of honor next Sunday morning.
Let every one come and pay lov
ing tribute to our mothers.
The following resolution was
unanimously adopted at the meet
ing of the Sunday School last
Sunday morning: "We, the of
ficers, teachers and members of
the Congregational Sunday
School, desire to express our
thanks to all who furnished con
veyances and entertainment and
in other ways so generously con
tributed to the success of our
annual picnic last Saturday."
' On Friday evening. May 24,
there will be a Parcel Post Social
held in the church. Full partic
ulars next week.
Proceedings of County
At a regular Term of the County
Court for Gilliam county, Oregon, held
at London, on Wednesday May lat,
1918., when were present:
(j. W. Parman, County Judge
Sherman Wade, Commissioner
John W. Maidment, Commissioner, '
the following proceedings were bad,
In the Matter of tha Petition of J. W.
Carrico et al., for change in Hurt Hill,
and macadamizing road North of Con
don, -Ordered that tho change in the
Hurt Hill be made at an early date.
In the Matter of .the Petition of
Richard Jones et al., for a Bridge
.serosa Rock Creek at the mouth of
Caysse canyon Continued.
In the Matter of opening bida for ma
cadamizing road, aouth from Mayville,
to county line, as advertised All bids
In the matter of deaignating voting places throughout the various precincts of
Gilliam County. The following places
Name of Precinct Voting Place
Willow Creek i....At R. S." Wilson's place
Arlington .:. ;-..J..i..y...'....:".Louy,s Hall
Blalock ....... School House, Diet. No. 2
Rock Creek. School House. Dist No. 7
Olex ......., ..Wade's Hall
Clem... '.. School Houae, Dist No. 15
Mikkalo.:.... ............School House, Dist No. 10
Ajax.......: ..:li.".Sch"ool House, Dist No. 16
Gwendolen 4;.School House, Dist. No. 19
Idea School House, Dist No. 27
East Condon . V"-1 -cit? Hlk11
Northwest Condon: J...... JlHigh School Building
Southwest Condon.i , .....;.. I Armory Hall
Alville r,"..'i".'-. . . -Grange Hall
Ferry Canyon.....'. ....School House, Dist. No. 44
lane Rock .....School House, Dist No. 29
Trail Fork .'. Trail Fork School House
Mayville Grange Hall
Buckhorn ...... :.........:......School House, Dist No. 34
Pine Ridge.... School House, Dist No. 80
- In the matter of the petition of Alma
Lauder for a Gateway Report of Road
Viewers read for the first time May 1,
1918. Report of Road viewers read
for the second time May 2, 1919. and
the gateway ordered opened as peti
tioned for upon the payment by the
petitioner of the damages, and cost of
viewing etc.
In the matter of the petition of H A.
Stewart et al for a county road Re
port of viewers read May lat 1918, and
approved and road ordered opened ac
cording to report of viewers.
In the matter of the application of
Mrs. A. M. Crawford for cancellation
of certificate of delinquency. Applica
tion rejected.
In the matter of macadamising c6uri
ty road north from Condon- Jo D. S.
Brown's corner Ordered that the Dis
triot Attorney advise the County Court
as to the different methods of procedure'
prescribed by law, for levying assess
ments for obtaining money for such
purposea. -. '
In the matter of the petition of J. H.
Knox et al for a county road down
Sniption canyonv-Ordered that the reg
ular Board of Read Viewers view said
route on May 15, 1918.
In the matter of the application of
S. B. Amis, for refund of tax paid
through error Ordered that 17.08 be
refunded. "
In tne matter of fixing wages for
men and teams for work on county
By J. C. Sturgill "
I again call yonr atten tion to
the fact that Gilliam county's
apportionment of Thrift and
War Savings Stamps is $82,000
or $20 for every man, woman
and child living within the bound
aries of the county. In fact the
apportionment per capita for the
entire nation is $20. Gilliam
county thus far has sold $18,000
or about 22 per cent jn the four
months So we must sell more
in the remaining eight months.
Each person in the county must
purchase on an average of at
least two dollars per month or
sixteen dollars worth between
now and January 1.'
A daughter was born Thurs
day, May 9, to Mr. and Mrs.
A. B. Bower of this city.
. George Wambold of Toledo,
Ohio, arrived in Condon Sunday.
Mr. Wambold was called west by
the serious illness of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Gerald Burns.
Court, at Last Session
rejected. It appearing that tha work
can be dona cheaper than any bid re
ceived, . and the contract let to tbe
Warren tionstruction Co., on force ac
count contract
In the Matter of the. Resignation of
David Cantwell, as Justice of the Peace
for N. W. Condon Precinct Accepted.
In the Matter of the Petition of N.
E. Moffett for refund of tax Contin
In the Matter -of the Petition of
Andrew Neel for refund of tax It ap
pearing to the Court that the property
a stated in the application ahould not
have been assessed, ordered that refund
of $31.14 be made, and warrant order
ed drawn. -
In the Matter Of the Statement from
county clerk . showing bounties paid
Statement approved.-
designated, as required by law;
roads .The) following wages fixed--.
Men $3.50 per day; teams $3.60 per day.
In the. matter of auditing and allow,
tag claims against Gilliam county, Ore
gon! he following allowed and order
ed paid:
" .' ' Road Fund" " : -;
Sidney Smyth, salary for March 1250.00
Dan Tierney, freight - 1134.84
Frank M Weatherfprd, tractor
maii J , ... J . 126 00
M H Mulligan, graderman : 125 00
Sidney Smyth, salary at) i
expenses , ., :' - 250 00
C J Jackson, surveying , :: ', 21 00
A A Case, surveying 8 80
Jos W Kirschner, Purveying, etc 65 20
Jos W Kirschner, avrveying 15 00
A S Rice, road viewer 8 80
G L Cram, road work 46 00
R S Wilsony toad work 60 00
J W Garrett, labor on road . 7 60
T H Shannon, road work . 63 00
Pete Burton, road work 12 00
J G Boyer, road work 9 60
T Womeldorf, moving roller and
' auto hire. :.' ' . v1300
Shelley's Garage, supplies for
readmaster . , ' 72 90
Horner Moore Co.,, supplies 1136
H Greenfield, hauling, etc 10 50
F'E Bennett hauling etc 19 00
H E Snyder, repairs, etc ? 23 70
Hollen & Sons, supplies . 9 02
Standard Oil Co, supplies 109 95
Schmidt & Cooper, supplies S3 27
Hodson-Feenaughty Oo, supplies
Continued on laat page
On May 1st potatoes ceased to
be a substitute for flour in so far
as purchases were concerned.
Persons with wheat holdings
are again cautioned to report the
amount of their holdings before
May 15 or they will be held to
Merchants or consumers having
over a 30 days' supply of flour
on hand should report the same
at once or they may meet trouble
ahead In making ycur estimates
the merchant will figure 70 per
cent of what he used in the cor
responding period of last year.
The consumaf will remember that
each person is allowed 6 pounds
per month.
For the purpose of canning
and preserving berries and fruit
persons will be permitted to pur
chase 100 pounds of sugar at a
time. They must first sign an
affidavit that the sugar is to be
used for canning and preserving
aud for no other purpose.
Later on they will be required to
make an itemized statement as
to just what disposition waa
made with the sugar. This 100
pound regulation does not change
or alter the supply for family or
table use.
Jake Schroeder Writes
to Voters
May 9. 1918
To the Republican Voters and
Citizens of Gilliam County:
It is with a feeling of deep re
gret that I feel called upon to
make a denial of certain reports
which are being circulated for
political purposes to the effect
that I had given expression to
pro German sentiments since the
beginning of this war.
I have been a resident of thla
county for tbe past eighteen
years and I know that I am iust
as loyal and patriotic as any citi
zen in this community and was
surprised indeed to learn that I
had an enemy capable of making
an accusation against me as ser
ious as this one. I am inclined to
be charitable, however, and be
lieve that it was thoughtlessness
on the part of the person who or
iginated the chartre and I feel
sure, that my friends and ac
quaintances are absolutely con
vinced of my loyalty to my coun
try and its people.
; ' Respectfully,
Jake E. Schroeder.
Sergeant French is here on re
cruiting duty. He wants volun
tary enlistments from men aged
18 to 21 inclusive and from 81 to
40 inclusive. All enlistments
will be for the duration of the
war unless sooner discharged.
Ralph Beddow of Seattle ar
rived in Condon Tuesday evening
and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs
William Crawford.
By J. C Sturgill
The Arlington school was vis
ited last week and everything:
found to be in good working
order. Teachers and pupils are
taking quite an interest in tb
sale of War Saving Certificates
and in Junior Red Cross work. ,
The school at Lost Valley re
cently gave a party at which 33.
was secured for tbe purchase of
necessary equipment This school
has only three pupils so they did
exceptionally wen in securing
that amount of money. t
May 16 and 17 are the regular
3afM tnr f Via Air. VifVi rrmmA ava,'
ination in the state. There will
be about 60 pupils in this county
try this examination. Pupils
preparing for this test should re
member that much time haa been
devoted to war work and as the
questions are made up from tha
nciuBi worai 01 ine vrar iiwr
should familiarize themselves
with the following activities
Red Cross work. Thrift Stamp
sales. Liberty Loan drives and
Food Conservation.
Parcel Post Social Will
Be Good lime
You are cordially invited to at
tend the good time planned for
Friday evening. May 24, at the
Congregational church. Adults
are expected to bring a parcel
post package worth at least 25
cents and the younger folks will
bring packages worth 15 cents.
These will be auctioned off Later
in the evening. An admission
fee of 10 cents will be charged
ac the door but those who do not
brintr packages will be charred
more. An interesting evening ia
being planned.
Wilbura Finishes Other
Wells in North End :
H. H. Wilburn's well drills re
cently completed two good wells
in the north end of the county.
One was for S. M. Barnett on
the Low place and the other for
Wm. DavidBonon the Moffit place
on upper Cightmile. Mr. David"
son came to Gilliam County last
spring from California and from
the showing he has made on
this farm is a valuable addition
to the county.
Mr. and Mra. Jerry Racette
entertained a few friends Tues
day evening. Cards were en
joyed and dainty refreshment!
were served. e
R E. Summers is critically ill
In a hospital in Portland.
- i ii t -
L. E Shelley sold a two-toft
Federal truck this week to Gor
don Shown of Spray. J
Mrs. J. W. Kocker went
. of Linn County for
; Justice of
the Supreme Court
Practiced law ainee 1892 . :
, Circuit Judge since 1910.
Justice is patriotism's proudest
bosst and loyalty's greatest aid.
Portland Wednesday. 7
' ' 1