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NO. 6
VOL 29
Feature of Match Is Spelling of Wilma Dyer
TIki plllng match which was bald
iMt Friday at the Mayvllie school from
9:30 to 4:00 wu an Interesting event
and largely attended. Tbe honor of
the meU-h were worTby Mayvll'e. -Following
art the results by grades;
Second grade:
Grace Hardl and Hlto llyart of
Condon ai.d Grace Butler of Msyviile
could not be spelled down In thalr see
tlnn of the spelling boob, ao war all
given lirst prise. Louise Wright of
Mayvills only mlseed on word and
waa given tecond prlie.
Ulrd grade:
lst-Suasn StlmhfWId, Msyviile, 100
8nd-Artla WilUby, Condon, 98
3rd-Viv an Wilton, Condon, 90
Fourth Qrade:
1st- Ruth J arvl and Ivan Beeeon, 100
(Could not be spelled down)
3rd Marian Weidmaa, Coudoo, 90
Fifth gradet
. lat Georgia Farguaon, Condon, 96
2nd-- Dorothy Wtllaby. Condon, M
3rd--No entry '
Sixth grade:
1st Howard Beeson, Msyviile, 93
Wilkin Is Now Sergeant
Will Wilkms is now a 1st Sergeant of
the 1 33rd Aero Squadron atatiuned at
Rockwell Field, A letter from him
aayat "1 left Berkeley Ground School
on April 1 for my preaent atatlon. I
am enjoying life and like the flying
game. Hying Sergeant la a new rating
for the aviation service and commis
sions in this branch will not be given
to every flyer hereafter which ta for
the good of the aervice I think although
1 am hoping to get a commission either
for flying or non-flying. At preaent 1
am a npn-commlssioned officer, lat Ser
geant of a flying squadron. Thla squad
ron wa created aince 1 arrived at the
Island. 1 am in charge of a splendid
claaa of 122 men and some were very
well-to-do in civilian life. It la very
warm down here and at times I am re-
minded of Gilliam county duet storms,
especially when a wind cornea from
lower California or Mexico which la 14
miles from here. Gilliam county la not
the duatieat place in the world, although
we uaed to think o occasionally. We
eat dust here some afternoons and the
higher we get In the air the more we
notice it San Diego ia a beautiful ctty
and certainly nice thla time of year.
Today we all ahelved our O Da (olive
drabs) and donned khaki uniforms which
are much more comfortable in this
climate. Ex-mayor Mitchell of New
York la one of us lesrning the flying
, game. He I a major but common as
1 an old shoe. A week ago Sunday I
went out to Balboa Park and aaw
Charles and Bob Flttmaurlce. They
were packing up and I think are some
diatanee from here now. Both were In
the beat of epirtta. I wiah I could tel
you more of our game here but to show
hat it Is important will aay that we
cannot leave the Island without a pais
and civilians cannot land here at all.
Tou may rest aasured that thlnga are
O. K. and the time will come when our
branch will have a big part to play in
thla war."
Special price on 200 pairs of
shoes at The S. B. Barker Co.
Mrs. Frank McKay of Pitts
burgh, Pa., is visiting In Condon
- - The Olex Home Guard met and
organized Saturday evening.
Twenty-five members joined and
they expect to have that many
- more next Saturday, jwpeorge
Newell was elected captain. They
will meet every Saturday at 8 P.
M. All people in the Olex vicin
ity are invited to join.
Bruce Hull passed through Olex
last Saturday. :
C. W. Martin purchased an
Oldsmobile touring car from Ray
Martin this week.
' The people here are enjoyinsr
the fishing this spring. Cal Graul
Und-Veda Dyer, Mayvllie, 97 8-4
lrd-Letha Baker, Condon, 97 12
Seventh grade:
1st Laura MeConnell, Mayvllie, 99
Ind-Elliabeth Evana,MayvlIle, 98, I 2
Srd-Elsle Hoakln, Condon. 93 1-2
Eighth grade:
lat-Wllma Dyer, Mayvllie, 99 12
2nd Francia Evans. Mayvllie, 95
3rd Viva Edwarda. Tblrtymile, 94 1-2
Io scoring, each first towrted 3 point,
each a coed 3 and each tWrd I, and the
final score was Mayvllie 40, Condon 19,
Thirtyrolle 1. Tbe Foaall epelleM fail
ed to appear. Th feature of the event
was the spelling of Wilma Dyer of
Mayvllie. Out of 200 words, and they
were hard words, too, ahe miaaed only
on. She has practically perfect
average for the entire year. The in
structors and students of the Condon
school are very grateful and wiah to
extend their thanks to the people of
Mavville for their klndneea in opening
their homes to the visitors snd also to
Al Searcy, Mr. Wlllaby, Elton Clarke
and Joe Hawkins of Condon for the ue
of their cart.
What Other Papers Say
Monitor, Independence, Oregon.
There Is a feeling you feel it here
and you feel it there -that the next
governor of Oregon will be a Repub
lican and bla name will be Ben Olcott
Lincoln County Sentinel, Toledo, Ore.
Ben Olcott, the people's Secretary of
tftate, will be Oregon'a next governor,
He atanda aquarely with the common
Coqullle Herald, Coqullle, Oregon.
The man whom the people of this
atate can afford to promote to the of
fice of governor Is Ben W. Olcott. In
his service to the state he baa made
good: the people know where to And
him, on the job. And when they ask
for Information concerning atate af
fairs they get it. Ben W. Olcott for
Governor of Oregon.
Aurora Observer, Aurora, Oregon.
Without doubt Olcott iathe atrongest
man for the place in the atate.
Turner Tribune, Turner, Oregon.
Mr. Olcott la a broad-minded, aound
conservative man, and what ia right
In atate affair he atanda for.
Cornelius News, Cornelius, Oregon.
Ben Olcott s platform strikes tbe
keynote of the people's need.
Express, Forest Grove, Oregon.
Few men have filled a public job a
well aa Ben Olcott f
Tribune, Port Orford, Oregon.
Mr. Olcott haa ahown fine executive
ability and is eminently fitted to fill
. the office of governor. '
Oregon Voter, Portland, Oregon.
His judgment and aagacity In public
. affairs have established for him a
? high degree of confidence among
leading citicena of all parte of the
Banks Herald, Banks, Oregon.
The next Governor of Oregon haa an
nounced hia candidacy Ben W. Ol
cott preaent efficient Secretary of
State. He haa made good; ' '
Mrs. Fred Anderson is over
from Mitchell this week.
Paul Wicker, son of Rev. and
Mrs. Wicker of this city, haa
gone to Portland. He will finish
school there.
went to the Burton & Wilson
ranch last Sunday and caught 50
Fred Phillips went to Pendle
ton this week to purchase a com
U i. wade is putting a new
office in his store. D. E. Grady
is doing the work.
W. J. Keeney made a business
trip to lone the first of the week
Bert Crowley and family were
Condon visitors last Sunday.
Ed Gradey and family made
trip to Arlington Sunday. '
Ti Applicants Go From Tbii Cotulj; Recruiting AH Oyer State
Lieut. J. W. Kocker of the
Oregon'Police went to Portland
Monday on business. He was
accompanied by the following re
cruits: L. A. Sybouts. L. A.
Edelman, A. Wimpey, GL. Lflli?,
W'fliiard Warren. Marvin Warren.
Virgil Hoskin. A. D. Darland,
Wm. Nois and Charles Sweetin
of this county; F. A. Sims, James
Rice and Frank Mitchell of Mor
Grange for Economy
The following resolution has
been adopted by Buckhorn
Granjre No. 449.
RESOLVED: That whereas
lame sums of money are being i
expended by the candidates fori
office In printing, advertising
and in many other ways, which
would serve a more patriotic and
much needed purpose if invested
in Liberty Bonds, Thrift Stamps
or donated to the Red Cross, and
the same appears to be in direct
violation of the provisions of the
Corrupt Practices Act, which
was designed to protect the pur
ity of the ballot and honesty of
RESOLVED: That in the
judgment of the members of the
Buckhorn Grange, No. 449, P. o
H., that no candidate for office
violating the Corrupt Practices
Act by the expenditure of large
sums of money to advance his
candidacy, u& worthy f - public
trust or confidence, and it Is the
duty of th proper officers of the
law to collect the evidence of
such violation and see that the
provisions of such act are strict
ly enforced.
Lovina M. Spalding,
Tents, at Barker's.
A daughter whs born fester
day, April 25, to Mr. and Mrs.
Dan Lusby of this city.
Frank Hollen went to Arli ngton
Tuesday and received a new
Mitchell Six club roadster which
he drove to Condon. Hollen &
Sons have this car as well as
other styles of the Mitchell for
sale. The new roadster is a
beautiful and popular car.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Lillie were
Condon visitors Saturday. -
KB wOrtt MMTRCy W AftVRR BlMSfl.
row county, and Lester Proctor,
G. C. Welsh and Arnold Keyes
of Sherman, county. These re
cruits, . will receive their first
training in Portland. Lieut.
Kocker reports that applications
are being received from all parts
of eastern Oregon. He intends
to accept a few from each section.
Labor Outlook Bright
"The farm labor situation just
at the present time is well in
hand," says J. W. Brewer, farm
help specialist. The establish-
ment of a uniform "wage of $60
in tbe wheat-raising counties has
done away with one farmer bid
ding against another for farm
labor and has resulted in a con
siderable less movement of tran
sient labor continually on the
lookout fur riiofc pay. . ,
Sermon topic for next Sunday
morning, "The Evil Conse-'
quences of a Perverted Religious
Faith:" evening theme, "Abra
ham a Man of Peace."
Rev.'Weidman cenducted the
funeral service of the eleven
year old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Chaney at Mikkalo last
Friday morning. The body was
taken to McMinnville, Oregon,
for burial. . - , ..
, The Mid Columbia Conference
of Congregational churches will
be held at Lexington April 30 and
May l.'..The Condon church will
be represented by the pastor and
two delegates. Dr. and Mrs.
B. A. Cathey were chosen as
delegates with Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Parman as alternates.
Phil Newman is driving a new
Buick bought of L. E Shelley.
L. E. Shelley delivered a Buick
to Carl Rogers this week.
Mrs. J. E Crowe returned
Monday evening, from a short
visit in Portland.
Kleoh Austin went to Portland
yesterday to enlist with th
Oregon Military Police.
L. E. Shelley unloaded anothei
carload of Buicks the first of th
it ''
How About Your Sacks? Items by County Agent
' A Farmers' Union local was organised
at Mikkalo Saturday night with the
following officers: Tom Conner, presi
dent; J. B. Aahenfelter, vice president
and Frank Cook, secretary-treasurer.
"Gilliam County Day" at the Moro
Experiment Station baa been set for
Saturday, Jane 15. This ia thoday
when Gilliam county folks will journey
to Moro to see bow tbe work is carried
on there. Everybody is requested to
go-, ,'
Country Gets Credit,
The big cities are not getting
the credit for putting oyer the
Liberty Loan this time. They
are doing their part but it is the
smaller cities and country dis
tricts that have set the pace in
this campaign and it is conceded
that the great publicity campaign
carried on by the country papers
is without question chiefly re
sponsible for the showing made.
Everyone should use an envel
ope with a printed return address
for a letter that is worth mailing
is certainly worth insuring that
it will come back if it does not
reach its destination. In transit
addresses sometimes become il
legible or obliterated altogether
and in such a case with no return
on the envelope the letter is lost.
Isn't it worth a cent each to in.
sure the safety of. your letters
Get your envelopes at the Globe
office, the Service Shop, on En
velope Day and you can insure
them for less than one eentench.
Envelope Day will be on Monday,
May 13, and you can bring your
order or mail and phone it in.
One hundred best quality white
envelopes will be furnished that
day with your return address
printed thereon for only 85 cents.
Send your order in now.
The majority of Condon's pop
ulation spent a large part of Sun
day on Kock Creek and Thirty-
mile and these creeks were whip
ped to a foam by these ardent
lovers of the piscatorial pastime.
Quite a number got their share
of trout, many got more than
their share of sunburn and some
orxly got back.
Mrs. Sandstone of McMinnville
was in Condon the first of the
week on business. While here
she was a guest at the Hartman
home. .
Mrs. W. G. NeVill returned
Saturday from a visit in Spokane.
Garland Ferguson went to Port
land Wednesday.
G. M. Blakely was a Portland
visitor this week.
Scott Neel
mother, Mrs.
took his grand
Davis, to Fossil
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Case have
returned to Condon.
T. S. Lyons and family have
moved to the Ark Andrews place
which they bought recently. The
Andrews family moved to the
D. C. Andrews place.
Wilbur Bennett was here a few
days last week. He has gone to
Condon where he will work until
called in the draft.
H S. Neel has a new Stude-
baker. ; x
Mr, and Mrs. Morgan Ward
are io Portland where the former
Members of the Agricultural Council
for Gilliam county will meet in Condon
May 4, a week from tomorrow. It ia
important that every member be prea
ent at this meeting.
Grain sacks are going higher and
higher what about yours?
The County Agriculturist still has a
few farmer's account books to give
ewsy. Also a considerable supply of
squirrel poison on band.
Appreciates Home News
Staryl C. Auetin is now a corporal In
the 834th Aero Squadron stationed at
Garden City, Long Island, N. Y. He
saye: 'Thi being Saturday afternoon
means a half holiday in camp and moat
of tbe boys are either getting ready to .
go to town or writing letters. Atpree
ent we arc camped oa th eld site of
Camp Mills where the Oregon boys
spent last winter but the eamp ia Un
proved quite bit t think. The tents
are all ditched, the squadron, streets
graded and graveled and tbe roads are
paved.' They are sou improving is ana
claim it will be one of the beet camps
in the United States. It is an Ideal lo
cation with two large aviation fielda
adjoining and has the advantage of be
log cloae to the largest harbor la the
country together with plenty of level
grounds for drilL Speaking of drill, !
haven't done any drilling since I left
Texas in February but have been ia
quarantine three weeka and in school
two weeka. Not, a thing to do Wbea
we were in quarantine except take three
medical inspections every day which t
will admit were rather strenuous bpt
necessary. Moved up to this eamp bt
Monday and have been ou detail work
aince, digging ditches and workiitg t&ei
roads. There ia not much doing in the
aviation camps at present although on
a nice day we can look in any direction
and see 7 or 8 aeroplanes but it is get
ting so common that we never give
any attention unless it is some- stunt
artist and we watch to see if he tumbles.
There are , two . French war .machines
at one field and a French aviator who
sometimes goes upjuat to sjhow every
one what real flying ia. 1 have seen
him go up 200 feet and atari looping
tbe loop, which is considered rmty dan
gerous at less than 1000 feet but be
doesn't seem to mind it la the least. I
often wish the folks at home could see
us at our work; men who never did a
day's work in their life before working
with a pick and shovel the same as we
poor guys who have worked all our lives.
The army is no respecter of person;
the sons of the "big guns" have to
obey orders the Same aa anyone eke.
This is a great life; I have never felt
better. Thank you for the Globe which
is just like' a letter from home and I
assure you ia eagerly read, ads and all.
This equadron is on the outgoing list ao
don't know how long we will be here."
Go to the S. B. Barker Co. for
shorts and Holstein Dairy Feed'.
. 6d7 .
Mr. and Mrs. L A. Hoskin re
turned Saturdav from a trip
through Idaho.
Mrs Frank Hollen is improving i
rapidly. ..' - -:
is taking treatments.
Mrs; Lillie Oatrnan of Fossil
was nere Sunday visiting ne:
mother, Mrs. Sarah Scott
A. M. " Patterson brough
Elizabeth Dunn and Mrs. Te
Palmer over from Buckhorn Sat
urday... They returned Sunday.
Mrs. Maude Ashbaugh d
Hardman was here Sunday. , '
F ire destroyed J. W. Harrison
house and contents Friday even
ing. It is thought the fire start
ed from a defective flue.
Mr. and Mrs. Page of Nei
Mexico are visiting their daugi
ter, Mrs. Steve Crenshaw.