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    Don't get to turn your clock ahead one hour, when you go to hed tomorrow night
Buy Your Liberty Bond
Back Up the Boy
VOL. 29
NO. 2
Gilliam county I reedy and walling
to go "over the tup" when the signal
eound on Saturday, . April 8, for the
, beginning of tlio grot drive for the
Third Liberty Loan. Tbla baa beeo the
feeling all over tht county and now
that tha eutinty'a quota ha bean cut In
two, it It assured that tha objective
will be gained the flrat day In thia
county. Ueo. B. Dukek, county chair
man, baa been officially Informed that
thli county'a enure la now about cue
half the amount called for at II ret ao
the Individual ratinga or aiaeaamenU,
whkh were fixed by the Local Eiecu-
tlvt Committee tnd mailed out, will be
reduced about one-hair. Thoee rated
at $1000 will underetand that their rat
ing will now be $600; tha ratinga of
2U are now $150 ami the rating of
liUO U now $50. . Of course, thoee wish
ing to take the full amount aeaeeewi
may do ao and eeveral have asked to do
thia. A number will take mora than
their original assessment. However,
awry persun In the county la expected
to buy aume of thoee bonda td It is
your duty to send In your aubecnpUon
at once. Thoee not reporting may be
listed on a yellow card and reported to
Washington. Although tha people had
fully decided to subscribe the flrat quota
with a rush, this reduction will be a
relief for this Is the time of year In
this county when ready money la lose
than at any other time. Another loan
may be floated next fall but that will
be the teason when thia county will
have tha cash. Don't delay In aendlng
In your subscription. '.
Another Civil War veteran and early
pioneer of GilUam county answered his
last call Monday, March 25, when Anion
Hertman passed away at his tome In
this city. ! '
Anon Uartman waa born in Adams
county, Illinois, March 20, 1849, and
died in Condon, Oregon, March 26, 19IS,
at the age of 69 years and 6 days. He
served hia country In tha Civil War
with the 1st Texas Volunteer Cavalry
in 1804-65. He was with Sheridan In
the Shenandoah and waa wounded near
Cedar Creek. He waa with Sheridan
when he defeated Early at Winchester
and Fisher's Hill October 18-19, 1804.
and was one of five cavalrymen who
escaped from Andersonville Prison and
returned to his command after three
dsys of hardship and hunger. After
the war Mr. Hartman returned to
Texas and married Miss Laura Dunn
at Spring Creek on October 21, 1806.
They moved to California 41 years agoi
ami lived there nine years when tha
family moved to Oregon and took t
homestead near Condon. They lived
there for 80 years. In all Mr. Hartman
had bten a resident of Gilliam county
iZ yeara. He leaves the wife who pio
neered here with him and three sons,
Bert, Henry and Edward and one
grandson who is now serving with the
U. S. Troops in France. Mr. Hartmaa
belonged to the I. O. O. F. order and
waa one of the charter members of the
Condon lodge. The funeral aervices
were held at the home Tuesday morn
ing. Burial was made in tha local cem
etery and conducted by the Oddfellows
with tho Condon Home Guard as escort
of honor. Mr. Hartman waa deeply in
terested in the work of the Home
Guard and never failed to give help
when the Guard asked foi it. Ha was
a friend and neighbor and a fine eitlien
and his memory will always be revered
by those who knew him.
The Boy Scouts put on the
picture Bhow in the American
Theatre last Friday evening: to
raise their quota of the national
scouting fund. They took In $41
and after paying all expenses had
left 14 which with donations
makes up the Condon Scouts'
v Vf
Mrs. Wf C. Brown and son
returned , the first of the week
f ro.Ti an extended visit in Port
land, j
Mrs. J. D. Weed was in Port
' land this week ' attending the
Liberty Loan convention.
fly J. O. Hawkins, County Agent
A meeting will be held in the court
house In Condon next Friday, one
week' from todsy, to discuss the
farm wage scale and tha problems of
tha labor situation. Every farmer Is
asked ti be here aa tbla is a move of
great Importance. J. W. Brewer, gov
ernment farm labor specialist, will be
here. These meetings are being held
all over eastern Oregon to decide on a
wage ao that It will be uniform In this
state and also In southern Washington
and la Idaho. Don't miss this meeting.
A meeting of the farmers Is to be
held tomorrow at Blal ock to organise
to build an elevator. F. L. BaUard,
government specialist on elevator or
ganisation, will be there to assist.
Tha County Agent is a busy man
making aquiirel poison for the farmers
and will have four or Ave squirrel clubs
In full operation next week.
Thoee farmers who use asckj are
urged to get them at once if they want
to get the price of 25 cejits. There
are only two million sacks to be hsd at
thia figure while tha crop will demand
sixty million and (he aacka that are im
ported will cost 30 cents or more.
The Boy Scouts of Condon will
have a troop garden on the city's
vacant lots under the personal
supervision of County Agent
Hawkins. Pour lots will be used
and these have already been oC
fered. Work will be started
right away.
Oliver JUaeaart, one of Condon's
boys who la now in Uncle Sam'a service
la now at Camp Morrison in Virginia.
Ha aaya; "I landed in thia place on the
28th of February, juat lit time to do
tha most important thing in the army--algn
the payroll. W a are not permitted
to leave the eamp and it is Impossible
to get pass for more than twenty
four hours. I haven't had a pass yet
and from what I hear of Newport
News, I don't think I wsnt one. we
must have a special pasa to get to
Morfork or Richmond and they don't
issue special paaea ao we don't go.
At preeent we are living in a storehouse
nd are very comfortable. . Our camp
is about a mile from the James River
and the oyster beds. All the white
people I see are soldiers. There is
plenty of detail work here as this camp
ia juat being built' Our company has
beeA grubbing atumps all day. I am at
present in tho machine gun section of
the company and like it fine. I was
informed a few days ago that I might
be sent to a firm instead of going to
the front but I hope not. We don't
know how long we will be here nor
where we go next. It was hard to
leave Omaha for that waa a fine place
to soldier. I haven't heard from Will
Hardia alnce be left Camp Greene but 1
sea by tha Globe that he is in the offi
cers' training camp in France.. I wish
him all the luck in the world and hope I
have to salute him when we meet again,
I hope to be on my way to France
when you hear from me next. Best
regards to everyone in Condon. Near
ly forgot the main thing-many thanks
for the Globe."
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Larch en
tertained a party of friends Sun
day in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Morgan, newly married Con
don young people. Mr. and-
Mrs. W. S. Farr, parents of
Mrs. Morgan, were present as
well as a number of others.
A bounteous and delicious dinner
was served by the hostess. Mrs.
Larch's dinners are noted as be
ing among the best of the good
ones Qillium county women know
how to serve.
Mrs. Ben Esser returned Sun
day from San Francisco where
she has been visiting for several
W. E. Smith returned the first
of the week from Portland. He
is driving a new Hupmobile.
Mr W Mothers r '
M fit' $ Vf' '3?MJ '
By K. E. iVNelll i4 W. 8. Klrkpstrlck.
Of fcUir?me moment U the If sue of the war. The price of wheat and the turn of politics are serious mat
ters but the Third Liberty Loan In Oregon means more than all. It means
Biuking up the boys who have been sent to the overseas battlefields. -.-; .
, Troiupt and abundant loani of Spate cash to the war treasury, in local trade terms, is the transUUo-f . .
money into airplanes, guns, ammunition, provisions, ships -and every device of modern war for the American.
War expenditures roach ever' avenue of business in this state.
Therefore, "Bridge the Pond Buy a Liberty Bond," in the words of Mrs. H. M. McKerma of Astoria, and
M. Eva linil of Eugene.
Prepare for the Third Loan which opens Saturday, April 6, with Victory celebrations throughout Oregon.
The Governor and Mayers will proclaim tit significance and crpercy of participation in the raising of
OrcKiiii's xhnre of this defense fund. Rallies, open air gatherings, speec'ice, parades, illuminations, the Ring-it-Again
Liberty Bell on the door of every household, and by every moans, the citizens of our community are
urged to forsake a!l other activities and join in the spirit and the work of the day.
Begin buying a Bond the First Day! -
This is the firft of a scries of cartoons and slogans by Oregon illustrators and writers which will be pub
lished by the LI3ERTY LOAN COMMITTEE and the space for which, is part of the patriotic offering of tha
Condon Globe
Sreftking of politics, the situa
tion in Gilliam county this year
is about as different from the
palmy day when Bowerman pull
ed the throttle on the political
steam roller as black from white.
There was something doine then
all the time; there is nothing
doing now any of the time. The
war has had a great deal to do
with the lack of action this year
hut political conditions have
changed greatly in the last few
A number of the 4th grade pupils at
the public school have made excellent
records selling Thrift Stamps. Edith
Turner heads the list, having sold
stamps amounting to $95. The others
are Gladys McCarty, Janie Hardie,
Marian Weidman, James Walker, Oscar
Billingsley and Floyd May and each has
sold &0 worth. These boys and girls
are all members of the Junior Kainbow
P. N. Shown was tip from
Portland a few days this weelc
He is still in the war service in
the shipbuilding plants and says
ne is doinjr well. They need
more men in the shops there now
and Mr. Shown says it is good
work and of great service. He
ordered the Globe while here, .
Dr. Wilhelm returned from
Portland .Sunday. While there
he traded in his old Studebaker
and brought home a new Stude
baker roadster.
' ,
Mrs. T. G. Johnson went to
Portland Wednesday. .
W. E. Smith went to Pasco
Wednesday on a business visit.
C. A. Damaree successor to
Ross Kennedy. Id2
years for which many folks are
thankful. ' With only 6even
weeks remaining before the pri
mary election, there is little talk
on the poltical tituation. Only
one candidate has made his entry
into the race for county honors
and his announcement is publish
ed for' the first lime this week.
This is Jake Schroeder. He
wunts to . be ' county clerk.
"Shang" Lsughrige has decided
not to make the race. One or
Every clock in Condon will be
turned ahead one hour tomorrow
night' so if you want to be on
time at church or any other meet
ing the next day you had better
fall in and set th alarm one hour
earlier than usual.
, Mrs.. Pete Wilsou of Rock
Creek underwent an operation
Monday morning at St. Mary's
hospital in this city and is recov
ering nicely. Dr. Miller perform
ed tha operation.
. Floyd DunlaD came ud from
Portland the first of- the weok
for v'sit with his parents here.
He has' been employed in the
shipyards in that city for several
.L. E. Shelley sold a Buick to
Lewis Couture the first of the-
A..W. Dant renewed his sub
scription to the Giobe this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Rert Hollen have
moved in from their ranch.
Lester 'Wilkins was up from
Clem Tuesday. v
H. D. Raudall was up from
Olex Monday. -
two other names have been men
tioned for clerk. ( Walter Graves,
the present county treasurer,
wants tnat office again and will
be on the republican ticket at the
primaries. One or two have been
mentioned as probable candi
dates for sheriff. In state poln
tics, the candidates for governor
are receiving more attention than
any others and they are getting
mighty little although some of
them have loosed their heavy
artillery for a big drive.
A) wedding of much interest to south
ern Gilliam took place In this city
Wednesday evening when J. R. John
son and Miss Pearl Smith, both of
May ville, were married by JuJge D. R.
Parker at hia home in Condon. Quite
a delegation of MayvlUe folks were
here to attend the happy event Mr.
and Mrs. Johnson returned to May ville
that evening and have taken up house
keeping there. The bride Is a daughcer
of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith, among
the best of Gilliam's pioneers, and Is a
winning, capable young lady who will
make a good home for her husband.
Mr. Johnson is associated with his
father in conducting the store at May
ville. He la a fine, industrious young
man. The happy couple are receiving
congratulations from numerous friends
among whom the Globe wishes to be
Mrs. Arthur Bousauet and
children left Wednesday evening
for their home in -St. Paul,
after an extended visit at the
home of Mrs. B msquet's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Smith, Mrs.
Walter D'Nelly accompanied
Miss Hslen Engberg returned
to Portland Wednesday.
Bert Esser was a Portland vis
itor last we. k.
Chautauqua will be in Condon
this year about June 29 to July 4
inclusive. These dates are prac
tically definite and in any event
they will not deviate more than
one or two days from this time.
Condon people will hear this year
one of the most effective war
lecturers in America today and
see the best war pictures. After
working on this for a month the -Ellison-White
system secured
Henry -Warren Poor who has
made two extended trips "over
there" since the beginning of
the war. He has for fourteen
years been with Underwood &
Underwood, the photographic :
headquarters for the Associated
Press and this connection gives
him first choice of the largest
collection of war pictures in the.
world. Many other equally good '
attractions have also been secur
ed for this circuit. Following is '
a letter from President Wilson
to the head of the International
Chautauqua Association: ,
Mr. Montaville KloWen.
President, international Lyceum
and Chautauqua Association.
Hotel LaSalle, Chicago, Illinois.
It baa been on my mind for soma
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Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brown received
a letter this week from their son, -Newton,
in whie ha says: "I suppose
that by the time thia reachea you, you
will know that I am over here at last.
rwt - . 1 1 a .
bi arc sun on ooara snip aa we just
arrived in port today. We had a pretty
good trip and didn't get torpedoed al
though we were attacked by a submar
ine, Wa couldn't sea the periscope -but
our convoy did and fired several
shots at it. Don't know whether they
hit or not but I hope they did, at least
that's about all there waa to do. It
happened to the war sona and the tub
KDtMared on th nnrt t.Kl TK fi-.t
I knew about tt waa tha 'call to quae,
tera' blowing. I waa a little sick tha
third day out. just enough to lose all
my desire to be in the navy. We had
several days of rough weather and one
day it was very rough. 1 will be glad
when I get on land again. There are
lots of French people around in small
boats here,, mostly old men and email
boys'-,' ''..,,
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chronicle
of Condon visited at the Frank
Little home Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis aiTd
Mrs. Solvester. were Blalock vis
itors Tuesday. ; -J ' ' "
Mrs. McKinnejy the Misses
Agnes and Iris Little and Roilo
Solvester attended the Home
Guard soc:al at Arlington Satur
day night
Miriam Eeeney of Olex spent
the week , end in Arlington, re
turning Sunday. ,
Mr. and Mrs. John Cimmiyoftl
and family motored to Condon
Sundxy. -.' ' ' ". --
Mr. and Mrs. McKinley Crura
are the proud parents of a baby
girl, born Monday, March 25.
The new depot at Mikkalo wi!l
be completed in the near future1,
and will add greatly to the ap
pearance of the town. V
Fred Danielson returned to
Hay Creek op Wednesday of last
week after visiting relatives at
Burlington, Washington, for a
few days. . r
B. Chaney transacted business
in Condon Monday.
Mrs. Fred Bock was a passen
ger on Wednesday's train or