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    The Liberty Loan drive will start Saturday, April 6. Gilliam county is anxious to put over her share of this
loan with,that undefeatable spirit our boys are now showing: in the first-line trenches. Show your fighting spirit
' Buy Your Liberty Bond
Back Up the Boy
VOL 29
There Will Be "Something
Doing" All the Time from
Noon until Early Sunday
Morning; II. G. in Charge
The Condon Home Guards will
start Gilliam county over the top
on Saturday, April 6, by staging
a patriotic celebration, the 'occa
sion being the first anniversary
of America's entry into the war
on the side of humanity and the
opening day of the. big drive for
the third Libery Loan. At noon
the national salute, of 21. guns
will be fired and at 2 o'clock the
Mayville and "Condon Guaids,
children from Condon and May-
ville schools and decorated autos
and floats will join in a patriotic
parad. At 3:30 the Four minute! Prospects for a successful meet
men and others will speak from' looking better every day.
the aland on Main street. The1 Work on the track has been un
Condon and Mayville Guard will jder way for several days and it
drill at 5 o'clock and tbi. will be ' to very good condition now.
followed by the firing squad, the 'The barns have all been put in
loweiing of Old Glory. From 7 j shape for use and will be occupied
to 9 Main street will be the scene xn. according to letters received
of fun ard frolic. Horns, from horsemen who are coming,
whistles, belli and other harm- Sixty-six head of horses have al
less devices for making noise may ready been promised for this
le uBed. This demonstration!
will be confined to Main street
only. At 8:15 the Guard mem
bers will handle a display of fire
works.. The Hard Time Balf will
start at 8:30 and continue until
1 A. M. -The proceeds of this
dance will be used to hdlp pay the
expenses of the Liberty Loan
Governor James Withycombe
has announced that he will be
candidate for re-election.
The best plow-Oliver Chilled at
The S. B. Barker Co.
Some Story; Valley Paper Has
Tale Which Is Pure Pipe-dream
A wotl-authentiraled atory comes '
from near Arlington, Oregon, which
runs aa follows: A stranger pasting
through the county stopped about noon
at a large ranch and asked if he could
have dinner. The ' housewife replied
that Bhe was preparing dinner and if he
- would wait he could share the meal.
The man took a scat on the front porch.
The lady left the house momentar
ily on an errand connected with her
meal when the man quietly slipped in
side and taking a bottle containing a
red liquid, poured it into a pot of beans
cooking on the stove. He thought he
was unobserved, but a sick child lay in
an adjoining room, and saw the act of
the stranger. When the mother came
in the child revealed to her what he
had seen, and when the husband and
furm hands reported for dinner the
secret was made known to them also.
At firBt it was thought to have the
stranger arrested, but they decided to
handle the matter in a different way.
Nothing was said oponly and they sat
down to dinner. The beans were first
pmsed to the stranger, who declined to
partake, saying that hfcVpever ate
Elder M. II. Cook . will speak
in the Saints Church, in Condon
Siturday, March 23, at 8 P. M.
and Sunday, the 24th, at 11 and
8 o'clock, "
ST. Patrick's day iSjENTERTAINMENT
The entertainment and dance
Riven la the rink Saturday night
aa a celebration of St. Patrick 'i
Day and an a benefit for the
Knlghta of Columbus war fund
was a complete success. The
program was very enjoyable and
the address of the evening ly
Frank J. Lonergan of Portland
was one of the best ever heard in
Condon. After the program a
large crowd remained to dance
and enjoy themselves. -Lunch
was served in the rear of the hall.
The receipts at the hall and from
the lunch amounted to $302 75
yid the expenses were $25.45.
Sixty-six Horses Promised;
Track In Good Condition
riana for the race meet are
going- forward rapidly and the
meet and they are coming from
every part of the northwest and
California. Purses amounting to
12750 will be arranged soon with
$250 in reserve for specials.
U A. Lamaree successor 10
Ross Kennedy. Id2
Miss Grace Brown
went to
i Portland Thursday.
, A. Hartman was quite low the
nrst or the week but has rallied
and is much better.
Gilliam will go over the
with a rush in the Bond drive
beans. One of the men then produced
from under the table a pistol and point
ing it at the stranger said: "This is
the time when you eat beans." The
man was reluctant to partake but did
so. In fifteen minutes he was taken
aick and in an hour he was dead. The
men went to the county Beat and told
the officers of the law what had hap
pened. The reply was that they were
to go back to their work and the proper
authorities would take care of the body.
These facts were conveyed by a neigh
bor of the family to a relative in this
city and the truth of the story is un
doubted for this reason. The evident
purpose of the man wan to kill several
persona at one stroke and hinder the
production of the crop on a large farm.
In the absence of any other known mo
tive, thaC is the conclusion of the people
of the neighborhood. McMinnville Tel
ephone Register, February 22.
This story was recently published in
the McMinnville Telephone-Register,
The Globe man was asked to investigate,
old so and found that it was a mere
fabrication without fact or foundation.
Mrs. Barrett, who has been
visiting at the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. Chas. Simpson, for
some time, left Tuesday morning
for Casper, Wyoming.
13 dKMl MIUM
Sum of $205 Is Raised for
the School and Red Cross
by Selling Good Eatables
The school entertainment and
basket social given in Wade's
Hall al Olex was enjoyed by a
large crowd. Many patriotic
and Red Cross ideas were carried
out in the decorating of the bas
kets and 2)5 was raised from
the sale of the baskets and coffee.
Half the proceeds went to the
Red Cross and th ' remainder
will be used to install a drinking
fountain in the school' house and
to improve tiie grounds.
' Revival meetings are being
held in the Olex church by Rev.
Blackman and Rev.' Williams. .
Howard Tobey returned Mon
day from The Dalles where he
has been ill for two weeks. He
is much improved.
John Dunn was a business vis
itor in Olex Tuesday.
C. F Wade made a business
trip to Condon Tuesday." .
Mrs. J. F. Hurt of Gwendolen
is attending the revival meetings
here this week. ' " ' '
Several people from Arlington
attended the revival services
here Sunday.
The beat farm machinery comet from
the Oliver Chilled Plow works. We
just received two carloads.
The S. B. Barker Co.
Hsrry C. Seymour, State Lead
er of Boys and Girls' Industrial
Clubs, was in Condon the first of
the week conferring with County
Agent Hawkins regarding the
work in this county.
E. H. Hartman was over from
Fossil Wednesday.
Mrs. W. S. Farr and daughter,
Hortense, returned Sunday even
ing from a few days' visit in
Blalock and Arlington.
6. B. Robertson of Condon
went to Mitchell last week to
open the new bank at that place.
Fred Anderson, formerly county
treasurer of Gilliam county, is
the cashier, and having known
Fred about all his life, we can
assure the Mitchell people that
he is a man whom they can
absolutely depend on, and a citi
zen of whom they will have
every reason to be proud, Fossil
Journal. .
A. L. Kenaston shipptd a car
of hogs to North Portland Sun
W. L. Blakely shipped two
ears of cattle Sunday to his ranch
at Umatilla. "
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Edwards
have returned from ' Ashland,
wheje they spent the winter, and
are at their Mayville home.
R M. Rogers returned . from
Portland last week.
rred flumps of Uiex was a
Condon visitor Tuesday.' v ;
R E. Summers was . up from
Portland the first of the week to
attend to business matters in
connection with his ranch. He
renewed his subscription to the
Globe while here.
Cupid Gets Busy in Two of
Gilliam's Best Families;
Will Remain in County
A quiet home wedding was sol
emnized at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Farr in this city
Wednesday evening when their
daughter. Miss Hortense Farr,
became the bride of Ray Moigan.
The words which united the lives
of these estimable young people
wer spoken by Rev. Weidman.
The young couple left immediate
ly after the ceremony in an auto
and took the train at Arlington,
going to Portland for a few days.
When they return they will make
their home for a time with Mr.
and Mrs. Farr. Mr. Morgan will
continue farming. Mr. and Mrs.
Morgan are both popular young
people of this city and if good
wuhes from many mends are
any criterion the outlook-. for a
happy and successful life is most
L W. Childs and Miss Cavy
WVatherford, both of Olex, were
United in marriage Wednesday
afternoon 1:30 brtbeUaytisl
church in Arlington in the pres
ence of the .'immediate relatives
and a few friends. The ceremony
was spoken by Rev. CP. Bailey
of ' The Dalles, an old friend of
the Weatherford family: Mr.
and Mrs. Childs left that after
noon to Bpend a shrt honeymoon
in the eastern part of the state.
Both are well known in Gilliam
county and are among the most
popular young people of
home community." They
. will
make their heme at the
Tobey ranch pn 'Shutler
That they may enjoy much
giness and success is the wish of
their many friends.
C. A. Damaree successor to
Ross Kennedy'-. ld2
Mrs. O. B. Robertson returned
last week from a month s visit
in Portland... ,
Ray Scott, Manager of the O.
K. Ranch at Waterman, was in
Condon this week on business. .
C. E. Near was dovxn from
Lone Rock a couple of days this
Mrs. Walter D'Nelly arrived
in Condon the latter part of last I
week for a visit with her parents
here. " ' "
Mrs. J. F. Reisacher of Port
land is in Condon this week visit
"ing with friends.
Mrs. E.. W., Hutchinson return
ed Sunday evening from Port
land. .
Farm machinery may be hard to get.
Get your order in early for a wagon, a
plow or anything else needed, from our
recent shipment from the Oliver Chilled
Plow Works. .
' The 8, B. Barker Co.
H. E. Mikkalo of Mikkalo
transacted business in Condon
L. Wv. Childs
Olex Tuesday.
was up from
D. N. 'Mackay and A. R. Rob
ertson transacted business in
lone Sunday.
The entertainment given by
the Lone Rock school March 16
was very successful, every one
doing his part The net pro
ceeds derived from the sale of
baskets amounted to $75.10, and
this sum will be invested in
Thrift Stamps to be divided
equally htnong the pupils.
Mr. and Mrs. Dimmick of
Can by, Oregon, are here visiting
Mrs. George McLaughin and
other relatives and friends.
Mrs. Tracy Lyons is quite well
again after a short severe illness.
io to The S. B. Barker Co. for Oliver
Chilled Plows.
Has Long Been Needed and
Will Be of Great Worth
The farmers of the Buckhorn
community have organized a tele
phone company and will build a
line from that part of the county
to Condon. The company wilt
probably have twenty-five mem
bers and in putting in the line and
phones will use only the best of
equipment. TMi line will be a
valuable improvement for that
section of the county- and will
also be of much worth to Condon.
Mrs. Dan Tierney left yester
day morning for Portland where
she will meet Mr. Tierney on his
return from a trip through the
southern states. They will visit
their sons at ML Angel and go
to Seattle before returning to
Mrs. Ed Schott and Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Schott visited relatives
at Rock Creek the first of the
week. .
Bert Hollen was in from his
homestead in Lost Valley Wednesday.
K.ofC. War Fund Gets Retidy
Aid in Condon; Those Who Gave
Last week J. T. Fagan circulat
ed a paper in Condon and vicinity
soliciting donations for the
Knights of Columbus war fund
and he secured
1723 without
mnch trouble. Mr,
Fagan says
he met very few who refused to
donate. The amount be raised
together with the net proceeds
of the entertainment and lunch
made $1,000 30 which he sent to
headquarters to be used in aid
ing the soldiers. Following arts
the amounts and names of those
who donated.
$50 J D Burns.
S25--J T Fagan, J W Engberg, G M
Blakely, 0 B Robertson, J B Wand,
W E Smith, J Murths. .
$20 S B Barker. '
$10--Mrs D Tierney, Jimmie Dinnen,
Al Collins. W H CamplNslt, Ed Russell,
Lester Wade, Dr. Reynolds, Frank
Maddock, I. E Shelley, Mike Campbell, j
A M Patterson, Emmett Smith, S B
$5 M D Shanks, Wm Wehrli, Patj
Mcl ntyre, John Cimmiyotti, B A Cathey,
J P Hess, Dave Cottmire, John Jack- j
Ron. M Fitzmaurice. J W Lillie. T G i
Johnson. J A RHndall. F M Bock. W S
Farr, C II Horner, J Gilleese, G Burns,
F T Hurlburt, J Campbell, A 3 Hollen.
County Divided into Twelve
District; To Hare Series
of Meetings Soon; Sayi
Farmers Want the Fair
Gilliam county's agricultural
agent is on the job J. C Hawkins .
received the appointment last
week and has already started the
work of organizing the county
to get the beat results. He
quite well known in GiUUrflfeSfT-'
ing conductetLseVeral demonstra--tions
at various times in treating j
seed grain for smut. He wail
formerly a train expert with
the U. S. Department of Agricul
ture and bis experience in thia
line will be valuable. : He hal .
divided the county into twelve - "
districts and will hold a meeting
in' each district to organiie it.
These meetings will start April ;
15. TBen on Majr 4 big meet- -ing
will be held in Condon, wit! ; -representatives
of each district;
present, to organize a council tor
.the county and to decide on the
projects the farmers want taken ,
up first Mr. Hawkins says that
the' farmers he has talked with
want a county fair and will fur
nish exhibits. . ' . ;
We have just received ' two carload .
of wagons, plows and all kinds of farm
machinery from the Oliver Chtl'.ed
Plow Works. Get your order in.
Thb S. B. Barkeb Co.
Miss Frances Brown was a
f Portland passenger on Thursday's
Are you .preparing to buy a
Liberty Bond? '
Ralph Schott returned from"
Portland Wednesday.
G B Dukek, Dr. Ranneman. Grave A
Graves, Peter Monaban, Frank Smith,
MB F Greiner, G W Purdy, L E Fowler.
Ed Klink, F C Greiner, F , E Bennett,
i W Anderson, R E Sam mere, Chas
Dionen, F M Shannon, L B Scrivner,
Pat McNamee, Pete Campbell, John
Creegan, A Greiner, P B Stephenson, .
W J Smith, L CCooney, D Herdie, M
II Eaton, J P Doyle, Tom Dlnnen, ,E
Cooney, W M Cooney. W S Blakelf.
H A Hartshorn, S S Grider. Al Seerc,
W H McCulley, W O NeVUl, J J Coot
ure, J J Portwood, C N Laughrige, G
Ferguson, DB Thomas, Frank Moore,
A M Shaffer, W W Wehrli, R P Wehrli,
S M Cooneyv
Si Phil Newman.
12.50 J O'Roarke.
52.00-J P Reilly, M Foley. J 11
Wehrli, M J Miller. Edgar Moore, J W
Walker, J W Rocker, W E Seale, Wm
Dunlap, J W Oarrico. O O Veatch, T B
! Ferguson.
j $l.50Wm Welch.
$1.00 A Friend. Mrs S S Grider.
Ben Esser, U C Yeater, F E Rogers,
C A. Fenton, L L Shreve, T A Weinke;
Frank Holle.0, T Womeldorf,' J D
ThouveneL C. W.. Harris. . i f,
SturgiU, - E Wheir, Henry Shannon,
X W Scrivner, H C Nelson, E F Case,
W G Myers. Dan . McFarlane, J W
Mvers. T W Brennan, H A Stewart.
j Fred Welch, W L Shannon. J P Greiner,
J George Greiner, Pat Muitha.