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it rv iiic iiuutw iiivituaiii, a KiiKiivv
VOL 27
Nt. 52
Condon' Chautauqua this year will
tart on June 29 and end on July 1
Such li tht word just received from
J. B. Hurd, manager of the Chautauqua
System, and he says that the program
he ia bringing to Condon this yar li
better than tbe last. Tha big feature
of tho chauiauqua program tbla ytar
, will be Lo Zito'a Royal Venetian Band.
Then there will be the Military Girla'
Orchestra, Fllllon Concert Party, The
Waseers Co., Lyric Male Quartette,
Swiss Alpine YoJIcra, Senator 3. K.
Verdaman, Dr. 0. Whitfield Ray, Lor
ne Wlswell WlUon, Wm. A. Bone,
Wood Bilggs, Fruncli Hendry, Dr.
Andrew Juhnenn, W. L. Melllnger,
Mary Advl Hayes and the Mawnon
Anarctlc Expedition In lecture and mo
tion picture. Everyone ahould begin
to plan for thee chautauqua dnya.
Choir concert in the Armory
Hall Friday evening, March 30.
Mr and Mrs. Waiter Myers
entertained about a dozen of
their young friends at an in
formal party Saturday evening.
., Cards and dancing were enjoyed
A. until a late hour and a delicious
midnight luncheon was served.
Mr and Met. Myers were voted
charming hosts by all who en
joyed their hospitality.
I am here to stay and have one
of the best, if not the very best,
line of pianos in the United
States. Tho Cable Co. line of
Chicago, III., sold and guaran
teed throughout the Northwest
by the Wiley B. Allen Co., which
is the leading piano company of
the Northwest, and whose guar
antee is as good as the govern,
ment itself. Come in and see
the pianos on display.- Show
rooms corner of . Summit and
Main streets, opposite First Nat'l
The Wiley B. Allen Co.
Portland, Oregon.
J. P. Darnall, Local Salesman.
Massage and Hairdrestiog Parlors
Have your hair dre.sed for
that dance or party by an expert.
Fancy , hair dressing and face
massage a specialty. Also mani
curing and shampoo. Tailoring
and dressmaking. All work
guaranteed. Open from 9 A. M.
5 to 5:30 P. M. Evenings by ap
Mrs J. P. Darnall,
Corner Summit and Main St.
Opposite First Nat'l Bank.
" Loren Kennedy left this morn
ing for Portland, where he will
be married on S'lnday to Miss
Bertha Seeley, a former Condon
M. Kopple, proprietor of the
Grand Leader, has leased the
Fred Wilson building on Main
street for three years and will
open hit) store there as soon as
the building is in readiness and
a new stock of spring goods ar
rives. A plate glass front will
be put in the building and in
other ways it will be fittingly re
modeled for store purposes.
The Caledonian Club meets the
first Saturday in each month
Just received a car of Barb Wire,
which we are selling at lowest price
for cash. Bettor take out what you
will need before further advance in
price. S. B. BARKER CO.
IN K -
Jn "Heloved Rogues" a comedy-drama,
which are woven several, spots of real
real triumph, for tliev are masters of emotion and can draw tears or smiles,
laughter or sympathy, from any audience almost at will.
The home of Mayor and Mrs.
M. Fitzmaurice narrowly escaped
destruction by fire Sunday after
noon. The blaze which was dis
covered in a clothes closet, had
gained considerable headway,
but the expedient use of a Are
extinguisher by Mrs. Nan Butler
prevented further damage. The
Are caught from some matches
that little Betty Butler and a
playmate had been playing with.
The principal loss was clothing
and this was adequately covered
by insurance.
Choir coi.cert in the Armory
Hall Friday evening, March 30.
Olinghouse & Welsh have open
ed a new restaurant in the build
ing formerly occupied by Couey's
The Model Laundry of The
Dalles has established an agency
in this "city and solicits your
The musicale given by the Con
gregational choir last Friday
nigbt as a benefit for the organ
fund was, according to the opin
ions of those who attended, the
best entertainment of the kind
ever heard in Condon. Many
have requested that the choir
give another musicale in the
near future.
J. F. ReUachtr of Portland is
looking after business interest
in Condon this week.
Emil Straube of Mitchell sent
a car of cattle to Portland Sun
day. Burress & Jenkins shipped a
car of cattle to Portland Sunday.
Roy Montague was up from
Arlington Monday.
E. J. McCarty, Wm. Rattray
and A. M. Patterson were in
from the Buckhorn country Mon
day. Mrs. Elmer Hamrick and two
children came up from Gaston
Tuesday for a visit with rela
tives here.
Esther Turner and Velma'
Wilkins of Clem spent Sunday in!
A. B. Searcy went to Portland
F. M. Pliter came up from
Portland Monday.
. N. D. Caven will serve an
oyster supper at his restaurant
next Thursday night after the
Parsons' Orchestra dance. The
supper will start at 11:30 and
continue until 1 o'clock" i Remem
ber the date March 22.
Emmet Moore and Miss Agnes
Booth of Lone Rock had a very
narrow escape from serious in
jury, at least, when returning
from a dance early Saturday
morning. They were In a sleigh
and in taking the cut-off on the
Lone Rock grade the sleigh tip
ped over and the .horses ran
away. Mr. Moore was dragged
beneath the sleigh for some dis
tance and was .. considerably
bruised. Miss Booth was unhurt.
The team ran into a wire fence
and one horse cut its throat on
the wire and the other broke its
leg. Both had to be killed.
sparkling with funny situations into
pathos, KOLB and DILL have scored a
P. M., 7:80 and 9 P. M. 15 and 25 Cent
St. Patrick's Day w.ll be fittingly ob
served In the usual way tomorrow In
Condon. At noon a chicken dinner will
be served In the old catholic church
and supper will also be served from 6
to 7 In the evening. The following pro
gram will start promptly at 7:30 In the
1. Overture and the Hon. Mayor , M.
Fitzmaurice will introduce himself.
a. Recitation Kathleen, Mclntyre
b. "Wearing of tbe Green"
The Children
e. Irish Jig Our Little Girls
2. Oration, Father B. Murphy, O.S.B.
3. "Ireland Must Be Heaven"
Mrs. Grois
4. Address, Hon. John Coffey
6. "She Is Far from the Land"
Dr. C. F. Cathey
6. Address, Hon. M D. Shanks
7. "The Old Dominion Line"
8. "The Day We celebrate"
Francis McMenamln
9. Sor.g.MissesSummersandGoodwm
10. Clog Dancea Robt Marshall
11. Scottish Song, fcddlo Russoll
12. "Donavan and Tbe Dago"
Gerald Burna and Jaa. O'Rourke
13. Tableau, "Columbia and Ireland"
M. Social Dance until midnight
Everybody is cordially invited to
The Armory Hall. Friday
night. March 30th. The Con
gregational choir will give an
entertainment. -
Miss Frances Bron went to
Heppner WeJne3jjy for a visit.
Arthur Haley was over from
May ville Tuesday.
A son" was born Sunday, March
11, at the local hospital to Mrs.
F. S. Fairburn. Dr. Wilhelm
attended. Mrs. Fairburn is a
sister-in law of Mrs. D. N.
The unexpected news of C. J.
Quinn'a death last Sunday morn
ing caused the people of this
county to bow their heads in sor
row for the passing of a man
who for years has been associated
with the building, of the county
and the betterment of conditions
for those who live here; a man
who, as a neighbor and a citizen,
has been esteemed most highly.
He was greatly interested in leg
islation and made a study of it
without prejudice to party prin
ciples and especially was he an
advocate of prohibition.
Charles James Quinn was born
in Montreal province, Canada, in
1848 and came to Gilliam county
in 1883, being one of the first
settlers of the Mayville county.
The funeral services, conducted
by Father Wand, were held in
the Catholic church in this city
Tuesday morning at 10:30. --
Written by C. Gardner Sullivan
A Real, Honest-tb-Goodness Scotch
Play in Eight Acts
Next Tuesday, March 20th
PejTffy. Peggy, you're the swee-est girl I know, V
The very soul of Scot-land's in your smile,
If I knew 'twas I that pleased you,
Why it's in these arms I'd squeeze you,
Bonnie Peggy, my darlin' I love you, .
March 20th
The orchard contributes a large share
of the living of tLe family and to neg
lect It means a direct monetary loss.
Now Is the time to prune out the desd
wood and to thin out the centers so that
sunlight can enter and help to ripen tbe
fruit It pay to spray with a lime
sulphur solution made up a follows:
80 pounds lime
60 pounds sulphur
80 gallons water.
Boil about 30 minutes and dilute tbe
remaining liquid in the proportions of
one to eight. One gallon of the solu
tion to eight gallons of water.
Over a thousand acres of alfalfa will
be seeded in Wheeler county this spring
and the majority of the land will bave
the aeed innoculated with nitrogen bac
teria. Are you going to do the same?
It pays for several tried it last year
and secured good stands. When one
considers that a stand of alfalfa will
last for 20 years the extra work in pre
paring a good seed bed and using proper
seed is time and money well invested.
If you plan to raise few bogs this
yesr try plar.ting an acre or two of
field peas. It is surprising how the
bogs fatten on peas in the summer
and late fall
The county agriculturist is provided
with a picture machine and set of slides
snd if your Grange or your neighbor
hood would care to hear talk on
"Farming tnethuds in eastern Oregon"
or "Hog, breeds and types for Wheel
er County" let us know and we will
come out some evening.
The following bulletins are available.
Do you want a copy?
Orchard Spraying in Oregon.
Sheep Husbandry in the Northwest.
How to select a sound bone.
Goose raising.
The following library books may be
borrowed from this office: -The
Book of Alfalfa
Farm management.
The Spraying of Plants.
Sheep farming.
C. L. Jamieson,
Wheeler Connty Agriculturist
Hear the Congregational choir
in concert Friday evening, March
30th., in the Armory Hall.
There will be an entertainment
and shadow social at the Gwen
dolen e'choolhouse on Saturday
evening, March 21th, at eight
Sermon topic for next Sunday
morning, "An Ever Present God
Though the Times and Scenes
May Have Changed." Evening
theme, "Obedience, a Necessity
and a Blessing." Christian En
deavor topic, "The Curse of
Cowardice." Leader, Herbert
Schilling. A special program
will be given on Sunday evening,
March 25th, by the Ladies Aid
Society of the church. The
program will be published next
week. Plan to be present for
it will be a good meeting.
Many people who could not at
tend the choir concert in the
church last Friday night have
requested that another musicale
be given in the near future so
the choir has made arrangements
to appear in the Armory Hall on
Friday evening. May 30. A part
of the first program will be re
peated but most of the numbers
will be new.
The Willamette University Glee
Club appeared at the American
Theatre Tuesday night and de
lighted the large audience with
musical numbers, readings and
Btunt3. It is the best Glee Club
which has ever been heard in
Condon. The club ia on a 2000
mile trip and travels in its own
special car.
Just a little bit of inside information
in regard to tbe Kolb and Dill produc
tion to be shown at the American Thea
tre tomorrow (Saturday) night Some
of tbe big scenes in "Beloved Rogues"
are set in a hardware store, and here
it is that Mike and Louie (Kolb and
Dill) earn their daily bread and here it
ia that they set out to "do" the Hard
ware Trust as they were "done" by
the trust
As you remember Dill was married k
short while "go and when he heard
that the company had to get in a sup
ply ef hardware for the store in the
production he aaw a way to save the I
company some little money and also
save his own bankroll. Dill told Kolb
that as long as everyone in the studio
was a pretty good friend of his that it
might he a good idea for Kolb to ask
them all to give him and hia wife a
kitchen shower and the tinware could
be used in the store in "Beloved Rogues."
Strange to relate, everyone fell for
the bright ''idea" and the next night
the iiggest "kitchen shower" ever
held was given at the American studio.
If you wish to see some of the tinware
heaped on Mr. and Mrs. Dill, you want
to see "Beloved Rogues."
Last Friday night sixty of the
residents of Lone Rock gave
John Carruo a surprise party
ut the home of Mr. and Mrs.
David Spalding where he has
made his home for the past five
years, fart or the evening was
spent playing games in which all
participated. The remainder of
the evening was devoted to music.
A delicious supper was served by
Mrs. Spalding. This party was
a farewell to Mr. Carrico who
left this week for Astoria where
he has recently invested in prop
erty. Formerly Mr. Carrico
was principal of tbe Lone Rock
school and later was part owner
of the Lone Rock Supply Co.
He was also postmaster for the
last three years. The people of
Lone Rock will miss Mr. Carrico
for he is of the type of citizens
who are essential to every community.
ft N
American Theatre
IN '
Paramnint Program
Two new county road codes were
adopted by the legislature; one provid
ing for tbe laying out of county roads,
and tha other for their construction
and maintenance) Tha previsions of
the first are:
Co'inly courts given full jurisdiction
over all county roads and bridges.
Road location may be initiated by
petition, resolution, grant or condemna
tion. All roads shall be 60 feet wide.
Twelve freeholders, or a majority
must sign road petitions. Bonds of
$200 required. Petitioners most pay
all costs if road not allowed.
Board of Viewers shall consist of two
disinterested freeholders and one re
presentative of the county court, who
may be county surveyor or road master
or deputy. Viewers must include plat
with report
Remonstrance be moreremonstratoia
than petitioners shall terminate pro
ceedings. Appeal allowed from county court to
circuit court
Complete code of procedure outlined.
All tbe county road laws covering
the scope of this act are repealed.
Tbe second act provides the con
struction and maintenance code, with
provisions as follows:
Office of supervisors and roadmasters,
as formerly fixed by law, are abolished,
to take effect Jan. 1, 191a.
Employment of roadmaster by each
county optional with county court Dep
uties, patrolmen and assistants the
same. No supervisors for districts;
only such deputies, patrolmen and as
sistants as are appointed by county
court or roadmaster,:
Duties of roadmaster are outlined.
Authority is conferred to drain through
private lands. County court may allow
damages, subject to appeal.
Division of county into road districts
mandatory; cities and towns to be sep
arata districts.
Upon petition of three freeholders.
county court shall call road district
meeting; all legal voters in district en
titled to participate, but only taxpayers
may vote. Rules outlined for procedure
in road district meetings.
Meeting may vote tax up to 10 mills.
Procedure of county court in letting
Dids is outlined. County eourt may re
ject any and all bids, and do work, by
day labor. Bids must be asked on all
work over $2,000. -
rVmntv rolrt matf Uvv nr r.ral maA
tax up to 10 mills.
vounues auinonzea 10 co-operate
through state with federal government
to joint construction oi torest and post .
All the old road code laws within the
scope of this act are repealed, including
the provision requiring that' 70 percent
of oounty road moaey shall be expended
within the district whence it was
Don't forget the musicale in
tha Armory Hall, Friday night,
ST 1 AAi 1
juarcn win. -
Dr. Wilhelm renortB a snn
born Saturday, March 10th, to
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Marvel
of Rock Creek. u
Mr. and Mrs. Seeley and son
returned to Condon Wednesday
after a several months' 6tay in
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hill and
two children left Wednesday
morning for Jenkins, Minn.,
where they will make their home
in the future.
L. A. Dant of the Shelley
Garage went to Portland last
week. -
We have the largest
stock of music and
musical merchandise
in the Northwest.
All the late songs
Holton and Buescher
Band Instruments.
All things musical all
the times. :
Send for catalogues.
125 Fearth Stmt