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IL A. Hartahoru, Editor .
rNMUhed Ever; Friday by The Globe
Publishing Company.
Lntsred m Mcond class, mail mtter
at ths post office at Condon, Oregon
hhniHlw rmtaa.- tl.M 9 w Sit MttW
fa IS rati. AaWttalM tttaa
It is gratifying to note the in
creased interest tht the business
men and citte-ns of the town are
showing in the Commercial Club
There seem9 to be more of a
feeling of co-operation than has
ever been apparent before and
this id the keynote to the situa
tion. Much can be done for the
pood of the community through
the Club but it can only be done
by sincere co-operation.
If this paving bill should carry,
just how much do yon think
would be spent in developing
those parts of the state that now
have no road to mRrket?
The state engineer says it wil'
take approximately $40,000,000
to build the roads outlined in the
paving bill. A. R. Shumway. of
the Farmers' Union, says it will
take $40,000,000 more to pay the
interest on 25-year bonds.
Five years ago an initiative
bill to issue and sell $1,000,000
state road bonds each year was
turned down by the people by a
majority of practically 45,000
The Star Spangle Banner has
been designated by Secretary of
War Baker as the national anthem
on this country.
An exchange aptly remarks that
there are few kids being licked
these days because they do not
clean up their plates.
Even a good physician may go
from bad to worse.
Sufferers who try to drown their
sorrow merely irrigate it.
It's better to have a poor opinion
than to have none at all.
Advertising is not an expense.
It is an investment.
Our Repair Men
Are real motor car experts who are just as
much at home under your car asthe doctor is
who goes exploring after your appendix. The
only difference is they are not so expensive
Drive in anyway and say "Howdy."
Paid for wool, hides and pelts. We
have a supply of stock salt, wool
bags and twine at all times
Agents for Black Leak 40 Steep Dip
Good Grades Right Prices
Manufacturers of all kinds of rough and dressed lumber and mouldings
. Phone M51 Lost Valley, Oregon
The charitable man never has to
wait long for a chance to get
Dead stock does not pay. Resur
rect it ? Advertise.
No woman ith a valuable neck
lace is afraid of getting a sore
Not evety peach of a girl be
comes a well-preserved woman
Push your 'business and it will
push you.
The :
Maria Thompson Daviess
Author of "The Mtltiof
of Molly"
Copyright. 1716, by the Rctlly
Uritton Co
Continued from last" week
Roberta. an orphan, hulf French, half
American. atarllinf fur America to stay
with an uncie. nit. a Count tie La utile
crossing to aecure mules tor France.
By a mistake, Roberta "unci believe,
i-lie Is a nephesv. Knotwii ; him to be a
woman hater. Kober.a udt-via nun'i attire.
Her uncle. General Carrjihera, Inform
hij aupposed nephew thn' he needs hia
knowledge of French to uraijhten out
deal for providing mules for France. The
governor honor it Involved In the mule
Roberta pledge h?r a!d and is Intro
duced to Governor Faulkner and to hie
private tecro.ary. Luzl Olendeaning.
Mrs. Jeff Whlttrorth Is d p l i the mule
scheme with her husband ui.J endeavoring
to gel the governor tiaa;uie to the
The governor gtvea a dinner to Roberta,
who haa been made prlv-te secretary pro
tern. She matches her wus againtt Mr.
Roberta examines specifications of the
proposed deal. Mrs. Whitworth tries to
pump Roberta and makes love to her.
Faulkner lu a voice that was so gen
tle as that which a mother uses to a
child in severe illness, "I want you to
let me sit down on your cot beside
you and tails to you about your trou
ble" "Oot nothing to say, parson. 1 done
it, and I want to swing as quick as
the law sends me," answered the poor
human from behind his bauds without
even raising his bowed bead.
"I am not a minister, and I've come
to talk to you because some of your
neighbors and friends think that there
may be a reason why you should not
be hanged for the death of your
"It Is my duty to belp them keep
you from the penalty of tus law, which
you may not Oesvrre even If you de
sire It. Can you tell nie your story
as man to man, with the hops that it
will help you to reprieve?" And as
he spoke I observed tons of com
mand come Into the voles of my Oou
rerneur Faulkner that was as clear
aud beautiful as the call of ths bujls
to meu for a battle.
"I dons what I had to, and I'm
ready to die for It. I've got nothing
to say," answered the man, with still
more of ths determination of misery
In bis voice. "My neighbors don't
know nothing about It. aud 1 don't
want 'em to. Just let them keep
unlet aud let It all die when the state
swings me."
"So there la some secret about ths
matter that you are will! u to die to
keep. Is there?" asked the 9 uverueur
Faulkner, with a ju' ' ie of com
mand In his vol.. uat had your
brother done to Mary Brown that you
killed him for doing?"
"Curse you! What's that to you?"
snarled the man as be sprang up from
beside the gouverueur aud lesurd,
crouched aud pantlug. against ths bars
-I dtne It!"
of the cage In which the three of us
were Inclosed. "Who are you any
way? My state has said I wss to
swing for killing blm. and' there's no
more to question about It."
"I am ttie governor of your state,"
answered that Gouverneur Faulkuer
as be rose and stood, tall and com
manding, before the poor buruau being
who was cowering as a dog that had
felt the lush of a whip. "You are my
sou because you are a sou of the s;ate
of llarpeth, and as a representative of
that state I am going to exercise my
guardiauship and If possible prevent
the state from the crime of taking your
life if you do not deserve puulshment."
"I'm condemned by the laws of the
stai. Yon can't go back on that, gov.
eruor or no governor." made answer
the man. with a pantlug of misery In
his voice.
"As you know, there are certain un
written laws which have more Influ
ence In some cases as to the guilt of
murderer than any on the ststute
books." said the Gouverneur Faulkner
with a very great slowness, so that the
poor human dog might comprehend
him. "If you killed your brother to
save-save Mary Brown from worse
than death then you have not the right
to demand execution from your state
to shelter her from publicity when she
Is no longer In danger of anything
worse. Did you get to her in time to
save her or''
"Yes. I did and I had. Curse you!
I'll have to kill you for getting word
out of me that all the lawyers have
tried to make me say all this time."
And with the oath and a snarl the mun
made a lunge at my Gouverneur Faulk
ner with something keen and shining
that he had drawn from the top of bis
coarse boot. But that poor human
being of the prison was not of enough
quickness to do the killing of bis desire
ui the face of Roberta, marquise of
Grez and Bye, who bad twice with her
foil pricked the red cloth liearstof the
young Count de Couertolr, the best
I Parried ths Blow of ths Knife.
Overwork, lack of fresh air, mental strain or any sickness
disturbs their functions. Stubborn coughs tear and wear
the sensitive lung tissues.
should be taken promptly for
or when strength is lowered from any cause, its high
nutritive value creates resistive force to ward off sick
ness. The rich cod liver oil improves the quality
of the blood to relieve the cold and the glycerine is
soothing and healing to the lung tissues.
Refuse Alcoholic Subititutes Which Exclude the OH. ,. i
swordsman of France, In gay combat
lu the great hall of the old Chateau de
tires. With my walking cans of
young gvutlemaii of American fash
Ion, which I had taken with mo to call
nuou the beautiful Madam Whitworth
before my cherry had befallen me as
gift aud which 1 bail without thought
brought Into that prison with me, I
parried the blow of the butts st my
Moved Gouverueur Faulkuer, but not
In such a manner as to preveut a glanc
ing of that knife, which Inflicted a
scratch of considerable depth upou my
forearm under Its steers of brown
"Great heavens, boy!" exclaimed that
Gouverneur Faulkuer as ho caught the
knife from tire Boor where It bad fall
en from the hand of the poor man, who
had sunk down on the cot. trembling
and panting. "Two tut hea to tbe left
and a little more force and the knife
would have stuck lu your heart."
"Is It not better ray heatt than yours,
my great Gouverneur Faulkner? Aud,
behold. It is the heart of neither and
only stud!! sontt -h iiion my humble
arm, which will not even prevent the
driving of that new Cherry car," I an
swered hiiu as I put tbut arm behind
mc ami pressed It close In Its sleeve of
brown cheviot so that there would be
no drippings of blood. ,
To Bear Men and to Save Them.
MTT DIDN'T go to hurt the young
M gentleman nor you either, got-
rl eruor." said the man from the
cot a be sobbed aud burled bis
head In hi arms. "ls always a
good man, aud now 1"
"Don't ny another word, THum,"
Interrupted my Gouverueur Faulkner
lu a voice that was a geutle as that
father sf suite which he had said UUo.
self to be to Tlmms. "Nobody will
know of this, for your sake. 1 was
was baiting you. 1 kuow w hat 1 want
lo know now, aud you'll uot hang on
tbe 10th. The state will try you again.
Call the superintendent. Robert."
"Don't try nothing to hurt Mary,
governor. Jest let me hang and I
won't uever care what"- the poor hu
man began to plead.
"I'll look after Mary and you too,
Tlmms. I'll see to It that" my Gou
verneur Faulkner was answering tbe
trembling plea for his mercy when the
snperlateudvut came In and unlocked
the cage.
"Don't let him know of the acci
dent, youngster," whispered tbe Gou
verueur Faulkuer to uie, and In a very
few minutes we were out of tbnt pris
on Into tbe cherry car and wblrlbig
with great rapidity down the country
road with It tall trees upon both sides.
"Stop, Robert." commanded his ex
cellency ss we came under a large
group of very old trees which made a
thick sLclter of t?lr green leaves as
they leaned together over the stone
wall tUtt bordered the side of the
road. "Now let me see Just what did
bippen to that arm which came be
tween poor Tlmms' sharpened rase
knife and my life. We are out of algbt
of the prison now. It would have a
been up with Tlmms if that attac
upon me had been discovered. Your
pluck will have saved Tlmms, If he's
saved, as well as your governor. Here,
turn toward me and let me see that
arm." And as be spoke my Gouver
ueur Faillkner put bis aru across my
shoulder and turued me toward blm so
tout be could put bis right band on
tbe sleeve of that cheviot bag in which
was a long slash from the knife and
which was now wet with my blood.
"I very much fear my beloved brown
cheviot, which 1 have worn ouly a few
rimes. Is now dead, and bow will I find
anctbtr for my ueed!" I exclaimed
with a great alarm when I saw that
that knife had thus devastated my
good clothing, of which I bad not many
and for the procuring of which I was
many thousand miles from my good
friend and tailor In New York. If 1
sought another suit In tbe city of
Dayesvllle might there not be dangers
of discoveries In tbe adjustment there
of? "Is It not a vexation ?" I asked as
tbe Gouverneur Faulkner attempted to
push back that murdered sleeve from
my forearm.
"In the language of my friend Buzz,
you are oue sport. Robert. Shell out
of that coat Immediately. I want to
see Just bow much of a scratch that Is.
and I can't get the sleeve up high
enough," commanded my Gouverneur
Faulkner. The tone of bis voice was
tbe same be bad used to me In com
manding that I take his mall to his
nice lady stenographer, but bis face
was very white, aud bis band that be
laid upon the collar of my coat for as
sisting me to lay It aside' trembled
with a great degree of violence.
"Indeed, my Gouverneur Faulkner.
It Is but a scratch, and"
"Get out of that coat!"
"Otr with that coat, Robert!" be com
manded me, an before I could make
resistance my coat was almost com
pletely off me by bis aid, end I was
obliged, to let It slip. Into.his hands
hard coughs, unyielding colds,
Phonographs and Records
For a present any time, an
Eastman Kodak
is always good. We have them
Spalding Athletic Goods
Finest Chocolates and Bon Bona
Condon's Leading Stationer and Confectioner
Have you paid up your
tie Is Id II on the back of the sent be
hind him. and with hands that were
as gentle as those of old Naunette
wheu dealing with one of my Injuries
of a great number In childhood he roll
ed op the sleeve of my nice white shirt
with the brown strip of coloring lu ac
cord with that beloved aud regretted
cheviot aud bared my forearm, which
was very strong and white, but which
also appeared to me to be dangerously
rounded for hi gaae. I was glad that
arm was covered with a nice gore
which bad come from the long slit,
nut which had now well nigh ceased lo
run from me. so that he could not ob
xrve that It was of such a feminine
"Yes, Just a deep scrutch that I can
tli all right myself lu my own bath
room when we get back to the man
lon lu time fir dinner with the gen
eral, by TiUO. 1 hope," said my beloved
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ti no more nai .nary I
than Smallpox, m.r
axpaflaaca baadcaauoaualtal 1
Um aimcat miwuloM tfft.
CKT. and taarmlaianaal.ta' Antityphoid Vacclulkn.
Ba ncclutnl NOW by r"tu pnyiitUn, y tc4
ycuf family. It la man vtul than taouat a,
JUk you! phyilclam Snitfctlt, Of teat (of Han
yrabaj Typhwdf' l.lllog at Tyvbold Vaccina,
cjulta from ua , and tng fraa TyphoM Cairteta,
.aaaciaa vacciata a atavaa vaaat v. a. aat. ucaaat
Horner & Anderson
Abstracts of Title to
Gilliam County Lands
Office in Court House
0. K, SHOP
Randall & Scale 'c
1st Door N. First National Dank
and Light Hauling
For Quick Smite See .
or leave orders nt
Jackson's Store, Plione 19x'
indymlon Lodge No. 66
ifeets Tuesday Evening
In Caatle Hall
auk of Esquire and Knight next
Tuesday night, Mar IS
Fred Anderson. K..' R. and S,
County Treasurer's Notice
All outstanding warrants draw?
)n the Genera Fund and all war
ants drawn on the Road Fund
jp to and including No. 625,
series A, will bepaid upon pre
tentation at my office. Interest
m road warrants ceases Octohei
L3th, 1916.
Fred Anderson.
County Treasurer.
City Treasurer's Notice
All outstanding city warrants
up to and including No. 771 Class
"C" will be paid upon presenta
ion at my office. Interest ceases
Nov. 16. 1916.
Myrtle Ferguson,
City Treasurer.
Globe subscription?
T. A. Weink
Otfka In Court Kouss
J. D. Weed
. Lawyer
U. S. Land Commissioner
J. F. Wood, M. D.
Physician & Surgeon
VIS Balllnf lildf , plmne Main ITIt)
Drs. Miller & Wilhelm
Physicians & Surgeoni
First Nai l Hank BulMln
Chas. II. Williams
Office at RaalJano
Dr. W. II. Reynolds
Chiropractic Nervs Specialist
If yuu arc akk and Imva triad
vi)thlii( aln with no raaulls try
I'hlropiucik' spltml adjuatmanta
nd get
Flrat Nat. Bank lids., Condon, Or,
C. P. Cathay, M. D.
a. Camay, m. li.
Drs. Cathev
Physicians & Surgeons
i-nnaun .National Bank Building
L. L. Taylor, M. D. V.
. Veterinary
Physician & Surgeon
Dr. R; W. Hanneman
All Work Ouurantacd Phona la
Condon National Bank Buildlnf
Dr. J. 0. Kenyon
Flrnt.Nat'l Bunk Bulltllnc
Dr. George T. Darland
Chiropractic Physician
Offlca ovar First National Bank
D. N. Mackay
v Attorpey-at-Law
The Condon Globe
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