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Beit .h wrap, 'rami
Not Worth tha Trouble.
"Yon write yoar Bret name very well
Indeed, MiM Pinkie," criticised the
writing teacher, "bat 70a make a tad
botch of it."
"Whet it the difference, Mr. Span.
eerT" aiked the pretty girl. "I expect
to change the Johnson part of it tome
Great laatltutloa.
Lady Education ia a great thing.
Bandy Indeed it is mam. ilow
could I ever know what dey had fer free
lunch if I didn't enow hew to read?
Hia Only StandarJ.
"Sc you refuse to believe that wire
leas telegraphy is really practical?"
"So." said the capitalist, who al
ways figures closely; "I don't say that."
"Wouldn't you believe the evidence of
yonr own sense?" "Fes. But I have
no evidence as yet. I've never made a
dollar ont of it." Washington Star. .
Cause for ttcjolclag.
Bix Does your wife play the pi
ano? Dix Ko.
Biz Does she play any musical
Instrument! ; j
Dix None whatever. ; tit..
Bix That's good. Yon ought to
be proud of her accomplishments.
Little Liver Pills.
Oust Bear Signature of
" tea Facwgsrtts Wraps Batata,
TeT aaeaa ui aa my
(take as sagwa.
rex iubjlcsl
rsi dizdks&
rot coiniPATisf,
Mast Be Delightful Climate.
Water freezes every night of the year
at Alto Cracero in Bolivia, while at
noonday the son ia hot enough to blis
ter the flesh.
Treats Her Like Aa An get
Ethel She's sorry enough that she
married him, I'll wager.
Mabel The ideal How can tou say
(i Bat lHa byraft T M (Mot CM I I
that? . He thinks her a perfect angel, , and serve for dinner with mashed po
and treats her j tatoes, beet pickles and boiled car-
Ethel As thoueh she reallr were rots.
one. He doesn't buy her anything to
wear. Tit-Bits.
Rubbing It In.
Weaver Who was the fellow who
Just stopped youf
Deaver -That was my old barber.
Does he usually stop you on the
"No, but he knows I'm shaving my
self now, snd he just wanted to gloat
over me," Philadelphia Ledger.
Not Even a Comparison.
La Moyne You did not seem much
disturbed by the rumpus
"No, I heard my wife discharging
the cook before I left home." Chicago
Daily News.
in if
all LL4
An All the Year
time always; in
13 liable to come
constant sufferers, while others have only occasional spells of Rheumatism
but either kind is wearing upon the constitution, and in time produce
stiffness in the muscles and joints, and sometimes the acids thrown off bj
the blood settle upon the valves o the
heart and ends suddenly and fatally. Portland, Ind,, Jan. 10, 1903.
It wont do to let Rheumatism Aft bdIa rfMr crippled fol
run on. It is a dangerous disease, and
yon can never tell where it is going to
strike. Home remedies, plasters, lini
ments and such , things as produce
counter-irritation, are soothing and
may relieve the pain temporarily, but
the polluted, acid blood cannot be
reached by external applications.
Rheumatism must be treated
through the blood, and no remedy
brings such prompt and lasting relief
1 as S. S. S. It attacks the disease in
the blood, neutralizes the acids, and
removes all irritating poisons and effete matter from the system.
S. S. S. strengthens and enriches the thin acid blood, and, as it circu
lates through the body, the corroding, gnawing poisons and acid deposits
are dislodged and washed out of the muscles and joints, and the sufferer
about their case will receive valuable aid and helpful advice from our
physicians, for which no charge is made. We will mail free our special
book on Rheumatism, which is the result of years of practical experience in
treating this disease. It contains much Interesting information about all
kinds of Rheumatism, SWIFT CPLCIHS CO., ATLANTA. CA
General Debility
Day In and out titers is that feeling ot
weakness that makes a burden ot Itself.
Food does not strengthen.
Sleep doea not refresh.
It Is hard to do, hard to bear, what
ihould be easy, vitality Is on the tbb, and
lb whols system suffers.
For this condition take
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It vttalites the blood, (rives rigor snd tone
to all the organs and functions, and Is
positively unequalled for all run-down or
debilitated conditions.
"tioic t'lLX4 cur OUU.UtwUu. DcMU.
Bait Cod Bah Chowder.
Wash one ptnt of salt codfish broken
into flakes and put to soak over night
Cut half a pound of salt pork Into dice,
fry crisp and brown, and in the fat
fry two onions chopped Into fine dice.
Put In the soup pot a layer ot flaked
fish and a layer of thinly sliced raw
! potatoes.
. Sprinkle with onion, tried
pork, add a dash ot flour and pepper.
I Cover with a layer of spilt crackers.
Continue in this order till the fish and
one quart of sliced potatoes have been
used. Over this pour two quarts of
milk and allow the chowder to simmer
very gently for one hour.
. Orabia MafHna.
For twelve muffins there will be re
quired halt a pint of graham, half a
pint of flour, one generous tablespoon
ful of sugar, one tablespoonful of but
ter, halt a teaspoon ful of salt, one tea
spoonful and a half of baking powder,
one egg, and two gills and a half ot
milk. Mix the dry Ingredients and rub
through a sieve. Turn the bran from
the sieve into the mixture. Beat the
egg till light and add the milk to It
Stir this Into the dry mixture. Add
the butter, melted, and beat well for
half a minute. Bake In buttered muf
fin pans for half an hour In a moder
ately hot oven.
Reception Ball. .
Scald one cup milk, add one table
spoonful sugar, one-quarter cup of but
ter and one-half teaspoon salt When
lukewarm add one yeast cake dis
solved in three tablespoonfuls luke
warm water and one and one-half cups
bread flour. Cover and let rise, then
add yolks of two eggs and flour to
knead. Let rise, shape, again let rise,
and bake in a hot oven.
81ft into a bowl one cupful of flour
and a saltapoonful of salt Beat one
egg very light add to it one cupful of
sweet milk. Stir this gradually so that
it will not be lumpy, into the flour,
give it two or three rigorous bastings
and pour it "into heated gem pans that
nave been well .greased. Fill them
about half full and bake them in a
vary quick oven.
Codfleh with Vejretablea.
Freshen codfish and cut it in chops
about three by six Inches in slse. Put
into hot water and set on the stove
where it will barely simmer. Boiling
hardens the fiber of fish as it does of
meat When the fish Is perfectly ten
der, drain, pour over it a butter sauce
Creaaeed Ojaters.
Clean and parboil one pint oysters.
Drain and reserve liquor for making
sauce. Melt three and one-naif table
spoonfuls butter, add five tablespoon
l fuls flour and pour on gradually oyster
liquor and milk or cream to make one
tnd one.half cupi uqnid. Season with
salt pepper and celery salt Keneat
oysters In sauce.
Indian Mtal Soap.
Prepare this as a hasty pudding, and
then thin it with hot milk to a creamy
consistency, and it can be served with
a dish of crisp, hot pork scraps cut
very smalL Try It before you decide
that you will not like it Small dice
of bread fried like -doughnuts are good
wltn It
Round Disease.
does sot come and go with winter
fact some suffer more dnrinir the
Spring and Summer than at any other season. Whea
me Diooa is cnargea witn uric Acid, Alkali and other
irritating poisons, then the system is in the right
condition for Rheumatism to develop, and an attack
I - , T 1 f . . . A . . -.
at any time. Winter or Summer.
Rheumatism, because it attacks different parts o!
the body, and is sudden or slow in its action, is given
various names such as acute and chronic, muscular,
articular, inflammatory.mercurial and sciatic, but it is
the same old acid blood that causes all. Some ant
vorao years wun .uneumatiam, ana
having tried wall known remedies X
could ret no relief. And having
read of the wonderful effects of
8. 8. 8., I concluded to try It, and
am happy to aay that Z was entirely
cured, a ad am able to work, aa weU
aa X ever did.
X cheerfully recommend 8. B. S. to
all sufferers of this terrible disease,
and will aay that If they will con
tinue the treatment, aa par direo
tiona, they will find a permanent
core. E.W. SEES.
is happily relieved from the discomforts
and misery of Rheumatism.
S. S. S. is a purely vegetable remedy,
does not contain any Potash or mineral
of any kind, and can be taken with
safety by old and young.
Rheumatic sufferers who write US
A little boy in his night dress was
on his knees, saying his prayers, and
his little sister could not resist - ths
temptation to tickle the soles ot his
feet He stood it as long as he could,
and then said: 'Tleaae, God, excuse
me while I knock the stuffln' out of
"And what is your op talon ot Mrs.
Humphry Ward? an enthuslsaatic
American hostess once asked ot aa
English literary lady of . world-wide
distinction. The visitor politely made
an effort to recall the name, and then.
answered with half-closed eyes and
weary intonations: "I'm told sh is a
very industrious woman."
During the heat of the recent trou
bles in Venezuela, when the coast was
blockaded and starvation was staring
50 per cent ot the people In the face,
Stephen Bonsai was surprised to find
President Castro enjoying himself at
a picnic at La Victoria, where cham
pagne was flowing like water. "I did
not succeed In concealing, nor did 1
very much try to conceal, my astonish-
ment at the scenes which met my eye,'
he says. "I had certainly thought to
find our ally otherwise engaged. 'But
why should you wonder f said Castro,
noting my surprise; 'our part Is played.
We have picked the quarrel, and now,
blessed be the Monroe doctrine, our
role Is finished, and the fighting must
be done by el tlo SaniueL All the pa
per in the case I have given to your
minister, who goes to Washington as
my attorney.' 'Yes. viva la Doctrina
"Monroey!"' exclaimed Tello Men-
doza, the witty muleteer whom Castro
has made secretary of the treasury: "It
spares us sleepless nights, and gives
us time for picnics."
A well-known English lady novelist,
whose enemies accuse her of taking
herself somewhat too seriously, was
Lentertalning a party ot her friends,
and conversation ran largely upon her
new book. One young man In the cir
cle had not read the work. "According
ly, on rising from the table, and by
way of abstracting himself from the
talkers who were still worrying their
conversational bone," says the London
Outlook, "be fixed his eyes on a fe
male portrait which adorned the drawing-room
wall. Coming softly behind
him, the lady novelist significantly
said, 1 think I know what you are
thinking that that picture reminds
you of Frederlcka.' Of Frederlcka,'
replied the young man, blankly, 'what
Fredericks r My Frederlcka return
ed the novelist with surprise, for her
latest heroine bore that name. Then
the unbeliever pulled himself together
'No,' said he, with a Judicial head
shake, that is not my notion of your
Fredericks.' And he plumed himself
on having got well out of the hobble.
But it was yet early for self-gratula-tlon.
'Come, then,' returned his host
ess, seductively, 'come and sit down
here beside me, and you shall tell me
what your notion of my Frederick.!
Women Need a Bubatitute for It Now
adays. Lucy Locket, the immortal woman
who lost her pocket is hsrdly so much
to be pitied as we are. In her case It
was found, but nobody can find our
pockets for us. Man, happy creature,
Is a marsupial. He Is blessed with
more pockets than he knows what to
do with, but poor, unfortunate woman,
with styles In their present state, has
not so much as one little pocket In
which to bestow her handkerchief.
A weekly bereavement In this latter
line Is of common occurrence and In
the course of time becomes a severe
strain. As for purses they only too
often go the way of the handkerchiefs.
The bell-shaped sleeves rendered hope
less the military trick of tucking one's
handkerchief up it but with new cuffs
there comes a gleam of returning hope.
The majority of them are tight-fitting
at the wrist the fullness suddenly
spreading out several Inches higher up
the arm. This sleeve Is more than
pretty, for It will supply the abiding
place for the long absent pocket. A
little envelope-shaped receptacle could
be easily fastened to the Inner side of
the left sleeve, In the fullness, Just big
enough to contain two or three small
necessaries. Then a flap could be at
tached to button over. A Russian
blouse or bolero affords opportunity
for a breast pocket like a man's. In
side. For summer frocks a separate
Pt pretty, made of the material
ut lue suwu or some narmonizing silk
At all events let us have the pocket
somewhere. Brooklyn Eagle.
- In Uie Owi Home, Too.
"How much do you think that story
Is worth?" he asked when bis wife had
finished reading It
"Oh, I should think you ought to
have got $25 or $30 for If she re
plied. "I got $100," he asserted proudly.
"Dear me!" she commented, "how
reckless some people are with their
Did Not Want to Overcharge.
"Doctor," said the shrewd looking
man, "bow many feet of gas does it
take to kill a man?"
"That's rather a queer question,"
said the doctor. "Why do you wish to
"One of the guests of my hotel used
enough of It to kill himself and I want
to send in a proper bill to his execu
tors." Philadelphia Press.
'Knowing Old Bachelor.
Newlywed What do bachelors know
about women?
Oldbach Lots; otherwise they would
not be bachelors. Philadelphia Rec
ord. A Sunday Occupation.
"He's an agnostic."
"Yes, but what does be do the other
six days?" Detroit Free Press.
In order to win success a man must
first fall in love with his work.
The world has no time for a vision
ary man until after be gets there.
Cal Teetlaaoay Ala Held by the
Ceart to Be Uatmpeachabla.
Some month ago David Wallace, of
85 White street bought a pedigreed
cocker spaniel and had It registered.
A month ago It disappeared. Ye tor
day Wallace says he found the span
iel at the residence of Peter W.
Lott, 1S1 Frankfort street snd tried to
take It Lott objected. Wallnce
caught the dog by the tall. Lott
grabbed rt by the head; both tugged
away with the dog as the connecting
link. Mrs. Lott flourished a broom
and a man named Buck waved a rusty
Just as it looked as If the dog would
be yanked apart, 8ergt McAllister and
Patrolman Cook hove upon the scene
and lugged dog, Wallace, Cook, Mrs.
Lott and Buck, with broom and rusty
revolver, to the Fifth precinct station.
capt Furtherer assumed a Hague ar
bitration role, but failed to bring
about a truce. Mr. Don was locked
up and ths owners were sent away,
to appear In court to-day and prove
"Peter," said the court to Interpre
ter Lauer, "bring forth A. Cocker
Spaniel from cell 13."
"Who?" said Peter. "Your honor,
there's no one else in the plt'n
"Tea," smiled the court, "bring forth
the dog."
A moment later Lauer appeared with
the prisoner on the end ot a long
"I know of no precedent for such a
proceeding," said Attorney F. L.
Dutcher, who appeared for Wallace,
"except that ot King Solomon. That
case Is not annotated in our codes.
NevertheJeaa, I am satisfied for the
court to decide the ownership."
"Well," remarked the court "la
Lott herer
Lott was called, but there was no
answer. A pause followed.
"Suppose." suirsrested Mr. Dutcher.
"that you let the dog decide whether
or not Wallace Is the owner."
The suggestion was adoDted. Tha
dog was allowed to run loose. It
sniffed the air. barked, nearly tumbled
Charlie Hart over by running between
ma legs and finally rounded up be
fore Wallace. The doa yelDed. whirled
around and showed every Indication
of Joy.
"I guess that's Wallace's doe." sa!d
the court "That evidence satisfies
me." The dog waa turned over to
Wallace. Rochester Post Express.
Three hundred shoemakers who
struck for higher wages in Philadel
phia in 1786 were the first working
men to adopt such tactics In this coun
try. The first railroad strike occurred
In 1877.
A Parisian clothes dealer kicked a
dog out of his shop. The dog shot out
with some rapidity and knocked over
a woman with a Jug of milk. The
woman broke, the Jug and upset an
eiaeny gentleman, and the Jug cut
both of them. At that moment a cy
cllst arrived and was thrown off his
machine by the prostrate figures, and
simultaneously a cart came up and
smashed the bicycle. The magistrate
blandly advised the entire squad to
proceed against the dog, and they are
now looking for It
A remarkable sea monster was re
cently caught In Port Fairy Bay by
some fishermen. It measured nine
feet six Inches in length, had a tall
like that of the screw tall shaft, no
teeth, a nose like a rhinoceros, a bead
like an elephant, two dorsal fins, four
side fins and two steering fins. The
skin was black and very soft The
most experienced fishermen say the
specimen Is altogether new to them.
They cannot hazard a guess as to the
species. The fish has been sent on to
the Melbourne museum.
In a certain office at an Australian
railway station there may have been
seen a very long list of names of wom
en who have at various times begged
the booking clerks to let them have,
without payment tickets to various
places. They have forgotten their
purses, or lost them, or spent their
last penny on a new pair of gloves.
and various reasons. They will call
the very next day and refund the
money without fail. But there the
names and addresses lie, with the
amount of the borrowed money writ
ten opposite. .
The first Iron ship has more reputed
birthplaces than Homer, according to
Chambers' Journal Both the Clyde
and the Mersey claim pre-eminence in
thla respect. Sir E. J. Roblson of Ed
inburgh designed an Iron vessel In
1816, which was not launched till
three years later, and It Is said that
an iron boat was worked on the Sev
ern even as far back as 1787. Steel
was not used In the construction of
merchant ships' hulls until 1859. Old
salts were not alone in their belief
that wood was meant by Providence
to float, but iron to go to the bottom.
A naval constructor of some repute
once said: "Don't talk to me of Iron
ships. They are contrary to nature."
Now none but small craft are built of
wood in this country.
Christening a Railway.'
Engineers are, as a rule, sternly util
itarian, but there are occasions on
which they Indulge In sentimental
practices. One of these occurred the
other day on the completion of the
first transcontinental railway in Afri
ca When the plate-laying gangs from
Buluwayo and Salisbury, respectively,
came within twenty chains of each
other a telegram was sent to the con
tractors and engineers, who at once
arrived on the scene. The rails were
Joined and two engines proceeded
slowly toward each other from each
side. Attached to the drawhead of the
engine from Salisbury was a bottle of
champagne, and as the two engines
met It was broken and the new rail
way was named In the orthodox man
ner. Not Worried by His Mistake.
Irate Guest (No. 48) I didn't tell
you to wake me up at 5 o'clock.
Bell Boy Didn't yer? Well, mebbe
it wua No, 84,-Detrolt Free Press.
Every workthff girl who Is not
well Is cordially Invited to write
to Mrs. Plnkham, Lynn, Mass
for advice ; it is freely riven, ana
tins restored thousands to health.
fllss Paine's Experience.
"I want to thank you for what yon
have done for me, and recommend
Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound to all girls whose work
keeps them standing on their feet la
the store. The doctor said I must
stop work he did not seem to realise
that a girl cannot afford to stop work
ing1. My back ached, my appetite waa
poor, I could not sleep, and menstrua
lion was scanty and very painful. One
day whea suffering I commsneed to
take Lydiii E. l'inkhaiu's Vege
table Compound, and found that
it helped me. I coutlnued its oae, and
soon found that my menatrual periods
were free from pain and natural
everyone ia aurpriaed at the change ia
me, and I am well, and cannot be too
grateful for what you have done for
ue. Miss JitrxT Paine, 6 SO West
133th St, New York City. tltooo fmrm
If mHjImil of aaM teter area af fJwMM eaa
Take' no substitute, for It Is
Lydla E. PlnKhara Vegetable
Compound that cores.
Their Idas.
"Hare, here." said the fishmonger,
"what in the world are them people
around th' stall laffin' at, anyway?"
"They're laffin at that sign wot says:
"Our fish ars unequalled Nothing in
This Msrket Comes Near Them.' Peo
ple say that's 'cause they smell so
bad." Baltimore Herald.
True Life.
True life Is not measured by nuggets
of gold, by stocks and bonds, by billets
of steel or by cars of coal, but by devo
tion to the service of Jesus Christ.
Rev. R. 8. Holmes.
CITO. rnuuMnnr cwm ho flu ar mctohm
110 ftr Itrat !,' aaonf Dr. Klla'tOraal Nan
Xartonr. Bond for WHUK S'J.04)irwl txMUauxltraa
Between Friends.
Mayme I hear you are going to be
married again.
Edyth Aiin? Why, I've never
been tied op as yet "
"No; but I can't recall the number
of times you were going to be." Chi
cago Daily News.
Why the Editor Skipped.
An editor of a small American paper
recently stated that he had been kiswd
by one of the most beautiful married
women in the town. He promised to
tell her name in the first issue of his
paper next month. In two weeks the
circulation of his newsppaper doubled.
But when he gave the name of his wife
he had to leave town.
To Chicago, Dubuque and the
East; to Des Moines, Kansas City
and the Foutheaat, via t'hlragi Great
Wet-tern Railway. Electric lighted
trains. Unequalled service. Write to
J. P. Elmer, Q. P. A., Cbicajo, for
Center of the Universe,
The cross is the center of the uni
verse. It is the pivot around which all
the great events of history revolve.
The historian and .the philosopher, as
truly as the theologian, must build
their rtndios on Calvary. Rev. R. 8.
Willing Sacrifice.
Will Cbane I'm thinking of tak
ing a wife. .
Henry Peck You can take mine and
TiVegefable Preparailonfor As
similating tiieFoodandBegula
ling UieStoiaaciis aiklBoweb of
Promotes DigestionJCheerfur
,nessandRcst.Contain3 neither
Opium.Morphine norMineiaJL
Not Uaiic otic
fumpiU Smi
Mx.Smut jhumStttt
ItaNbfyMM- 2eTW7
Aperfecl Remedy forCfflKfip.
tlon, Sour Stomacrt.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions Jeverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
exact copy or wrapper.
Quite the 1 r per Thing.
"Gladys," 1, Id t b :mly to his man.
aian sister, i ve dune so much lor you
you should write me a testimonial."
"A testimonial?" ,
"Yesi you might say; 'Dear brother,
one I was a timid, delicate girt, but
since uMiig your collars, shirts and ties
I nave become a nt v woman." rhra
del phis Pi ess.
Alwiy hiok fivr thla tfnte mark! "The
ui ainuke, ahe or heal. Make euinlorlable
Nature's Drtamtklng.
Coakley Did you ever nit'oa that
the average poet in descrl ing a winter
landscape alway sneaks of ita "mantle
ol snw?"
Joakley Naturally. The mantle ot
snow ia the land's cape. Stray Stories.
For bronchial tt-niiltl trv Plan's Thm
for Consumption. It Is a pood rough
medicine. At UruBgUU, pries ittcania.
The London Morning Post states that
Canadians never fought for their exis
tence. To the shades of those Canadians
who fonght and fell In the war ot 1812
this Information must be somewhat sur
prising. It is much longer ago si 109
Britons fought for their exls'.ence. Tho
British wars ot the past two centuries
have all been fought in foreign lands.
Montreal Herald.
There la more Cakarra is tma awetlon ot turn
eounirr than all other dluate But nlter,
euii until tba Uat low years waa lupnowd to be
taourable. For a areal many yoara Oix-lora pro.
doudcM it a local dtaeaae, end frraorllwd lorai
retnetllee, and by euntan(ljr lalllna to sure
with local treatment, pronounced It incurable.
Science has rron catarrh to be aconitltu.
tloaal dUraae, and tbervlore requlrea comtltu.
ttonal trratmrnt. Hall' Catarrh t'nra.mao-
ufartured bjr r. J. Chn, a Co., Toledo, Ohio,
UtbeontyeoaaltttttlonaJ cure on the market.
It la taken Internally In doaca from 10lrialo
a iraapooniui. it acta airectiv oa the blood
and mucout aurtaee of the ay.iem. They offer
one hnofrd dollar, lor any raae it taUsta
cure, bead lor circular, and leatlmnnlala. Ad
dree. K. J. f H K S K V A CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Dmaitlata, 73c
Hair, really filia are ths beet.
Reason fer Hope.
"So you think she could learn to love
you?" said the close friend.
"It isn't Impossible. She likes cav
ilare and olives and anchovies and all
sorts of odd things. Washington Star.
Little Chance.
"Madam," said the leader ot ths bri
gands, "we'll hare to hold you nntll
your husband ransoms you."
"Alas," replied the woman "I wish
I'd treated him a little better." Chi
csgo Post.
"I bare gone IS Satya al ft time valtbeaS a
aaeeeaaeal mt the bowels, not being able to
eiora tbea eioept by name hoi aater teletUona
Chronic coaettailoe for aeree yaare laea e la
line terrible eoedluoai Serine thai Hue I Sid or
erytblat I beard of but never found any reliefs auob
III mj cM aulll Ikeeaa eal( CSaCAMarra. I
aow hare f roei one lo tbrse uaaaaae a day. and if I
aa rlea I would l?e IIUVU! for each atoteaieM! U
la euea a relief." avium U IIcht.
' HuaeeU St.. Detroit, Mlefe.
Wleaaant. Palatable, Potent. Taite flood. Do!
(rood, Meter Sicken, Weaken, or Urloe. Wo, KM.
SlirWatBwaadyCiaaaf,Ctlaiei.aattaal,SwIeia.' m
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Scarcely a Day,-
Taaaea but we are railed upon to perform
eouie difficult dental operation that ia
the direct rcaultof neglecting the teeth.
Vie cannot urge too atrongly the benellt
and economy o( conaultlng adentlatat
the rery drat ilgn of tooth .trouble. At
the atart theae trnublee are corrected
quickly and at amall coat. Our methotU
are alnlea and our work guaranteed
Moth 'phone,: Oregon South
Columbia m. Open evening, till .
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A. Mine
WISE BROS., Dentists.
The Kind Yon Have Always
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Bona! supervision Blnco Its infancy.
f-c4c4A ' AllAiD-no one to deceive von in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and .endanger the health o
jgmai md Children Experience against Experiment
What is CASTOR1A
Cixforia is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil. Porev
Boric, Drops and Soothing: Syrups. It Is Pleasant. Itj
contains neither Opium. Morphine) nor other Narcollo
cmbstance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and tvllays Feverishncss. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation.
4tnd Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
mho Children'a Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Sears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
"My hair wss tailing out snd
turnlns gray vsry fiat. But your
Hair Vigor stopped ths falling snd
restored the nsiursl color." Mrs.
E. Z. Benomme, Cotioes, N. Y.
It's impossible for you
not to look, old, with the
color of seventy years in
your hair I Perhaps you
are seventy, and you like
your gray hair! If not,
use Aycr's Hair ViRor.
In less than a month your
ray hair will have all the
ark, rich color of youth.
U N s battle. Alt SmtrJits.
If year dlWrtlel eaunnt nmly ynq,
send ue one dollar and we will eapreM
Cu a bottle. He sure anil give the name
our neareit eireu u Hire. Aildioaa,
J. C AY lili CO., Lowell, Alaae.
Canada's Vaat Timber Supply.
The standing limber of Canada eqnali
that of the continent ot Europe sud is
nearly double that Of ths United States.
Wsgea and Coat.
The American shoo manufacturer
pays higher wages than ths Knglish
manufacturer, but the cost of making a
shoe is less because of the grea er etllo-
lency of the Amerban workman.
(Succeaaura to John i'lmle)
Peat at Merrlaoa Mreel, INtHland, Or roe
The Kit tiaMillne Kimlue A child i .i run It.
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Write lor llluilratnl calalneu ami for urloa
ou auythlns you nerd lu the machinery line.
You ran largely lncrcae the yield o
your crop by uln our apei'tal (ertllta
era. W rite lor privee.
13 On til Packet Scads
For orders of $1.00 or more
(Thla doea not Include graaa ace.U or
tariten eecda lu quaulliy.t
II lu tha market write lor ipectal net
pi leva.
ISS front Street. lort Intnl. Ore.
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P. N. U.
No 2A-I90j,
iltlna; to advertisers nleaae
mention thla paper.
Thought Us Dead?
We're Very Much Alive.
S. B. Headache and Liver Cure Still Do
Ing Its Great Work. S. B. Cough Syrup.
Everybody Takes It. Everybody Likes It.
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20S, 209, JI0, ill. Hi, 21 1. H'l l'.
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