Condon globe. (Condon, Gilliam Co., Or.) 189?-1919, February 19, 1903, Image 2

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    Tli COliDOil GLOBE
No net of the Oregon legislature
fW many years lias en of greater
rmpurtance or will rwttH m wrt
gonera! benefit than the appropria
tion ot tUULVhtt tbe construction
of a porta ro' between Th Dall
es ami Cclihx Itta iWI i TtMt
amount of money to expend upon
a single improvement, but it U an
expenditure ttvat will bear result.
It if tbe one move tbat will ancork
tUo highway which nature has oro
ided ft carrying tbo product of
the great Inland Empire to the
markets of the world For when a
ortage read is in operation the in
fiuenoe that hat been used against
the rpoatruction of canal and iocis
will be tetnoTed, , No longer; will
ft be of benefit to the railroads to
prevent the national government
taking hold of the improvement
Following tbe md'tpit of ths iute of
Oregon in determining to act for it
self and relieve the people from the
monopoly that has for years . col
lected exhorhitant tributes frooi
them, we may expect congress to
favorably consider the improvement
of the Columbia river and pass a
liberal appropriation therefor. The
thanks of a& Eastern Oregon are
due to the present legislature. for
this one act of juatiee.-Times-Mouwtaineer.
"As tbe labor onions killed in
iustrial England, so will they bring
grave financial reverses here. The
eon n try is fast approaching that
crisis. ; It may come in a year."
This is the thrust that tbe most
conscienceless capitalist of the age
directs against the laboring men of
tbe United States.
A believer in the union of capit
al, he denies the workingtuan a
like privilege A manipulator of
the most arbitrary trust that seeks
to throttle the freedom of traffic
and the open channels of trade, he
lays the sins of his own spawn at
the door of labor. . ,-: ; --S.
. In hopes - that ' some pre j ud Iced
members of society will ' believe
what he says, be" placer the blamfc
of the impending crisis upon the
workingmen,. instead of placing it
where it where it rightfully belong
upon the shoulders of those human
vampires who are forcing the small
capitalists out of business: corner
ing the supply of the necessaries
of life, the means of transportation
and the money of the world in pre
paration for a crash. ; .
James J. Hill s no f o 6 1. VH e
knows that tbe trusts and their
baneful intluence in the busiae68
circles of the conntry are hurrying
a parser; and he is artful enough,
dibhonest enough in expressing an
opinion to charge the inexorable
crash upon innocent men in hopes
that he may direct the people's
wrath away from the real culprits.
It has only been a month since
Hill made a statement that over
production of manufacturers would
cause the panic
With him the panic is a settled
fact. But he shifts from one cause
to another.
He finds public sentiment so bit
lerl y a rray ed agai net thevcowbiaes
of which be is ehief, that he ' fears
to aggravate the masses further by
allusions to capitalistic cussedness
so he turns his blighting venom up
on labor thinking to divert the at
ten turn from the real source of
wrong. I be great combines are
making their last stand.' The act
ive sentimentof all, classes of peo
ple is against them. Hill's empty
accusation does hot blind a single
person to the truth.
If a panic comes it will be
through tbe machinations of the
trusts. It will be invited by the
organie rottoness of the law. that
permits them to gather the utili
ties of the nation into pools for pri
vate gain.
As the tilted lords and privileged
few of England exploited her price
less industries and resources and
brought ruination upon the moat
energetic people of Europe, so will
the privilege! few of this country
who are intrenched bohind evil
laws, reduce it to England' level.
Capital, and not labor, holds the
k'?y to panio. -Rant Otegoiuan-
( have ntt Cliauilwlaiu't dtanh
R-meday tor n nnmlterof years and have
no hesitancy in tnying that it jt the best fr.eonghs colds and croon j
nivi n iwrii in hit miiiiir, nave
iMt word to express oit (iorj(J'eocft in
t'iia'liiiiebv. Mftn. J. A. Mioft(,5torth
ft'ir, MiHi, ' .
Sold liy'Oodj j'hitfnin,
The bill for creating Stockman
county out of portions vf Crook and
Grant counties was defeated.
Mr. Wftewtwr Os of HI Ithawma
tham. Daring the wUter 4 1889 1 wee so lm
in iwy )ints,nUeten over y body,
that IcvxiUi hardly liobble around when
I bmght a Uttk of CttWUitt' Vim
Balm. Front the first appticMlKni I lie
ge to gr welt . was cured ami have
worked cttity all tin year. R
WaciLsa, Norlnwood, N. Y.
Fw mW by Condon rharmscy.
Miss Barker hs acoepu-d a pot, lion
lad clerk wit 8hart A VVir Co.
S. A. TImmim, formerly ot th R-corJ,
has pan-hated a fi printing 4ant and
Is turning oat tow fin j work.
Chan. McAllister can np from rtort-
land Sunday.
Foreman Brambangh hat a gang ol
Japs laying ntw rails on the side-tracks
tbia wees.
Geo. Beatty'a baby is joits ill at pres
ent. ."'' ' x- - ' v
Chaa Morris ami a ba.slnefs Jtrip . to
Wtoatcbee, Waah., Friday.
The oil company haw moved their
iiuawnaa drill abuot mil to higher
groond M the artaviau water interfered
with their work.
Paal Jones and family left Sunday fur
Jarvit where they will attend theiroklea
wedding ot Jonee sr.
JackfOL Broa. are building a new cor
ral and otherwise improving tbeir livery
M. M'Cnrry retnrned from Condon
Monday where be. attended the grand
ball. ' -.
ladoitrial Agent the O. R.
& N. Co was here on bnaiaeea Monday.
'Tbe dog-man will soon be ont on bi
annnal tour with his pocket fall of li
cense tags tor sale at the otual price of
f 1 and 12.
Heater Miller baa (ally recovered from
the operation she underwent in Portland
and is again able to be oat.
Craig Fetert is reported to be danger
oaily ill at bit home on the Washington
Chas Campbell retained Saturday
from a trip to 8pokane.
O. 8. Ebi, of Soldeodate, waa vitibl
here Monday.
li. Ualttead pateed tbrongh T netday
on bit way to Lost Valley from Fallon.
C. Lilli shipped two cars of fat cattle
Geo. Snyder returned from Port I a ml
Don't forget the rag-time dance.
A number of The Dalle people ar
talking of drilling for artesian water ou
tbe Aaaart ar CotoU -t
Ex-repreeetative Miller waa np from
Blalock Sunday, ilejeporta consider
able wheat coming in at present.'
W. II. Col well made a trip to Proster
Thursday from tbe oil fields.
Mrs. Gray, of Independence, it visit
ing ber daughter, Mrs. Harsh thit week.
Mrt. Botey and children are visiting
with Jat. M'inney'a folks.
Sbeb Edminston will toon be able 'to
be oat attain alter a tivge of typhoid.
Had To Conquer Or Die.
"I was jnst about gone," writes Mrt
Rosa Richardson, of Laurel Springs, N
C, "I had ConiMimprion so bad that the
best doctors eaid I could not live more
than a month but I beean to use Dr.
King's New Discovery and was wholly
cored bv seven bottles anil am now stout
and well." It't an unrivaled life-saver
in Consumption, Pneumonia La Grippe
and Bronchitis; Infallible for Coughs,
Olds, Asthma, Hay Fever, Croup or
Whooping Cough.
Guaranteed bottles 50c and $1.00 at Con
don Pharmacy. Trial bottles (ree.
Japanese Linen Warp Mat
ting. Large shipment at ,Clikt &
Frazer'a Hardware and Furniture store.
Loaded Shot "Gun Shells and
cartridges. Large : sttortn.ent at
Clarke , & Frazer's .'Hardware and
Furniture atore. . l
"In vainlinvain! always in vain I"
the moaned.
"What it?" inquired the benevolent
old gentleman, at he passed.
"The letter 'V,' " the cried.
Far np the street a pin was beard to
fall with a dull sickening thud ; then all
wat still. Smart Set.
Working Overtime.
Eight hour lawa are ignored by those
tirelent little workers Dr. King's New
Life Pillt. Milliont are always at work
night and day curing Indigestion, 'Bill
ounett. Constipation, Bkh Headache,
and all Stomach Liver and Bowel tron
hies. Easy, pleasant, tafe, sure.
Only C5c at Condon Pharmacy.
Tbe Oregon Weekly Journal, a Demo
cratic newspaper, 1 pace. uQ of aews
all of ft! tl a year to any 'address. The
Journafc P. O. Box 121, Portland, Or.
The Oregon ; Se'ml-Weekty Journal, a
Democratic newspaper, ever fair And al
ways ree; 184 copies In one year for only
11.60 to any address. The "Journal, P.
O. Box 151, Portland. Or. - -
. Notice to Creditors.
, Rotate of John MdJock, deceased. Notlre Is
hereby tlrsa by the endeisiKned, duly appointed
Adininlatratits of thesatata of 3ohn Maddock,
(leoeaaed,toeredltoniof, and all persons having
claims agsinat,sald dcemwod, to exhibit them,
with the neeeawy vouehen, within six months
after ths SMtpublicABon of this notice, the flrst
pnUleatinn hereof belns Thuraday the 5th day
j si February A,D, vnt to the aatd Administratrix
the same being thaphwe for the transaction of
the btuliie of the said estate, to the County- of
(lilUain.'tK'tte of Oregon. '" ' " '
Dated tbt fifth day ot Jfeoritaryisos. "
;,' a. MDDock.
?ttuT,. Van Vwf,attuny foV Aifinlnlitmtrl!
Want Administrator Removed
fcHjH baa brtn hronght in the
tvxr of Ihlt ronnty t have Cha ftorre
furniture draler. of Olympiw rentoved
front the pwitioa aa aiminitrator ot
the aetata ot Allre.1 Doa'srs whodle-l at
hit homeat Tuuiwater, 0tW t.
The lnlap etate it eelimited to le
worth anywhere Ironi tfVOOO to
ami lifhlmt the suit whu-n ! J'
prenit np it an Interesting ttory.
Charlee Storre terared the pneltion lie
hol.ti aa adminiftrator bv virtue of the
fact that he it the ttep father ! the -
yar-old ( the late llth Dnnlap, a
aerond eooain of Alfred Iiniap whoae
eetate i in ooetlloa. bhortly after the
death of the latter Storra applet for pa'
pert at admiuitratr, repreeentlnit U it
alleged, that hit itep-ton was tbe only
living heir to the ettate.
Thit week other helrt appeared on the
acene and began tnit for what they claim
it their rightful interval ia the property
8. L. Dnnlap, of Freewater, Oregon, vie
liedOlympia pereonatly and took the
matter np with an attorney, and late
yesterday, afternoon 6 led the pa pert in
tbe pending auit, a hearing upon which
will be beard brfore Judge Linn at 10 a.
a. tomorrow,-v vfe e
Besidea S. L. Dunlap the helrt Joining
in the petition whlcn bat been filed in
thetuperlor court includes William
Dnnlap, of Condon Orrg-)n ; George
Dunlap, of tialaey, Oregon ; Thoe. Ihin
Up, of Oak Park, Caln and Mrs, J. R.
Baird, of Walla Walla, w bote maiden
name waa Emma Dunlap. Thee heirt
claim to be brothers and titter ot the
late Hugh Dnnlap and second contint of
tbe late Alfred Dunlap, their father be-
inc a full cottein. of the latter. Thil
Skillutan hat been retained at attorney
(or the petitioners and will appear when
tbe case comes np tomorrow Olympia
Wow ; Danbip will probably go to
Olympia to look after bit interett lb the
A Pleasant Party.
The Condon Society o( belle Lettrea
tnteruined Saturday evening at the
home of Mrt. John Jackson in honor of
vU Valentine's day. On thit occasion
the gueata were their gentlemen friend.
A merry evening wattpent in playing
lames alter which reiresmentt were
Those present pnnotinced the party
a most enjoyable one.
It looks like the scalp bounty
law is roiujr to be repealed. -If it
is it will mean a loss of many
thousands of dollars to the tax pay
of Oregon. The coyote is now al
most extinct and if the bounty is
taken off the varmint's scalp it will
only be a short time until they will
be as bumerous as ever. But those
Western Oregon politicians always
did begrudge us that little' bit of
Buckten't Arnica Salve
Hat world-wide fame for marvel Ions
caret. It turpateea any oilier salve lv
tion, ointment or balm for Cnts C'rni,
Burns, Boils, Sores, Felons, Ulcers, Tet
ter, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Chapped
Hands, Skin Eruptions. Infallible (or
Only 25 at Condon Pharmacy. ' '
Suitable reward (or return, or infor
mation leading' to the recovery of tbe fol
lowing described estraya:
Brown gelding, 6 years old, aliont 16
hands high, travels with head well no;
wire cat on left front foot, weight about
1100 lbs. Branded 0 connected (Fn-d
Ball brand.)
Bloeky built bay gelding snip on noe,
star on forehead. Branded J on left sti
fle, V on left side of neck.
White gelding, sway hacked, same
brand at last described.
J. A. McMokkm,
Condon, Oregon.
In the District Court of the United States for
tbe District of Oregon.
In the matter of Heymrae .
Jones. Bernside Jones and
Sherman Jones, partners do- In Bankruptcy.
Ing business under tbe firm
name and style of Jones Brothers.
To tbs creditors of Seymore Jones, Bnranide
Jones and Sherman Jones, partners doing busi
ness aniler the firm name and style of Jones
Brothers, of Condon, in the Count) of QUliam
and district aforesaid bank rapts.
'. Notice is hereby glren tbat on the 29th day
of Janaary, A. D, 1903, tbe said firm of Jones
Brothers was duly adjudicated a bankrupt; awl
tbat tht first Meeting of tbeir creditors will he
held at Condon, in 4iUliam County, Oregon,
on the second day of March A.D.!903,at ten o'clock
in the forenoon, at hlcb time tbe said creditors
may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trus
tee, examine tbs bankrupts and transact such
other business as may properly eora before said
Dated at Condon, Oregon, this IStii. urty of
February A. D. 1KB.
Referee In Bankruptcy.
The Condon Pharmai-v has all the lat
est np-to-date slieet inusit! at tplnr
Ladiat ! yon ran get a pom) 36 i noh tape
ineasnre by calling at the Uvuk olBie,
Won't cost yon a cent,
IAve yonr snlri prion to tle Ran
Francisco Examiner at this office ami
we will do the rest, and save yon post
tige, trouble etc.
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No, 3 Portland Flyer 2:18 a. m.
No. 5 Mail & Express... 5 :06a. in.
D. Tierney, Agent,
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n 1
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J. W Jackso.h & Co., Pbops.
Adminlstrator'a Notice of Final Set--tiement.
Notii'p is he rt-lv'Ki vn that tliennder
signed Iihh fllM, (n the Onntv Court of
ine niHie.m Uregon lor tiiinan eonnrv,
his finsl report aa administrator of the
esta te of W . R . ItoyeK deceased .
That said Conrt has named 2 o'clock
P.M. of
Thursday, Maroh 5, 1903,
sit the Omnrv Court room, Condon, Git
I'lHfn ()iintv, Oreyon. an the time and
ulace for heBriiii; said final report end
nil objections thereto. All persons In
terested in said estate shonld appear st
ii id time ami place and file their ob
jectionvif any they usve, to jnjr .en id
final report.
January 24, 1003. James Larch,
Hendricks & Bower Ad in. estate of
, man, attyr. for estate. -' W.R.Boyer, dec
f 11
per cent Discount.
Mill Feed ll.VOO
Flour, per bbl 4.00
guaranteed or money refunded.
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A good prescription
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am Aaa
in buying from us.
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The Condon Barn
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s a
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Ranch For Sale.
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r. woow. m, u.
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