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Drj, moist, scaly tetter, all forms
of eczema or salt rheum, pimples
and other cutaneous eruptions pro
ceed from humors, either inherited,
or acquired through defective di
gestion and flfwimilfttion.
To treat these eruptions with
drying medicines is dangerous. '
The thing to do is to take
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Which thoroughlycleanse the blood,
expelling all humors and building
up the whole system. They cure.
Hood's Sarsaparilla permanently rtired J.ti.
Hi net, Franks, IU.,of :ema, from which h
had suffered tome time; and ii m Alrine Wol
ter, B z 212. Alpone. Wis., At p mpht on her
fact and back and chafed skin on her txxlv, by
which ah had been greatly troubled. Tliere
re more testimonial) in favor of Hoods than
can be published.
K4Tm Smrmanarltla mrmmlmmm f
swiaf kmrnmrn f jarawatfli.
"There was a crush at the weJding,
I suppose."
"Crush? Wut, the ushers hail to
form a firing wedge in onler to get the
bridal party np to the altar. Life.
Piso's Cur is the best medicine we ever
used for alt affections of the throat ami
lung. V. O. Ksdslit, Vanbureii, lad..
Feb. 10, liaJO.
Aa Indigestible Man
Kitty But he is such an indigestible
Jane Indigestible?
Kitty Yes; he always disagrees
with me. Detroit Free Press.
FaraMnratlr Con. No fits er iiorromDo
eft flnrt i' Tr. KliM'aOrrat Sra
Ksatuisr. SndrarrRBKfl-J.eOtTullnku.itrma.
it. Da. K. II. Klin a. Ltd..ui Arch .SU Philadelphia. Pe
Their Wivts.
"How many men owe their success
In life to their wives."
"Yes. And how many more men
owe their wives to their success in
life." Life.
Oregon Blood Purine ia
rightly named, because it purifies the
blood and tones up the body.
"r - Spring Medicine
"I see the doctor is sending bills to
all his patients."
"Yes; I suppose he thinks at this
season of the year they all need bitter
pills." Philadelphia Bulletin.
' Ask Tanr Dealer for Allen's Fext-Kase,
A powder. It Cum Swollen, Sore. Hiit, Callous,
Aching .Hweatlng Feet aud Itucrowinij 3; nils. Wakes
new or tight shoe easy. At all Dnisreist and shoe
Stores, Si rents. Accept No Hutwtitute. Sample
Free. Address Allen K OluuteU, LeRoy, X. Y.
No Vacant Lot for Her.
He Darling, I love you. Will you
not make me happy by c-haring my
humble lot with me?
She Is there a nice little house on
the lot, Henry? Boston Herald. -
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooth
In 5 Syrup the best remedy to use tor their
children daring the teething period.
Between Friends.
Enpeck I understand your wife is
Meeker Yes; she hasn't spoken a
word for three days.
Enpeck Good! You always were
a lucky dog. Chicago News.
If yon want to try a (ample of the
finest spices you ever used send us 5
cents in stamps with the name of your
grocer and mention this paper and we
will fend you a 10 cent tin of Monopole
White pepper or cayenne or ginger or
other variety you may select a? a sam
ple. We know it ia only necessary to
get you to try them to make you a be
liever in Monopole. Address Wad
hams & Kerr Bros., Portland, Ore.
Proof Conclusive.
Bobbie Grandma, kin I pull out
one of your white hairs? .
"Yes, dear."
Bobbie (gleefully) There, siree!
The Bible does lie. There aint no
number on this one.
For Infants and Children.
Tlsa Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Cause and Effect. (
"John," she said to her husband,
who was grumbling over his breakfast,
"your love has grown cold."
"No, it hasn't!" he snapped, "but
my breakfast has."
"That's just it. If your love hadn't
grown cold, you wouldn't notice . that
your breakfast had." Philadelphia
Too Thin.
Church Music Committee I thought
you said you were a fine bass? You
can't be heard ten seats from the or
gan. - -"
Bass Well, isn't that a fine voice?
Boston Herald. .
Hamlin's Wizard Oil is an old remedy,
and like an old friend may be depended
on. It cures pain.
Wouldn't Squander it
Mr. Hardfiste If I give you this
penny, my man, will you squander it
lor drink?
Weary Walker No, sir; I'll use it
to git a new autymobile my old one's
weann out.
Household Economy.
It is a false economy to buy groceries
which are cheap at the expense of quality.
You can't afford to tamper with yourhealth.
for that reason you ought to buy
The purest to be had and very reasonable
In price. AU first class grocers handle them.
' Portland.
UL (tS -nblk AIL USE t Ail S.
Best Cough Syrup. Turns Good. Use I
In time. Bold nr driiKiriftn.
t I
i 1
Short Storiej
Gladstone once said of himself: "My
mind is like a market gardener's band
cart, full every mornitig of fresh fruit
and vegetables. Those undisposed of
at night 1 empty out and start with a
fresh stock next day."
At a Uluner In New York Andrew
Carnegie said: "I sometimes think this
would be an appropriate epitaph to be
placed upon my tomb: 'Here lies a man
who knew how to get around htm much
cleverer men than himself.'
Not long ago, two enthusiastic an
glers arranged a fishing match to de
cide the respective merits of the worm
and the minnow as bait. For hours tbey
sat patiently on a bank without get
ting so much as a ulbble. At last the
proprietor of the worm suddenly said
that he bad got a bite, and. Jerking his
line out of the water, discovered at the
end of it the other man's mlunow.
which, having by this time grown hun
gry, had devoured his worm.
The other day, when the Jury In a
murder trial in the Ixmisvllle courts
had retired to their room, the foreman
said: "Gentlemeu, thla is a serious case
we have to decide. A ruau's life may
be forfeited by our decision. How many
Christians are among ns" Nine men
raised their hands. "Will one of you
pray?" asked the foreman. One of the
oldest Jurors said he would do his best.
AU knelt, and a most earnest and im
pressive prayer was offered. Balloting
was then begun. Several Jurors were
In favor of a iife sentence, and others
for terms as short as eight years. The
Jury finally agreed on eighteen years.
One day last autumn Bennet Bur
leigh, the noted English special war
correspondent, was encountered a few
mllea outside Pretoria by the volcanic
rhetorician. General Tucker. "What
the are you doing out here
with that thing?"' asked the Gen
eal, pointing to a kodakwhlch was
slung round his shoulders. -Well, sir,"
promptly replied Mr. Burleigh, "I was
Intending to take some photographs;
but had I known that I was to have the
pleasure of meeting you I should have
brought cut a phonograph." At this
audacity, it Is said that even General
Tucker's stock, of sulphurous adjectives
ran low.
It ia related that the only man who
ever got even with Cecil Rhodes in the
matter of personalities was a little Ger
man clerk In the government office at
Johannesburg. Rhodes on this occa
sion had to stand in line, aud be didn't
like it He had not been used to stand
ing in line in South Africa or anywhere
else. "Please attend to me at once, .
he said, "I can't wait" "When your
turn comes, mister," mumbled the
clerk. "Confound you. sir; don't you
know who I am? I'm Rhodes." "Oh.
yes, I knew that; but that doesn't wor
ry me," was the unruffled reply. it
you were in Cape Town, I'd have you
discharged in a minute," roared the
Premier. "Yes. I have liearu mat xney
discharge people in Cape Town for do
ing their duty." answered the clerk;
"but we ain't in Cape Town. This Is a
A Sketching Party.
"I can't entertain on the lawn yet for
several weeks to come." said a young
woman who likes to gather her friends
for a Jolly time, "and since we must
amuse ourselves indoors. I've planned
a sketching party that 1 think will be
Just delightful. Perhaps It's an old
Idea, but at any rate I never heard of it.
"I'll seat my friends In rows, and give
each person a peucil and a block of
paper. Then each will be told to draw
the face, In profile, of the person at bis
or her right.
"The sketches will not be meant as
caricatures, you understand, but they
must be as natural and true to life as
the artists can make them. A great
many people can't draw at all. you say?
Ah, but that'll be all the more fun!
Fancy me I can't make a crooked line,
much less a straight one trying to
sketch one. side of my next neighbor's
fierce mustache, and all the time re
flecting that my nest neighbor at the
left Is trying to do justice- to my snub
nose! Oh. it'll be interesting every
'Terhaps it would be well to make a
rule that no one shall look at a neigh
bor's sketch until all are completed,
and possibly we ought to allow just so
much time to finish the drawings. The
prizes for the best and the worst like
nesses will be pictures,-1 guess.
"Card parties and dancing parties are
so common that they're stupid, and be
sides, many people object to them alto
gether. But there can't be anything ob
jectionable about my sketching bee,
and I'm sure that it will not be dull!"
What to Wear in Berlin.
Germany is perhaps the last country
where one would look for a Count
d'Orsay, but one has apparently arisen,
says the London Mail.
An enterprising member of the "up
per circles," with an eye to commercial
ism, not long ago took very tastefully
furnished offices in the west end of
Berlin, where he gives advice as to
"correct" and fashionable dress for the
male sex.
His name is not divulged, but his suc
cess in offering "advice to men regard
ing dress and toilet" hns proved very
successful, as mauy of his clients de
clare they have not sufficient time to
give to such matters, and are w illing to
accept instruction as to the latest fash
Ion. '
Ills success has induced several la
dles of position to start similar consult
ing rooms for fashionable ladies. In
these cases, too, no names are given,
the business being done by recommen
dation. To such an extent has competition
grown here that many tailors are ready
to attire good-looking men in the latest
fashions gratis In condition that they
recrfmmend them clients. There are
also tailors and costumers who dress
people for a fixed sum annually, renew
ing his clothes on certain dates and tak
ing back the old ones.
Short-Sighted German Students. .
No fewer than 01 per cent of Ger
man students are short-sighted, states
Prof. Colin of Breslau.
In Great Luck.
. "You've lynched the wrong man,"
cried the sheriff.
"Well," replied Alkali Ike thought
fully, "it's a great piece of luck (tat
wo didn't find it out in tine to spoil
the fun." .
Very Unwelcome.
Pandy Pikes Yon don't look wry
ploastnt, pard. Did yvr get a kand-out
at de last house?
Billy Coalgate Yes, but de hand dat
cum was in de shape of a closed fist.
Chicago Post.
Thcrt art Different Kinds.
Newwed Are you fond
Mrs. Coyne I love one.
Mrs. Newwed Footkall?
Mrs. Coyne No; my huslnd.
Boston Herald.
"It seems to me," said tae young
housewife, "there's entirely too much
water in the milk you serve."
"It won't occur again, na'am," said
the foxy milkman. "You see, the
farmer's matt has been giving the cows
oo much salt and it makes 'en wry
thirsty. The farmer's got a new man
now." Philadelphia Press.
Always Consistent
She When are you going to give
me the money to buy that new dress?
He Next week.
"That's what you said last week."
"Xe8 Hn that's what I say now and
am going to say next ek. I aint the
kind of a man to say one tiling one
week and another thing next week."
A Woman's Complexion.
Ia the spring, when the young rota's fancy is rightly
turning to thoughts of love, the young lady of fashion
is spending her spare time ever her complexion, for
the winter months of close stilled rooms, lite hour
and the long round of dissiuation demanded by society
begin to tell strongly on the bloom of the feminine
cheek and a thorough treatment must be given to tone
an the sptem and bring back the freshness before
summer arrives. ,
The fiist thing is to look well after the diet and sec
that it is wholesome and varied, and sufficient ia
quantity to keep up Uie strength.
Some skins in the spring of the year are subject to
disfiguring eruptions and the most approved means of
getting rid of this trouble is to take Vogeler's Curative
Compound, which purifies, cools and cleanses the
blood from all impurities, and removes every trace of
skin eruptions. Beware of any and all external face
and skia remedies, such as lotions, powders, soaps
etc., many of whiclr-are absolutely dangerous, from
the fact that they contain powerful chemicals, which
have been known to mark and otherwise disfigure the
face for life. Vogeler's Curative Compound is made
wholly from purely vegetable ingredients, from the
formula of oue of London's most noted living physi
cians, and has no equal for beautifying the complexion,
because it purifies and cleanses the blood and nukes
pure rich red blood. It also tones up the syslrm,
gives aa appetite, ensures sweet and peaceful sleep,
invigorates and strengthens the entire nervous organi
sation. It makes people well.
A free sample bottle will be sent free by applying Is
St. Jacobs Oil, Ltd., Baltimore, Aid.
A Sleepy Job.
Friend What are you going to do
with the alarm clock?
Salesman Taking it down for onr
Friend Out of order, eh? .
Salesman Not at all. I just get it
to go off at the closing hour. Our store
don't advertise, you know. Philadel
phia Press.
Uttle Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
5m Fat-Simile Wrapper Below.
Tear emmll mmt aa eaay
Got a Good Start.
Ht I was once one of the judges at
a baby show.
Shfc Heavens! How did you es
cape? He We handed in a sealed verdict.
Lost Hair
" My hair came out by the hand
ful, and the gray hairs began to
creep in. I tried Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and it stopped the hair from com
ing out and restored the color."
Mrs. M. D.Cray, No. Salem, Mass.
There's a pleasure in
offering such a prepara
tion as Ayer's Hair Vigor.
It gives to all who use it
such satisfaction. The
hair becomes thicker,
longer, softer, and more
glossy. And you feel so
secure in using such an
old and reliable prepara
tion. Sl.M a sortie. All sretgtsts.
If your druggist caiuiot supply you,
send us one dollar and we will express
yoa bottle, lie sure s.nd give the name
of your nearest express office. Address,
J. C. A VKR CO., Lowell, Mass.
H Point Out a IpUr Mtsappre
Readln', me fn'ml. Is talked about be
all readln' people as though It was tV
on'y thing that makes a man betthec
thin hts neighbors. But th' truth Is that
readln' Is th' nex' thing this side It
goin' to bed rr tvsttn th" mind. With
uios' people it take th' place It wurruk.
A man docsu't think whin h ' readlu',
or If he has to, th' book Is no fun. Did
ye her have something to do that ye
ought to do, but dldu't want to, an'
while ye was within' ye was dead, did
ye happen to pick up a newspaper? le
know w hat occurred. Ve dldu't Jus'
skltu through th' spoortln' lutillyglnce
aii th' crime news. Whlu ye got
through with thliu, ye read th' other
quart nor ft th pa per. Ye read about
people ye nlver heerd Iv, an' happenlu's
ye didn't uudherstand th' fashion
uotes, th' theatrical gossip, th a'clety
news fr'ui Peoria, tU' quotations on
oats, th curb market, th' real-estate
transfers, th' marredge licensee, th
death notices, th' want ads., th' dhry
goods bargains, an' even th' Idltoryals.
Thin ye r-read thlm over again with a
faint Idee ye'd reed thliu befure. Thin
ye yawned, studied th' design It th'
carpet, an settled dowu to wurruk;
Was ye exerclsln ye-er Joyut Intellect
while ye was readln'? No more thin If
ye 'd been whlstllu or wrltlu ye-er
name on a pa-per. If anny wan
else but me come along , they
might asy: "What -a mind Hln
nlsay has! lie's always readln'."
But I w'u'd kick th' book or paaper out
Ir ye-er hand, an grab ye be th collar,
an' cry, "Up, llinnlssy, an to wurruk!"
fr I'd know ye were loallu'. Believe
me, llinnlssy, readin Is not thlnkln'. It
seems like It, an' whin It comes out In
talk sometimes. It sounds like It It's
a kind lr nearthought that looks
glnooyue to th" thoughtless, but ye
can't get annythlng on It Manny a
man I've kuowed baa so doped him
sllf with books that he'd stumble over
a carpet-tack. Century.
Men Being; Imported to Take the Place
of Women Domestic.
Of late Loudon has despaired of solv
ing the "servant girl problem," and baa
set about importing men to take the
places of women In housework. They
are bringing them across the channel
by the shipload, and the servant girl la
rapidly disappearing, from the London
They call these male servants "gen
erals," and there Is no part of house
work that they cannot do, from press
ing my lord's trousers to combing my
lady's hair. These "generals" get wages
ranging from $o0 to $300 a year. They
are civil, clean and neat and are ac
customed to long hours.
This fresh Held of labor especially
appeals to the young man of continen
tal Europe, as it gives him a chance to
escape from army conscription. So far
these men have proved themselvea es
pecially adapted for domestic work.
The experience of the different nation
alities is Interesting. Germans have
been found the best Tbey generally
penk two lnnguagea, sometimes three,
ii ml make excellent house servants. Ger
many and France supply most of the
demand. Italians and Swiss come next
in numbers and qualities, but for good,
rough, all-around work the people who
take the lead are the Egyptians. For
these people there, is a growing de
mand, and the descendants of the
Pharaohs are wrestling the pots and
pans In many an English kitchen to the
mutual satisfaction of employer and
Although the wages of a male "gen
eral" In Ixmdon run from $50 to $300 a
year, the average pay Is $70 a year for
oue who Is not a cook aud $120 a year
for oue who Is.
A Comparison Between American and
English Compensations.
When the new Episcopal palace of
the diocese of New York is raised upon
Cathedral Heights a fund will prob
ably be provided whose Income will be
used to supplement the salary of the
bishop. He now receives $12,500 a
year. An endowment of slightly more
than $30,000, of which a considerable
portion is already raised, will yield the
same income, making a total of $23,000.
From the most important Episco
palian 'diocese in America Bishop Pot
ter draws but one-fourth of the pay of
the bishop in London. The archbishop
of York also receives $50,000 a year,
while the English primate has $75,
000, which maintains no Inconsiderable
state Jn Canterbury, a "city" little
larger than a village. Even In this
country there are many wealthy par
ishes whose ministers receive aa high
pay or higher than that of the bishop of
the metropolitan diocese. -
It'a an old story that the salary of the
average clergyman the man In the
ranks is still miserably low, especially
in the country. A prosperous congre
gation ministered to in constant
anxiety by a cultured man whose life
la one long struggle with poverty Is
feardly a spectacle to inspire either
pride or piety. "The laborer is worthy
of his hire," and he should, receive It
New York World.
Statue of the Late Empress.
, A bronze statue of a woman carrying
a parasol is rather unusual among
works of art, but such has recently
been unveiled to the late Empress of
Austria. It Is situated In a small na
tional park In Hungary, In which the
late Empress was fond of hunting and
At Phillips Brooke' House.
The Phillips Brooks house, at Cam
bridge. Mass., now has 559 contribu
tors, representing not only the United
States, but England, France, Turkey,
Japan, China and South America.
Diameter of J n pi ter.
The diameter of Jupiter, according
to Professor T. J. J. See's new deter
mination, Is 88,203 miles; that of Mars
4,155 miles, and that of Mercury 2,057
miles. '
If you should have occasion to scream
for help, could you make yourself
beard any considerable distance? The
writer of this had a nightmare recently,
mid drenmed that he was being robbed.
He screamed for help, and n boy sleep
ing In the nest room did tiot h r him.
T.tfo to the mot favored la net tlwaya
fall of sunshine, but to the ererage
American girl or woman who Is obliged
to work for her lWlcg, and, perhap
to help others at home, life la often
heavy drag In consequence of illnrwt
Women who work, especially tboa
who are constantly on .their feet, are
peculiarly liable to the deTelopmen
of org ante troubles, and should par
ticularly heed the flrtt mnltttlons,
euoh aa backache, palna In the lower
limbs and lower part of the atomach,
Irregular and painful monthly period
Si .
Wis Eua Bbksxkb, E. Coca est u, Crate,
f!r.tneM, weakness, loaa of appetite
and sleep.
Th young lady whone portrait w
publish herewith had ali these eymp
tomt, end In audition leucorrhoe,
and was cured by Lydia E. 1'inkham's
Vegetable Compound. First, she
wrote a letter to Mrs. Pinkham'a lab
oratory at Lynn, Mass,, describing her
trouble, reeWed ia reply accurate in
struclions what to do to get well, and
now wlshc her namo used to convince
other that they may be cured aa she
The ' same helping hand, free of
charge or obligation, la extended, to
every alltn; woman In America. If
you are sick you are foolish not to gti
this valuable advice, It eotts you noth
ing, and she i sure to help you. Dont
wait until It is t(v late write to-dav.
Can In Harmony.
"How's your music school prosper
ing, Hoomitt?"
"First rate. I've just introduced a
novelty that onuht to take."
"What's that?"
"A class in harmony for married
people." Philadelphia Bulletin.
Looked Reasonable.
"Of course you have your furniture
"No; I don't see the use of it.'
"Your flat is fireproof, eh?"
"Seems to be. There's never th
slightest suspicion of heat In it."
Philadelphia Press.
An Honored Name
"Remember," said the impresniv
person, "that your ancestors have left
you an honorable name."
"Well," answered the titled youth,
ruefully, "it is all riht on a visiting
card, but it isn't much at a bank."
Washington Star.
I have enough good type for
small newspaer and job plant.
No machinery. Will sell cheap
for cash or trade for Portland real
estate. Address
Pm o. box ate,
Portland, Or.
Summer Resolutions
Kceley Cure
Sure relief from liquor, opium and tobacco
habits. Send (or particulars to
f.J.u l.t;i,,l . Moel to 4SO Williams
R68I6J MStllulB A... r.Ka
Getting On.
A gentleman met recently a Harvard
graduate of last June. "How goes it,
Harry?" said ho. "Oh, things are
booming," replied the yonng man,
cheerfully. "I don't get any pay yet,
but I'm probably the best oiler of ma
chinery in New England." Boston
Christian RegiHter.
noil is ronrunz.
Eczema ia caused by an acid humor is
the blood coming in Contact with the
ikin and moducinir Great redness And in.
flammation ; little pustular eruptions form
and discharge a thin, sticky fluid, which
dries and scales off ; sometimes the skin is
hard, dry and fissured. Eczema in any
lorm is a tormenting, stubborn disease,
and the itching and burning at times are
almost unbearable; the acid burning
humor seems to ooze out and set the skin
on fire. Salves, washes nor other exter
nal applications do any real good, for as
long as the poison remains in the blood
it will keep the skin irritated.
"For three yeara I
bad Tetter ou my
bands, which caused
them to swell to twice
their natural slse. Part
of the time the disease
was in the form of run
ning sores, very pain
ful, and causing ma
much discomfort. Four
doctors said the Tetter
had progressed too far
to be cured, aud they
could A- nothinir for
me. I took only three y"'
was completely cured. I
This was fifteen veara 4?
sco. and I have never
usee seen any sign of my old trouble." Mas.
U. B. Jackson, 1414 McCca St., Kansas City, Mo.
S. S. S. neutralizes this acid poison,
fools the blood and restores it to a healthy,
natural state, and the rough, unhealthy
ikin becomes soft, smooth and clear.
cures Tetter, Ery
sipelas, Psoriasis, Salt
Rheum and all skin
diseases due. to a pois
oned condition of the
.blood Send for our book and write us
about your case. Our physicians have
made these diseases a life study, and can
help you by their advice ; we make no
charge for this service. All correspondead
Is conducted in strictest confidence.
( M
t: Vv
Inssalclent Appliance t It ad. Did
Not Prevent Oprratiea.
Good surgeon art often uicu of great
Ingenuity, and thrr are numerous
cases on record of Important and wholly
satisfactory results accomplished jt Ith
rude appliance.. A writer who wa
with the ltrltlsh army lu the Soudan,
gives, In a New -York paper, thl lllu
tratlon of a clever adaptation of uieao
to a dcslrod end;
After th Battl of Onulurmaa w
brought back to'Abadleh 121 wouuded
officers aud men. Of thla number ther
were twenty-oii case of which an ac
curate diagnosis could not b mad by
ordinary surgical mean.
By th help of the Roentgen raya,
however, we found th bullet or proved
Its abseuce In tweuty out of these twen-ty-on
cases, the remaining case being
so ill with a severe wound In the lung
that It was not considered Justlflabl
to examine him at the time.
Of count we had no steam engine to
generate electricity for us, and the des
ert heat had dlssolred our specially pre
pared candles Into their constituents.
Necessity, however, Is th mother of
Invention, and w had recourse to a
unique method. The pulley of a small
dynamo was connected by means of a
leather-strap with th rear wheel of
tandem bicycle. Having carefully ad
Justed the circuit with the storage bat
tery, and also with the voltmeter and
ammeter, a warrant officer took his po
sition on the seat of the bicycle and
commenced pedaling. When fifteen
volts and fourteen amperes wer reg
littered, the switch close to th handl
of the bicycle was opened and th
charging of the battery begun.
As the resistance became greater a
sensation as of riding up hill was ex
perienced by the man on the scat, and
the services of an addltloual orderly
were requisitioned for th front seat of
the taudem.
As this bicycle practice wn generally
Indulged In In a temperature of 110 de
gree la the shade, the orderlies were
not sorry when, at the end of a half
hour, the switch was turned off aud the
macblu brought to a standstill.
tlljh Art
Miss Gush Isn't her complexion
lovely? It'a like a beautifully tinted
china cup I saw
Miss Kohtiiue Yea; it certainly i
a Wuutlfully painted mug. Philadel
phia Record.
aothir Point of View.
Miss Elderly Never in all my life
have I lost my self jHisscssion.
Miss Hypp But if some man had
nt-ked for it doubtless it would have
been different. '
Curious to Know.
The Euchelor-Why, I've
reached my prune.
She What delayed you? Smart
(live better llfru ilon than anythlnn
the mark! at anything like the rlc, bt
raue tliry are niixtw of (rmxt material, tc
atanil "Orritnn riml" Iron rarnvra on
lllm hrawa on slmlts, heavy smxiiicI
Kniwili whrrla. srrewnl rims. W nu want
to Ti-el sure tlml you are (xttlna your nmn- C I
ry'n worth, alc tut ii " H Line" or a 11
MIlrhHI'' (lietiuey) Biuj-y. We mar- I
ante Ibein,
MNohmll, Uwlm Slaw Co.
Beattle, Spokane, Bolne. Portland, Or.
No Sissies. No Tacks. Opens like a paper box, ready fur use.
I Urns hTe cur! boras
iim rru i.n hhus
: ril st Dealers. Hall. Me Free es-Pst s H.ns
r; J. lilt WEN, t'uaet Agent.,
For 71 Years McCormick
for barvestino; the
rr-r. ii-. nr n v
Immiii iim i ' I "
1 vV'''. -J 's' ' ''X jj
W-'4' W";' i
- ."r
The McCormick ( O. K. ) Line of Headers. Mowert, Binder, Rike and
Reapers is described in the FINEST CATALOGUE EVER PRINTED.
Send for one FREE to
A. IL BOYLAN, General Aent,
" McCormick Harvester Co, Portland, Or.
A Nursft Says 1 "Pe-ru-na Is a
Tonic of Efficiency."
Mrs. Kat Taylor, a graduated
nurse of prominence, fives her ex
pcrience with Pcruna In an open
letter. Her position In society and
professional standing combine to glvo
special prominence to her utterance.
CHICAGO, ILL, 427 Mon-otVSt.
"Aa far sa I have observed Peruna i
the fluent tonto any man or woman can
use who ia weak from the after effect
of any serious illneaa.
"1 hare seen it used In a mtmlter of
convalescent cases, and have mhmi mv
eral other tonic used, hut I found that
those who used Peruna had the quick
est relief.'
"Peruna seem to restore vitality,
Increase bodily vigor and renew health
and strength In wonderfully short
In view of the ' great multitude of
women fufferlnu from some fotm of fe
male dl wiie ami yet nimble to find any
cure, Dr. Hurt man, the renowned o'
rialUt on female catarrhal tlifeam'", ha
announced his wlllintEnexa to direct the
treatment Tit as many ram' aa make
application to him during the summer
months, without charge. AddrcHii Tint
Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio,
Their Om Fault
Fond Mother There, my cosm, I
have xnt all the morning making you
some rookie like Aunt Mary's. You
like her so much. What is the mat
, I'imtppotnted Hoys You never cut
'em out with a pail cover!
Sh Didn't Mcsn It :
Clara I had an awful time w lien I
refused him.
Maud How do you mean?
Clara Why, hu took it in en meet,
and I had to explain that I didn't
mean it,
St. Helen's School for Girls.
Thirty third year. Comniudlnuabtitlil.
In. MtMlsrn eUlmeui, Acad-mlo
and eollea-e preparatory rt)'ir. rtw.
clal course In tuti-lo an. I an. Hint,
tratnl catalogue. All departmi-ltll will
rsopen avi'temlwr it.
frimM taiO
A Hmm Sahoi tnr Bmjrm
MIIHmrif matl Mmmmml frmhtlng
Vffltm Sm lllumtratmd Caoue
iiniiiiiiiiat Oil
Ha, sc-iee.
WHKK writing to ad tart leer plesas I
snsatlo this paper.
if xf
ffl liZLt IHstemper or rins Kve with Prussian TTt
PowdsbS. The Alt A S1EAT BLOOD rUIIFlE
sure core for all ailment from which hcaree
vussu nusassi
IhaT been naliur Praastsa Hmh Powders th. nut slrbt month, ana la that
of Heass 14 at Dlstcmprrtml of hroni Umaa.
aaT asm sr" rppumuon in m. SMtMon.
PrwuUw Irmrtf fa., St. f awl, Mien,
PurtUiiil, Ore., aud Sraltle, Waah.
hat manufactured machines 1
crop! of the world.