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Few re entirety free from it.
It mj derelop so slowly as to cause
fcttle If sny disturbance during the whole
period of childhood.
It rosy then produce trreitulsrity of the
stomach end bowels, dyspepsia, catarrh,
and marked tendency to consumption
before manifentlne Itself in much cuUueous.
eruption or glandular swelling.
It is best to be sure that you are quite
free from It, and tor Its complete eradica
tion you can rely on
Hood's Sarsaparilla
The best of all medicines for all humors.
Towne See that man? Well, sir,
ha landed in this country with his
bare feet and now he's got millions.
Browne Gee whixt He's worse off
than a centipede, isn't he?
v dearths Track.
"John Bull is trying to down our
"They'll run him down fast enough
if he gets in the way. "
Tata sl(natare is c erery bos of the genuiae
Laxative Brono-Quininc Tablets
the reasedy tail esurea si emM tm m day
Fhrenologist Your bump of de
structivencss is very Urge, Are you
a soldier or a pugilist.
Subject Neither. I'm furniture
Will Be Wen Done.
Cuticus What are you farmers
preparing to do this year? -
Haycede (absent-mindedly) Sum
mer "boarders, as usual.
Frej Shower.
"A Cornell professor says that frog
spawn can be carried up in the at
mosphere and hatched out in the
"By gum, you bet I'll carry an um
brella the next time I go out."
n II i '
Handicapped by Science,
"I understand that he baa long
been a student of political economy,"
said the visitor.
"He has," said Senator Glucose,
and his economy in politics has kept
him out of office. lie thinks he can
be elected without spending a cent."
Oar Xatleu'S wealth.
Gold and silver are noured abundantly
into the lap of the nation, but our material
wealth and strength is rather itt iron, the
most useful of all metals, just as the
wealth of a human being lies in a useful
stomach. If you have overworked vours
nn til it is disabled, try Hostetter's Stom
ach Fitters. It will"relieve the clogjred
bowels. Improve the appetite and cure
constipation, dyspepsia, bilousness, liver
and kidney disease.
The Shirt
The women claim their feelings hurt ;
They're kicking up a fuss.
Because we men adopt the shirt
That first they stole from us.
Easier Job.
Mrs Cobwigger Foor thing, she
tried to reform her husband and
Mrs. Dorcas .What is she triyng
to do now? ' """
Mrs. Cobwiggre To reform the
PormnMitlr Cured. K fits w narronsBer
aftar iw tfay a.of Tr. KliaV.Onat Nam
. R!ut for tril bottUtBd tanas.
a. I)a.R.U Kuxa.Ud..llArcfc3UPhi44lflu,r
A Suburbanite.
Mr. Isolate (of Lonelyville, on
evening train, embarrassed)--You
may notice that nearly every suburb
anite is bringing out either a new
cook or waitress with him?
Mr. Brooklyn Borough (his guest,
critically) You might call this a
"Cook's personally conducted excursion."
When vou take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
because the formula is plainly printed on every
bottle showint that it is simnljr Iron and Qui
nine In a tasteless form. Ko Cure. i Pay. 60c
Give Up.
A Do you know of anything to do
for seasickness?
B Give up.
"That's just what I did when I
Watrr Drinkers.
Irate Parent I begin to see that
I've got a fool for a son!
Philosophical Offspring Ah, my
dear dad, what a wonderful thing is
hows this:
We offer One Hundred Dollars Seward for any
ease of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's
Catarrh euro.
F. i. CHEXET 4 CO., Props., Toledo, a
We the undersigned, have known F.J. Cheney
for tite past 15 years, and beliere him perfectly
bom rabl in all busln ss transactions and fin
ancial' able to carry out any obligations made
by t-ieir firm.
Wssr TstiX.
Wholesales Druggists, Toledo, O.
Waumso, Kiunas a Mat-.vis,
Vnolesale Drug-isu, Toledo O.
Call's Catarrh Cure Is -rosily, so In
Erectly on the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Pri e 75c per bo' Ue, ijld by sX
druggists. Testimonials fye.
' Drawing Card.
"My dear," said Rev. Dr. Gallory,
"have you had the advertisement of
my Sunday services inserted as usual. "
"I've done better than that," re
plied his clever wife. "I've sent
word to the society editors that Mr.
aud Mrs. J. Blugore De Vorse will
very probably be present. "
An Enchanting Picture.
Mr. Harlemflat That must be an
affectionate passage in that novel you
are reading.
Mrs. Harlemflat It's a description
of a woman's boudoir. Think of a
place large enough to have a boudoir!
Stop th Cempfi mrtd
Wafkm Oft thm Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qutnfne Tablets cure a cold In
one day. .Ko cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.
"What do you think of that whis
ky?" asked the host.
"Well," said the guest, smacking
his lips as he sat down his' glass, "it
reminds me of a good story."
"Let's have it."
"Oh, ' you misunderstand me. I
merley wish to imply that it's worth
Doesn't Boast of It Now.
Nell She used ' to boast Jthat she
was one of the charter members of
the Woman's Suffrage Club. She
doesn't appear to be so proud of it
Belle Oh! she's just as proud, but
you know, the club was organized 15
years ago, and she must have been at
least 20 when she joined.
Lady Bridget, did you give the
gold fish fresh water today?
Bridget Holy St. Patrick! Have
the cratures drank up the whole
bowl of wather Oi gave thim yester
day? Piso's Cure for Consumption is an infal
lible medicine for coughs and colds. N
W. Samuel. Ocean Grove, X. J., Feb 17,
Each in its Place.
Willie Pa, is there any difference
between a violin and a fiddle?
Pa Yes, my son; If you hear it at
a concert or an opera it's a violin,
but when your next door neighbor
plays it it's a fiddle.
Her Handwriting.
Brown Hullo; what's the matter?
Green O, I'm in an awful fix. I
proposed to Miss Gray and have just
got her answer.
Brown And she 8 refused you?
Green I don't know. I can't read
her writing.
Tho Best Proscription for H atari -.'.
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Glove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It Is simply iron and quinine in
a tasteless form. Ko Cure. Ko Pay. Price 60c.
Not Hungry, But .
Young Bride Why, Charlie, you
do not seem to be eating anything
this morning. And I got up early to
make these biscuits for you.
Charles No, dear; I don't feel at
all hungry this morning, to tell the
truth. Your biscuits are very nice
indeed. By the way, I wonder if
there are any of those dog biscuit left
that I bought for Nero Friday.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children daring the teething period.
Danger Signs.
Dusty Dan I hopes I won't run
aginst ennybuddy in dis town wot'll
make me take a bath.
Lay around Lucas Let's go t'roo
dis alley, den ; look at dem guys
sprinklin' wid hose down de street.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
lrurjists refund the money if it fails to cure.
E.W, drove's signature is on each box. 2Sc.
A Shrewd Fellow.
Swieeers That man Killtime is a
shrewd fellow.
Swaggersi Why?
Swiggers He gave a lawn mowing
party yesterday and had the guests
cut the grass.
The Reason.
He It's strange you members of
the Vassar alumni don't hold class
She Not at all. You may as well
ask a woman her age as to ask her
what year she graduated.
Employed by the I, arc Department
Stores 1st New Vork.
A unique calllug has developed Itself
la this city. It may be called that of
the business, doctor. The business doc
tor is a man who goes to busluess
houses and Is allowed to examine thor
oughly the whole working of tha "ma
chine." He finds out, for example, how
the letters are opened and distributed,
how orders are executed, how umuy
people are employed, what la the exact
nature of the work they do, what are
the wages they are receiving, aud so
on. In the case of a large concern he
may need a week to get a full posses
sion of the facts, aud he charges at
least $00 a day for his work. When he
has completed his Investigations he
draws up a report, and adds to It a
number of practical suggestions. His
object Is to prevent waste, and espe
cially to check the constant tendeucy
In working expenses to rise year by
year without any compensating advan
tages. One of the largest department
stores In the city employed the services
of a "doctor" receutly. He found that
the partners came down about 10 and
opened the letters together. As their
correspondence was enormous, the
opening of the letters necessitated a
waste of much valuable time. He
therefore advised that a woman who
was to be paid a salary of $1,000 a year
should be engaged to open the letters
before the partners arrived, aud sort
them, allotting each partner his own
letters, so that when he came down to
business he might deal with them Im
mediately. This recommendation was
adopted, and has been found to save a
great deal of precious time, as was In
tended. He also advised the rearrange
ment of the duties of the assistants.
Some were receiving too much, others
to little. New York Evening Post
With rich, pure, strong trtooa
one is never troubled with sores
or ulcers. A cut or any injury to
the flesh heals in a few days,
f W f ft balm in the form of healthy, new blood; but when the
C J M 1 i Vs. circulation is tainted with poisonous germs, humors or any
J effete matter, a slight scratch or abrasion of the skin
becomes a festering sore, tiny pimples grow to be boils,
swollen joints and inflamed glands often break out into offensive, slow healing
sores. A polluted blood is always a menace to health ; not only does it keep the
skin in a chronic state of inflammation, but every organ and fibre of the body
suffers from an impure and sluggish circulation. You never feel well, you axe not
and never can be well until the system is relieved of its terrible load of impuri
ties. With the blood so contaminated, so deeply poisoned, ulcers, boils and
sores of every kind are apt to become chronic and often develop into Cancer.
O 1 1 . - -. - i.
oorca ana mccm , j Uomm9 afflicted with a severe sore leg-and
often caused by poverty of the to tha foot wa, one BoUd ,ore
the blood and a weak and which was vary offensive. I spent over 81,000
on two trips to Hot Springs, and local physi
cians treated me to no purpose. I had about
decided to have my leg- amputated, when a
friend Induced me to try S. S. S. I began to
take your medicine, and In the short space of
seven month a it has completely and thoroughly
cured me. My leg is a witness today as to what
S. 8. S. will do when taken regularly. The sore
has healed entirely and my health has improved
wonderfully. X have already gained 20 pounds.
Box 25. Winona, Miss.
slew circulation, brought on
by long continued sickness,
malarial poisoning, torpid
liver, the use of mercury, or
whatever is calculated to de
stroy the vitality of the blood
and break down the constitu
tion. These old chronic sores
last sometimes for years, eat
insr into the flesh, muscles.
and even down into
the bones, and are such a tax upon the system that it is hard for the patient to
recuperate, and a simple malady oiten proves tatai.
Nothing so quickly or surely restores lost strength and vitality to the blood as
S. S. S. It is an antidote for the severest forms of Blood Poison, as well as the
irritating humors that cause the eruptions and sores that sap your very life and so
greatly disfigure you. S. S. S. is the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood puri
fier. It contains no mercury, potash, arsenic or other hurtful drug. It cleanses
the blood and purifies the circulation, thus ridding the system of the impurities
that keep the sores feverish and painful. At the same time your general health
improves under the tonic effects of S. S. S., and the skin becomes soft, smooth
and healthy. If you are troubled with boils, carbuncles, sores or eruptions of any
sort, write our physicians all about your case; don't risk your own judgment
when you can get medical advice from experienced doctors free. Book on Blood
and Skin Diseases to all who desire it.
Pony and Rattlesnake
A California farmer, who has three
small children, owns a pony which Is
their constant companion. They have
ridden him, rolled over him. fed him,
and hare come to consider him as one
of the family. When the children went
on an expedition and did not want to
ride, the pony went along as If he had
been a pet dog. A San Francisco news
paper tells the following story of the
pony's presence of mind:
One day the three children went on a
nutting expedition, and while they
gathered the nuts, the pony grazed near
by. Suddenly; almost beneath the feet
of the nut gatherers, there was an om
inous whir, and they saw with horror
a huge rattlesnake colled ready to
The children huddled together, too
much frightened to move, but as the
deadly head went back, there was a
quick trample of hoofs, a rush through
the bushes, and the pony appeared.
With his four little sharp hoofs
brought together he shot up Into the air,
landed squarely on the snake's coll, and
was off again before the wicked head
could strike.
The Interruption had released the
frightened children from the charm,
and they ran a short distance away,
and stopped to witness the conlest. The
rattler was wounded, but full of fight,
and colled again, and again the pony
landed on him and got away safely.
This time the snake's body was nearly
severed In two places, and the snake
was conquered. The pony w alked round
it, and, apparently satisfied, gave a
cheerful whinny and returned to h!s
Had Fan with the Parson.
A clerical friend of mine told me a
capital story of a Yale man who was
the stroke oar of bis crew and the chief
athlete on the football field.
He entered the ministry and speut
years in missionary labor In the Far
West Walking one day through a
frontier town, a cowboy stepped up to
him and said:
"Parson, you don't have enough fun.
Take a drink!"
The minister declined.
"Well," he said, "parson, you must
have some fun. Here's a faro layout
Take a band in the game."
The minister declined.
"Parson," said the cowboy, "you'll
die If you don't have some fun."
And he knocked the parson's bat off
his head and hit him a whack on the
The old athletic spirit rose; the
science which had been learned in the
college gymnasium and forgotten for a
quarter of a century was aroused, a
blow landed on the Jaw of that cow
boy that sent him sprawling In the
The parson walked over him as If he
had been a door rug, picked him np and
dusted the side of the house with him
and then mopped up the sidewalk wtth
his form.
As the ambulance was carrying the
cowboy off he raised his head feebly
and said:
"Parson, what did you fool me for?
Yon are chock full of fun." New York
A Dream Dispelled.
The woman was standing in the door
way, shading her eyes with her hand.
She called across the garden:
"You, Innocence Williams. Come in.
honey, outen that hot sun. You'll burn
yer little cheeks as brown ez a berry.
Come in, Innocence!"
One would have expected to see a
fairy-like creature rise, as from the
heart of a flower, and drift dreamily
over the violet beds. But instead, n
gaunt tall figure, with face browned
and bonneted, shambled toward the
house, dragging a dead rattlesnake by
its rattles.
It was Innocence Williams. "Thar,
mammyl" she explained, tossing the
snake over the palings. "That makes
ten I've kilt sence the fust o' June!"
Atlanta Constitution. '
The Bright Side.
"It is said that lobsters will be ex
tinct In 25 years," remarked Hlland.
"Oh, well," replied Malket, who is
very fond of lobster, "let us not worry
about it Let us look on the bright side.
We may all die before that time."
Pittsburg Chronicle Telegraph.
Half Named John.
There are 14,000,000 Smiths In the
world, according to a statistician.
About half of them are of t-lie feminine
persuasion, and most of the other half
are named John.
S&rx- J7oman
R2n. Valentino Toll How
tydZ , FZnkhsm'B Ye&eto
bla Compound Cured Norm
Happiness will go out of your life
forever, my sister, it you have any
of the symptoms mentioned in Mrs.
Valentine's letter, nnleas you act
promptly. Procure Lydla E. Pink
nam's egetabls Compound at once.
It is absolutely sure to help you. Then
write for advice If there is anything
about your case you do not under
You need not be afraid to tell the
things you could not explain to the
doctoryour letter will be seen only by
women. All the persons who see priv
ate letters at Mrs. Pinkham Labora
tory, at Lynn, Mass., are women. All
letters are confidential and advice abso
lutely free. .
Here is the letter: "It la with
pleasure that I add my testimony to
your list, hop
ing it may in
duce others to
avail them
selves of the
benefit of your
valuable rem
edy. Before
takinjr LydU
E. Pinkham's
Compound I
felt very bad
ly, was terribly
nervous, and
tired, had sick
headaches, no
gnawing pain in stomach, pain in my
back and right side, and so weak I
could scarcely stand. I was not able
to do anything. Had sharp pains all
through my body. Before I had taken
half a bottle of your medicine, I found
myself improving. I continued its use
until I had taken four bottles, and felt
so well that I did not need to take an;
more. I am like a new person, an
your medicine shall always have my
praise." Mas. W. P. Valxxtikk, 56
Ferry Avenue, Camden, N.J.
Waiting for His Man.
A preacher riding down "a ravine
came upon an old mountaineer hid
ing in the bushes with his ritie.
"What are you doing there, my
"Ride on, stranger," was the easy
answer. "I'm a-waitin for Bill
Johnson, and, with the help of the
Lawd, I'm goin' to blow his dumu
head off."
A Sarcaatlo Lawyer.
The late Henry W. Payne, of the
Massachusetts bar, was once defend
ing a charity case, In which a boy of 13
was charged with arson. He msde a
strong case to prove the defendant an
idiot. After a charge from the Judge,
which was practically an order for ac
iqulttal, the Jury brought In a verdict of
guilty. The Judge asked Fayne if he
rwould move for a new trial. "I thank
Von for your suggestion," was the an
jswer, "but I am oppressed with the
gravest doubts whether I have the
right to move for a new trial. Your
honor, I have already asked for and
received for my Idiot client the most
precious heritage of our English and
American common law a trial by a
Jury of bis peers."
Payne had an old quarrel with the
Supreme Court, and never lost an op
portunity of showing his contempt for
that body. Once, riding from Boston
to Cambridge with a load of law books,
he was accosted by a young Harvard
man with the remark: "You have
quite a load, Mr. Payne. Law books, I
suppose?" "Oh, no," was the answer,
"only Supreme Court reports." New
York Trlbnne.
The Poor City Boy.
Ob, the city boy is bundled
In his heavy overcoat,
With his costly leather leggings,
With a silk thing round bis throat.
And be slides upon the sidewalk
Where the ashes have been spread.
And Imagines he Is happy
new '
There's a bill that's high and sloping.
In the country, far away.
Where a boy who wasn't bundled
Fit te smother need to stray:
With the swiftness of the lightning
Down the gleaming hill he sped,
And no sshes ever grate
Oh, I pity the poor city
: Boy who never gets beyona
The nsrrow, ashy sidewalk
Or some hampered little pond;
Ah, the hill was high snd sloping,
And the way was clear ahead
Where a country boy went coasting
First of the Vanderbilts.
The first of the Vanderbilts In this
country was Jan Aertsen Van der Bllt
a Holland farmer, who came to the new
world in the first half of the seven
teenth century, and who settled In the
neighborhood of Brooklyn, about 1050.
As the name indicates, the family be
longed originally to either the village
of Bllt a suburb of Utrecht, or the par
ish of Bllt in Frlsla.
B.iHTTl! A
"SSrl School
For boarding and day pupils.
Opens September 18. Fine
new building. The principal
hss had twenty-three years'
experience In Portland. Cor
respondence solicited. For
catalogues address
J. If. HILL, M. D
P. O. drawer 17, Portland, Or.
SfliHtVHUrlSl 1
I J Best ttmsh Byrup. TauGooi. Use I j
t J In time. Sold T dnirelntii. 1 I
What They Mesa a Leital and Baal
see Transactions.
"Operative words," said a member of
the District bar, "are of the utmost Im
portance In legal documents and la
business affairs,
"Probably the most seriously Import
ant operative word In human affairs is
composed of but three letters, and tt
appears in print thus: 'Yes.' When
she says 'yes' to a man It means that
she transfers her heart and hand, and
formerly all of her property, to him
who asks her to be, etc. This little
word establishes the most Important
contract of society, and, while this con
tract may afterward be dissolved by
mutual consent If on of the contract
ing parties demurs and backs out a suit
for damages la open to the other.
"In auction sales the property put up
in anybody's until the auctioneer says
'gone' or sold' and the hammer drops.
No matter how the sale is regretted, or
how much the parties would like to re
tract It It stands and the court will
sustain It
"In a will they are 'give, devise and
bequeath.' Real property Is 'devised'
and personal property 'bequeathed.'
"In a note the borrower must 'prom
ise' to pay, and In & bond be must
'bind' himself.
"In some States In a deed certain
words are necessary to convey real es
tate. The courts have held generally,
however, that the word 'grant' will car
ry a good title. In New York, tor in
stance, the operative words conntltute
quit a formula, and are 'grant' bar
gain, sell, assign, transfer, set over and
convey." That's the old form. Now
the words 'grant and release' are suffi
cient "la a lease the word let' must be
used. They have an odd formula In
New York, used for centuries, proba
bly, consisting of 'grant' demise and
to farm let' and It applies to all kinds
of property. In a quitclaim deed the
word 'quitclaim' must be used.
Wsshington Stan
Ht po,lW to hiillit. Pxt nertil, Hi nrn.
portion, llwt flnl.U. I.lghli-al rimnliis. Hovvuiy
jtt' hiwi-iimm-, MlK'HKl.t.. I.l
HTATKH dO, forUkiitl, Or
1W and only
lor nn III tnsrkvl,
tiend lur circular,
Mitchell, Uwl A
Hlaver Co.
Portland, Ure.
JOHN POOLE, Portland. Oregon,
feet el Merrisos street.
Can give you the best bargain! in
Buggies, Plows, Hollers and linguist,
Wlmlmills and I'limpi an I General
Machinery. Bet ui before buying
I If!? If II I ITIt fumes kill tli Ilo Hens
UlwL rlttllf Mtiuiut ' lle and feed
yoa. Price, SOe and St. 00 can. Sold by dealers.
0niumwtil m brwlr ol Srai-rlsM Sit ! WrawMWs,
Ivontrtaof our I'HI'MUK UgVlU Mi'B IU. K usil4
Rr-mtum Ik ful t'onltry Sho of Ittw, mt Smi It to ij
akt. ThmtrfHTml ,r Ih nl a nnM Itm klUt iw
jeunUkilrUht. WS ll SWtl(iri(t, Wrt, Sinn.
t u ai."n of aski.ha.MtsiMrNi'hHUN i.u k ah.i.w
kilu,l ill thine fur Htm on kir, n. wworik nlliu Mk
M. il. llowau, (Joasl Aft-ont, I'urtlaud, Ure,
VJIwIqsdIg Boots & Sho
87 and 89 First Street. Portland, Oregon.
. telephone, Oak I3N.
All Kinds Carried in Stock.
Catalogue Furnished
Upon Application.
A Generous Admission,
"You're a little late, my love."
"A mtlo luto. Hut I'm all right."
"Yea my dear. Let me hear you
pronounce the iiiune f the Whitney
horse that won tho Derby,"
"Eh I Tho Whitney horse? Well,
I guess that's a horse on me."
"Never mind my dear. I can't
pronounce it myself."
Summer Resolution
f AK
ICccloy Cuto
Sure rsllof tiom Honor, opium and touaese
fcablUh Sand lor particulars to
ttllSf iBStitlttt.
Mevod ta SO Williams
Ave., Baal Hide.
iu r. x. c.
a. s-issu
HEX wrUlna- l advertisers please
OMKiusMi lata paper.
5 e
AVctetahle freparationror As
similating CicFixxlandRcgula
ling thcStoinacte artlBwcb of
Promotes DigcstionJChcerfuP
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium.Morplune rwr Itinera!.
Not Narcotic.
Apofecl Remedy forConslipa
Tion , Sour Stomacrt.Diarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions .Fcvcrish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
Tho Kind Ton Have Always Bought and tvhtch Has been
' la use for over 30 years, has borne tho alfirnnturo of
and has been modo under his per-
y ' sonal Baperviion slnco Its Infancy.
f-Cct4A4A Allnwnrt nnA tndforclrn vou in thhL
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-erood" aro but?
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Chlldrca-Eipcrlenco against Expcrlmcnte
Castorla Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other NareotiO
substance. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fererlshncss. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles cures Constipation,
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels giving healthy and natural sloop
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
ccnuitic CASTORIA always
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
Tms oommmv, w sntaaav evmsv, ns von err.
You can alvays smell a "deal
He has a costive-looking face.
His breath knocks you down.
He drags his feet.
Listeners to his talk turn their
heads the other way.
His breath poisons God's pure
air. .
He ought to keep clean inside;
that means sweet breath, quick brain, swift moving feet. You can't feel well
and act well with your bowels clogged, sending poison all through your body.
Clean them out gently but thoroughly and keep them clean with CA5CARETS
Candy Cathartic, and you will find that all bowel and liver ills and the nasty
symptoms that go with them are quickly and permanently
CURED BY .y ::
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25c 50c.
Alini" " bowl tronbles. appendicitis, fell
1 1 1 1 U L breath, bad blood, wind
llllnr on tha stomach, bloated bowels, fool
vWIIU month, headache, ludlceatlon, pimples,
pains after catlnc, liver trouble, sallow complexion
and dlzslneaa. When yonr bowel don't move regu
larly yoa are feuinc sick. Constipation kills more
people than all other diseases tocether. It la a
starter for tha chronle ailments and Ions; year of
nflferlng that eons, afterwards. No matter what
all. yon, start taking- CASCARKTS to-day, for yon
will never sjet well and b well all tb time until
yon pot yonr bowel right. Take oar advlcel start
with CASCABKT8 to-day. under an absolute guar
ante to cure or money refunded. m
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fair, honest trial, aa per simple directions, and If yea are
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Take onr advlne ae matter what nils raa atart to
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day. Health will aalckl
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