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foiith di) Lovs fell out one day.
Said Youth to Lofts "I'll go mj way
And leava you broken-hearted.
I'll bo through life without your aid,
I'll neither ram oa man or maid"
And foolishly they parted. ,
OS went haughty Tooth alone!
He bummed a tune in merry tone
And never looked behind him;
While Love, at home, was sad and aora,
And longed for merry Youth once more.
Alaal aba could not find him!
But Touth had not been walking long
Before he hushed hi merry scing,;
Hla heart wn full of sorrow. ,
He found It hard to atay away k
From lAre, if only for a day i
He came back on the morrow.
For Love and Touth apart would dla
Like flowers without dew or sky
They'd fade If they would sever!
As long as there Is tide and time
In every land. In every clime.
Youth and Lore will be together,
rhlladelphia Times.
declining years Is a trust imposed on
me by uiy dead mother."
"Then you are not )ud!fftrent to meT"
She was too honest to deny her love,
She bowed her head In assetit, and tut j
tears welled lu her eyes. V.
"I must get lftia to take me hom.
She turned nnd walked away from
him quickly. Before she had goue a
dozen paces she stopped as If trans-
fliod and looked with dilated eyes Into
an alcove she was passing. . T
Then she ran back to Harry, and al
most fainting, caught bis arm.
"Take me home! Take me away
from here!" "
He hastened to call a carriage. When
they had entered It Esther began to
cry, and be tiled to console ner. in
stinctively he put his arm about tier,
and she did not resist. A moment af
ter It'wag the natural thing to do he
kissed her, and, leaning her head on his
shoulder, she wept until her sorrow bad
abated. He could not Imagine what
"Spring Unlocks
To Ttint tht Lxugbing Soil."
And not even Nature would
without good soil. Now
Nature and people are much
alike f the former must have
sunshine, Utter must have
pure blood In order to have
year, calculating periect neaUlX.
- Several weeka aim the prions of bee!
were put up to a very high notch by
the California dealers, and the inform
ation is given out that puces will re
main alarmingly high for the next two
years. Butoheia explain that the high
n.l.vii bm nincAil now ft dill the fact
that there was a great scarcity of feed allow the flowerS to ffrOW
for cattle ami suwep mat year, ami mat i t..Mm Jn .f-Vrtri
nw. although there iseverv indication and tlOSSOm tO perfection
that there will be an abundanoe of toed
on the ramies, it Is a. most 'difficult
matter to get stock for the botchers'
blocks. It Is admitted that there is
plenty of stock in Nevada, Oregon and
Washington, but it is said that the
owneis have combined and agreed not
to ulaoe anv cattle or sheep on the
market for over a
that there will be a
which will, most
them in riches.
much greater rise,
assuredly, bring
boo &M a
An elderly man rose to give hia teat
to a plump-looking girl on a South aide
oar. ... . ; ' - ' - . '
"Oh, no; thank you," she returned,
M she cuught onto a strap. "I would
not think of taking a seat horn an
older -el I mean, I'd Just aa liuf
stand up," the finished, lamely.
"Now that's all right," the old gen
tionian retorted, in a very loud and
hearty tone of voice. "But you'd bet
ter sit downv I know you fat girls
usually have tender foetl" Chicago
Journal. ' ,
Meeaansers In l.lvery.
Borne of the messenger companies in
Now York city have extended their
service to Buiuilv tliolr patrons with
bovs in livety aa door openers and for
Hood's Sarsaparilla enres blood trontiies goneral "buttons" service, mesu uoys,
of alt sorts. It is to the human system livery and all, may be had by the hour
what sunshine la to nature the destroyer and have proved a distinct oouvenlnce
T AM so sorry this ha happened,'
1 1 sue said with forced calmness. "I
like you much, and thought we
were always to be friends, but you can
see that It is Impossible for me to mar
ry. It la my duty to take care of papa
and my brother and try to take the
ulaoe of my poor mother."
"I felt from the first," said Harry sor
rowfully, "that It was hopeless to think
of you. You are too good for me.
"Don't say that, please, for I like you
much more than any one I know. If I
ever did lo marry, It would be Just
auch a mnn as you good, clever and
generous. ) Bnt you see that It la lmpos
lble. don't youf
He looked Into her appealing eyes,
but could not answer. Nothing Is ao
sublimely tragic as a beautiful girl sac
rlflclne herself to a mistaken sense of
lan Aeroaa Chelan ltlvart
The dam aorosa the Chelan river has
was h, matter tin chM thev arrived been comuloted, except for minor de-
at her home she enlightened him. As tails, which will be added after the
she was leaving him In the conserva- usual spring high water, ma nam is
tory she had seen her father kneeling si construct as to num un
before the widow, proposing to her, and the lake at a level which will pcnjl
had seen her grant him a kiss of accept- hike steamers to land a mile and a half
ance. All her Illusions about duty van- below present landings. Two previous
ished in an Instant Her father wai attempts to coustruct sucn a uaui ere
irettlne another to take care of him, and failures.
her occupation was gone,
"I shall leave home!" she cried, an
grily. "If he marries her, I must leave
'I have a home to offer you," said
It never occurred to Harry that tne
widow had ordered him to propose to
Esther so that she could bring her fath
er, as If by accident, to see the little
scene. She had watehed his niove-
Aa Irrigation Hitch.
Preparations are being made to begin
the preliminary survey of a 100-mile
irrigation ditch to be brought out of
Rogue rivei near Urant's Pass The
ditoli will be 18 feet on top, 8 feet on
the bottom and 6 feet in depth, esti
mated to carry 10.000 miners' inches.
" Candidate for Pitcher.
Harrv Smith, a well known Tacoma
ofdWuse germs. Jl Miw dt'(ifponi.
Poor Blood "The doctor said there
were not seven drops of good blood In my
bod v. Hood's Sarwiiiarilla built me up
aml'niatle me stroiiR and well." Susia h.
Bkown, ltt Astor Hill, Lynn, Mass. ,
Dyspepsia, etc. "A complication of
trout) Ira, dyspepsia, elironio catarrh and
in.lamtiinlioit of the stomach, rheumatism,
eu, mads me miserable. Had no appetite
until I took Hood's Sarsaparilla, which
acted like tuairie. I am thoroughly cured."
N. U. Skiikv, 1874 W. WUt Ave,, Ueuver,
Kheumatlsm " My husband was
oIU;ihI to prive up work mi aot-outitof rhen
niaiixni. -NoreititHlv helped nutil lie useil
Hood's SarsttiHtrilla. whicli periuaiitMitly
cured him. It cured mv daughter of ia
turrli. I give it to the rhildrwii -with good
results." Mas. J. 8. McMATH.Slamford.Ct.
to housekeepers.
Abolish tha Death Penalty
At AlUauv the law-makers are wrangling
over th a ml turn of the Ueatli penalty
The man whosucmtls will prove as great
a benefactor to the breaker of man's laws
as Hosteller's Stomach Hitters has to the
breaker of nature's laws. If you've neg
lected vour stomach until indigestion and
constipation are upon you, try Hostutter's
Btomacn liuters.
A well-known piofussor asserts that
the smallest iutervals of sound can he
better distinguished with one ear than
with both.
I never used so quick a cure as Piso's
Cure fur Consumption..!. H. Palmer,
J Htat (uua Syrup, Imiifci l 1
J In tlme. Sriil JM r '
was naturally snrprlseil.
promptly sympathized with him on loa-
lng his housekeeper, and so wrested
from him the proposal which she had
duty, and she appeared eo sublime to long ago planned. She had not counted
him that lie couldn t help winging uer i on tainor overlooking uer inn ui u"
...j-i .,.,f atlilete. Is attaining aistinciion in too
. .ii La k,.M m .Tniiil ut. According to the Boston Hei-
iuiuubM. .,, - i i:.i.. ... tl
. . L 1. . M..Mnnf,vwv llAl Bill. IllHItl Mm 10 4 IKI1.IH... a... ...v.
to mat unn oi mo rauBvuamij. . . . . , .
liked Harry too much to Interrupt p.tcher's pos.t.on at HarvaH. one of
..,.. , i.. .fc . them boina a Washington boy named
learn before she took the step, but he Smith, attending the dental school.
Of course she
llmid'n rillurejlTiirJil4, 111 .annJirrtUtlMI n4
wiloMlrtl to Uilts wtlh HoixVn HnrHHillfc
In the right
In affairs of the heart a man, espe
cially a young man. needs a disinterest
ed woman to guide, to encourage, or to
check htm, aa the case may require.
Now, Harry Watson was so fortunate
as to have a charming widow as his
confidant and friend. She was several
years his senior, and he was once much
in love with her or thought ne was,
She had poohpoohed his proposal and
told him that, although she thought
him a One, clever young fellow, she had
no take a boy to raise, and that
be mustn't talk nonsense. Of course he
was tragic and went out West to hunt
for grizzlies, hoping to be masticatea Dy
one, but be presently came to his senses
and returned to the city. He was nat
urally rather shame-faced when he met
the widow, but she was so Jolly that he
soon forgot his previous absurdity, and
thet became fast friends.
"You poor boy!" said the widow In
humorous sympathy. "What would be
come of you If It were not for me? But
if you obey my orders I will guarantee
that you will win her,
After thinking the whole matter over
Harry felt comforted, and be felt sure
that the clever widow was going to do
all In her power to help him. But he
did not Imagine that: while they were
discussing the subject the peerless.
elf-sacrlficing Esther was weeping bit
terly and almost rebelling against her
, fate. It yas only by magnifying her
duty to tja appalling grlmness that she
Anally recovered her composure and
soothed the pain at her heart to an ach
ing numbness.
As soon-as the widow felt that Harry
had recovered from the first bitterness
of his disappointment, she, ordered bim
to go and call 9 Either. He obeyed,
aiid a few such calls restored to some
extent their old relationship, and they
could talk more like brother and sister.
And one evening she talked to him In a
most sisterly fashion, warning him
wistfully to beware of the wiles of the
widow. .-'" " ''.'''
"You know I look on you a a brother
and should not like to see one of my
brothers as much in her company as
you are." Of course she is nice, but
Ieople say she is so designing."
"The little minx," said the widow
when she heard of It "I know I am de
signing, but she will And that It l for
her happiness I am doing It howand
incidentally for my own or Just the re
Terse." She of course diagnosed the case as
one of Jealousy, and was pleased. Har
ry didn't understand the last part of
her remark, but be did not question.
"Are you going to the Madison musl-
cale?" the widow asked.
"Yes. Esther and her father will be
there," Harry replied,
"Well I shall be there, too, and I may
want you to do me a favor. Will you
do itr r
On the night of the muslcale the
widow was triumphantly beautiful.
There was the light of battle In. ber
eyes, and that with good reason; for he
had brought ber own affairs and those
of several other people to a crisis. But
no one could look at her perfect figure
and animated face without feeling that
be could conquer, the most obdurate
by ber charms and have her will Har
ry had never seen ber looking so be
witching, for be had never seen her so
thoroughly alert and aroused. Had Es
ther not been present to allure and yet
repel him wtth her lllylike sweetness
and nobility of soul It Is possible that
old thoughts might have been aroused.
But bis eyes were dwelling constantly
on her pure, calm face, and she seemed
to blm more than ever unattainable.
When the evening was well advanced,
the widow' tapped him on the shoulder
with her fan.
'"1 havf come to ask you for that fa
yor," she said.
"I am ready to do your bidding.
"Tak Esther Into the conservatory
and propose to her." .
"I can't." i '
"You must If you do, I think I can
promise you that you will win her If
not to-nlgbt soon afterward. But you
must nropose to-nIght.'? -''
Hope made him courageous, and he
did as he waa directed.
When be had found a sufficiently re-
tired alcove In the conservatory, be re
newed hla proposal with the atately
beauty. But It was In vain.
"It caunot beTt she answered. "My
vim is nnlte clear to me. and I must
n,wtfir mv own feelings to it. I feel
. . Portlurt Market. -
Wheat Watla Walla. 69c; Valley.
60c: Bluestem, 610 per bushel.
flmniii. hut that onlv hastened the ac- Flour Best gra.ies, 3.zu; grauam,
tlon of her plot and she was not sorry 3.65; superfine. 3.15 per barrel. ;
when she heard of It Oats-Choice white. 4SUei choice
Harry waa naturally profuse In his gray, 4i43c per UBUl-
thanks, for his happiness so blinded oariey reeu unBjr, ,..v,
him to everything else In the world that mg. per ion.
he thought It was for his sake that it Millstuffs-Bran, $17 per ton; mid-
had all been done. When this dawned dlings, 23; shorta, 18; chop, ie.0l
upon the widow, she laughed loud and per ton. - .
- Hay Timothy. 89rciover. ?
"Oh, go away," she laughed, "to your is; Oregon -
billing and cooing with Esther! You Butter-rancy- creamery, us.
are such a pair of fools you should be seconds, 3540o; dairy, 8085o store,
hannv together." And she added, some-
No twin: new nrorwws 9 ne sold work. PH.
LANUW OKTH V, N.W. ror. Third nd Murrlson
Mactiluorjr ami Supplies.
vehicles; lenil tor cstsloRiie. lse-liU Front Ht.
Trite for CaUlogiM.
j. i, mupt.
109 East Water Btreet,
Box 11TI, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 25, 1805.
The king of Italy is a oon firmed veg
etarian. ,
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow's Booth
tug Hyrup the best remedy to use for thdlr
ohildrau during the teething period.
A caterpillar oan eat sis hundred
tiuios ita weight of food hi a mouth.
A llou.nh.ild Neo.nltjr.
Kvery horn should hsve hsndy for use a lit
tle box ot Cksusn-u i:ul Cthrtt, u per
tvelKtisrtllHiioltlisUmllr health. All drug-
(ISIS, IOC, UC, tIV. ; . ., . y.
Stationary firemen in Washington, D.
C. and street car men ot Cincinnati
are organizing.
To Oar Cold In One Day
T.ka T.mntiv Rmma . Ouliiins Tablets.
All druggists refund money U it fails to
cure, aac
The oil fever has roaohed Vigo
county, Indiana, and tarin property is
being sought alter. .
riVA VtrmuMtitlr Qurwd.
ill altau HrM Ur'a uw of lir. Kllav'a llnal
Nam Hmmrvr. Bviiit ror rKK S.OO I
boltlaandtnialla. HR. B. It. JUXNUt IA4,
AKit atOMt, i'uUadaliriils fa.
About tha llouia.
A measure ot order, simplicity and
rttnuss must be ohtaiued in the arrange
ment of furnishings, or they will loss
their original beauty and gla th
effect of a medley of furniture, draper
ios and pictures.
A room that laeks tha element oi
oomfoitb) never Inviting, however ei-
pensive ita appointments may be.
In furnishing a bedroom wa are ueai
ing with the lungs of tha house, and
whatuvor else we do wt must not ob
struct the liee entranoe of fresh air.
Tha knaok of adapting ami converting
what one liaa into what she desires is
one ot the most valuable gifts oi ac
quirements that the liomemakor with
good taste and a shallow purse oan
have. -Chicago Times-Herald
tn the sprint cleans your jrtm by wing
Drv lMunder's t)rn lllood riiritlnr.
By a new system Intrduood in the
Boston Union depot one man U aaid
to be able to twitch 780 trains dally.
100 uiwaru to.
Tho readers o! this r-sper will 1 pleased to
karn that thera is at lat oua dreaded diMrase
that aelvuce has Uwn able to mira In all Us
atas. ud that tscatarrh. nU'st:atrrh Cura
la iba only poaltlvo oura knowu to tha meUleal
Irattiruliy. t auirrh bains acoiislltuUonaldla
aaaa, requires a ooinmnilunal treatment,
u.u a l .larrh Cnr l taken Internally, ai'tlng
dlnlly upon the blood and mucous surietwt
ottha system, theraky dealroying tha foumla-
tloo or tne uiaeoaa, ana p"ii
stransln by butininit up too iHimuioiipn aim
aaalsilng nature In aoiug us wora. im ito
prialors have so miira faith In lis eurative
powers, that t hay offer One Hundred Dollars
fur any uaaa mat n aua
ot toaUmoBlals. Addrasa
to. Ot IHHU 11H llloaiVl'led
that tha small of flowers la injurious to
tha voice. lie declares trial icviirai
opetatlo ilngeta of hU acqiialntaneeow
tha lot of their Toieea to uioir phssiwh
for oerlain sweet imellliiB flowers.
Sour Stomach
Artar I was ladaeed t try t ABOA.
M K'I'a, I will natsr be alihout ilium In the Uotite.
My IWar waa In a eery Suil alute. ami my hesd
aehed and I San Motuaek uvuUia. Now. Slnra
Ins Camareu. I leal Rne. My aire ImislaoaMd
(lien with beoeSulal raaulta lr iir iiiiimeli '
Jos. MuauuMU, DUl CmitreM St., at- lault, Mo.
uaaa that It (a'.la to oura. Hand tor ltat
r. J. CIIKNEY CO, Toledo, O.
Hold he dnnreUta. 7.V).
Uall's Vainlly I'Uls ar tha beat.
Pokln if a city of dust, like most
Chinese towns. Nevertheless, tho
only store that have glasa windows aro
those of the watuhmakeia.
ikaki into lot it anoKi.
Plaaaant. Palaiahl. Tnl (Inoi. r0
ia. h. '.r"u..i. Wsn. ot Url,.o. Ita. M.tUe.
Mru. Swwily ""'', ''T,!,"?', ,"1
Bold urtfu'inwcll'i BMSruc
llaia lulls 'l'..ii tlahik
A Child's Idesj, ;
"Your papa is iiiflerlng ovureljp
from earache." said Mrs. to
her small daughter, "o you must konp
veiy till."
"Oh, dear, will ho have ear-eslp
elasf" aaktxl the ohll.1. who had in
some way derived tha -Impression Dial
erysipelas was in some way connected
with earache., l,iltbug"'Cliroiiliila
Telegraph. : - " ':;
Baron Cnraon la theel'evunlli vloetoy
of India since it was hamled over to
tha borne governiueut tii
what mischievously: "You see, I am. In
a sense, taking a boy to raise, after alL
Bnt you will find me an Indulgent mother-in-law."
. .
When the planet Mars Is nearest the
earth It Is 3G,000,000 miles away.
The California woodpecker will car
ry an acorn thirty miles to store In its
nest. ' . ''','
In Russia servants kiss their mis
tress' hands both as morning and even
ing greetings.
The longest canal In the world la In
Russia. It extends from St Peters
burg to the frontier of China, and
measures nearly 4,600 miles.
In Peru It was once the custom for
domeetlc servants to have two of their
upper front teeth extracted. Their ab
sence Indicated tlielr ervltudeJ.'"', T
The drill of the-Reriiftn soldier was
exceedingly severe. It comprised not
duly the use of weapons, but running,
urnplng, climbing, wrestling, swim
ming, both naked and in full armor. ,
The largest hornet's nest that has ever
been taken undamaged was more than
yard In circumierence ana one root
four inches in length. . It was found
suspended from a. roof of a bouse on
the Earl of Clarendon's estate, and
weighed barely three pounds. It waa
said to contain 780 insects.
The deepst lake In the world, so far
as known, la Lake Baikal, in Siberia.
While nine thousand square miles In
area, or nearly as large as Lake Eric,
It is four thousand feet to 4,500 feet
deep, so Jhat it contains nearly aa
much water as Lake Superior. Its sur
face la 1,350 feet above sea level, and
Ita bottom nearly 2,900 feet below It
Ten pounds, dressed!"
that to take care of uiy father la bis the delighted young father.
Poultrv Chickens, , mixed, S
per dozen; hens, $i.005.00; springs,
1.253; geese, 8.007.00 for old,
$1.50(8)5 lor young; ducks. $5.00(1
5.50 per docen; tnrkeys. live, 10(3
16c per pound.
Potatoes $1 1. 10 per sack; sweets,
8c per pound.
Vegetables Beets, 90c; turnips, 75v
per sack; garlic, 7o per pound; cab
bage, $1(31.25 per 100 pounds; cauli
flower, 75o per dozen; parsnips, 75
per sack; beans, 8c per pound; celery,
70(3 75c per dozen; cucumbers, 60c per
box; peas, 333c per pound.
Onions Oregon, 60 75c per sack.
Hops 1517o; 1897 crop, 46o..
Wool Valley, 1013o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, ' 8(8 12c; mohair,
Sue per pound.
Mutton Owes, best sheep, wether
and ewes, 4o; dressed mutton, 7,lC;
spring lumbs, ? Hc per lb.
Hogs Uroes, clioice heSvy, $4.50;
light' .-anil feeders, $2.50(38.00; dressed,
$5.UO6.00 per 100 pounds.
Beet Gross, top steers, 4.00$t.50;
cows, $3.60 3. 00; dressed beef.
6t?6Lj'c per pound.
Veal Large, 67c; small, TK8c
per pound. ...
For Mills, Mines. Shops and rartts; Steel Log
trlng and Hoimln Knglnrs: line Chlet .
Tooth Saws, Albany ircae. tie.
27 to SS Find Street Portland, Or.
Bl-M trcmoui ailed, bau Francuro.
JOirN ' POOLE. Portlard, Oaroo.
can icive you the best buiyalns In general
inacliiucry, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts nud wimlmills. Tha new
steel I X L windmill, sokl by him, laun-equalled.
Ito flworaerTotnnra
) ma
Italy's budget for tho
expected to be a surplus
deficit in the teveuuet.
year la
of a
Allen's Foot-Easo, o powder for the feet.
It cures painful, swollen smarting fort and
Instantly takes the situs; out of corns and
bunions. It's the eirnlvt comfort diseuv
rv of the aire. Allen's Fool-Kims makes
tigbt-llttiiiK or new shoes I eel easy. 1 1 is a ;
certain cure furcbllblaiua, sweating, damp, 1
callous and hut, tired, aching in. W
have over Ki.miO tentimonials of cures. Try .
it today. Bold by all druinrlat and sho
stores. , Pv mall for in swinpa. Trial
fMM iaffe KIIKK. Adiresa Aileu e. Olm
s ted, Le Jtuy. M. Y'.
Joseph II. Choate. Jr., has applied
for admittance to the Middlo Temple,
iu Loudon, for a itndy of law. ,
ir.r 'eft
gwrvtval of the Witchcraft Ielaalon.
It la more than two centuries sinc
people were hanged at Salem for being
witches, and so rar as we Know tni
witchcraft delusion Is extinct In the
United States, but It seems to survive,
at least in a mild form. In England.
In the suburb of Heavttree, near Ex
eter, a quarrel recenuy arose Detween
two neighbors, women, which berore
long came to the knowledge of the peo
ple of the neighborhood, une or me
women uttered this accusation against
the other: - -:. "
"You wretch, you always keep a
black pig and a white pig, so that you
can witch us: You ought to be scrag
ged!" '
"Scragging" means hanging, ana tne
woman who made the accusation was
evidently convinced that the other had
committed a grave offense. Inquiry
was made Into the . ise of the woman
so accused, and. it was found that she
bad lived in her cottage at Heavitrea
some twenty years; and throughout
that period, ber neighbors averred, she
had always kept two plg of course
not always the same pigs one of
which was always white and the other
black. " " "
No butcher In the neighborhood will
ever buy her pigs, as, If be were known
to do o, he would certainly lose hla
custom. She therefore has to sell them
at a distance. It Is assumed that the
woman herself believes In the notion,
since if she did not he would hardly
take the trouble to keep always a white
pig and a black pig.
, Naturally. . "
Thla story, relating to a young pork
packer In Kansas City, Is circulated
quietly among bis acquaintances:
A new baby bad arrived in his fam
ily, and he was very proud of it. While
several friends were congratulating
bim In his office, and smoking cigars at
hla expense, one of them asked him:
"Br the way, 4 how mucb did the
cherub welKh?" - '
Brattle Markets.
Onions, 80c$1.10 per 100 pounds.
Potatoes, $35640.
Beets, per sack, $11 25.
Turnips, per sack, 50(3 76c.
Carrots, per sack, 75c. ,
Parsnips, per sack, 85c(g$l. -Cauliflower,
$1.00 per doa. .
Celery, 8540o.
Cabbage, native and California
3.60 per 100 pounds.
Apples. 0c$l per box.
Pears, 60c(g$l.60 per box. ' .
Prunes, 60c per box.
Butter Creamery, 23c per pound;
dairy and ranch, 12 18c per pound.
Egs, 18c-
Cheese Native, 13c. '
Poultry Old hens, 16o per pound;
spring chickens, 14c; turkeys, 16c
Fresh meats Choice dressed beef
steers, prime," 8c; cows, prime,
8c; mutton. 8c; pork, 7o; veal, 810o.
Wheat Feed wheat. $20.
Oats Choice, per ton, $26.60.
Hay Puget Sound mixed, $7.00(3
8; choice Eastern Washington tim
othy, $12.00.
Corn Whole. $23.60; cracked, $24;
feed meal, $24.00.
Barley Holled or ground, per ton,
$2526; whole, $24.
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.85;
itraiithts, $3.10; California brands,
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $3.(0; graham,
per barrel, $3.60; whole wheat flour,
$3.75; rye flour, $4.60. ;
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $15;
shorts, per ton, $16. '
Feed Chopped feed, $21($23 per
ton; middlings, per ton, $22; oil cske
meal, per ton, $35. , , ,, ,. , ,;,.
1 . Saw rraeetica Market.
Wool Spiing Nevada, 9 (8 12c per
pound; Oregon, Eastern,' 10(?!l2o; Val
ley, 15l7c; Noithern, 810c.
Millstuffs Middlings. fiS21.S0;
bran, $15.60(3 16.60 per ton; : e , '
. Onions Silv6rkin,60390cper sack.
Butter Fancy creamery, 17 18o;
do seconds, 16 17c; fancy dairy, 15o;
do seconds, 14 14$c per pound.
EgKS Store, 1 60;. fancy ranob,
161?o. r ?."- ' -
Hops 1898 crop, 15o. . ...
Citrus Frnit Oranges, Valencia, $2
2. BO; Mexican limes, $4.60 5; Cali
fornia lemons, 76c3$l. 25; do olioioe,
$2.60 per box.
Hay Wheat, $18 18.60; wheat an 1
oat, $13(916; oat, $1416; best bar
ley, $12(313; alfalfa, $11013 per ton;
straw, 4070o per bale. '
Potatoes Early Kose, $1.60 1.76;
Oregon Burkanks. $1.66$1.86; ilver
Burhanks, 76o$li Salinas Burhanks.
$11.10 per sack. .
Tropical fruits Bananas, $1.60
2.1S0 per bunch; pineapples, $2.60
4.50; Persian dates, 66Xo pe
A Good Calenlater.
When Sir Thomas Moore Was Im
orisoned in ilia Tower of London for
ntfuRina to sullv bis conscienoe, his
wife railed at him for his folly in re
maining in a filthy prison when be
might be merry at home with bis
family and in favor also with the king
and council." . '
He replied: V Why, good Alice, la
not this prison aa near heaven as my
own home?"
In answer to her sneer of contempt
he asked: "How long, think you.
might one live to enjoy this bouse of
"Perlisps some 20 years," was her
"Were not be a bad calculator, then,
who even for a hundred or a thousand
years would risk the loss of an eter
nity?" ,
Thought Ha Deaereed a Kelt.
. A tramp with his arm in a sling,
called on Oilliooly for a copper, alleg
ing that his arm had been injured in a
recent railway accident.
"But yesterday you had the other
arm in a sl;n." replied Gilhooly.
"Well, supposin' I had. Don't you
suppose a feller's arm gets tired of be
ing tied op all day? Besides, I've got
concussion of the brain, and can't re
member half the time which arm was
broken." Stray Stoiies.
To Make Traclna; I'aper.
Over a gentle heat warm together an
ounce of Canada balsam and a quarter
of a pint of spirits of turpentine. When
cold, brush the preparation smoothly
over one side of a sheet of fine tissue
paper. When dried in, this prepara
tion leaves the paper very transparent,
md, as it is not greasy, the tracing
aper may be used without fear even
111 delicate fabrios. Cinuiuuati Com
mercial Tribune. ' ' '
There was a voting man from Lenore,
Who boidlv went off to the war;
The "beer1 made hint sick, - "
lie recovered quite quick
lly the prompt use of old Jesse Moore.
A fossil dinosaur that must have
been 130 feet in length has been found
near Laramie, Col. The remains were
found by Prof. W. II. Reed In the Jur
assic strata near Laramie.
tse Dr. Plunder's Oregon Blood PurlOsr now.
Once npon a time a very lovely lady,
who lives in 1 street or at least I
think it's 1 stredt advertised for a
batler. Divers and sundry poisons ap
plied for the plaoe, and among them
ona man pleated her very muuh indeed.
H had been butler, lie said, for Oon.
Saah-a-One, and Mrs. ' UenV Such-a-
One, he was quite sure, would recom
mend him. Acooidingly. madam sal
down to write a note to Mrs. Gen.
8uch-a-One, asking about him. Mow.
madam, as all her acquaintances know,
la the most ahsent-miruled woman the
shadow of the monument ever fell on.
She wrote the note, but in it there was
no mention of Higgins, the butler. In
stead the note read:
"Dear Madam: Will you kindly toll
me what the habits and characteristics
of Gen. Such-a-One are, and how long
he has lived with you?"
Mrs. General's reply drova an tne
cobwebs from the ahseut-mindod
woman's brain.
"Madam." it ran, "as to Gen. Such-
a-One's habits and characteristic, they
are matters of which public record will
inform you. As to how long he lias
lived with me, it is noue of your busi
ness." And the last four words wore em
phatically underlined. Washington
Post. . -.
la Caetrn'e IMiel.
llorporal Joseph II. De Castro en
listed when 16 years old. At Gettys-
, I 1 .1 - , tl'l.un
ours ne was mieauj a iwiu. 1 -Pickett
made his great charge and the 4Mfn.n.
men in blue and the men in gray were
mixed up in a tangle before the union
lines. Corporal de Castro, who was
color-bearer of the Nineteenth Massa
chusetts, engage in a duel with a bin
ooloi-bearer in gay. The two men
clubbed the staves of tiieir flags and
went at It hammer and tongs. The
other man was larger, but De Castro
was young and agile, and finally laud
ed a blow on his adversary's bead and
wrenched away the flag. It was the
colors of the Nineteenth Virginia. N.
Y. World.
1 Dr. Footc
(SI Adams Street,
ruiunis BMUaa."
xotuaivtuv rort .
, .it Mwaai ten epearaM aHeaes
: itiitVnm mi -m
.,..1 .a. tilt'
bclull( prfsw-t eytaom O hoot tlil
ThM Dhrs taut ttv br$. Uf.$T
trsaststai aviimnUirrs ,a lnotw
m, sUNi it iniMrt
mJl l'nftrtttivittoiitawimis.
for tdfitw Msl twf llf" "
tantraMfiwi fcilnwilal iirf
4UMl iMBstt SKtUtppaxl tMn1lrl Ull
lifina taravrtitHsIni U t d, W
kg$yti far siwtUKAsxa.
The Lake Carriers' Association 00
the chain of lakes has advanced wages
of Seamen $5 per month for this season.
Pure Tea
in packages
at grocers'
In Paraguay, a gentleman Is en
Joined by the laws of good sooiety to
kiss every lady to whom ha is Intro
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effecta of the well known remedy,
By hup or Fiob, manufactured oy 1110
CAuroHKIA Flo 1M .. IllUhtrato
the value of obUlnlng tne nquiu iu
tlve principles of plant known to bo ;
medicinally laxative and iireartillim
them in the form moat refreshing U, the
taate and acceptable, to the system, it
la the one perfect atrfnjrtlunlng laxa
tive, eleaoaW the avatem effectually, ,
dispelling olda, hentlaches and fever
gently yet prtmiptly and rnabllng ono
to overcome naoivuai omiiaiu i" .
manently. Ita perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub
stance, aud Ita acting on the kidney a,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, make It the ideal
laxative. , ""."''",", '
In the proceaa of manufacturing flrre
are uaod, aa thev are pleuhunt U the
taate, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic pliiuts. by a method
known to the CAi-iroHrtiA no nvtu'r
Co. only. In order to get Ueneuciai
effocU and to avoid liultatlona, pu ax
reniember the fnll name of the Company
printed 00 the front of every package.
an raAdoiaoo, oAt.
mmim.M ltr trsw YOBK. . T.
ror sale by all bsflta. PrKa Sue, per bottle.
How Ther Sron(.
Mrs. O'Brien Have yoo annyancis
tors, Mrs. Kclley.
Mrs. Kelly And phat's "ancistors,"
Mrs. O'Brien. -
Mrs. O'Brien Why, people youv'e
shprung from. -
Mrs. Kelly (impressively) Listen
to me, Mis. O'Brien: I come from tiiS
rayat shtouk av Douffhnes thot sphritig
from nobody tliey sphring at thim.
Puck. :' I -"1 .: f ' ' A '
. ; ' , - 1 j . .
'' Wh Ha Got.
Tom She let ma kiss the hair on
ber forehead.
Dick In other words, she gave you
a bang on the month. N. Y, World.
Emperor William, of Germany, baa
announced his intention ' of visiting
England jn the summer, to be present
once more at Cowes durijg the August
yachting. ' t ' A
Flour Adoltaratloa tn Italy.
In the Alta Italia a well-known
Bretscian firm received a visit the
other day from the 'sanitaty officer of
lililan and was fonnd to have on the
premises, for supply to the baking fra
teiriitv hiriie quantities of flour adul
terated with "coallna" that is, the
double, silicate of alum and potash, a
substance employed in porcelain manu
factories and very pernicious to health,
Following up his search the officer dis
covered in several baking-houses of
Brescia another quantity of "flour
furnished by the same Arm and con
taining from 0.85 to 4.0 per cent of
sulphate of barium, a powder not ao
tually poisonous like the "coallna,
hut very heavy and hurtful to the 0011
turner's stomach. . Convicted of this
serious contravention of the sanitary
law, the head of the firm in question
was put under arrest.
Menstruation, the balance wheel of
woman 'a life, is also the bane of exist
ence to many because It means a time of
oria.t aufferinir.
While do woman is entirely free from
periodical pain, it does not seem to have
ture's plan
that women
should suffer
ao severely.
Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vege
table Com'
pound la
the most
thorough fe
male regul
tor known to
medical sci
ence. It relieves tha condition that pro
duces ao much discomfort and robe men
atruntlon of its terrors. Here la proof!
Dkab Mrs. Pikkham: How can
thank vou enouirh for what you have
dona for me T When I wrote to you I
waa. suffering untold pain at time of
menstruation; was nervous, had head
ache all the time, no appetite, that tired
feeling, and did not care for anything.
I have taken three bottles of Lydia E.
Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound, one
of Blood Purifier, two boxes of Liver
Pllla.and to-day I am a well person, I
would like to have those who suffer
know that I am one of the many who
hava been cured of female complaint
by your wonderful medicine and advice.
Miss Jbnkib R. Milbs, Leon. Wis. -If
you are suffering In this way. write
as Miss Miles did to Mrs. Plnkhsm at
Lynn. Mass., for the advice which sha
offers free of charge to ail women.
'jV 7 Ja. eaV ft
Of lha same troubles from whti'h you ar
siiflorlnt will wire you. I iioumikI of r opia
WllO ware orosen tiown, weaa alio iiao a hiwi
lea ling owe their teetil xk1 lieelth to
Moore's Revealed Remedy
It ruraa. Kotlitns Injurious or bail ta-tln
aUiat It It la fy ani l. a-ant 10 lake. Ttj a
bottle at your ilrttxslsia, a boilla.
IKRS.jSit. WaaMnaiaa. u. G.. Iliey win re.
eelve uulck reuliea. M. Mil N. II. Volt,
HiaS autti Corpa. Proaeulln alalms sliiel7S.
ONE FOR A DOSE. fr Slew "...dacha
iad JifflpepMla, Heaiota limolMSnil Purlly tha
Blood. Aid IHiriiitloaan4l'rafentlllll(Hienen. lie
aotliiipevf Hlrk.a. Toeolnlore mu, we will mall
'male rrea, ar run not ivr sir, na, H.mAnavw
1U., r hllaWa., (ouaa. Hold by lrl.u. .
rlTjIIl N(lPIIe proiiu.-. aaeleture .nit mum lulilna,
riil furai, .H Miln.l, Si.. dln.r I'r.lru.l.i.t
PUm are rur.1 hi Or. BnaanUo'e Pile )emed
flAue linine ana ll..'iiiie. Miie'iru. tumor, wh:
Jw at eunl liyni.ll. Tr..llM fre. Write
a alMMtyeure
II rt RltMAMao,tblU4a.,la,
Per O'liHirrh'-m arul IIIM e.l Palafu Otuy SraHSn. 1
le Itie ON1.T niMlMiiae aliUli wta ur ru h aia every
mm. So CASK lnwa a hae ever to niru, ne
aimer how mrUff ar u " knis Urlln. Kmeilia
from lie am elll aabHilah you. II to Wrf.ielr aafa,
trrwrtabi etr1.-tun, anil naa he lakna wlllmul limiiive
Irnre and d-tMillii, fr.n Iwliira Mill K. 1
! hy all relielde dniMa, ur a-ul mutaud ay eaunaa,
Unmlar Bulled oa ruwa, .
Relief at Last
PrulAed lie thimtartfla or lailtea aa safe. at
waye reliable and wlthc.ul
ait iiii.l. A-k ilriiKK'u'
Vr. HarterBKrearhreniKle
f'llla In niAtMl ImiX wlia
- Preneh fine on (Ob In Hloe.
While and Red. Inalut oa having the genuine.
Seller tar Weman," mailed r it kk in plain eeaii
letter with teetlitionlalearrilaarllRiilura, AddreH,
MUCH 0RUI1 CO.. .81 see BJ Pearl St., M.
Wa suarantos to flt every cam umteriaka,
lJOrt put It off; write for particular, at oiuta.
V. H. IVOOIIAHII CO., K apart TruaS
a-lttars, ios saeoud Btreet. Portlaud, Or.
tl t..Ul.J
M is i iMiir
W --etw ma
I'M 111 M fiif Villi l is rial
tltewllaUtfiM, IliltttllllMMltiiriaJ,
IrrliKltoii ur Hlis-ntHuim
Of 111 II DIM mvllllilNlM'.
Ifrtsw mmi. I'h.imi'iw, ftnd mmI smu.iu
THfMl0MWlOll0l. I-'"1 or IWIsIomuim.
' mi in pi. in wrupppp,
l T 1 iMlttlP.. tl Ifl.
L'trutiUr iMiit m 1x4 umI.
n. r. N. u.
IN wrltlna to
mentions tills
fteartlaara uleaea
vVjl P f) 0
, 1. V.. .. I ., . u- 4 1. rIV.I . wa11
takes the place nl arralitig kalsomlnea, wall
. paper ana paint lor wane, c cau le uaed oa
punar, urics, wooa ur cauv
Alabaatlnseaabeuied over patrit or papers
paint or paper tan be used over Alans.tlnn.
buy only la five pound packages, properly
labeled; take ao substitute.
Every church and schoolhoiiaa should tia
noald only with Alabaatlnu. Ifiiiiilreds of
tuna iiiril yearly for thla work. Ueuulus Ala
bastius doos uot rub aud seals oft.
Alahsstlna parksges have full dlrertlnns.
Anyone oau bru.h It on. Ak paint OValer for
lint card. "Alalja.iltie Era" Ins. Alabastlu
Co., Oraud Bullae, U)uli.