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Ks cried out hi aaeryfend thay ran
to the neighbors Xiu help. -Sciatic
was torturing Him, Better run tor St.
Jacob Oil, or have It handy. It is
known to cure the worst cages, and
tare effoeUisUy.
The power in ciao to think Ii the es
sence of his tout. Thought can de
stroy, thought can save. Prenlis , Mil
ford (aid: "Thoughts are things."
Can yon see this thought called things?
By intuition man perceives that thought
are things; by Intellect he realises the
thing, the effects. The power 0f
thoughts has fathomed the depth of the
heavens and Drought ua the com
forts and luxuries of oar present civil
i nation. -
In tho Head
Is an Inflammation of the mucous mem-
bran lining the nasal passages. It
caused by a cold or succession of colds,
combined with impure blood.. The way to
cur It Is by purifying and enriching the
Diooa wna uood'a earsaparilla. This
Bieaicine cures catarrh whoa all other
preparations faiL ; . Remember
Hood's Sarsaparilla
la America's Greatest Medicine. XI; six for IS.
Hood'e Pills core constipation. 2S cent.
The United States bas 437,663 coke
ovonas Pennsylvania 80.910.
The capital Invested in cotton mills
in bonta Carolina no? amounts to f 18,
Ttia.uuu. .
it is estimated that 88 per cent of
the silk goods need la the United States
are the products of our own factories.
Ibe labor press announces that R.
V. Debs has severed his official connec
tion with alt labor onions, and will
take the lecture platform.
A writer la an exchange declares
that 600.000 men now do the work, with
ine am ox machinery, which needed
16,000,000 to do a lew years ago.
Tbo membership of the Cigarmalere
International Union is taking a vote
-on a proposition to abolish the ont-of
work benefit and to reduce the death
beneflts about 20 per cent.
A.OS'ioaaa -ef-Vh e New England
cotton mills may be making silk a few
years from now. ,-. Some of them have
cajnght on already to the advantages of
making the change. K
; It Is reported that English machine
builders have contracts for the equip-
-ment ot many cotton mills in India,
inoloding 11 mills being established in
Ahmedabad, where sis more may be
in progress of construction.
After an idleness of four years the
113-inch mill of the Glasgow Iron
Company of Pottstown. Pa., has been
put in operation, as was also a 65-inch
mill of the same company, giving em
ployment to nearly 600 men.
The first woolen mill in the Chinese
empire is a boat to be established, and
it will be fitted np with American ma
chinery. Even u our own woolen mills
are failing, our machine workers ap
pear to do ootng a good business.
No household is complete without a bot
I tie of the famous Jesse Moore Whiskey. It
is a pure and wholesome stimulant rec
ommended by all physicians. Don't ne
glect uua necessity.
The original manuscript copy of
America's national bymn, "My Coun
try, r is oi Thee," written in 1833 by
Samuel Francis Smith, is now in the
famous Vatican library in Rome. A t
one time it was owned by David Pell
Secar, of Bridgeport, Conn., having
oeen persentea to mm by the anthor.
lbs Kev. Dr.. Maber, while visiting
inr. secar a lew years ago, saw it and
suggested that it be sent to the Vatican
library.' '- ' -. ,
ftTt Fermmenttjrcorte. ffoftuor aarvowmee
i - - ,T B"u r of Dr. Kline' urea
JorrelWorer. anl lor FBfeS et.oo trill
r.'...iil trw,tM. DSL 1J. liime x.a US.
Women eat so little and so irrega
iiuiy mat n is a wonder it nas never
occurred to Uncle Sam that they would
make good soldiers. -
These Grateful Women Woo Have
Been Helped by Mrs. Pinkham.
Women who have suffered severely
and been relieved of their ills by Mrs.
Pinkbam's advice and medicine are
- constantly urging publication of their
statements for the benefit of other wo-
. men. Here are two such letters:
Mrs. Lizzie Beveblt, 358 Merrimao
6t, Lowell, Mass., writes:
" It affords me great pleasure to tell
all suffering women of the benefit I have
received from taking Lydla E. Pin It
ham's VegetableCompound. I can hard
ly fiodwordstoexpresamy gratitude for
what she has done for me. My trouble
was ulceration of the womb. I wss un
der the doctor's car. Upon examina
tion be found fifteen very large ulcers,
but he failed to do me good. I took sev
eral bottleaof Lydla E. Plnkham's Vege
table Compound, alao used the Sanative
Vua, and am cured. Mrs. Plnkham's
medicine saved my life, and I would
recommend It to all suffering women."
Mrs. Amos Tbomblsat, Ellenburgh
Ctr.. N. Y- writes!
" I took cold at the time my baby
was bora, causing me to have milk
legs, and was sick in bed for eight
weeks. Doctors did ma BO good. I
sursly thought I would die. I was al
so troubled with falling of the womb.
I could not eat, bad faint spells aa
often as ten times a day. One day a
lady came to see me and told me of the
biucfit aha had derived from taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's medicine, and ad
vised me to try it. 1 did so, and had
taken only half a bottle before I waa
able to sit in a chair. After taking
three bottles I could do my own work,
I am now in perfect health."
v i 1
n , jH fVair Aisa t,ua
'm mul ffniK'i) :-i-ni In their own lown
' ti.u f tn Shi a rtny etiy. Something
" ! '. esporlem'tf Bend
t i , i...-i 1 sikI jn, IvrtUiid, Or.
Gold Bearing Rock Crushed on
That of Any Mining- District
ington Lead in the r reduction
The Greatest Minos In the World.
More gold-bearing rock is being
crushed on Douglas island, Alaska,
than in an equal area in any other
country in the world.
The Treadwell and allied companies
now have 880 stamps sot np 540 on
the Treadwell, 130 on tho Mexican,
100 on the Onion and 130 on the Ready
Bulllno and the engineers will soon
tnrn over the mills to the companies
as completed. Those mills will easily
orush 3,600 tons of Ore a day. I do
dot believe there Is any place in the
World, South Africa, Australia, or any
where else, where so much rock is be
ing crashed on so small a space of
ground. The Treadwell now has 8,
000,000 tons ot ore in sight The
Ready Bullion promises to equal the
Treadwell in the amount ot Ha produc
tion. All the dirt has been sluiced off
it and it has been traced for 800 feet
along the beach and 600 to 700 feet
long the hilL It is from 80 to 100
feet wide on the surface, and la in the
contact between greenstone and elate,
as are all the Douglass , island ledges.
the ore being of the same character as
the Treadwell. The shaft is down 660
feet under Gastineau channel and the
ledge has there widened out to over
100 feet and carries from 113 to $14 in
gold throughout.
The Ebner is erecting a new 20
stamp mill in the gulch leading np to
Silver Bow basin, and Is about to start
a tonnel from that level which will
tap its ledge at great depth. Further
np the same gulch the Alaska-Jnnean
Company has 80 stamps at work on the
ore from a great open qnarry of slate
full of veins of quarts carylng free
gold. They simply quarry ont the
whole mass, sow out the quarts and
send it to the mill and throw the slate
over the dump.
Berners bay is keeping np its repn
tation. the Ophlr, Northern Belle,
Bald Eagle and Seward all having
their mills In operation. Judge Mel
len, who represents an Indiana Com
pany, and who successful ly opened np
the Jualin, is now developing the
Ivanhoe, over the ridge between the
Jualin and the Comet, and baa about
completed a 30-stamp mill. The Jualin
has turned out tlO.000 or $13,000 a
month since it started. Milo Kelly
has some very good claims in the Bern'
era bay district, showing free-milling
ore, and is working them. Montana
creek, which runs into Linn canal be
tween Berners bay and Junean, is com
ing to the Iront. The placers were
worked in the early days, and now the
Early Is working in very rich ore and
running a five-stamp mill. The first
clean-up waa very satisfactory. The
Boston & Alaska Company is sinking
a shaft on the ranters bay mine.
Wool Clip of the Coantrr.
The annual estimate of the wool clip
of the United States for 1898 made by
Secretary North of the National Asso
ciation ot Wool Manufacturers, and
which is to be published in its No
vember bulletin, shows the smount to
have been 266,720,684 pounds, against
339.158,251 pounds in 1807.
Oregon shows, according to the eta
tistlcs, nhe largest yield, 31,291,887
pounds of wsahed and unwashed wool
and, next to Washington, shows the
largest per cent in shrinkage in scour
ing, or 71 per cent
Montana follows, with 20,936,106
poondi and 63 peroent shrinkage; 'Cal
ifornia, lo.vaa.iWB pounds and 88 per
rxent shrinkage; Texas, 16,880,443
pounds and 70 per cent; Wyoming,
18,636,704 pounds; New Mexico, 12.-
838,420: Ohio, 13.114,968 pounds
Colorado, 9,968,869; and Michigan,
8,866,133 pounds. The amount of
pulled wool is estimated at 22,116,871
pounds, making a total of 306,720,684
pounds washed or unwashed, or 111.
661,681 pounds of scon red wool. The
ggregrate elip of the six New England
states is about 1,745,026 pounds of
scoured wool of which Massachusetts
furnishes 138,860 pounds.
Foot, Oil" Horse.
Running about the street of Ekagway
re t number of poor, old, stray horses,
that have been worked until their
baoks and shoulders were sore, then
turned loose to starve. The more bo
mane of the citizens, however, have
taken np the matter with a view to
falsing subscriptions to secure feed and
car for the horses. A petition has al
ready been started, and it is likely the
friend of man will no longer suffer.
Thrashing- I Over.
Threshing may now be considered
over for this year, In-all parts of the
Inland Empire, the last of the machines
having "bang on" for the season in
the vicinity of Oakesdaleand Farming
ton, Wash. The crop was good every
where. raaalBf Work of the Tamhlll Lock.
The contractors bave finished the in
shore wall of the Yamhill locks, and
work htt began on the outer wall.
wort is being pushed as rapidly as
possible, in order to have it completed
before severe winter weather sets in.
ueeassful Clans Cannery.
About a year ago the Lomand clam
cannery was started at Ahaoortes,
Wash., and the product IS now finding
ready market among the iobbina
houses. Seventy cases was the output
for the lost week in October..
Watarwdrhs Extension.
Bids have been opened by the city
council of New Whatcom, Wash., for
extending the city water mains a dis
tance of 8,600 feet. The extension will
be of 24-lnoh wooden stave pipe.
Mow Kleins; town Orowlngv
The town of Keller is growing fast,
and now boasts of restaurant, two
lodging-houses, three general stores,
feed stable, butcher And blacksmith
shop. Forty cabins are in process of
construction. The mines in the vicin
ity produce copper, silver and lead.
Bank Dividend.
The comptroller of the currency has
declared second dividend ot 10 per
cent In favor of the Creditors of the Ta
C'Wa NHirial bank, making in all 20
Douelu LI And, Alaska. Eoual
in ike World Oregon and Wash
of WooL
Cutting; Tlmbor on rhlla Xads.
The attention ot those engaged
mining is called to the following pro
visions of the law pertaining to the cut
ting ot timber on publlo lands: "No
persons ahall be permitted to foil or re
move any growing tree of anv kind
whatsoever less than eight inches
diameter. This will not be regarded
as applicable to black or 'lodge pine
growing in separate bunches along min
era! lands. Persons felling or removing
timber from publlo mineral lands of
the United States must otilize all ot
each tree oat that can profitably be
used, and must out and remove the top
and brush and dispose of the same in
such manner as to prevent the spread ot
forest fires." The penalty for such vlo
latlon is in a sum not exceeding $500,
or Imprisonment not exceeding 60 days,
ot both. .
' November Shipping;.
R. P. Rithet & Co. have the follow
Ing to say regarding shippinsg business
in their monthly circular for November,
' The past three weeks have brought
abont a very decided change for the
better in grain freights, although there
has been comparatively nothing doing
from San Francisco. The bulk of the
season's shipments will undoubtedly
be made from Oregon, and It appears
likely that Washington will come next,
the yield of California grain being
small in consequence of the drought.
the increased activity has tended to
harden 5 freights, but on the whole
changes during the month bave been
unimportant and the demand scarcely
as great as previously.
Wew California Iadastry.
Bakersfleld is not distinguished aa
being the only place In America where
roller's earth is reduced from the raw
material to a merchantable article
An unlimited deposit was found on
Poso creek and a mill for grinding and
Dotting the earth has been erected and
is now running. The process of red no
tion consists of running the lamps of
clay, the sise of hickory nuts, through
the bopper and bolter, which torn it
oat in the form of fine flour. The man
ufacture of this earth on the coast will
result in a great saving to the cloth
New Steamer Lin an th Facte.
Direct communication between South
American markets and San Francisco
ill soon be established by one of the
largest French steamship companies,
The Chargeura Reanls will start i
monthly service next March between
San Francisco and Liverpool, which
will make stoppages at Masatlan, Aca-
pulco. Guayaquil, Callao, Peru; Val
paraiso, Chile, Monteviedo, Uruguay ;
Santos, Brazil; Liverpool, Havre and
possibly a Belgian port. The com win v
has been organized and operated since
1873, and Is now having constructed
three 6,000-tons additional steamers
for the aPcino trade.
Millers' War on the Bonnd.
The grocers in Seattle and Taooma
are making a run on flour, taking ad
vantage ot the rivalry between Tacoma
and Seattle mill men. The conditions
are peculiar. The Washington wheat
grower wants 60-cent wheat, while the
miner Is only getting $3.40 for his
ground product. To grind wheat that
costs 60 cents, add the freight, and
then sell It at $3.40 means somethins
or a loss.
Another Baat-Sagar Project.
A party owning 12,000 acres of salt-
able land for snsar-beet raisins near
Idaho rails, Idaho, has returned to
that plaoe from a visit to the beet sugar
lactones in the United States and Ger
many. The soil and climate being
suited to the cultivation of beets. Chi
cago capital thinks favorably of estab
lishing a sugar factory at Idaho Falls.
Good Market for Potato.
The yield of potatoes In the Spokane
country this year was less than half
the amount of last fall, owing to the
hot weather experienced last summer.
The price there is from 86 to 90 oents.
wnne on ine coast potatoes are sell
ing at 65 oents. The Oregon cron is
said to be good this year and the price
Is expected to to reaoh $1.60 bv next
Woolen Mill Improvement.
It is stated that a larse manufactur
ing establishment for making wearing
apparel will be added to The Dalles,
Or., Woolen Mill Company's plant. A
new iron and brick picking-room is be
ing built, and a scheme for electrlo
lighting is being planned. -
New Broom Factory StarUid.
Another faotory has been added to
the smokestack town ot Everett, Wash.
The first lot of brooms were turned eat
last Week from the Everett broom fac
tory, owned by Fiederlck Hallin. The
brooms are meeting with great favor
with the retailers.
The market for horses and mates Is
again on the rise. A California bnyer
Was In Morrow ooonty recently look In a
tor araugnc animals, and offering good
prices for such as salted hint.
Blue groase are reported as becoming
very scarce in the mountains, one
theorist explaining the fact as the out
come of the introduction of the thous
ands of sheep Into the breeding grounds
of the birds. The sheep are said to
trample opon the eggs and young birds.
f Congressman Thomas H. Tonnrne will
have the appointment of a cadet to the
West Point militatv academy next
spring, and announces that examine-
ions will be bad at Vancouver barracks
the first Monday ot March..
The new all-Amerlcan route into
the Klondike, by Cook's inlet and Cop
per river Is attracting considerable at
tention. It is believed it will be the
popular route into the Yukon next
pring. More will be learned abont It
when the government survey parties
make their report.
Without reference to the date of
location, application for United States
patent to mining claim may be mad
whenever the applicant can file with
the register of the land office the ccr
Mflaate of United States surveyor thut
Seattl Market.
Tomatoes, 6085o per box.
Cueuuibers, 1015opei doa.
Onions, 8590o por 100 pounds.
Potatoes, $1013. ,
Boots, per sack, $00o.
Turnips, per sack, CO (3 05c
Carrots, per sack, 60c
Parsnips, per sack, $1.
Beans, green, 2 3c,
Green corn, $1.26 1.60 por saok.
Cauliflower, 76o per doa.
Celery, 40 (3 60c
Cabbage, native and Onlliotnis
1.000 1.85 per 100 pounds.
Apples, 60c (3H5c per box.
Pears, 75c(g$l por box.
Prunes, 60c per box.
Peaches, 750.
' Plums, 60c.
Butter Creamory, 87o per pound;
dairy and ranch, 18 20c per pound.
Eggs, 80c
Cheese Native, 1313c.
Poultry Old hens, 15o per pound;
spring chickens, 16ct turkeys, lOo.
Fresh meats Choice dressed beef
steers, prime, 6,7c; oows, prime,
6Kc; mutton. ?)o; pork, ?($8o; veal.
7(3 bo. . ,'
Wheat Feed wheat. $31.
Oats Choice, per ton, $33(939.
Hay Puget Sound mixed, $9,600
10; choloe Eastern Washington tim
othy, $13.
Corn Whole, $28.60; cracked, $24;
feed meal, $33.60. ,
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
$2425; whole, $32.
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.60;
straights, $3.35; California brrnda.
$3.25; back wheat flour, $3.76; graham,
per barrel, $3.70; whole wheat floor.
$3.75; rye floor, $4.
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $14)
shorts, per ton, $16.
reed Chopped reed, 117 J 1 per
ton; middlings, per ton, $17; oil cake
meal, per ton, $85.
Parti and Markat.
Wheat Walla Walla. 69&00 Val
ley and Bluestem, 63o per bushel.
Flour Beet grades, $3.45; graham,
$3; superfine, $2.25 per barrel.
Oats Choice white, 89 40c; choice
gray, 873380 per bushel.
Barley Feed barley. $21033; brew
Ing, $23 per ton.
Millstoffs-Bran, $15.60 per ton; mid
dlings, $31; shorts, $16; chop, $15.50
per ton.
flay Timothy, $89; clover. $7
8; Oregon wild bay, $8 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 45(8 50c;
seconds, 40O45o; dairy. 850400 store.
150 300.
Cheese Oregon foil cream, 11012c;
Young America, 13o; new cheese,
10c per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $308.60
per dozen; hens, $3.50 1.60; springs,
$1.86 0 3; geese, $3.0006-00 for old.
4. 60 5 for young; docks, $4,000
8.00 per dozen; turkeys, live. 13W
12 He per pound.
Potatoes 60 0 60c per sack; sweets.
8c per pound.
Vegetables Beets, 90c; turnips, 75c
per bbck; garno, 70 per pound; cab
bage, $101.35 per 100 pounds; cauli
flower, 75o per dozen; parsnips, 76c
per sack; beans, 8c per pound; celery.
70 0 76c per dozen; cucumbers, 60c per
box; peas, BO smc per pound.
Onions Oregon, 75cO$l per sack.
Hops 10O17c; 1897 crop, 408o.
Wool Valley, lOOMo per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 8012c; mohair.
260 per pound. .
Mutton-Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, 8 Mo; dressed mutton, 7c;
spring lambs, 7 c per lb.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy. $4.76;
right and feeders, $3.00 0 4.00; dressed.
5. 50 6. 60 per 100 pounds.
Beef Gross, top steers, 8. 60 O $3.75;
cows, $2. 60 8. 00; dressed beef,
584C per ponnd.
Veal Large, 6X0 60; smalL 6XO
7fic per ponnd. ,
aa Traaclsea Market.
Wool Spring Nevada, 10014c pet
pound; Oregon, Eastern, 1012o; Val
ley, 15017c; Northern, 9011c
Millstuffs Middlings, $19031.00:
bran, f 15.600 16.50 per ton.
Onions Yellow. 80045c per sack.
Butter Fancy creamery. S4o:
do seconds, 23c23; fancy dairy, 31 0
22c; do seconds. 20024c per poand.
fcggs Store, 18 0 82c; fancy ranch.
Citrus Fruit Oranges, Valencia. $3
O8.60; Mexican limes, $S6.60; Calf.
fornla lemons, $3,000-800; do oholoe-
$3.50 0 4.50; per box. "
Cyrano oa th Cnrb.
Cyrano has reached the street fakirs.
says the New York Sun. The latest
curbstone attraction upon an uptown
side street is a man selling a false face
with an enormous inflatable nose.
which collapses and then reinflates but
itogether in a style strictly Cyranose-
que. Another novelty among the vend
ers is a manikin labeled "The Robber
Neck," and justly, for that section ot
anatomy between his chin and should-
ereconistsof a piece of tiny rubber
pipe, which, under air pressure from
bulb In the back, jumps back and for
ward in the true rubber-neck fashion.
James T. Buchanan, a Pittsbnra?
lawyer, was charged more for a beet-
steak in a restaurant than the price put
down in the bill of fare. He refused
to pay for it, had a row, was arrested,
locked np and held over night. He
brought suit and was awarded $4,000
damages. ,
It is understood that assurances bay's
been given the administration by the
German government that the visit of
Emperor William,- of Germany, to
Spain, Is entirely devoid of official
character or significance; that the offi
cial trip of the Imperial party ended
wben they left Palestine, and that the
proposed stop at Cadiz and Cartagena is
merely a health precaution in behalf oi
the empiess, as the sea trip would be
long and arduous if unbroken by these
stops ai me epanisn ports.
r . .
.dud sMizsimmons minks no is a
sorely abased man. He wants $60,000
to poultice his feelings and banish pain
causeq oy toe rei.iKai oi a ew York
hotel man to givohim accommodations.
A New York woman learned, in two
seconds what her husband has boon
trying to teach lier for five years, viz.,
that it is unsafe to wear a watch opon
ber breast when she goes down town
shopping. Now the husband Is so glad
that he publishes a card thanking the
thief for vfndfcnHnii? hh s'rtlnn nd
Madrid rra Calls oa th Oovarauint
to Vlld.
Madrid, Nov. 10. Almost all th
papers deprecate the dlllatory proceed
ings at Paris, expressing their belief
that the United States will decline ar
bitration, and urging the government
to yield quickly, since it is impossible
for Spain to renew1 the struggle or to
expect European assistance, and, fur
thermore, because It would be better to
cense wasting money and to concentrate
attention upon Spain's domestic affairs
and the lestoration of her finances.
pain' Attitude. :
Paris, Nov. 19. At the dully ses
sion ot the American peace commis
sioners, the Spanish memorandum pre
sented at yoetcrdny's joint session (was
np for consideration. No unofficial
person knows the contents ot the docu
ment, but it is sate to assume that,
added to her Insistence on the roserva
tion ot her Philippine sovereignty and
her proposition to arbitrate the con
structlon of the third article of the pro
tocol, Spain has made two Other iui
porta nt statements.
First, that on the high ground of
financial probity she oannot allow any
discussion bore of the validity of liar
action in pledging the resources of the
Philippines for payment ot the Philip
pine debt.
Second, that in connection with the
Aineilcao proposal to reimburse Spain
ror her paoiilo expenditures In the
Philippines, she cannot admit of any
inquiry as to how she spent the pro
ceeds of the loans based on Philippine
If Spain has assumed this attitude.
and it is believed she has done so, she
practically compels the American 00m
mlssioners to consider at least the en
tire Philippine dobt and its assump
tion by the United Statea
It Is difficult to understand how the
Americans can teply to this in any
other manner than by outlining their
position and giving the Spanish a time
limit In which to accept the proposi
tions ot the United Statea
Pares Doing Ood
Work at
Santiago de Cuba, Nov. 19. General
Leonard Wood has instructed General
Ewers, who is in command of the bri
gade of negro regiments at San Luis,
where the drunken affray occurred
Monday night to move the camp five
miles oat from the town. It Is prob
able that one of the regiments will be
sent to an island near the entrance oi
Santiago harbor, where there are no
The United BUtes transport Port
Victor, Captain Briokley, re porta that
while passing neat San Salvador island
(Watlihga Island) he saw a large ship,
Dottom upward, which he almost ran
into. Owing to the darkness he could
not discover Whether she was a sailing
vessel or a steamer.
At Guantanamo, General Pores, the
mayor, now seems to be making an
earnest effort to disband his former
Cuban troops. Yesterday one man re
fused to lay down his arms and drew
his weapon on a Cuban officer, who
promptly killed him In self defense.
The inoident has had a good moral
effect, and the others of Peres' former
command are now voluntarily relin
quishing their arms, preparatory to
Strang Aetloa at th Captain
of th
Steam Glacier.
Santiago, Nov. 19. Colonol Ray.
the American commander at Guanta
namo, reports from that place be heard
the United States government ship
Giaciei bad landed a number of men
at Port Cuya del Toro, and had taken
possession of the two finest bronze can
non there. It was added that the men
on the Glacier had also accidentally
blown up the arsenal. Ray went to
Caimanara to investigate. Captain
Norman, of the Glacier, admitted tak
ing the guns, and said he took them
for the secretary of the navy. The
oaptain refused to furnish any other
information on the subject and conse
quently It Is not known whether he
acted under orders from the secretary
61 the navy or Is merely making the
secretary a private present
A corpoiai of the Third regiment of
immunes at Guantanamo', who was de
tailed to assist in the free ration dis
tribution, nas been discovered In co
operation with some merchants of the
town who have been swindling the gov
eminent Large supplies are missed.
valued at $1000. the corporal and
three merohants are under arrest.
Borl Authorised to S Pleqnarl la
Paris, Nov. 19. It was announced
today that M. La Borle. counsel for
Colonel Picquart, who is now confined
in the military prison of ChercheMidi,
has received authorization to confor
this afternoon with hls'ollent.
In legal circles the belief is expressed
that the court of cassation will shortly
oroor the return of Dreyfus from his
prison on Devil's island, off tbe coast
of French Guiana, on the ground that
It Is Impossible to carry on the exam
matton of tbe prisoner by csble, In
vlow of the cost of such a proceeding,
as wen as the unnecessary delay.
Merrlmae Uero Banqueted.
Des Moines, la., Nov. 19. The
Grant club, of this city, banqueted Os
borne W. Deignan, of the Merrlmae
crew, this evening. He left Stuart on
bis return to the Resolute, at Brook
Iyn, today. When he arrived here at
6 o clock this evening he was hurried
through the crowd to the clubhouse,
where a public reception was held. Col
onel E. G. Pratt, president of the olub,
introducing him. Deignan left at 9:86
P. M. on tbe Rock Island, an Immense
crowd following him to tbe depot
Arahblehop Gross Burlad.
Baltimore,. Md., Nov. 19. Tho fu
neral of Archbishop Gross, who dlotl at
St. Joseph's hospital Monday morn
ing, took place this morning. The
remains, which had been' lying in
state at St. James church, Eager and
Aisqulth streets, since Tuesday, were
taken to the cathedral, where tbe fu
neral services were held. A number
of bishops and priests prominent In the
ohurch, as well as many prominent
laymen, wore present.
Imparlaae of Drudgery.
Drudgery is easeutial in all good
work. Some drudgery must precede
high effort and attainment In any and
every sphere. Mixing colon is the
drudgery in the greatest artist's paint
ing, as surely ns in that ot the young
beginner In bis profession. He who is
not willing to do the needful drudgery
in the work he undertakes will never
be a success in any high realm of his
aspirations. No man who is not ready
Ihst to trend the lower rounds of a lad
der oa 11 ever hope to stand by and by
at the top. 8. a Time
, Confession of Millionaire.
A millionaire confessed the secret of his
success in two words hard work, lie put
in the best part of his life gaining dollars
and losing health, and now h was putting
in the other half spending dnilnrs to get it
back. Nothing equals Hosteller's Stomach
llltter for restoring health. It gets at the
starting point th stomach and cures
dyspepsia and indigestion.
Rood pens split at the end like quill
pens, have been found In Egyptian
tombs, dating probably 8,600 years be
fore Christ
To Cur a Cold la On Day
Take Laxative Itromo Quinine Tablets.
All druRglsta refund money if it falls to
cure, , iifto. '
If woman cntolios oold wearing
thin dress to reception hot htiBband
escapes public censure, but it she
oatchea it hanging out clothes all but
bis dearest frionda stopspoaking to him.
Stands ny la Need.
Every living thing has pains and
aohes sometimes, and tbo aches and
pains ot humankind have 0 friend In
St. Jacobs Oil, which stands by In nood
to core and restore
When girl goes aronnd horn town
1. . .1.1 .
,0 ww wv.,B ouia.oai or now aiu.i
01 panonse nour ai a grocery store she
im Mlljul m -'.I A . 1 1 TM - 1
,0 v-mvu m uvuiviiniraiur. til worn
is so good that Atchison girls are nsing
it Instead ot the word "cooking."
Atchison girls no longer cook potatoes
they "demonstrate" them. They also
give demonstrations In dishwashing.
Brooklyn Hotel. 2u-2i2 liush it r.t
Amertcau or European plan. Itoom and
board 11.00 to 11.60 per day ; rooms 60onU
to f 1.00 per day; tingle uieals 26 cents,
Pre coach. Chat. Montgomery.
Ata Ills Dinner la a Graveyard.
Asa Brooklyn Filth avenue trolly
car stopped the ptbor day at the sta
tion adjoining Greenwood cemetery an
old man In the rear ot tbe car startled
the other passengeis by exclaiming in
tones loud enough to be plainly heard:
in me mdat ot life we are in death I"
Following the direction of the old
man's eyes, th other passengers saw a
cometery employe seated on a low white
stone at the head ot a newly made
grave. A tin dinner pail was firmly
held between his knees and from It he
was eating his noonday meal. Near
bin playing In the grass was a little
girl, piobably the man's daughter. N.
X. eon.
If Vou want the best wind mill, nnmna.
.... l; i '.i r
"", F'uw"i wagons, ueua or ail uses
hftilere. anirltiM n,Mi,.Ml
or write JOHN 1'OoLE, foot of Morrison
sueet, i'orttand. uregon.
it is an inexplicable root that men
buried In an avalanche of snow hear
distinctly every word uttered by those
who are seeking for them, while their
most strenuous shouts fail to penotrate
even a fow feet of tbe snow.
Two bottles of Plso's Can for Onnsnmn.
tion mired me of a hail lung trouble. Mrs.
J. Nichols, Princeton, ind., March 20. 18U6.
Teias nas neen invaded oy an army
of strange bugs, which are described as
angular-shaped oreatnres, in form
Something like the body of a patent
i.moothlng iron, with bushy tail or
moose colored hair bristles extending
from every part oi the body," Evl
dently tbe W. O. T. U. in Texas Is ne
glecting Its work.
It will repay yon now to watch bow
tbe word "protocol" will be over
worked from not on In all the ordln
ary anatrs oi lire, we will bave pro
tocols in family rows, in neighborhood
rows snd In politics.
Exports of cottonseed producii for
the flist five months of Ibis year far
exceed thou-, of the 13 months of 1896.
A Fronch doctor has Invented an
electrlo holmut, Inside of which Is a
small motor that vibrates strips of
steel, the motor making 600 turns per
minute. This whizslng Is supposed to
cure nervous headache and put the
sufferer to sleep.
i i a
HOW'S Hf8f
W offer On Bnndrnd Dollars Reward lor any
ease ol Catarrh that ean not be on red by Hall's
Catarrh Cora.
F. 1. VHF-NET CO., Props., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known P.J. Cheney
for the past IS veers, and believe blm perfectly
honorable In all business transactions and fin
ancially able to oarry out aoy obligations nuwl
by their arm. ,
Wvrr ATstriX,
Wbolenal Iirtisglsts, Toledo, O.
'." ""' WlmlealDrHireUits, Toledo. O.
nail's Catarrh Cure It taken Intornally.aeilng
directly on the blood and mnouus imrfanes ol
the sytin. Price 7fle per boltl. Sold by all
droKKlita. Testimonials Irae,
Hall's family puis th best. ; ,
Warthocsj Machinery, Chop Mills, Water Wheels.
Supplies ot all Kinds.
We mrry In stoek a large supply of th above conveyers, both rlithl snd left, which ws will
at greatly rndiieed prices. Also all sites ol elevator buckets snd bolts.
Write for pricv-liat and discount.
W illamet Iron Works
Front and Everett ta.
Moore's Ttevaaled rtemedy wllldoll. Three
dote will task you leet better. Oct It from
yoor druggist or any wholesale drug houst, or
-ora Stewart A llolmes Drug Co, Seattl.
ftonfe fVnwned, -I Sliida,
boa'l Mind th Waath.
There Is one thing that doss not
mind the weather, and that Is rheiima
tlauai and one thing that docs not mind
rheumatism is St Jacobs OH ns . It
goes to woik upon it amtaurss right off.
Character Prom Sorrow.
Over and over again tho old trnth
comes back to ns, that no man Is good
for much till he bus suffered a great
sorrow. The baptism of pnin Is one of
the Instrumentalities which God ones
tor purging away the dross of our na
tures mid making us (It to be purtakors
ot the inheiitnneo of the saints In light.
Not those who hnvo escaped the flury
trial, but those who have gone through
it and come ont unhurt aid glorified,
are to be snvlnd. God knows what is
best for us. Therefore lie sands first
one affliction and then another open ui
Sometimes, because He ices it to be
necessary, Hq lifts the very floodgate,
and allows wave after wave ot mis
fortune to sweep over us. If we have
the right stuff In us, we shall be
helped and not harmed by these seem
ing calamities. Christian Advocate.,
The Porta Rlcans demonstrate their
patriotism by shouting tor freedom and
feeding themselves.
At the Storril ; palace in Rome,
Italy, there Is a book made of marble,
the leaves being of marvelous thinness,
Bangor manufacturers are sending
canoes ot birch and canvas to Pales
tine, Japan, India and China.
SI Ivor chloride, as regards its silver
value, coriesponds to an alloy of 76 per
eent of silver and 86 per cent of copper.
It Is great misfortune for Spain
that tbo war has not brought on a new
- .
t ot merj lQ lhe ff0n t0 pU ,
And now lhe impetuous yonng Gor
man emperor has become a 6 reman.
At last he has a wide open oppoitunity
to extinguish himself.
Japan had a colder spring than at
any time In eighty years. In the mid-
i e oi May there was snow at Mkko
snd near Tokio.
,fc .,,, , .
11 ,b Mrlh WM6 not Mwnpw Uh
aiuiospiiere, me temperature on tns
aurtace would be about 880 degrees be
low sero Fahrenheit.
In building nests birds usually avoid
the use ot bright colored materials,
which would add to the chances of tbe
enemy in locating them,'
In 1897 Sooth Africa Imported
$1,487,684 worth of bicycles. In the
civilisation process the wheel seems to
take preoedonae of the railway. - .
la doe not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the ears and skill with which It Is
manufactured by aclcntlfio procesaea
known to the Calipobria Fio Srnvp
Co. only, and we wlnh to Impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Flga Is manufactured
by the Cali 'omnia Fio Bvaup Cc
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high atanding of the Cu
Fohkia Fia SrKtrp Co. with the medi
cal profession, and tbe sutlafectmn
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions ot families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of tbe excellence of lis remedy. It U
far in advance of all other luxaUvea,
aa it acta on the kidneys, liver and
bowels Without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get ita beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company .
UfJBTaiAIr, - MKW TMa.f. '
If ysu mft4fthnm
tftftrl ctitrr it r lor u .
.In rm 22,1rV;4,l.,r Im
fthlS.fl 1 AA SaMWSB-
you are etilliled to an additional entry,
which IS astlgnahle and aorth something,
widows and minor nn.h.n. of i.n...n,i ...1.
dlershsve same right. will buy It. Do not
watt poiiB nnleu you mad an original
tntry as stau-d shore.
COLLINS, Helena, Montana.
Send for Calaloous.
$45 $43 $45 $45-343
"Hest Wheals on Karth."
WW Ideals ia.H0, HA, HO. fc,nt for eaUliut,
Llvesgeiit wanted everywhere,
Write for Prices
lf nigal ror tuinntural
dl,;lirK'n, In Sam niallone.
irriuilinii or ulritmllmii
IB ti il o tt S nioitihrNht,.,
AfnluM. and i.nt a-lfIi,.
Scat or poituooti.,
lot by,
or writ In plain wranmr.
m. or 1 hnttioe. sn
liroulsr wiit on riuiwL'
! I K t -). I
t-s m u KH.t.f,. or
'llfntntt nimIl
.elrsifHSlOHg'0l (in,
V' IfllNOMStn.O.f f
V 1,1,1. .
Ma si
ii I, - - ta c
J. I. N. V.
Ml, 4M'tlH.